Dragons Blood Incense Benefits: Ulcers, Inflammation, & More!

A resin called “Dragons Blood” is obtained from dracaena trees. For hundreds of years, everything from paint to religious rituals have utilised this natural crimson resin. As it has a rich and potent perfume with overtones of amber, vanilla, and spices, dragon’s blood is utilized in incense. Many spiritual and physical advantages are attributed to dragon’s blood, including its use as an anti-inflammatory and as a natural treatment for external ulcers.

Dragons Blood comes from a tree, despite the name maybe conjuring images of fire-breathing, red-bellied, mythical animals covered in smoke and scales. There are several types of dragon trees from which the ruby sap resin can be harvested. These trees belong to the Croton, Daemonorops, Pterocarpus, and Dracaena plant families, which also include the Dracaena cinnabari. The limbs of these towering trees have the appearance of outstretched hands from the earth, which makes Dragons Blood seem like an even greater gift.

From ancient times, this strong plant resin has served a variety of functions. In addition to being utilized as incense in religious and personal rituals, it has also been employed as a medication, color, and varnish. From the Ancient Greeks to the Ancient Romans, along with hints of its use in India, China, and the Middle East, this potent resin has been mentioned in records that go back in time and all across the world. Moroccan and Iranian sources for dragon’s blood have been identified. Native Americans would burn it to produce smoke that may call upon the spirits of their ancestors, but Hindu priests saw it as an offering to the gods. Wiccans have employed it for magic, protection, chasing away, and healing. Dragon Blood is typically available as an incense stick, incense cone, in resin form, or as an essential oil for burning as incense.

Where it gets its name

dragons blood tree in socrota

The resin’s dark crimson color is whence Dragons Blood gets its name. The sap is extracted from rare, gorgeous trees that can live for hundreds of years. The longest example is reportedly rumored to have lived for up to 250 years, yet these trees require very little moisture to grow. The term “Dragon’s Blood” is ideal since it combines elements of antiquity, ethereality, and deep crimson hues.

How it’s used in rituals

Dragons Blood is a potent substance that has a strong connection to the history of shamanism and folk magic. It works wonders at clearing negative energy and promoting healing. It has been utilized for countless years in a variety of fields, including American hoodoo and traditional medicine. The element of fire, an active element energy that can both bring warmth and vitality and burn through that which is no longer desired, is closely related to dragons blood. When it comes to spiritual ceremonies, Dragon’s Blood has three main applications. It can also be utilized for protection, healing, and banishment. It is also said that by combining it with other herbs and mixtures, you can boost the potency of those substances as well. Although Dragon’s Blood can also be reduced to oil, burning it as incense activates its own power and energy by utilizing the fire and flame elements in the ceremony.

Benefits of dragon’s blood incense sticks

dragons blood insence sticks

Using incense made from Dragon’s Blood has a lot of advantages. Because you are drawn to the pleasant symphony of the aroma, you can employ them spiritually, for health reasons, to fend off negative energy, and to repel insects. Using spiritual incense can be as lively and connected as you want it to be, or it can be a welcome opportunity to re-enter your own space and conduct subconscious research.

Relaxation & meditation

The aroma of Dragon’s Blood is a wonderful tonic for the body, mind, and soul. It is sweet and spicy, energizing, and has amber undertones. You can light a stick whenever you feel the need to clear energy and infuse an area, burn it to bring healing and gentle contemplative vibes into a location, and utilize it when you wish to rest more deeply. You can use Dragons Blood into your meditation routine as well. Through meditation or any other form of spiritual prayer, this perfume, which is associated with honor, power, and paying reverence, might assist you in getting in touch with your inner self.

Insect repellant

Dragons Blood can also aid in repelling insects for people who live outside in warmer areas. It appears that the potent aroma serves as a natural mosquito repellent and keeps them away.

Other Health Benefits of Dragon Blood

Moreover, tinctures and supplements in the form of dragon’s blood are available. This is where you might want to go if you’re using Dragons Blood for its wealth of physical health advantages. However, keep in mind that if you plan to use Dragons Blood for any sort of health advantage, you should speak with a doctor first.


It is thought that the demon’s blood of the Daemonorops draco species works well as an ulcer treatment. We are more concerned with skin ulcers and bedsores than the internal ulcers that frequently appear in the stomach. This might be due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds that Dragon’s Blood has in abundance, which can both be calming and hasten the healing process. Dragons Blood is typically given topically to treat ulcers (cream, ointment, tincture).


Dragons Blood is bursting at the seams with antibacterial qualities, fighting the good fight against viruses, fungus, and bacteria forever. This resin sap may readily zap anything intended to harm you as part of its banishing and protective magic. The Dracaena cinnabari species of dragon’s blood yields the finest results when used for its antibacterial characteristics.


Dragons Blood has been used for millennia to treat diarrhea and improve digestive health. Its outstanding antibacterial and anti-inflammatory capabilities, which can soothe the body and give it exactly what it needs to flush a problem out, are again to blame for this.


When it comes to their anti-inflammatory abilities, the Daemonorops draco and Dracaena draco species are experts. Dragons Blood, a strong antioxidant, can aid in calming and soothing whatever flare-up is causing issues.


While research on the antidiabetic benefits of Dragons Blood is still ongoing, it is thought that this unusual resin may also have anti-diabetic characteristics.


Again, more thorough research is being conducted, but it’s thought that the molecules in dragon’s blood, together with its antioxidant-rich qualities, may also aid in the battle against cancer.

How to take & use dragon’s blood

dragons blood oil

You can use Dragon’s Blood in a variety of ways, and whatever one you choose will largely depend on the results you hope to achieve. After consulting their doctor, some people who are using it for internal health difficulties may wish to take it as a supplement. Dragons Blood Oil is also available and can be applied topically in creams.

Choose essential oils or incense if you want to burn something to summon the powers of Dragon’s Blood. Palo Santo with the sacred smoke of Dragon’s Blood can be used together to cleanse effectively and summon protection. It can be utilized for empowerment and healing, astral travel, and dream journaling.

Side effects & additional information 

With very little negative effects reported, dragon’s blood is thought to be harmless. To be safe, anyone thinking about using it as a supplement should always consult their doctor first. Certain dragon’s blood variations may have blood-thinning effects, according to some animal research, so if you take any form of a blood-thinning medicine, you might want to pass on this one.


Dragons Blood is an age-old substance that doesn’t need to come from a mythological beast to be potent. With its opulent fragrance, strong defense, and healing abilities, it invokes deep magic. This is evident not just in the folklore around it but also in its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Dragons Blood provides its calming spark to the gathering for those who need it.

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