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9 Planet Gemstone Energy Bracelet

Celebrate your place in the universe and pay homage to the intricate beauty and balance of our cosmos with this

African Jade Energy Bracelet

  Details & Sizing 4mm genuine gemstone beads Strung on durable stretchy cord Size S fits wrists 5″-6″ Size M

African Turquoise Jasper Energy Bracelet

  The Stone of Evolution, this African Turquoise Jasper Energy Bracelet invites positive change and power into your mind, body

Amazonite Cube

The beautiful blue-green hope stone now comes carved into the solid and sacred shape of a cube. The Amazonite Cube

Amazonite Energy Anklet

  Welcome flow and hope into every step with the Amazonite Energy Bracelet. Nicknamed the Hope Stone, Amazonite is famed

Amazonite Energy Bracelet

The truth comes as pale as pearls in this delicate and divine Amazonite Mini Energy Gemstone Bracelet. A stone of

Amazonite Heart

Hold the hope stone close to your center and let those soothing vibes sink right in and alleviate worry and

Amazonite Pyramid

Rich with lore and legend, the flowing turquoise hues of the Amazonite Pyramid echoes with the touch of Mother Earth,

Amazonite Sphere

Hold the hope stone in your hand and let the mystical and watery nature go to work on cleansing you

Amazonite Stone Set

Aegean waters meet ancient rivers in the Amazonite Stone Set. Comprised of carefully picked tumbled Amazonite stones, this set soothes

Amazonite Worry Stone

A symbol of heavenly hope, this Amazonite Worry Stone is the one thing you want stashed in your pocket or

Amethyst Angel

Serenity and spirituality soar together with this peaceful and pretty Amethyst Angel. Crystal angels are here to protect and heal

Amethyst Cube

Unbox your whole spiritual being with this blend of sacred geometry and shimmering crystal power as you hold the Amethyst

Amethyst Energy Anklet

  Soften your footsteps through this world with the divine power of this Amethyst Anklet. Made from natural Amethyst and

Amethyst Energy Bracelet

  Get stacked with serenity and light up your crown chakra with our intricate Amethyst Bead Bracelet! For those who

Amethyst Energy Bracelet 8mm

Let your healing light shine out with this Amethyst Energy Bracelet with 8mm beads. For those who cannot get enough

Amethyst Mini Heart Set

Let your heart and soul blossom like a lotus with this Amethyst Crystal Mini Heart. Soft and sacred and sweetened

Amethyst Stone Set

Sweetly serene, these tumbled Amethyst stones are here to sweep out negative energy and to help you leap to a

Amethyst Worry Stone

Your purple protector, the Amethyst Worry Stone is finally here to kick out all kinds of stress and anxiety and

Angelite Energy Bracelet

  Heaven is waiting with the amazing grace of the Angelite Energy Bracelet. For all those seeking that dreamy deep

Angelite Tower

Let peace and serenity flow from the universe into your soul with the gentle radiant energy of the Angelite Tower.

Angelite Worry Stone

Let yourself float away on the wings of angels with the Angelite Worry Stone. This gorgeous pale blue gem is

Apatite Energy Bracelet

  Awash in Greek Mythology and capturing all the shades of the Ionian Sea, the Apatite Energy Bracelet is for

Apatite Heart

Welcome the energy of water and sweet flow into your soul with this soft and serene Apatite Heart. This beautiful