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15 Crystals For Motivation: Change Your Life!

Getting close to burnout? Have trouble getting yourself out of a slump? Perhaps it’s time to seek assistance from healing crystals. It can be difficult to maintain your motivation during these trying moments. Radiant energy and motivation might be challenging to pinpoint at times, whether you’re planning your work week, getting started on a creative project, or even just trying to muster the strength to tune in and connect with friends and family.

Many of us experience times when we feel as though we are running on empty. We live in a very yang environment where we stretch ourselves, shoot for the stars, and regard hard work as a necessary component of success. This can keep us perpetually running on a treadmill until we fizzle and fail, which can result in burnout. Burnout can be subtle, leaving us feeling helpless and unable to advance with any genuine purpose. When this occurs, you could require a reset, fresh infusion of divine energy, and an increase in vibration to help you re-establish contact with your soul’s function. This is where the motivational crystals come in handy.

The Best Crystals to Push Yourself in the Right Direction

direction signs against a sunset

Crystals are bursting with healing energy and can undoubtedly help you get out of a slump. Not only are these stones fantastic chakra cleaners, always prepared to free you of any physical impediments that may be preventing you from moving forward, but they are also renowned for bridging intention and manifestation. These stones will set you on the best course for achieving the life you truly desire.

1) Tiger’s Eye 

tigers eye

What it looks like: This stone is all black, gold, and banded orange, like the large cat peeping at you from the forest.

How it works: The Tiger’s Eye, the stone of survival, is all-seeing and has a keen sense of how to sharpen your instincts and help you stand up again. Tigers Eye is quiet vitality, confidence, and the complex self-possessed strength of knowing when to pounce, just like the animal for which it is named. Learn more about the significance of tigers eye.

When to use it: Tiger’s Eye helps you regain control of your identity when you feel as though life is slipping away from you. It also increases your sense of self and empowers you to overcome lethargy. When you require inspiration to go out and seize life by the reins, this stone is fantastic.

2) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz

It appears to be white and very dazzling, resembling a chunk of glacier from the poles.

What it does: Clear Quartz is a badass amplifier that is constantly prepared to crank up your motivation, energy, and positive thinking. This gem, also known as the Master Healer, is here to clear the air of outdated patterns, unfavorable energy, and even a speck of self-doubt. It gives you a positive outlook and encourages you to envisage and materialize your ideal dreams. Learn more about what Clear Quartz means.

When to utilize it: When you need to organize your emotional and mental wardrobe, turn to Clear Quartz. This gem will give your aura a spring cleaning, clear your chakras, and restore the flow of positive energy.

3) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

What it looks like: This stone is full of feminine energy and love. It is pretty and pink with a faint sheen.

What it does: The lovely pink quartz does a great job of assisting in lifting you up in the light of love and self-compassion. Finding your feet sometimes involves being that quiet confidence and self-belief that comes with profound empathy rather than pushing something. Heart healer rose quartz is a constant source of comfort and gentle, nourishing prodding. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

When to use it: Rose quartz will trigger a sense of loving care deep inside your heart if you are being hard on yourself because you have lost all willpower. We are better able to take chances and go for the top when we feel held, loved, and supported because we are aware that achievement does not define who we are.

4) Citrine


What it looks like: This golden stone glows with positivity like a sunbeam caught in the palm of your hand.

What it does: Sometimes it takes radiant energy and a lucky streak to get back into the groove of things. You may rely on Citrine to help you with this. Citrine, sometimes referred to as the lucky merchants stone, swoops in and instills optimism. It helps you locate the joy in life and opens up your solar plexus chakra. With citrine, your spirit is always upbeat. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

When to utilize it: Citrine is your dose of sunshine, offering you all the feel-good energy you need when you feel like all the joy has been drained out of life and you can’t get out from beneath the rainclouds. When you need a change of perspective and are in a bad mood, turn to it.

5) Amethyst 


The crown chakra stone has vivid purple tones and makes spiritual promises.

