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Moonstone Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

What is Moonstone?

The mineral class of feldspar includes moonstone. It has an opalescent, pearly appearance and is constructed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. Translucent moonstone is available in white, grey, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and a rainbow of other colors. Moonstone represents feminine vitality and fresh starts.

The Gemstone of Inward Vision

  • Full of feminine energy
  • A tool for divine wisdom
  • Popular in spiritual healing

The charm of the Moonstone enchants us with its dazzling feminine energy, its tug-like flow, and its promise of cyclical transformation, much like the big incandescent anchor of the sky. The moon, which hangs above our heads like an orb and is sometimes just a slip of light and other times as fat and full as harvest, has long been seen as a symbol of the divine spirit. The Moonstone, an albite mineral with light beams and a milky sheen known as adularescence, captures all this charm and more. It’s an orthoclase stone, which is another name for a feldspar mineral. From the tea plantations of Sri Lanka to the surreal coastlines of Madagascar, the Aurora lands of Norway, and the wide expanse of Australia, the Moonstone has been mined in many remote regions of the world.

The Moonstone has endured numerous seasonal changes, just like the moon that hangs in our sky. The Moonstone has a long history in India as a tool for bringing divine wisdom and clairvoyant abilities to the table. The pearly sheen of moonstone was thought by the Romans of antiquity to be a fragment of solid moonlight. It was thought that this pearly talisman would bring love and riches to the wearer and that anyone who looked into the stone may see the Goddess Diana.

The Moonstone once more worked its charm as Europe entered the Art Nouveau era, and the stone experienced a fresh flight of flair as it became the focal point for jewelry and meditative practices. The Moonstone was once again revered in the swinging sixties, particularly as a spiritual instrument for healing, and it continues to have that place in our contemporary society as a special amulet that can propel our wellness to new heights. Continue reading to learn more about the Moonstone’s ability to bring light shimmering to your heart.

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Moonstone Varieties

Although the Moonstone’s name is most closely associated with its attributes of soft water and pearly white light, there are many other types of this unusual stone.

White Moonstone 

white moonstone

The White Moonstone symbolizes the optimism and promise of the new moon because it is illuminated by the brightest white light. This stone has a powerful ability to magnify emotions while maintaining equilibrium.

Peach or Yellow Moonstone 

yellow moonstone

The Peach or Yellow Moonstone emits a magnificent glow that illuminates the night and dispels worries, much like the moons that shine overhead in the heat of the summer.

Rainbow Moonstone 

rainbow moonstone

The Rainbow Moonstone is full of prisms of light and psychic protection and is rich in goddess energy. This stone, which promotes lucid dreaming and sweet clarity, is a cosmic link.

Gray Moonstone

grey moonstone

The gray Moonstone is all about lifting the curtain so you can see what lies beyond the edge, much like a full moon on Halloween night. One of Moonstone’s more ethereal designs is this one.

Cat’s Eye / Blue Moonstone

blue moonstone

The Cat’s Eye or Blue Moonstone is a brilliant energy balancer constantly prepared to welcome the yin and yang’s ebb and flow. It is all about seeing patterns, letting go, and sitting in a softened state of awareness.

Moonstone Healing Properties

With the help of the Moonstone’s healing abilities, celebrate the divine feminine, uncover your fortune, and say yes to more profound crystal healing. The Moonstone is connected to all of our emotions, the tides, the light and dark, and the depths of our soul, precisely like the cosmic rock that hangs in our sky. This multicolored crystal loves to bring light into your life. See out all the ways this pearly stone may restore equilibrium to see how the healing properties of the moonstone extend from the spiritual to the physical.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Helps with PMS and hormonal balance
  • Assists with fertility issues

It should come as no surprise that the Moonstone, closely associated with the Goddess energy and the divine feminine, could be your key to fewer symptoms and improved hormonal balance if you suffer from PMS. The moonstone has a strong receptive influence and helps your body into its natural cycle. The moonstone can also assist folks with fertility problems to have these problems come to a healthier conclusion. Parents-to-be will also find courage and strength in the moonstone because it can soothe the various bodily aches and pains frequently connected with pregnancy and childbirth.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • Can comfort in times of change
  • Encourages harmony and balance

