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21 Crystals For Pain Relief Using Energy Healing

Pain can take on a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from slight physical discomfort to intense mental anguish. Living with any form of discomfort can make us feel like we are carrying a heavy load through life, diminish our sense of joy in life, and dull our confidence. It’s difficult work, and those who endure persistent or even momentary agony deserve any break they can receive. When it comes to holistic treatment, crystals can play a significant role. This approach is far from new age; it has been used for tens of thousands of years. Gemstones are the mother of all earthly herbal remedies, from the usage of Jade in traditional Chinese medicine to the pharmacological use of lapis lazuli in the Ancient East.

These pain-relieving crystals can balance your chakras, clear energy blockages, and send forth uplifting, therapeutic vibrations to ease aches and pains. They may help your body grow more adept at rejuvenating on its own. They ease tense muscles and emotional tensions as well as promote restful sleep and nervous system balance. These precious stones are your spiritual lifeline if you want a different approach to pain management.

Finding Pain Relief with Healing Crystals 

As the physical body is intrinsically linked to the spiritual and the emotional, these crystals cover all bases and are naturally brimming with high vibrations, gentle energy, and clearing the bodies channels to raise your ability to heal and grow.

1) Amethyst 

amethyst for pain

What it looks like: Purple-colored power

What it does: Calming vibrations release tension and stress from the body, lowering the risk of migraines and clearing energy blocks that exacerbate pain. Moreover, amethyst promotes restful sleep, which is crucial for optimum health and wellbeing. Learn more about what amethyst means.

When to use it: Wear Amethyst close to the skin to ward off tension and headaches or place beneath your pillow for a pleasant night’s sleep.

2) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz for pain

It appears to be pretty in pink.

What it does: The loving energy of Rose Quartz brings harmony and peace to your health and wellbeing. This gem will ease your emotional suffering and lessen all manifestations of rage, misery, and grief. In addition to balancing hormonal imbalances, rose quartz is bursting with anti-inflammatory qualities. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

When to utilize it: Wear or keep Rose Quartz close when you wish to balance your hormones or get rid of any reproductive troubles you’re having. This stone will chill and relax anyone experiencing pain from inflammation.

3) Hematite 

hematite for pain

What it appears to be: Silver that flashes like rain.

What it does: Hematite is a dependable detox stone and a superb all-around gem for ridding the body of impurities. This stone can aid in enhancing circulation and restoring strength and vigor to those who are feeling worn out and exhausted in addition to cleaning out impurities. Learn more about what hematite means.

When to use it: Keep this gem on you at all times and rejoice in the new energy of hematite. Keep hematite close to you to be grounded and protected because it is well renowned for dispelling bad energy.

4) Clear Quartz

clear quartz for pain

What it appears to be: Starlight-clear and bright.

What it does: Clear Quartz, a master healer, directly enhances the energy flow that passes through the entire body. This gem’s focus is on chakra alignment and ensuring that pain is expelled from the body. Everything from your circulation to your ability to avoid migraines can be improved by clear quartz. Learn more about what Clear Quartz means.

When to use it: If you frequently get headaches or have other recurring illnesses, Clear Quartz should always be with you. Wearing this gem will boost the healing properties of your other crystals because it is a powerful energy amplifier.

5) Citrine 

citrine for pain

What it resembles: A flash of brilliant sunshine

What it does: Citrine boosts energy and aids in overcoming chronic exhaustion, much like the restorative warmth and light of summer. Furthermore effective at easing PMS symptoms and improving blood circulation, this brilliant jewel. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

When to use it: Citrine boosts energy levels when worn daily. Be alert and rested with Citrine’s brilliant rays because fatigue can cause a variety of aches and pains and compromise our immune system.

6) Aquamarine 

aquamarine for pain

It has a soft turquoise color and a sparkling blue appearance.

What it does: Aquamarine, which is always calming in its soft, vivid blue hues, has a wealth of anti-inflammatory characteristics and can help the reduction of pain in all areas of the body, including the throat and lungs as well as the respiratory system. This stunning blue gem also serves as a nerve tonic. Learn more about what aquamarine means.

When to use it: Aquamarine can help to calm the body, bring relief to the breath, and can help you recover fast if your nervous system is overactive or if you have a cold or chest infection.