What it does: Being motivated doesn’t necessarily require a strong urge to get moving. Sitting still and allowing the light to pass through you are sometimes effective methods. Amethyst is a fantastic stone for introspection, discernment, and discovering your own sense of tranquility. It helps us connect with our actual selves and our true purposes by opening our third eye and crown chakras. Learn more about what amethyst means.

When to utilize it: Amethyst may be a wonderful stone for assisting you in navigating life when you feel like it has lost all purpose or when you feel like you are at a crossroads and are unsure which direction to proceed. With its serene feeling of purpose, it can support meditative decision-making, which is essential for moving forward with purpose.

6) Selenite 

selenite stone

What it looks like: In its raw state, it is pale and white with touches of yellow.

Selenite is here to be your angel, that is what it does. This stone is renowned for expelling negative energy and purifying your palette, enabling you to paint the life you desire. Selenite paves the way for this to be feasible because it is all about peace and progress. It offers high vibrations and fills you with a cup of crystal tranquility so you can dive right into beautiful growth. Learn more about what Selenite means.

When to utilize it: When you feel like you are battling the world, call upon the angelic strength of selenite. Occasionally, negative energy can get in the way and cast doubt and worry into our hearts. The soul is reset by selenite.

7) Carnelian 


What it appears to be: Carnelian is a fiery kiss, racy in red with a comforting orange light.

What it does: Carnelian ignites your motivation and keeps you firmly grounded while also bringing passion and fire. If you’ve been feeling stuck in the mud, especially, this gem is fantastic at inspiring movement. It also has a ton of inventiveness, which makes it a suitable stone for problem-solving and thinking creatively. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

When to use it: Use carnelian whenever you sense that your motivation for a task has been sapped. It works wonders for creative types who are attempting to get over self-doubt and dread when completing a project they have already begun.

8) Aventurine 


Its vibrant green color and mineral magic make it obvious why Aventurine is such a cool kitty.

What it does: Green aventurine is a stone of vision, always prepared to aid in dream interpretation. When we don’t know where to go or if we are on the correct track, we occasionally lose our sense of motivation. Aventurine stimulates the heart chakra, encourages you to let go of old narratives that no longer serve you, and heightens your awareness of your interconnectedness with all living things. Sometimes that’s all we need to raise our spirits. Learn more about what Green Aventurine means.

When to use it: When you don’t feel like you have a clear sense of your place in the world or when you feel trapped in the past, use green aventurine. You will receive the wisdom and bravery you require to proceed from this stone.

9) Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli

What it looks like: Lapis is a stone that still exudes mystery. It is blue and white and flecked with starlight.

What it does: We have all the information we need to make the best choices for ourselves, yet occasionally we forget or stray from our course. Lapis can reawaken our sense of self and return us to that intuitive path. Our drive might function at a constant level rather than these choppy peaks and troughs when we are able to express our truth and own it. Learn more about what lapis lazuli means.

When to use it: If you feel disoriented or like you are spending too much time sitting on the fence, this can seriously derail your motivation. When you need to picture and re-establish contact with who you know yourself to be, turn to lapis.

10) Calcite

orange calcite

What it looks like: This stone is absolute strength, with hues of sparkling orange soda pop.

Its function is orange. Calcite is a fantastic energy amplifier and sparkles with citrus tones. The gentle, sparkling energy of calcite serves as a gentle reminder to not take life too seriously if you feel unmotivated or unsure of your capacity for success. We can sometimes rediscover delight by allowing ourselves a little bit of humor. Learn more about what calcite means.

When to use it: When you feel the weight of life pressing heavily on your head, call upon the glistening orange colours of Calcite. This stone will relieve that feeling of pressure and assist you in reengaging with the vitality of spring.

11) Apatite 


What it looks like: Apatite is a stunning hue of blue with green ribbons.

What it does: Apatite possesses a wide range of remarkable qualities, including the ability to balance your yin and yang energy and gently encourage the opening of your throat chakra. This brilliant blue stone cleanses you of indifference and aids in maintaining clarity and focus on your goals. Learn more about what apatite means.

When to use it: If your desire for ambition has soured, turn to apatite. Aspiration can mean taking measures to live a healthy and fulfilling life; it doesn’t always have to imply moving up the corporate ladder or being a go-getter. Apatite might help you regain control of the situation.