This only serves as a suggestion as to how much the moon impacts our emotional equilibrium if you’ve ever felt as like you were going crazy during a full moon. The Moonstone is here to dispel the gloom and to amplify all those emotions. You may intuitively connect to the cosmos and bring all those crazy hormones under control by carrying a sign of the moon with you or keeping it in your life. This will ensure that you move in harmony with the environment outside your window. The moonstone is sometimes referred to as the stone of fresh starts. Everything changes and passes away, and the moonstone serves as a reminder of how crucial it is to accept the seasonal cycle and not hold a grudge against the possibility of new chapters. By the harmony of its inherent healing abilities, the Moonstone assists you in processing and accepting rather than succumbing to overwhelm.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Connects to the third eye and the crown chakras
  • Deepens psychic capabilities

The Moonstone is cosmological and endearing, full of psychic skills, and an excellent chakra link. This shimmering stone has a highly spiritual quality to it that makes us feel awestruck and at peace, much like seeing the moonbeams dance across the midnight ocean. The Heart Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra are three chakras that the moonstone harmoniously aligns with. The Heart and Third Eye chakras call us to search within so that we can see far beyond the boundaries of our own peripheral vision. When these two chakras are open and in sync, they aid us in discovering our position in the cosmos and make us feel like a piece of the vast cosmic jigsaw puzzle swirling over our heads.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • A birthstone for Libra
  • A good match for Scorpio

For those born under the sign of Libra, the moonstone is one of the mothering birthstones. The quiet diplomatic disposition and razor-sharp intelligence of Librans are well-known traits. But occasionally, Librans can also be a little unsure of themselves, overly averse to conflict, and not all that open to change. Because life, like the moon, rises and falls, and nothing is consistent, the moonstone can assist Librans in accepting change in their lives with grace and grandeur and not fearing the decision-making process.

Scorpios may also find comfort in the Moonstone’s circular glow. Scorpios are courageous, intelligent, and steadfastly devoted. Moreover, they could react quickly and become envious. In order to balance this out and ensure that the meditative yin nature is present with the push of the yang, the moonstone can be used.

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Using This Gemstone

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  • Wear for chakra cleansing and embrace change
  • Welcome to the home for creative play
  • Keep beside the bed to assist with fertility

Those who wish to cleanse negative energy, rebalance emotions, and say yes to more feminine feelings in their lives will enjoy this watery white and exquisitely dazzling stone, whether they choose to bring it into their homes or opt for it as the focal point for their gemstone jewelry. Here are the most effective techniques to accept Moonstone:

Office & Home

Bring the calming energy of the moonstone inside. Because of all that powerful feminine energy, the enchantment of moonstone can be a wonderful help to your Feng Shui practice. The Moonstone is a wonderful stone for creating harmony in your house since, as was already established, it stands for both divine and emotional balance. Put the stone in areas of the home where disputes between family members or housemates may arise and allow it to lower the temperature to a cooler and softer level. Locate a location for your Moonstone in your studios and workplaces to encourage a little more imaginative play, and keep the stone nearby your bed when you want to give fertility problems strength and a healthy balance.


The finest method to incorporate the magic of the moonstone into your life is through jewelry made of moonstone. Having the stone placed close to your skin enables for optimal absorption of its power, whether you choose a magnificent shining Moonstone bracelet or a lovely Moonstone ring on your finger. When gemstones are applied to the skin, they are able to harmonize with your body’s inherent frequencies and deliver healing energy where it is most needed.

The defensive energy of Obsidian, the sparkle of Opal, the iridescent quality of Labradorite, and the calming energies of Amethyst are additional stones that complement the Moonstone.

How to Cleanse your Moonstone Crystal

surface of moonstone
  • Cleanse with water
  • Charge with moonlight

Your Moonstone will function most effectively when it is kept frequently cleansed and charged, just like all gemstones and healing crystals. In order to keep this flow of positive energy flowing and completely active, you may wish to periodically wipe away any residual negative energy from your healing crystals. Moonstone responds to water and moonlight in a manner similar to how the moon appears in the sky. Just purify your moonstone’s energy by submerging it in water, after which you may place it on a windowsill or in direct sunlight during a waxing or full moon so it can absorb the rays.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationFeldspar mineral (potassium aluminum silicate)
Chemical FormulaKAlSi3O8 (orthoclase) or (Na,K)AlSi3O8 (albite)
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
ColorWhite, peach, gray, blue, and other colors
LusterVitreous to pearly
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
OccurrenceMetamorphic rocks and pegmatites in various parts of the world
FormationFormed by high-pressure metamorphism of pre-existing rocks or by hydrothermal alteration
DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
CleavagePerfect in one direction, good in two others
Mohs Hardness6 – 6.5
Specific Gravity2.56 – 2.59
Diagnostic PropertiesAdularescence, schiller effect
Chemical CompositionPotassium aluminum silicate
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial positive
Refractive Index1.518 – 1.526
Birefringence0.05 – 0.008
2V angle63° – 69°
Other CharacteristicsAdularescence, schiller effect

