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Aquarius Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

What is the Aquarius Birthstone?

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. Aquarians are people who were born between January 19 and February 19. Air is the element and Uranus is Aquarius’ ruling planet. Garnet and amethyst are the primary birthstones for Aquarius. The red stone of strength is garnet. Purple amethyst is known as the stone of tranquility.

The Lover of Independence

Woman with arms over head in water

The water bearers serve as a symbol for Aquarians. Aquarians are actually an air sign, which means they are always breathing in and out and carrying with them the beautiful breath of self-assurance and confidence. While you might assume this means they are fantastic at going with the flow and are as cool and fresh as still waters, this is not the case. People born under the Aquarius horoscope value independence above all else. You can’t define an Aquarian because each one is slightly unique, making them one of the zodiac’s most original star signs. It’s like trying to define the wind outside your window.

Aquarians are blessed with so many outstanding qualities. They are always willing to contribute to making the world a better place because they are as smart as a point, progressive thinkers, and lovers of freedom and justice for all.

Aquarians aren’t difficult to work with because they are pleasant, sociable, and always up for an intellectual discussion, but they can occasionally come across as a little emotionally distant, especially when it comes to giving out the feelings talk. Because they are deep thinkers, Aquarians aren’t always known for their tact and can occasionally come off as a bit condescending, which can sometimes annoy their peers. Even though they are tuned to a sense of justice, Aquarians occasionally lose their patience when trying to spread it because the world doesn’t always make it simple.

We’ve compiled a list of the top jewels for Aquarians who want to improve their relationships, eliminate mood swings, and improve communication in order to bring more harmony and beautiful healing into their lives. See which gemstones are ideal for your zodiac sign by reading on.

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Aquarius Gemstones

Look for healing stones that utilise their healing properties to boost those energy areas that could use a little help if you want to find ones that are a stunning fit for the astrological sign of Aquarius. In addition to focusing on removing negative energy, gemstones that match zodiac signs also do so because they share the same lovely, beneficial qualities that Aquarians already possess. As well as gemstones that work to heal the heart, foster softer communication, and help balance out those mood swings that can occasionally bring an Aquarian down, zodiac birthstones that strengthen that gorgeous sense of freedom and sparkle with intellect are amazing for Aquarians. Have a look at these exquisite and valuable stones that are therapeutic and harmonious for everyone who is an Aquarius.


Garnet stone

Glorious Red Garnet seems to glow with confidence making it the number one January birthstone for all Aquarians out there. A flickering flame that warms the heart of winter, Garnet is said to be a symbol of truth, purity, and personal power. Garnet is also known to be the stone of commitment, something we know that those freedom-seeking Aquarians can struggle with. When we talk about commitment we don’t just mean relationships but also committing to plans, dreams, and the deeper sense of self. For Aquarians who can sometimes be a little cold, Garnet will light the fire within. Garnet is known for boosting immunity and energy. Emotionally it helps to build confidence and clear out negativity. Spiritually it cracks open the heart and taps into deeper spirituality.

Find out more about the healing elements of Garnet.


Amethyst Stone

Amethyst is enchantingly calm, serene, and serenely spiritual, bringing a gentle approach to the well-known February birthstone. Amethyst is a beautiful stone with a purple tint that has a strong connection to the crown chakra. It is also a very spiritual stone. This beautiful healing gemstone will level you out for Aquarians who need to connect with their spiritual side and embrace a little calmer. Amethyst also lessens migraines and encourages sound sleep. It is one of the most incredible stones for calming the mind and removing anxiety from the emotional realm. As it connects with the crown and third eye chakras, it cultivates higher thinking and deepens intuition spiritually. Mix with lapis lazuli to fully access the power of the Third Eye.

Learn more about amethyst’s therapeutic properties.


Red Jasper Stone

There are countless joys in Jasper. Jasper is a magnificent stone with grounding qualities that can keep you safe even when you are moving quickly along the freedom trail. Jasper, also known as the endurance stone and the supreme nurturer, intervenes to keep those light-hearted Aquarians on track when it comes to maintaining their safety on the road, their creative spark, and their connections. Red Jasper, a stone of profound inner and outer strength, will carry you if you’re an Aquarian who feels like you’re heading toward burnout. Jasper is also regarded as the lucky stone for all Aquarians who need a boost of abundance. Jasper is renowned for regulating sexuality, boosting stamina, and enhancing blood circulation. It maintains your mental focus and promotes emotional stability. Raising your life force energy and purging your base chakras are the two most important spiritual practices.

Learn more about Red Jasper’s therapeutic properties.


