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14 Crystals For Weight Loss & Empowerment

With the help of these healing crystals, empower yourself, embrace your magic, and elevate your vibration. The topic of weight reduction can be difficult since it is connected to so many complicated feelings of guilt, low self-esteem, and negative thinking. People have been forced for ages to feel awful about their weight and try a variety of methods to lower their BMI, some of which may not be healthy for the body. Withholding, dieting, and viewing your body as the enemy are bad for your self-esteem and can have a significant negative impact on your ability to maintain equilibrium and be happy.

It is crucial to feel empowered while on this journey and to make decisions that won’t jeopardize your health (both physical and mental). This is true regardless of why you are trying to manage your weight, whether it is because a doctor has prescribed it or you simply want to experience something different with your body. In light of all of this, crystals can be quite beneficial. While there may not be a clear connection between crystals and weight loss, they are an indispensable amulet for your journey toward positivity, change, and confidence. Check out these gems for losing weight and get ready to switch to clear, entrancing thinking.

The Gemstones for Physical Well-Being 

  • Rose Quartz for cutting out negative self-talk
  • Blue Apatite for doing good for your body
  • Citrine for celebrating yourself
  • Amethyst for a deeper understanding of the self
  • Selenite for learning to let go of old habits
  • Tigers Eye for go out and get it energy
  • Sodalite for immune strength and celebrating the beauty in life
  • Carnelian for a libido burst and toxin flush
  • Iolite for detoxing
  • Turquoise for stabilizing mood swings and skipping burnout
  • Sunstone for willpower and stirring up metabolism
  • Green Aventurine for thymus gland healing and diverting energy to positive places
  • Clear Quartz for metabolism and excess energy channeling
  • Tourmaline for healthy digestion and a sense of grounding

 1) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

It has a delicate, pink appearance that is filled with compassion.

What it does: Rose quartz is a stone of profound empathy and compassion and a jewel that heals the heart. This is crucial for improving your sense of self-worth and for learning how to tenderly support oneself while trying to lose weight. At this time, it can be all too easy to fall into self-talk that is negative, but Rose Quartz will help you stay on a loving, kind path. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

When to utilize it: Now is the ideal time to introduce Rose Quartz into your life if you have a tendency to be too harsh on yourself. This stone serves as a reminder that you are brimming with value and deserving of the warmest affection.

2) Blue Apatite 

blue apatite

It has a blue and green appearance, resembling cool waters on a hot summer day.

What it does: This stone is excellent for assisting with bodily sturdiness. Your metabolism will benefit greatly from the wonderful enchantment that blue apatite just oozes. Blue apatite can lessen hunger sensations and even put you in the want to consume something that will be gloriously healthy for your body if you need a bright and lovely boost. Learn more about what Blue Apatite means.

When to utilize it: Consult this radiant Aegean stone whenever you are having trouble taking care of your body. This jewel is also excellent for fostering social comfort, which is another plus for people who might be experiencing low confidence.

3) Citrine 


It has a golden sheen and shimmering sunlight colors.

What it does: Citrine radiates the warmth of the summer sun. We are all aware of how much more energised and vibrant we feel once the winter chill has passed. Citrine can assist in securing all of that and ensuring that you feel fantastic about yourself while engaging in whatever health kick you are on. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

When to utilize it: When you need a boost of vigor, reach for sunny Citrine. This stone has the power to wake you up and aids in recognizing and embracing your own inner light. We want to take care of ourselves when we feel good about ourselves.

4) Amethyst 


What it appears to be: Deep and purple, occasionally with violet undertones of silver.

What it does: Amethyst focuses on adopting a calm and reliable mental attitude. This gem is strongly related to the third eye and the crown chakra, both of which are crucial for assisting us in understanding ourselves and making decisions that are in line with our inner wisdom and wellbeing. Amethyst helps you stay loyal to your resolve and approach weight loss from a position of rationality, health, and a desire to equally safeguard your body and spirit. Learn more about what amethyst means.