Final Thoughts on Moonstone

A fantastic gem to have in your life is a moonstone. The Moonstone may be the perfect gem to offer brilliant light that penetrates the darkness for people who yearn for a bit more goddess energy, who want to stay tuned to the greater picture, and who may need a little extra assistance when it comes to embracing positive energy around change.

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Moonstone FAQs 

How does Moonstone function?

Moonstone is a magnificent stone full of healing feminine energy. It is referred to as the stone of internal vision and can help you keep calm, balanced, and in touch with your actual, unadulterated self. Moonstone also aids in preparing us for change and new beginnings by serving as a reminder that life occurs in cycles.

What is the benefit of moonstone?

Moonstone is a useful gemstone for bringing light into the dark places in your life, balancing your yin and yang energy, and regulating your emotions. It is thought to aid in fertility and PMS disorders and is packed with feminine energy. It is beneficial for clearing those upper chakras, including the third eye and the crown, and can control hormones.

How does a moonstone appear?

Moonstone resembles a little moon, as its name would imply. This stone is light and bright, and it appears to glow naturally. Moonstone can be found in a variety of colors, ranging from white to peach to yellow to rainbow moonstone, which contains a rainbow of colors swirling beneath the pearly surface.

How is uncut moonstone recognized?

The smooth shimmer and pearly brilliance that we associate with tumbling Moonstone may not be present in natural or raw moonstone. a………….. and…… Your moonstone might not be genuine if it is too blurry, uniform throughout, or catches the light from all sides.

How can one tell if a moonstone is genuine?

Examining the differences between the layers beneath the surface is one of the greatest ways to determine if your moonstone is genuine. Orthoclase and albite will hold each other together within a genuine moonstone’s structure. A true Moonstone will most likely have a blue shine and will catch and play with the light at certain angles. But, it won’t from every angle, so if your stone is emitting light from all directions, it might not be real.

What does the moonstone stand for?

A link to the feminine, cyclical transformation and inner clarity are all represented by moonstone. It inspires us to welcome fresh beginnings and serves as a symbol of light and hope. It relates to feminine concepts like fertility, equilibrium, gentleness, and intuition.

Where is the origin of the moonstone?

Although moonstone is found all over the world, it is primarily found in Sri Lanka and Southern India. Moonstone is also found in Australia, Norway, and Madagascar.

Where can one find moonstones?

All across the world, moonstone can be found. It comes from Brazil, Mexico, the USA, Norway, Australia, Southern India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

Can you swim with a moonstone?

On the Mohs hardness scale, moonstone rates between a 6 and a 6.5. Typically, stones rated 5 and higher are thought to be water-safe. Like with all crystals and stones, a simple rinse every now and then shouldn’t harm your Moonstone, but we don’t advise submerging it in water for an extended period of time.

How is Moonstone recharged?

By setting your moonstone on the windowsill in the moonlight, you can charge it. The fact that this gem responds well to its namesake’s vigor shouldn’t come as a surprise. Putting your moonstone beside other healing gems like selenite and clear quartz is another way to charge it on gloomy nights.

Moonstone is what shade?

The Moonstone’s variety of exquisite colors is among its most mesmerizing features. Moonstone can have an opaque, pearly white appearance. It could also appear grayish or blue. The color spectrum can have any hue, including pink, yellow, green, brown, or even no color at all.

Who or what is Rainbow Moonstone?

A stunning stone called a rainbow moonstone appears to hold even more light, play, and mystical energy within its constantly shifting hues. This lovely gem is all about feminine power and intuition and has many characteristics in common with moonstone. The Rainbow Moonstone also aids with lucid dreaming and psychic protection.

What is the value of moonstone?

The cut, color, and purity of moonstones might affect the price. A chunk of moonstone costs $10, but it can cost as much as $1000. The Moonstone’s value increases with clarity, while it decreases in value as it becomes more hazy.

Moonstone belongs to what chakra?

