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15 Crystals For Good Health & Wellness

Physical health is also packed within the usual associations of crystals with spiritual healing and emotional harmony. Our total health can be significantly impacted by the holy trinity of body, mind, and spirit. It is imperative to invoke crystal power as a health booster and to give oneself the chance to always be young, energetic, and in a positive flow of energy. These vital crystals for health are here to guide you through a long and breathtakingly beautiful existence because of their high vibrations and capacity to keep out negative energy.

Healing Crystals for Health & Longevity

woman wearing gemstone bracelets with hand on heart

These ancient stones have been utilized for ages by shamans and holistic healers for a variety of purposes, including peaceful sleep, immune system support, and enhancing physical stamina. Here, we examine the top stones for wellbeing and self-care.

  • Amethyst for serenity, sleep, and easing aches and pains
  • Rose Quartz for cardiovascular health and calming energy
  • Moonstone for easing PMS and supporting fertility or hormonal change journeys
  • Citrine for balancing mood swings and keeping organs clean
  • Aventurine for helping to speed up recovery and keeping your system healthy
  • Carnelian for vibrancy and getting motivated
  • Black Tourmaline for a shield against EMF’s
  • Selenite for a youthful glow
  • Smoky Quartz for reducing the physical impact of stress.
  • Pyrite for protection from pollutants
  • Garnet for resetting your system
  • Tigers Eye for motivation and metabolism
  • Lapis Lazuli for encouraging good sleep so the body can heal
  • Clear Quartz for amplifying energy and opening blocked chakras
  • Bloodstone for blood circulation and keeping aggressive behaviors down

1) Amethyst 

Amethyst for health

What it looks like: Purple joy in soft tones.

What it does: Amethyst, one of the most tranquil stones available, helps relieve all manner of aches and pains, including headaches and migraines. Also, it promotes sound sleep and gives those attempting to kick addictions to substances like caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and drugs pleasant energy. Learn more about what amethyst means.

When to use it: Wear amethyst near your body to allow it ease stress and lull you to sleep. Sitting still with this stone while practicing meditation can be beneficial for persons who are battling addiction.

2) Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz for health

It resembles a pale, pink heart that is softly throbbing.

What it does: Rose quartz is bursting with loving energy and can assist you in taking care of every part of yourself. Emotionally, it ensures that you are living in harmony and making loving decisions that will benefit you, while physically it keeps your heart and circulation in control. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

When to use it: Wear Rose Quartz close to the body to absorb the positive energy of love and to keep your heart in good condition. Rose quartz might help you relax if you have a tendency to be nervous.

3) Moonstone 

moonstone for health

What it appears to be: Bright and pearly white.

What it does: Moonstone shines its guiding light to help us get out of fear and worry and all the myriad ways these cages can hold us back. It is rich in feminine energy and a dazzling balancer of strong emotions. Also, it supports the reproductive system’s healing and strengthening, as well as easing PMS and hormonal problems. Learn more about the significance of moonstone.

When to use it: The power of Moonstone can bring immense ease and comfort to anyone who finds their monthly periods to be crippling or who is struggling with a fertility journey.

4) Citrine 

citrine for health

What it looks like: Citrine is a pure yellow warmth and a pleasant source of vitamin D.

What it does: Citrine can maintain your organs clean and fresh and lift you out of any form of slump. It is constantly prepared to bring a burst of energy and detox the body. By offering its upbeat approach, it also assists in treating sadness and anxiety. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

When to utilize it: Citrine can help when your mood swings are becoming more pronounced and your optimism is waning. With the help of this stone, you can regain your physical and mental equilibrium and regain your sense of control.

5) Aventurine 

green aventurine for health

What it appears to be: A crisp, green dream.

What it does: Allow a wave of emotional peace to sweep over you, slowing your heartbeat and ensuring that your circulatory system is in good working order. To ensure that you are strong, capable, and in perfect health forever, this gem supports the entire body, with a focus on the heart and blood. Learn more about what Aventurine means.

When to utilize it: Aventurine is here to provide balance and heal the heart chakra at all times. After recovering from a disease or surgery, it’s an excellent stone to wear or keep around.

6) Carnelian 

carnelian for health

What it appears to be: Sun-baked red and orange cherry.

What it does: Carnelian is here to boost your motivation and energy levels. Carnelian can be useful for people who desire to increase their level of activity, whether it be through physical exercise or simply by encouraging their minds to be busier. Moreover, this red gem provides assistance with blood circulation and reproduction problems. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

When to use it: Turn to carnelian and let its vibrancy shock you awake when you feel as though you are sleepwalking through this world.

7) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline for health

It appears to be dark, unpolished, and prepared to defend.

What it does: Ground yourself with the help of black tourmaline. This stone is adept in removing uneasy feelings and negative energy. In addition to protecting you against EMF fallout, black tourmaline also helps the body remove any negative imprints. Black tourmaline is a top-notch health tonic that may do everything from improve circulation and immunity to lessen aches and pains and even the respiratory system. Learn more information about black tourmaline.