12) Fluorite 

rainbow flurite

What it looks like: Fluorite is a permanently focused stone that is strewn with original thoughts. It is shot with rainbow shades of purple and green.

What it does: Motivation might fluctuate, particularly if your mind is a rushing river overflowing with trash. Fluorite helps you maintain a sharp concentration and sense of purpose by purifying and clearing your thoughts. Also, it is a fantastic grounding stone, and its anchoring qualities guarantee that you stay on the ground with both feet. Learn more about what Fluorite means.

When to use it: Rainbow Fluorite works wonders as a taskmaster because it blocks out all distractions and keeps you focused on the task at hand. Fluorite aids in focusing without sacrificing creative enjoyment for those days when you need to study or complete that task.

13) Garnet 


What it appears to be: It’s hardly surprising that this priceless gem is compared to the jewel-like pomegranate fruit given its deep colors of velvet crimson.

How it works: Garnet is a strong stone that won’t back down from challenging you to reach new heights. It is all about sparking your desires. Garnet is infused with a sense of inspiration, vigor, and fire. It is a fantastic stone for boosting self-assurance and releasing the bonds of uncertainty and skepticism. When Garnet is on your side, anything is possible. Learn more about the definition of garnet.

When to employ it: When you feel like your spark has faded, turn to Garnet. This stone will rekindle your inner fire and give you the confidence to take on the world when you are feeling down and out and like there is nothing you can do.

14) Pyrite 


What it looks like: Pyrite is all fire and fantasy, shimmering in gold.

What it does: This golden nugget has the ability to help you bring all of your desires into reality. Pyrite derives its name from the Greek word for fire, which gives you an idea of the power this glistening stone possesses. Pyrite may sharpen your inner aspirations and sense of strength while also assisting you in manifesting wealth, attracting riches, and owning your desires. Learn more about what Pyrite means.

When to utilize it: Pyrite can put a pin in that and help you transform the landscape if you’ve been feeling like your life doesn’t exactly look like the life you wanted. It works wonders for luring abundance.

15) Bloodstone 


What it appears to be: Bloodstone is a vision of vigor, as dark as iron ore and flecked with hues of red and green.

What it does: The gem that was given to soldiers on the front lines of battle is called bloodstone. It was claimed to lift their spirits and give them newfound vigor so they could succeed. This stone will provide reviving strength so you can get back out there if you feel like you lack the energy to reach for what you need and that all your fighting spirit has left you. Learn more about the significance of Bloodstone.

When to utilize it: Bloodstone is excellent for replenishing your physical energy after it has been depleted. Not only physical endurance but also a strong attitude can propel us onward. Bloodstone fully supports you with its vigor and vibrant force.

 How to Use these Gemstones for Motivation

orange calcite crystal pyramid

Knowing how to connect with their energy can help you step up your game now that you have a great collection of motivational stones to get you out of a rut. These pointers can assist you in controlling the healing energy of your crystals and connecting with exactly what the cosmos has in store.

  • Use crystal jewelry to maintain a strong feeling of self and connection to your goal.
  • Sit with your crystal in hand when you’re feeling down and imagine synchronizing with its vibrations and allowing its light and energy to permeate every fiber of your being.
  • As you sit down to work, be inspired by crystals by placing them in your workstation or creative environment.
  • To surround yourself with positive energy, construct a crystal grid.
  • Holding your crystal will help you focus and channel your energy as you practice your morning affirmations.
  • The stones Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Sunstone, Topaz, Sodalite, and Labradorite are also effective for boosting motivating energy.

Other stones that also work well for motivational energy include Obsidian, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Sunstone, Topaz, Sodalite, and Labradorite too. 


Keep in mind that motivation is fantastic and crucial for assisting us in staying on task and preventing procrastination. It’s important to keep in mind that the body also needs rest and equilibrium. If you don’t balance your relentless can-do attitude with rest and tenderness, it will eventually lead to burnout. So don’t worry, these crystals will make sure that you keep in touch with your body and soul because they are aware of what you need.

What are your favorite stones for healing when you’re having a bad day? Let us know in the comments.

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