The higher chakras are associated with moonstone. It is connected to the crown chakra, which is crucial for connecting to the cosmos and thinking more broadly. It is also connected to the third eye chakra, which opens up our inner knowing and sharpens our intuition. The heart chakra is another area where moonstone works to heal past scars, foster compassion, and encourage openness to accepting and giving love.

Moonstone locations

Moonstones aren’t regarded as an uncommon or difficult to find gemstone, thus you should have no trouble finding them at any crystal vendor. Always check the reputation of the crystal supplier you chose to ensure that you are getting the genuine article when it comes to your magic Moonstone.

How should I utilize moonstones?

When things are tough, place the gemstone in your womb.

Moonstone: Is it a crystal?

Mineral feldspar makes up moonstone. It is created from the feldspar minerals albite and orthoclase and is composed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate. The term “crystal mineral” also applies to moonstones.

Is moonstone a pricey stone?

Although the price of a moonstone might vary, it is generally thought of as a stone that is reasonably priced. Moonstone can be purchased for $10, however, the price will increase as the piece’s quality rises. If the moonstone is clear enough, some chunks can sell for $1000 or even more.

What are moonstones used for?

Moonstones are mystical gemstones that are associated with inner perception. The Moonstone invites us to look within and connect to our core, much like the moon illuminates the darkest of nights. These radiant diamonds enhance our feelings in a way that enables us to process them. They also help us embrace themes of truth and change and connect us to our feminine energy.

What does the moonstone stand for?

One of the key themes that Moonstone signifies is the idea of the feminine divine. It enables us to embrace our yin or feminine energy, balance our emotions, accept cyclical change, and maintain our connection to our intuition. It can also represent clarity of vision, equilibrium, seasonal changes, and a sense of profound tranquility.

Does moonstone have a shine at night?

Adularescence, which gives the Moonstone its soft glow, is similar to the orb that illuminates the sky. This gem does not glow in the dark, though, because it does not contain any phosphorescent components.

How should I wash the moonstone?

Run your Moonstone underwater for the finest and quickest way to clean it. The gem will be ready to perform at its best after being submerged in water, which will also release any accumulated energy or obstructions. Moonstone can be cleansed with a singing bowl or by smudging it.

How should Rainbow Moonstone be cleaned?

When it comes to cleaning, all gemstones benefit from a careful touch. The easiest approach to keep your Rainbow Moonstone clean is to briefly submerge it in tepid water before drying it with a soft cloth. Use non-intrusive techniques like smudging, sound baths, and leaving it in the presence of other crystals like clear quartz and selenite if you wish to avoid using water.

Is Moonstone opal?

No, even though they have certain similarities in terms of color and ideas of serenity and purity, moonstone and opal are two distinct gems. Opal, on the other hand, is typically found in Australia and contains more water than moonstones. The opal is a stone of faith and friendship, whilst the moonstone is a gem of femininity and fresh starts.

What are the benefits of moonstones?

Moonstones are incredible jewels for energy balance, for taming and calming emotions, and for connecting you to the feminine divine. Moonstone can assist you to embrace your feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them if you have high yang energy or battle with overwhelm. It is also helpful for problems related to PMS, conception, and childbirth.

What is the use of moonstones?

Moonstone has numerous applications. It can be used to open the crown chakra and clear the third eye. You can use it to harmonize and balance the yin and yang forces in your body. It can be applied to help with hormones, PMS, and reproductive problems. It can also be utilized to strengthen your relationship with the feminine divine, promote harmony, and inspire you to welcome fresh starts.

Rainbow Moonstone: What is it?

A feldspar mineral is the rainbow moonstone. Although it is officially a type of labradorite rather than a variety of moonstones, due to how similar they are, they now come under the moonstone category. The Rainbow Moonstone is utilized for harmony and balance, and to foster compassion and creativity. It features a rainbow of hues flashing beneath its surface.

What problems does moonstone solve?

The therapeutic properties of moonstones extend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. Physically, it aids with conception and PMS. It encourages you to accept change and welcome new beginnings and, on an emotional level, can assist in balancing your hormones. It is a stone that emphasizes intuition, clarity, and connection to the feminine divine spiritually. It connects to the third eye, the crown chakra, and the heart chakra as well.

How is natural moonstone polished?

If you have a rock tumbler, you can use it to polish unpolished moonstones. If you don’t have access to a rock tumbler, you may alternatively hand-polish the rock to the desired texture by starting with the coarsest grain of sandpaper and working your way up. Following that, you can polish and buff it with a soft cloth to give it that lovely shine.

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