When to utilize it: Wearing Black Tourmaline on the body is one of the finest methods to access its abilities. So that nothing bad may pass through, it can erect a shield around you.

8) Selenite 

selenite for health

What it looks like: When polished, it is smooth and pale; when raw, it can be peachy.

What it does: Selenite is a very spiritual stone, but it also aids in physical healing by keeping the body young and agile. The skeletal system is stabilized by selenite, which also maintains you in alignment and may even help repair cell damage caused by free radicals. It bathes you in the luminosity of eternal youth. Learn more about what Selenite means.

When to use it: Use Selenite when your body and mind are feeling dreary and heavy. This gem will keep your skin, hair, and heart sparkling and is a light-bringer.

9) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz for health

It appears as a cloud wisp crossing the moon.

What it does: This smokey stone brings elements of purification and release and, like all members of the quartz family, is a powerful energy amplifier. Even under difficult circumstances, Smoky Quartz may keep you calm and stable because of its calming influence. This stone can protect you against the physical side effects of burnout because stress has a significant negative impact on the body. It also offers protection from electromagnetic pollution. Learn more about the significance of smokey quartz.

When to use it: If you are sensitive to EMFs, keep your Smoky Quartz close to your body or tucked away by your laptop and meditate with it whenever you feel at your wits’ end.

10) Pyrite 

pyrite for health

It resembles gleaming chunks of fool’s gold.

Contrary to its moniker, Pyrite doesn’t exist to trip people up. Our cells are flooded with light, plenty, and energy from this crystal, which also possesses a substantial energetic shield. Pyrite is a diamond of vigor, focus, and determination to get through anything that tests us. Also, it helps to protect us from harmful substances, electromagnetic fields, and other factors. Learn more about what Pyrite means.

When to use it: Have a piece of pyrite close by as soon as you start to feel strange. Pyrite can assist you identify the root of any physical or mental repercussions you’ve been experiencing but are having trouble identifying.

11) Garnet 

garnet stone

What it looks like: The most common variety of garnet is deep tones of dark red.

What it does: This brilliant and potent precious stone will energise you and improve your entire system. Garnet has the power to reboot your system, boost your self-esteem, and make sure that your body is prepared to handle any prospective health problems. Learn more about the definition of garnet.

When to use it: Let Garnet ignite your fire and encourage total wellbeing whenever your health (mental or physical) feels sluggish.

12) Tigers Eye 

tigers eye for health

What it looks like: A shimmering orange, black, and gold.

What it does: Awaken your senses and fill your day with vitality by letting this warm-blooded stone arouse your chi. A diamond with exceptional strength, sacral chakra energy, and positive vibrations is the tiger’s eye. Your motivation, metabolism, and sex life can all be improved by Tiger’s Eye. Learn more about the significance of tigers eye.

When to use it: Tiger’s Eye will lift you out of the muck and put you back on the path to a long and luxurious life if you are experiencing a phase of lethargy or sluggishness.

13) Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli for health

It appears in dark, midnight blue tones.

What it does: Lapis is a magical stone, but when it comes to bodily health, it maintains its feet firmly on the ground. This stone can lower blood pressure, keep away bad energy, and purify and cleanse the body. It is a diamond linked to enduring power and regal lives. Learn more about what lapis lazuli means.

When to use it: Lapis Lazuli can be helpful for everything from headache prevention to promoting sound sleep. You can also get rid of your sleeplessness so that your body can mend.

14) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz for health

It appears to be clear, bright, and full of possibility.

How it works: Clear Quartz, the master healer stone, excels at boosting energy and igniting the chakras. When all of your energy points are clear, you can enjoy the best possible state of overall health and wellbeing. Also, this stone promotes memory, which is crucial for maintaining mental acuity, and cleanses the organs. Learn more about what Clear Quartz means.

Wear Clear Quartz to enhance the energy and healing properties of any other gemstones in your bag. To unclog chakras and clear the mind when you’re in a state of meditation, utilize clear quartz.

15) Bloodstone 

bloodstone for health

What it looks like: A deep, dark green with crimson flecks.

What it does: In the battlefield, this warrior stone was a popular amulet. In addition to giving the wearer bravery and vigor, it maintained blood flow and prevented fatalities from occurring from wounds. Also reducing feelings of hostility and impatience, which can raise blood pressure, is this protective stone. Learn more about the significance of Bloodstone.

When to use it: When dealing with any blood-related health difficulties as well as when you wish to defend yourself from harmful energies, use bloodstone. If you have a tendency to become easily angry or feel any other negative feelings, you might also just keep it close.

How to Use these Healing Stones

gemstone bracelets for health
  • Wear them against the body
  • Use them in meditation
  • Place on the chakras

The easiest approach to use crystals to promote more physical healing in your life is to wear them close to your body. Crystals have an energetic connection, and when they come into contact with your skin, they are better able to match your vibrational energy with their own. By wearing gemstone jewelry, you can benefit from the chakra balancing, protection, and ongoing maintenance of good health that these stones provide.