When to employ it: Call on Amethyst for a moment of meditation to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationship with your body if you are unsure of your motivations for losing weight and making healthier choices. A loving relationship with oneself is crucial since it ensures that you don’t endanger your physical health

5) Selenite 

selenite stone

What it appears to be: Dazzling against a peach morning, as white as snow.

What it does: Sweet Selenite is fantastic for your body in addition to being a mild healing stone. Physically, selenite is effective in giving your body strength and preventing cell damage. It is a stone that invites you to choose well for yourself and shimmers with health resolve. It not only helps you let go but also gives you the clarity you need to see and think properly. Learn more about what Selenite means.

When to use it: Selenite can intervene and support this compassionate method to learning to let go if you constantly struggle to break harmful habits and let go of old behaviors that don’t serve you any longer.

6) Tigers Eye 

tigers eye

What it looks like: Bright, furious energy in shades of black, gold, and orange.

What it does: Tiger’s eye is a potent stone, especially when it comes to boosting your confidence and filling you with the energy of the huge animal. Think of yourself as a tiger sauntering through the jungle, dedicated to strength, and always prepared to seize whatever you desire in this life. The Tigers Eye is the ideal supporter for people who require a boost of unwavering self-confidence and undeniable motivation. Learn more about the significance of tigers eye.

When to utilize it: Tiger’s Eye can be a terrific talisman while you’re working out and want to feel strong and capable, as well as when you feel your resolve and positivity waning. Without a doubt, this stone will help you stand back up again.

7) Sodalite 


What it appears to be: Salt-whipped waves with white caps.

How it works: Sodalite’s power surge includes both physical strength and individual prowess. Sodalite steps in to help those who want to boost their immunity and encourage the body to absorb water. Also, it’s excellent at fostering the power of optimistic thinking and ensuring that you never stop appreciating all the magnificent beauty that the world has to offer. Learn more about what Sodalite means.

When to use it: Sodalite might be the emotional float you need to keep you treading water whenever your physical and spiritual well-being is at a low point.

8) Carnelian 


What it looks like: Vibrant in shades of root chakra red and solar plexus orange.

What it does: The sunset stone rises with new and better beginnings in mind, setting on the landscape of your history. This treasure exudes fire, passion, and faultless dedication. Carnelian is recognized for increasing libido, which is a fantastic side effect for anyone who may be experiencing a decline in their sexual ability. We can improve our sense of self-worth through sex. Carnelian also has detoxifying capabilities, so it can help you quickly rid your body of narcotics, alcohol, and other impediments. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

When to utilize it: Use carnelian when you need a brilliant libido explosion or when you’re up against harmful forces. This stone fortifies your commitment and infuses you with ferocious good vibes.

9) Iolite 

iolite stone

What it appears to be: Purple and grey spring storm clouds with changing light coming from various directions.

What it does: Iolite is a wonderful stone for taking control of your life and becoming the architect of your own destiny. Physically, this stone is all about learning the technique of detoxification and breaking bad habits. It is a wonderful tonic for the nerves and encourages healthy digestion as well. Learn more about what Iolite means.

When to use it: Use Iolite to help you cut back on your vices, especially alcohol-related ones. This treasure gives your body a spring cleaning by assisting with liver cleansing and lowering fatty deposits.

10) Turquoise 


What it appears to be: Turquoise, which shimmers in colors of deep green and blue, holds the promise of chilly, deep waters.

How it works: Turquoise, a stone with a long history of healing, is a delight for the body, mind, and spirit. This gem can guide you to the exact balance and health you deserve when it comes to physical recovery. A strengthening stone is turquoise. It eliminates tension and mood swings, promotes healing, and greatly aids in overcoming any life traps that are keeping you in a box. Learn more about what turquoise means.

When to use it: Use turquoise when you’re attempting to break free of old routines and need a helping hand, or when you feel like your path through change is leaving you feeling exhausted and on edge all the time. Nutritional changes can have an impact on how stable our moods and emotions are, and turquoise can be a terrific stone to help you regain your equilibrium.

11) Sunstone 


What it looks like: This stone embodies summer; it is orange, peach, and other colours of August.