Blue Lace Agate Stone

Amazingly, agate complements Aquarians. Agate, a stone with countless colors and a dedication to internal travels, offers all Aquarians a limitless range of healing energies. This gemstone keeps the gold and glory of Aquarians innate features ticking while ensuring they maintain one foot in the real world. It is particularly well known for boosting self-confidence, turning up the dial on analytical problem solving, maintaining balanced and connected to reality. Agate is excellent for increasing metabolism and raising energy levels. On an emotional level, it promotes decisive action and thoughtful balance. Even while you’re flying high, this stone keeps you spiritually grounded in reality. The best use of these zodiac stones is to combine Blue Lace Agate with Moss Agate.

Learn more about agate’s therapeutic properties.


Sugilite Stone

Sugilite, one of the more uncommon birthstones for Aquarians, comes in a variety of pink and purple tones. This stone, which is renowned for accelerating spiritual development, urges Aquarians to let go of all their unresolved concerns and make room for profound fulfillment. Sugilite is all about embracing a true sense of freedom, not only in the sense of driving down the wide road, but in a way that invites the mind to let go of all those thoughts and sensations that have been holding you back. This is because it is a gemstone of beautiful release. Sugilite is as sweet as can be and helps to relieve pain and headaches so you may live clearly. It alleviates emotional tension and enables you to accept forgiveness. It helps you to channel your psychic powers and improves your spiritual calling.


Turquoise Stone

For those Aquarians who embrace one of the oldest healing stones in history, turquoise can be sure to bring clear-headed thinking, softer communication styles, and life-affirming traits to the table. It shimmers in soft shades of blue and green and is flecked with copper. Due to its association with the throat chakra, blue is the ideal birthstone color for an Aquarius. The fact that turquoise and those born under the sign of Aquarius both have Uranus as their ruling planet only serves to strengthen the notion that these two stones are meant to be companions. All respiratory illnesses are lessened by turquoise, which also encourages you to take long, healing breaths. Moreover, it boosts your immunity. In an emotional sense, it promotes calmness and enables closer communication ties. It helps to purge the throat chakra on a spiritual level.

Learn more about turquoise’s calming energy.

How to Use the Stones

Aquarius gemstone bracelets including aquamarine, rainbow moonstone, rainbow fluorite and rose quartz

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Birthstone jewelry is a long-standing custom and one of the best ways to embrace the countless healing advantages that each and every gemstone may offer. In order to design the ideal gift for the wearer, jewelers have been incorporating birthstones into bracelets, pendants, charms, and more for years. Birthstone jewelry has the additional benefit of bringing healing qualities all the time, in addition to the holy element of receiving a gift that is so uniquely tailored to the recipient. Having Aquarius gemstones placed up against the skin is one of the best methods to utilize them. The healing properties of each gemstone can transform their power and healing energy right where it is required when they are worn against the skin. Accept the flow and allow Aquarius’ healing energies lead you to a prosperous future.

Keep the stone nearby when writing in a journal or practice voicing your emotions out if you wish to use your Aquarius jewelry to clear the throat chakra. You can start along the road of openness by making it a regular, committed practice to invite your emotions to surface into the physical realm.

How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

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It’s crucial to regularly cleanse and charge healing crystals because as soon as they start working, they absorb bad energy and create connections. To preserve healing gemstones loaded with spiritual energy, they must be discharged after intense energy sessions or every few weeks. Cleaning your gemstones is simple; for example, many stones only need to be held briefly under running, lukewarm water before being patted dry. The surface of your crystals could be damaged by using hot water or vigorous scrubbing, and certain stones don’t like the heat. Another technique for purifying and recharging crystals is to place them with other tumbling quartz stones that are known to absorb energy. To give your crystals a brilliant flush of health again, you may also submerge them in soil or mineral water. Smudging, or the use of sage smoke, is another excellent technique for revitalizing and clearing crystals of clogged energy. Keep your Aquarius stone in the sun or moonlight for a brief period of time to recharge.

Final thoughts on Aquarius Birthstones 

Truth-tellers, advocates for fairness, and intellectuals who value freedom are Aquarians. They prefer to embrace a full life and detest being constrained. The Aquarius is all about the good life, which makes them a fantastic star sign to hang out with. They enjoy traveling, dancing, and partaking in the art of good conversation. The stones chosen to sustain all of this grand living beauty are those chosen to be a close companion of those bright and tenacious Aquarians. These stones were chosen because they may promote harmony, kinship, and communication. Sometimes letting go and going with the flow of their deeper emotions is necessary for Aquarians to develop deeper connections.

Have you encountered many Aquarians who meet the criteria? Which stone, in your opinion, will give the water carrier balanced light? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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