7) Carnelian 

carnelian for pain

What it resembles: Flickering crimson and orange flakes

What it does: Carnelian is an energetic stone that is skilled at healing due to its high vibrations and vibrant energy. This gem can relieve skin irritations and problems, and it also works wonders for period cramps. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

When to use it: If you have cramps, place a piece of carnelian on your lower belly and let the powerful vibrations relieve the agony. This crystal can also be applied to any portion of the body that is hurting.

8) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline for pain

It appears to be as dark as volcanic rock.

What it does: As a shrewd EMF protector, black tourmaline may stop electromagnetic pollution from making you sick and works to clear your aura of negative energy. Black tourmaline is a true healer, removing all of this toxins, enhancing the earth chakras, and reducing arthritis pain. Learn more about what Black Tourmaline means.

When to use it: Carry black tourmaline with you or place it near other electronic gadgets if you have joint or back discomfort or are susceptible to the effects of EMFs.

9) Fluorite

fluorite for pain

What it looks like: Clear with hints of purple and green

What it does: Use the fluorite stone’s pure energy to actively battle viral infections and flush out pollutants. This gem is also thought to be helpful in easing the aches and pains related to arthritis and rheumatism. Learn more about what Fluorite means.

When to use it: As soon as you notice the onset of any viral infection, grab your Fluorite stone to aid the body in flushing the infection out before it has a chance to spread.

10) Moonstone 

moonstone for pain

It appears to be light white and yellow.

What it does: The Moonstone’s caring feminine energy helps people release tension and reduce PMS symptoms. This precious stone focuses on establishing equilibrium to the body, mind, and fluids. Moreover, it soothes any intestinal discomfort and promotes constant calmness and centering. Discover the definition of moonstone.

When to use it: You can lay this stone on your stomach if you are experiencing digestive problems and let it work its therapeutic powers. Your physical and spiritual health will both be stabilized and balanced if you wear moonstone every day.

11) Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli for pain

What it looks like: Intense blue tones with gold undertones.

What it does: The vivid blue tones of lapis lazuli give you mental fortitude and elevate your spirits. Lapis is a powerful healer that can alleviate aches, pains, PMS symptoms, vertigo, and any throat-related problems. Because of the very high vibrations of this stone, it can aid in the treatment of both minor and severe disorders. Learn more about what lapis lazuli means.

When to utilize it: When battling any kind of illness, wear lapis lazuli on your body. Also, it’s thought that lapis can support people with cancer, HIV, bone marrow problems, and heart disease in keeping their bodies healthy.

12) Green Aventurine

green aventurine for pain

What it appears to be: Cool, glossy greens

What it does: By bringing a wave-like energy to the body and shifting pain from being rooted to the area and washing it out of the body, this noble green gem acts as an amazing natural pain reliever. Moreover, it helps the organs detoxify. Learn more about what Green Aventurine means.

When to use it: As soon as you notice the first clench, lay this stone on your body. It works especially well to relieve muscle aches and cramps.

13) Obsidian

snowflake obsidian for pain

What it looks like: Bold, black, and occasionally with white flecks.

What it does: When it comes to encouraging the body to mend quickly, this black gem is an expert. No matter what kind of injury you have—a cut, an abrasion, a sprain, or a bruise—this treasure can get you well quickly. It also improves circulation and eases menstrual cramps. Learn more about what obsidian means.

When to apply it: Wear Obsidian on the body to promote brilliant circulation whenever you have an ache, pain, cramp, or cut.

14) Selenite

selenite for pain

It resembles angelic whites that move like clouds.

What it does: Because selenite has the highest frequency of any crystal, it is adept at clearing any blockages in the body that might be causing pain. Selenite ensures the strength and vitality of the bones, spine, tendons, and nerves by supporting them. Learn more about what Selenite means.

When to utilize it: Selenite is an excellent stone to keep nearby while healing from any form of physical illness since it balances energy fields and helps the body repair itself.

15) Malachite 

malachite for pain

It appears to be velvet green with black swirls.

What it does: Malachite is a stone of amazing transformation that can suck out any toxins from the body and breathe fresh air into stuffy areas. It also awakens your life force energy, which supports the activation of your immune system and exerts its energetic impact to maintain you in fighting shape. Learn more about the significance of malachite.

When to use it: Malachite can offer support and even inspire spiritual growth with physical recovery if shifting circumstances are leaving you feeling stressed and exhausted.

