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Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

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Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 19

The Importance of Healing Stones in Your Life

Connect, heal, and move with purpose through the globe as you accept the light of crystals into your life. Crystals are so much more than gorgeous pieces of dazzling rock – they are rich with life-giving energy and they have the capacity to become your own personal mascot and assist lead you to larger and brighter things. With a thousand colors, a million names, and limitless captivating energies, those who know that crystals may be a divine tool for a tranquil, wealthy, and balanced life are sure to reap the advantages. From clearing chakras to protecting against negative energy and EMF’s, tapping into your inner knowing, and manifesting all your desires, healing stones should always have a place at your side.

Blue Gemstone Benefits

Sky meets ocean in the air and water energy of stunning blue gemstones. These stones tempt you to plunge straight in, they deliver a cooling touch and lull you into sweet serenity. Blue is one of the fundamental backdrop colors of our earth. It’s the shade of lakes, streams, rivers, sea, the clearing of a new day and the peaceful spell of dusk. It carries with it optimism, sincerity, authenticity, and trust. It connects with Neptune and Mars and it shimmers at the throat chakra. Blue is intelligence, wisdom, and the ability to constantly retain a level mind. When blue is caught in crystals, they positively hum with clean and cleaning vibes.

Physical Healing

Linked to matters of communication and the throat chakra, blue stones are here to treat all difficulties with the mouth, throat, thyroid, neck, and shoulder. We overlook how much of an impact our neck and larynx has on our upper body and how that complete system is intertwined. Blue stones work wonderfully helping to treat sore throats, relieve stress and migraines, unwind tightly knotted muscles in the neck and shoulders, ease an earache, and reduce your risks of developing annoying colds and fevers.

Throat Chakra Healing

Our throat chakra is the fifth chakra and located in the center of our neck. It’s associated to the color blue and is the place from where we speak our truth and communicate with the world. When our throat chakra is obstructed this can be immensely frustrating. It may influence our capacity to communicate our needs, build boundaries, feel understood and heard, and feel empowered. An open throat chakra indicates we can be clear in our expression both externally and inside too. It brings confidence, clarity, and better balance in our lives.


As communication and the throat chakra plays a significant role in relationships, it’s no wonder that blue gemstones can be immensely important for helping lift love up to a whole new level. As these stones ensure that you feel able to commit to truth and honesty this can enhance your relationship and assist you to establish nurturing experiences with those you love. Blue stones also provide serenity and peace to relationships. These jewels are quick to cool hot-headed rage which might crop up in emotional arguments. They can help you to become more in tune with your partner and to welcome greater intuition into your connections.


With money matters, blue crystals can enable you to find clarity and make decisions that originate from clear-headed energy. These stones have a tremendous impact on leadership skills as they aid to boost communication and understanding, all while fostering innovative thinking. This means that you will be better knowledgeable in making selections that produce a beneficial outcome and progress your finances. Whether we are talking about creative artistic influence or business, blue gemstones can be called upon to raise your motivation.

17 Blue Crystals You Can Use Every Day

Blue crystals are heaven-sent. These gems feel very healing because of their high frequency and uplifting vibrational energy. Immediately relaxing, just keeping a blue crystal close by gives reprieve, feelings of tranquility, and a guarantee that you get to speak your truth without fear of criticism. There are numerous different blue crystals out there and some are laced with pleasant and compassionate healing whereas others are mysterious and lofty in their lyrical vibrations. All will assist you shake those throat chakra obstructions loose and all will soften and strengthen. Selecting the right blue stone is actually an instinctive thing — trust that the crystal will call to you and follow that thread. Here are some of the most gorgeous blue gems to call on every day…

Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli

Fall in love with the dancing light of deep blue and gold of the Lapis Lazuli. This jewel has a good dose of mystery and a long and mythical past. Lapis has long been the stone that protects against the evil eye and was also a pigment beloved by Michelangelo as he ground it down and used it to embellish the Sistine Chapel. Protective, artistic, and constantly ready to plunge you into self-awareness, Lapis helps us to become our own guiding light. This gem awakens intuition by tapping into the third eye and opens the throat chakra so the two can flow with divine truth, knowledge, and calm clarity too. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.



Shimmering in sea vivid tones of green and blue, the Aquamarine stone is pure water energy. This jewel is cooling, refreshing, and contains rare energy that calls to your siren song. This stone ensures that you hold trust in yourself and a belief that the universe wants what is right for you. It invites you to move with the flow and to call on the freedom of entirely personal expression. Aquamarine allows you to live in peace. Find out more about the meaning of Aquamarine.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

Expand your thoughts and your mouth with the help of Blue Kyanite. Kyanite is full of loving energy and when you encounter this gem dressed in shades of blue you can learn to harness that energy and utilize it to heal your expression. This stone provides us the strength to speak up and to do it from a place of perfect clarity. Blue Kyanite enhances mindful thought and invites us to explore an elevated sense of self. It teaches us quietly to pay more attention to what is happening on in our head so that we may become more conscious of what we want and learn to ask for it. Find out more about the meaning of Kyanite.