How it works: The Sunstone, which is brimming with radiant energy, can aid to rev up your metabolism, making you feel more energized, and firmly cement your willpower to accomplish your goal. This stone’s solar plexus energy helps people become more self-assured, devoted, and concentrated, as well as more physically active. Learn more about the significance of Sunstone.

When to employ it: When your willpower and vitality begin to wain, turn to the soothing light of Sunstone. This stone will quickly lift your spirits and serve as a reminder of how crucial it is to maintain your attention on whatever promising route is in front of you.

12) Green Aventurine

green aventurine

What it looks like: Aventurine is one awesome cat. It is soft and green and always ready to pierce your heart.

How it works: The Green Aventurine stone is a heart chakra link and a stone that instinctively knows how to draw out all of your positive thinking abilities. It is filled with purpose. This cool green gem might hold the key to your balanced and vibrant health if you’re recovering or trying to manage your thymus gland. You may welcome transitions and cycles and flow into them with ease with the aid of green aventurine. Learn more about what Green Aventurine means.

When to use it: Pick up your Green Aventurine for pondering whenever you want to shift your focus from the bad to a more rewarding and pleasant way of thought.

13) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz

What it appears to be: Clear Quartz sparkles and shines because it is translucent and has an ice brilliance.

What it does: The master healer manifests in many different ways, not the least of which is when you want to create a new or improved version of your reality. This gem is fantastic at reviving your metabolism, removing toxins from the body, and directing any extra energy into beneficial, healthy, harmonious areas. Learn more about what Clear Quartz means.

When to use it: The Clear Quartz can be your bright beacon whenever you feel lethargic, short in energy, lost in your resolve to do right by yourself, or like you have all this pent-up energy and nowhere to put it.

14) Tourmaline 

tourmaline stones

What it looks like: Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors, including gold, black, and countless hues in between.

What it does: Tourmaline is reputed to be a powerful healer and aid in maintaining a healthy digestive system. This immune-boosting supplement is all about giving your body the tender loving care it needs. Moreover, tourmaline increases your root chakra, which gives you a sense of security and stability in this life. This is crucial for our sense of wellbeing since it makes sure we feel anchored and supported during our change-related journeys. Learn more about what tourmaline means.

When to utilize it: Tourmaline can offer its tenderness, profound compassion, and firm foundations to the situation if you are having difficulties with your digestion and your relationship to food. No matter what you are dealing with, this stone is excellent for keeping you calm and light-hearted.

How to Use These Healing Crystals to Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals 

close up of womans hand on stomach wearing yellow dress and bracelet

You need to figure out how to access that energy now that you know which healing crystals can help you find willpower and empowerment inside. These are a few ways that these healing stones can help you return to your body, whether you wear them to symbolize your resolve or utilize them in positive affirmation exercises.

  • Use gemstone jewelry to attract positive energy and to carry your intention with you.
  • When exercising, place crystals on your yoga mat or keep them around as a visual and energetic motivator. This is effective when curating a crystal grid as well.
  • Call upon empowering statements in the morning. Stand in front of a mirror, hold a crystal or worry stone in your hand, and use the power of your words to speak highly of yourself to learn to love your body.
  • To enjoy the advantages and toxin flush from this crystal elixir tonic, put your crystal in a glass of water and sip throughout the day.
  • Sit quietly with your crystal whenever you feel the want to indulge in bad behaviors or crave junk food, and allow it to calm your thoughts and bolster your resolve.
  • When practicing chakra clearing or reiki healing, use your stones to expel any bad energy.


When it comes to aiding you on your path to weight loss, crystal healing can do wonders. Call on these calming, powerful crystals whenever you feel overwhelmed or that your feeling of self-worth is waning to pick you back up and get you back on the path to total physical health and spiritual fulfillment. It’s important to keep in mind that linking happiness with physical image is bad for our sense of spiritual self. Yet, embracing health, caring behaviors, and a deep, heartfelt love for oneself can be our way to positive living.

What do you think about using crystals to empower yourself? Comment below with your ideas and let us know which stones inspire you.

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