How To Use A Pendulum Crystal: The A-Z Guide

A weighted object suspended from a string or cord is referred to as a pendulum. It is a divination instrument that can be used for spiritual guidance, decision-making, getting the answers you need, and clearing out bad energy. When using a pendulum, you pose a question, hold the pendulum, and it will swing in a particular direction to indicate the answer.

Of fact, this is only a cursory explanation of pendulums; the weight of history and the wider universe are far more substantial and intricate. Pendulums are a well-liked dowsing and divination tool that are frequently likened to the physical embodiment of our higher selves or sixth sense. The A-Z of Pendulums and all the information you need to know about the craftsmanship of the swaying crystal are covered in this article.

Everything You Need to Know About Pendulums 

Since the 17th century, people have been using pendulums to swing crystals; they are not a new age fad. In 1602 Galileo Galilei was the first to formally research and report on this, and ever since some of the greatest scientific minds have brought it up. Pendulums have been used for timing purposes since the 16th century, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Isaac Newton, but they have also been employed for practicing divination. Pendulums may have also been utilized in Ancient Rome and Egypt, according to certain estimates.

What it is 

What precisely is a pendulum, then? Typically, a pendulum is a crystal or gemstone attached to a string, chain, or rope. You’ll need something symmetrical and weighted, though it doesn’t have to be a crystal. Naturally, crystals are a fantastic choice for employing as a pendulum because they already have a strong frequency and a significant amount of spirituality. Because of the motion it makes when providing guidance—specifically, the way it pendulates in response to the response—it is known as a pendulum.

What it’s used for 

The practice of dowsing, often known as looking for the unseen, has involved the use of pendulums. Dowsing relies on the pendulums’ direction changes or pointer movement to respond to our inquiries and direct us. The pendulum serves as a receiver and transmitter of wisdom from invisible forces, passing it along to you. Asking yes-or-no questions to your pendulum is typically the simplest method to use this divination tool. Nevertheless, you may also use a pendulum to find misplaced goods, locate water sources, and rid the space of any bad energy. The latter sometimes goes by the term “dowsing,” and dowsing rods are frequently employed to locate bodies of water.

How it works 

But how precisely do dowsing and divination using pendulums work? It begins by using your own intuition. Sometimes the solution is hidden deep within us, and it can be challenging to sort through the tangled webs to reach our own truth. These smart small devices can combine your brain’s right and left signs so that they cooperate rather than oppose each other and assist you in committing to a reasonable option. Pendulums are a useful tool for cutting through the din. On the surface, that’s how pendulums function, but on a deeper spiritual level, they connect you with your spirit guides, guardian angels, and other invisible energy forces at work in the universe.

Kinds of questions to ask 

What sort of inquiries should you make of your pendulum then? The finest questions are yes-or-no ones since the pendulum can only respond to them. But, you may convert any problem, question, or choice into a yes-or-no format. Your question should be quite specific, and you should give it some careful thought. The answer you receive one day may very well be different the next because the pendulum is connected to your own energy, and because our energy can fluctuate frequently and settle in different places. That’s not to suggest the answer is erratic or incorrect, but by accumulating intentions and responses, we may learn to focus our own energy and connect to the pendulum in more focused ways.

What you need 

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While using a pendulum, you don’t have to go all out, but it might assist if you choose crystals that have special meaning to you. It may be much simpler to control those powers because crystals are already saturated from head to toe with spiritual energy. Use stones and jewels that speak to you while choosing pendulum stones, as you would with any crystal. We have three stones you should take into consideration if you are unsure of where to begin.

  • Rose Quartz is a crystal that functions excellently as a pendulum since it is a stone of undivided love and heart-centered power. You can use it when you need compassionate direction to make decisions that come from the heart and to help those decisions foster peace and understanding.
  • One of the most spiritual stones in the group is amethyst. This gem is all about opening the crown chakra so you may communicate with your higher being and adopt a more expansive perspective. It’s a fantastic tool for making dreamlike decisions because it’s also a jewel of clearer thought and connection.
  • For those seeking a clear-headed pendulum that amplifies all types of energy, clear quartz is a fantastic choice. We adore the Clear Quartz crystal because it excels at establishing intentional connections and amplifying individual vibrations. They are excellent qualities for attracting anything you want and for remaining composed and balanced during any kind of process.

Steps to use your Pendulum 

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Cleaning your pendulum is the first step in utilizing it. When dealing with any crystals for the first time or following a period of energy use, it is always a good idea to do this. Cleaning the crystal can remove any obstructions or out-of-phase frequencies and prepare it for crystal-clear message reception and transmission. You can use some of the following techniques to cleanse your crystal, but first, check sure they are appropriate for the specific kind of crystal you have.

  • Use smudging to cleanse
  • Run the stone under some water
  • Place it beneath the full moon
  • Place it in a slant of sunlight for a short while
  • Bury it in soil
  • Leave it in the presence of other cleansing crystals

Before beginning a pendulum session, you need make sure that you are grounded as well. To fully connect, take a few lovely deep breaths or spend a few minutes in meditation. You might even light a candle, find a quiet place, and calm your thoughts.

Pendulum moves 

Start by briefly resting your pendulum in the palm of your hand. This can aid in establishing an energetic connection with it. Secondly, you must be able to tell your yes from your no. Pose questions while holding the pendulum a few inches above your palm. Make them brief: “My name is,” “I live at,” “I work at,” etc., and see how the pendulum responds to those affirmative and negative statements. You may alternatively omit this step and simply tell the pendulum what movement signifies yes and no by setting it with your own movement responses. This can assist in keeping things from getting unclear and hazy. For instance, you may select front to back for yes, left and right for no (like shaking your head), and round and round for possibly. When using the pendulum, you should keep your dominant hand’s thumb and index finger in close proximity. Explain each movement’s movements and accompanying words in detail (yes, no, maybe). Your pendulum can be programmed with this.

Start small 

Asking your pendulum to respond to questions that you already know the answers to will help you develop your communication skills. You can inquire things like “Is my dog named Harry,” “Is it raining today,” etc. This not only harmonizes your energies but may also give you more courage to inquire later as you investigate the energy of your swinging talisman. You can advance to more complicated questions from here.

Stay open-minded 

Don’t expect a pendulum to start spinning off in an obvious direction because working with pendulums takes time and patience. It could take some time to get to know your pendulum, and it might take some time for the pendulum to respond. You should also make sure to maintain your openness and focus. Avoid forcing yourself to think in one direction or the other because doing so can tip the pendulum. After a while, the power of the response may be represented by the force with which it swings. A big swing, on the other hand, can be an unequivocal yes or no, whereas a mild swing might be cautious or noncommittal.


Pendulums are a fantastic tool for clearing your mind, connecting with your inner self, and external guiding forces. Simply having a pendulum on hand can help you feel less alone and overwhelmed when it comes to making important decisions.

How have you found using tools of divination? Do you primarily use the tarot or do you also use other pendulums? Tell us how you connect to your subconscious mind and the larger world by leaving your ideas in the comments.

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