Embracing the vibrant energy and salty colors of the ocean rushing onshore, Sodalite is all powerful energy. This stone inspires you to speak your truth, claim your integrity, and forge your own path in life. Sodalite rouses the intellect and leads to greater communication, creativity, and balances your artistic mind with logical and sensible thinking. When we are balanced in this way we are able to make healthy decisions that aren’t just bubbling up with emotion. Sodalite is cold, serene, and ever ready to balance your head and your heart. Find out more about the meaning of Sodalite.



Brimming with gorgeous blue light, Larimar is here to connect your voice to your heart. This soft and soothing stone is all about sprinkling water over the blazing fire of fury. While it may extinguish hot-headed energy it doesn’t shut you off in any manner. Instead, Larimar channels that energy into level-headed conversation. This stone wants you to speak your truth and to do so from a position of conscious connectedness and it will do everything that it can to help you get there. It also helps to cut down on tension and worry and encourages you to be more lighthearted in your approach to the world.


Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 20

As deep as the galaxy hanging overhead, Azurite is grace, depth, dreams, and improving inner vision. Azurite taps with the third-eye chakra, waking awareness, enhancing intuition, and helping you to find your inner compass. As it connects with the third eye, this gem also connects with the heart and the throat, sending a full clean line of energetic strength straight through your top chakras. Azurite also provides a hand when it comes to clearing away worried feelings so you can free yourself from self-limiting thoughts. Find out more about the meaning of Azurite.

Blue Calcite

Blue Calcite
Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 21

Release a big emotional sigh and learn to let go of that which doesn’t serve you with the tranquil energy of Blue Calcite. Rich with peaceful energy, Blue Calcite aligns with the throat chakra and the third-eye chakra, ensuring that we stay connected to our own sense of truth and purpose. Blue Calcite is one of the ultimate instructors, it pushes us to strengthen our memory, to learn to lead from a place of wisdom, and to retain new information. For people coping with sadness or terrible circumstances, Blue Calcite can also have a sedative effect and keep us calm and comforted so our bodies and mind can handle the pain. Find out more about the significance of Calcite.

Blue Lace Agate 

blue lace agate
Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 22

Endlessly tranquil, Blue Lace Agate is a breath of pure summer air. The softest tones of blue swirl in the surface of this level-headed stone offering peace of mind and the capacity to sit in tranquillity and drink it all in. The milky-blue colors flood out thoughts of anxiety and instead replace negative thinking with simple joy and thankfulness. Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful healer and prepares the way for self-acceptance, protection from EMF’s, and clearing out any blockages lodged in the throat chakra too. Find out more about the meaning of Blue Lace Agate.

 Blue Apatite 

Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 23

Ascend higher with the exciting vitality of Blue Apatite. This green-blue gem is amazing at helping clear up mental issues and allows us to set down our baggage so our hands are free to capture what’s next. Just like the sea, Blue Apatite will carry away those emotions of heaviness and anxiety and assisting to raise our mind. This gem pushes you to think imaginatively and to step beyond the box when it comes to problem-solving. Find out more about the meaning of Apatite.

 Blue Quartz 

blue quartz
Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 24

Rich shades of navy and midnight can be captured in the colors of Blue Quartz. Like all other types of quartz, this stone isn’t scared to amplify your energy. Blue Quartz gives calming vibes and gets us out of rigidness. It provides us the inner strength and confidence that tells us we are safe to let go. With sentiments of flexibility comes openness and a vivid sense of freedom. All these elements add up to deeper communication with ourselves and others and intuitive living. Find out more about the meaning of Quartz.

Blue Sapphire 

Blue Sapphire
Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 25

Dazzling in regal colors of blue, the Sapphire stone is connected with honesty, knowledge, and loyalty. It’s an excellent stone to turn to in times of transition as it allows you to calm the mind, develop your self-discipline, and find your way through the cacophony. Blue Sapphire also delivers purifying energy that acts both emotionally and physically to drain out toxins from the body and to shake loose harmful thinking patterns in the mind. It improves sound judgments and deepens ties to the one you love.


Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 26

Glorious colors of white and silver and blue collide in the celestial light of the Celestine stone. This brilliant diamond is laden with lofty energy and offers access to those higher powers. For people who want more ethereal energy in their life, Celestite will shock you with its commitment to helping you reach higher vibes. Improving clairvoyance talents, delving into dreamwork, and opening the third eye chakra is all part of the compassionate work that Celestite undertakes. Find out more about the meaning of Celestite.


Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 27

Ease all your concerns and sever those bonds of stress and anxiety with the gorgeous pale blue energy of Chalcedony. This gem allows you to bring tucked up feelings to the surface so you may let them pass over you like waves in the ocean. Chalcedony has absolutely relaxing energy thus even while encouraging these sentiments to rise, it doesn’t do it in an overwhelming way. This stone keeps you calm and balanced and connected to the present moment.


Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 28

Step up and take the steering wheel of your own life with the confidence-boosting force of Dumortierite. This stone is deeply powerful and knows how to excite the brain in all the correct ways. Not only will Dumortierite rouse any hidden away psychic gifts but it also deepens levels of patience, boosts the intellect, and stabilizes emotions. All of these things help to convey strength and empowerment to those who have this deep blue stone in their life.


Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 29

Color us cheerful with the beautiful colours and pleasant vibrations of the Chrysocolla stone. This gem is gorgeously adorned in green and blue with brilliant dashes of copper colour. It is a gem that’s all about asking you to move into your ultimate truth and is also dubbed the teaching stone. This is because Chrysocolla pulls you towards a quest for knowledge. It also entices you to express yourself, to grow your sense of self-awareness. Coupled with the balancing effort of bringing light and love to your heart and throat, you may be sure that your voice speaks from the center of your authenticity and desire. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.


Spinel brings with it sentiments of joy, hope, and the spirit of rejuvenation. While it comes in a full rainbow of colors, we adore the blue for its capacity to inspire breaking free from previous ideas. Spinel inhibits you from feeling trapped as it tells us that progress and motion come with moving ourselves forward whether that’s mile by mile or inch by inch. Yet rather than encouraging you to plough ahead with a moments thought, Spinel makes your path forward more thoughtful as it balances our need to achieve with the value of reflection, thought, and focused practice.

Blue Moonstone 

Blue Moonstone
Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 30

Say yes to supernatural energy as you welcome the healing vibes of the billowing Blue Moonstone into your life. Pale and feminine, this stone is utterly enchanting. The Blue Moonstone shares many properties with its white sister but also places emphasis on neutralizing any negative vibes that may be clinging to your chakras. Forever nourishing, giving you what you need, and being a beautiful sense of support every second of the day, the Blue Moonstone will soothe and balance and bring you into a feeling of wholeness. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

How to use Blue Crystals

blue crystal bracelets for throat chakra hanging on branch
Blue Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits 31

With a hoard of gorgeous relaxing blue crystals, it helps to know how to harness all of that fantastic cleaning energy. One of the greatest methods to get the most out of your blue crystals is to wear them against the skin. When crystals can touch directly with our skin they tap into our own frequencies and can elevate those vibrations up to meet their own. The higher our vibrations (when in balance) the more attuned we are to our sense of self. Chakras get cleansed, auras are in the clear, and we stay protected yet tuned in to the opportunity to grow and thrive.

You can also use blue crystals by placing them on the throat chakra to immediately clear stagnant energy or any obstructions. Crystal grids, reiki, and even feng shui are other fantastic ways to spring-clean your inner and outer space and to bring that nice relaxing energy right to your door.

What other gemstones should I combine them with?

Blue crystals are amazing at complementing each other when it comes to power. For example, you can mix and match a light blue crystal to tap into your spiritual side whilst a deeper blue stone can bring the light inwards and improve your foundations of self-respect, honor, integrity, and humanity. Combining blue healing crystals with purple gems like Amethyst is usually a fantastic choice as it elevates those vibrations even higher and deepens intuition. A clear crystal such as tumbling stones of quartz can help boost the energy of high quality dark blue crystals too.

Green crystals are also a fantastic complement for blue stones, especially for people wishing to link up the heart and the throat to make sure that they always speak from a place of love and compassion. Choose Malachite, Aventurine, or Amazonite and let the wonderful vibrations flow. Rose Quartz can also be utilized to radiate even more love out into the globe. Yellow jewels make a pleasant link to blue stones also, as they balance energies and promote positivity. If you want an extra dosage of protection then Black Tourmaline or Obsidian can give that layer.

Wrap Up

Blue crystals are always exquisite. Vibrant and lively in some aspects yet rich with light and serenity in other ways, these jewels are all about loving the balancing act. Blue stones should undoubtedly be on your list if you have forever been battling with a sense of self-expression. Learning to speak out and advocate for yourself in life can be a game-changer and it’s exactly what your soul deserves in order to shine.

What are your favorite blue stones? Which of these ocean colored stones is calling your name? Share with us in the comments.

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