16) Amber

amber for pain

What it appears to be: A warming liquid orange

What it does: The amber stone, which is high in succinic acid and a natural anti-inflammatory, can treat a variety of conditions, including arthritis, toothaches, muscle discomfort, and back pain.

When to use it: Amber beads are beneficial for babies who are teething since they aid to calm the gums. Wearing this stone close to the body will help the succinic acid to be absorbed, which means it will rapidly relieve many types of inflammation-based pain in adults as well.

17) Bloodstone 

bloostone for pain

What it resembles: A rich, dark green with crimson flecks.

How it works: The warrior stone is renowned for being a stunning diamond that heals blood. This root chakra stone is a proven blood purifier and circulation enhancer. This battle-ready root chakra stone provides sheer power, whether you have PMS, need an organ boost, or want to promote healing and pain alleviation in the body. Learn more about the significance of Bloodstone.

When to utilize it: When experiencing pain or PMS, place Bloodstone on the lower belly or on the root chakra while meditating.

18) Howlite

howlite for pain

It resembles chalky white sea cliffs and is as soft.

What it does: Howlite’s gentle effects calm the body and comfort the soul. Howlite, which is heavy in sedative energy, may balance out stressful conditions and prevent your nervous system from going into overdrive. It eases tense muscles and ensures that you can get the restorative sleep you need. Learn more about what Howlite means.

When to use it: Boost your endocrine system, get a good night’s sleep, and lessen the pain and health issues related to stress. To let those calming energies seep in, carry a Howlite stone with you or wear one next to your skin.

19) Kyanite 

kyanite energy bracelet from tiny rituals

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It has a delicate, blue and white appearance.

What it does: Kyanite, often known as the healers stone, is here to deliver its incredibly reassuring energy and to shield the aura from bad energy. By calming the body and mind, kyanite ensures that your spirit isn’t being negatively impacted by outer forces. It beautifies the immune system while also calming the muscles, throat, and adrenal glands. Learn more about what Kyanite means.

When to use it: Wear Kyanite every day or use it during meditation to ensure that you are receiving the necessary healing light and to align all of your chakras.

20) Sugilite 

sugilite for pain

It appears to be shimmering in pink and purple tones.

What it does: Sugilite is incredibly effective in easing pain. This stone is especially effective at relieving headaches and blocking off harmful environmental chemicals that can be causing ill health. Moreover, it relieves toothache, fatigue, vertigo, and immunological diseases.

When to use it: Apply Sugilite to your forehead to pull out discomfort when you have a migraine or any other nagging ache.

21) Chrysocolla 

chrysocolla for pain

What it looks like: A roll of blues, greens, and browns.

What it does: The Chrysocolla gemstone raises your body’s oxygen levels. This crystal is a ready-made cure for aiding in body purification and calming; it is also renowned for aiding in easing joint and muscular discomfort. Chrysocolla’s soothing relaxation can be felt on every inch of your body. Learn more about what Chrysocolla means.

When to use it: Chrysocolla helps your respiratory system move with strength and ease while dissolving many types of obstructions in the body. It can also be used to treat muscle aches, thyroid problems, and throat problems.

Honorable Mentions

Each stone is endowed with healing properties that give the body’s various sections a sense of fortitude and well-being. The following wonderful jewels are among them and are well worth examining if you want to improve your health:



Blue Lace Agate




How to Use these Gemstones 

gemstone bracelets

Wearing crystals near to the skin is one of the most stunning methods to maximize the complex power of crystal healing. Gemstones can inspire your own vibrations to rise and meet theirs when they come into close touch with your skin. This aids in the release of blocked chakras and stagnant energy, which can help to promote stronger healing, a stronger immune system, and better general health.

Placing crystals directly on the area of the body that needs healing and allowing them to do their work there is another way to use the healing abilities of crystals. They can be utilized in crystal grids, meditation, and other spiritual exercises.


Pain occasionally results from something more profound than the body breaking down; it is not just a somatic symptom. It may be made worse by emotional baggage or a loss of spiritual identity, and this may be a problem that cannot be resolved just by using conventional medications. Crystal treatment, used in conjunction with other methods, can help you emerge stronger by shedding light on your darker areas. We are sending light and love to everyone who is suffering.

What do you think of these pain-relieving crystals? Have you ever worked with ancient stones and pain relief? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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