These crystals can also be used for meditation. You can clear any blockages that might be obstructing the flow of energy and harming your health and wellness by holding a worry stone or placing a gem on the chakra it is associated with.


These gemstones for well-being and health will benefit the body, mind, and spirit. The real appeal of crystals is that they are brimming with their own special healing energy and are constantly looking out for your best interests. The act of accepting one of these stones into your world sets an intention to love yourself, care for yourself, and make decisions that lead to longevity, balance, and placing yourself in the best possible health. This intention can range from encouraging authentic living to encouraging magic manifestation.

Crystals for Health FAQ

Are crystals good for health?

Certainly, crystals help to balance your physical and mental health. Crystals can be fantastic additions to our health tools since they can clear energy blockages from the body, reduce stress, and aid to strengthen our immune systems. You may rebalance your body, mind, and spirit by wearing crystal jewelry, meditating with crystals, and using crystals to clear your chakras.

What crystal is good for mental health?

Amethyst is one of the greatest crystals for mental wellness. Amethyst is prized for its calming and regulating qualities. It has stifling and purifying qualities that can help drive out harmful energy, alter harmful thought patterns, and enable the body to relax and recover itself. Citrine, Moonstone, Blue Lace Agate, and Rose Quartz are further stones that are beneficial for mental health.

What crystal is best for health?

Many gems are excellent for improving your health and wellbeing. Aventurine is a good choice for physical health since it promotes quick healing and maintains your body functioning at its best. Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Moonstone can soothe and control emotions for overall emotional health. Amethyst once more, along with Clear Quartz, Obsidian, and Selenite, are beneficial for spiritual well-being.

What crystal is best for physical health?

The bloodstone is a useful crystal for maintaining good physical health. It ensures that your blood is flowing and controls irate emotions. Amethyst is a soothing stone that helps the body unwind and fall asleep. Smoky Quartz makes sure that stress doesn’t leave tangible traces on your body. Your organs are kept clean and detoxified with citrine. Your body is protected from contaminants by pyrite as well.

Are crystals bad for your health?

There is no evidence that crystals are harmful to your health; on the contrary, crystals are widely acknowledged to be incredibly advantageous to your health and welfare. This is due to the fact that stones have the ability to connect your body, mind, and soul, remove blockages from your chakras, calm and regulate your nervous system, and assist you in managing stress. Certain crystals contain powerful energies that might be overwhelming to some individuals, thus it is best to handle these crystals carefully.

Which crystal bracelet is good for health?

Consider Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Moonstone, Aventurine, Carnelian, Black Tourmaline, Pyrite, Garnet, Clear Quartz, Bloodstone, and many other crystals if you desire a bracelet to improve your health. In actuality, each gemstone will have special physical healing properties. Some crystals are effective at regulating the neurological system, while others promote quick healing and others are renowned for releasing bodily stress. Depending on your individual physical requirements, you can choose any stone.

How to use crystals for health?

Wearing your favorite stones as gemstone jewelry is one of the best ways to welcome crystals for health. Healing crystals can speak and interact with the body and heal where necessary by coming into close contact with your skin. During meditation, you can also lay specific stones on any chakras or body parts that require healing.

What chakra crystal for overall health?

Due to its connection to the heart chakra, rose quartz can be a beneficial chakra crystal for overall health and wellbeing. The heart chakra is where we find our love and trust, but it is also connected to our circulatory, endocrine, and heart health. All of which have a significant impact on our health and happiness. Moreover, consider root chakra stones like carnelian and garnet, which are renowned for gaining access to our bodies’ most fundamental survival mechanisms.

What crystal is for health and protection?

Dark and ethereal gems are frequently beneficial for protection and wellness. By promoting physical healing and mental equilibrium, stones like black tourmaline and obsidian can block the harmful effects of EMFs and poisonous energies.

What crystal is for health and wealth?

One of the best crystals for health and riches is citrine. Citrine, also referred to as the merchant’s stone is all about energizing you with a happy, upbeat spirit and assisting you in attracting wealth. This gem maintains organ cleanliness and is also renowned for easing depression and anxiety. Moreover, it might warm the body.

What crystals are best for health practitioners?

Clear Quartz is regarded as the master healer, therefore health professionals can use it to promote overall health and well-being. Also, they can turn to Smoky Quartz when assisting those who are experiencing the physical side effects of stress, Carnelian for a lively health boost, and Aventurine for maintaining system health.

What crystals are good for heart health?

One of the best stones for heart health is rose quartz. This light pink gem, also referred to as the “heart healer,” stimulates the health of your heart and clears any blockages in the heart chakra. It can promote healthy circulation, reduce anxiety, and ensure that you are choosing things that are good for your body and mind.

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