Sacral Chakra Stones: 11 Stones That Make A Huge Difference

Which stones for the sacral chakra can you heal with? A warm glow and wholesome flow will be brought to your core by Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian, Orange Calcite, Citrine, Sunstone, Tiger’s Eye, Amber, Moonstone, Aragonite, Goldstone, and Amethyst.

Our creative soul, inner fire, feeling of fun, and passion all reside in the sacral chakra. It is located in the pit of the stomach, directly beneath the naval, in the center of the body. As the Svadhisthana chakra is so important, maintaining its cleanliness is crucial to allowing a pure stream of energy to flow from the root to the crown.

We have spent years studying the world of healing crystals and have honed our ability to use that forcefield of knowledge, intuition, and innate insight to determine which stones are most appropriate for specific chakras. The color, aura, and connection to particular powers and aspects of the self are all indicated by the jewels themselves. For instance, earthy tones or warm stones with red and orange undertones are frequently linked to those lower chakras. Here, we examine the sacral chakra in more detail and provide a wide range of essential gems that can significantly improve the strength of that area.

Here are some quick things to know about the sacral chakra:

  • The second chakra
  • Found just below the navel
  • Associated with the color orange
  • Linked to the element of water
  • Connected to creativity, pleasure, and play

Understanding the Sacral Chakra/Svadhisthana

sacral chakra bracelet pack

The Svadhisthana chakra, also referred to as the sacral chakra, is the second chakra. It is one of the lowest chakras, as previously mentioned, and is located deep within the abdomen, below the belly button. The sacral chakra is also physically felt in your back and against your lumbar spine. The orange color is associated with the sacral chakra, which is appropriate given its fiery, flickering vitality. It is linked to the element of water even though it has similar tones and moods to fire. This is appropriate for the sacral chakra because sometimes we need those lovely, flowing feelings to help us get unstuck and eager to try new things and seize new possibilities.

When the sacral chakra is blocked, we may have an inward sense of detachment. When we find it difficult to enjoy or connect with others, it can lead to depression and anxiety. It may also have an impact on our relationship, resulting in apathy or over indulgence that doesn’t make us feel good. When it comes to complete a project, creative types may actually feel “blocked” or demotivated. We may suddenly find ourselves being branded as “too sensitive” or we may struggle to establish and uphold good boundaries since our emotions may also be out of sync.

As a result of a blocked sacral chakra, physical symptoms such as lower back discomfort, hypoglycemia, renal problems, complications or severe pain during menstruation, joint problems, and persistent weariness or low energy may also manifest.

Here are a few questions to think about when asking yourself if you might need some assistance balancing your sacral chakra, for individuals who might find some aspects of this to be true.

  • Do you believe that your connection with pleasure and intimacy is healthy?
  • Do you find codependent relationships appealing?
  • Are you able to establish and uphold boundaries?
  • Do you have a fun and joyous disposition?
  • Do you make time for the activities you enjoy?
  • How would you rate your energy?

Gemstones that Boost the Second Chakra 

Long regarded as a tool that can assist in removing energetic blocks, healing crystals and vibrantly vibrating gemstones are valued for their healing properties. The crystals that work best for the sacral chakra are also very caring and filled with balancing energy, creativity, and self-assurance. They help stoke an appetite for a fuller, richer, and more colorful existence because they are brilliant and limitless. These sacral chakra crystals will assist in releasing you because the sacral chakra does not want to be restrained.


carnelian for sacral chakra

Orange A stone of imagination, vitality, and spirit is carnelian. This gem simply exudes warmth and has a fire brightness about it that radiates vitality. Carnelian was revered in antiquity as a stone of fertility and had close ties to the goddess Isis. Carnelian can balance and develop your sacral chakra to make sure you thrive, from igniting your creative heart to cranking up the heat in the bedroom and giving your confidence a huge boost. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

Snowflake Obsidian

snowflake obsidian for sacral chakra

Snowflake Obsidian is one of those wonderful grounding stones that keeps you anchored and in a spiritually solid place since it was born from fire and chilled with the kiss of time. Although it is stated that this gem brings emotions to the surface, this is exactly what you need in order to process your thoughts and stand in your authority. It creates order out of chaos, heals previous karmic wounds, and aids in dissolving stale mental patterns so you can advance. All of this makes it possible to purge the sacral chakra of resentment, negative ideas, and any weight that maintains these types of blockages. Learn more about what obsidian means.

Orange Calcite 

orange calcite for sacral chakra

Orange Calcite is showered in sunny emotions and an attitude that sparkles, as brilliant and lovely as soda pop. This stone will nourish you completely from head to toe and link with the sacral chakra to keep you energized. It is a warm-hearted wonder. Being regarded as a stone of creativity, orange calcite is a must-have amulet for everyone who wants to express themselves more. Lethargy, apathy, and anything else that is keeping you down are eliminated, and they are replaced with truth, light, and the ability to see beyond the immediate surroundings. Learn more about what calcite means.


citrine for sacral chakra

Citrine is pure healing energy, and it can be as bright as the sun or as gentle as the first summer sun through the trees. This precious golden object promotes the practice of self-expression and is bursting with optimism. Citrine is a feeling that always shines through, no matter how gloomy the sky appear to be. It helps to boost your vibrations and can shake free sacral chakra obstructions because of the warm, golden energy present. It makes your wants stronger and puts you in a spiritual state where you are receptive to everything the universe has to offer. Its magical capacity to draw wealth in several ways is the reason it is known as the merchant’s stone. Learn more about the significance of citrine.


sunstone for sacral chakra

The Sunstone is all about life-giving warmth, connection, and vitality, as its name would imply. Let this stone beam down on you if you feel as though you are always in a state of ice. As it greatly boosts confidence and keeps you connected to a can-do attitude, sunstone is regarded as a luxuriant leadership stone. You can use this stone to grow in a million various ways because it is filled with enthusiasm and is very empowering. Sunstone assists you in rising, but it does so without being harsh or burdensome; rather, it keeps you cheerful, focused, and strong when playing. Learn more about the significance of Sunstone.

Tigers Eye 

tiger eye for sacral chakra

The stone of the mind, tiger’s eye, has a powerful energy and is adept at removing obstructions. Warming orange and gold tones are ringed around earthy black and brown to keep you grounded while releasing all that delicious chi. Because to the large cat energy it contains, tiger’s eye is fantastic at assisting you in maintaining boundaries without erecting walls. It is a stone that encourages movement, change, and innovation while also serving as a reminder that you are capable of handling anything life throws at you. You can say yes to earth and sun vibes to help you bloom in golden glory, from giving your gut the courage to speak out to calming moods and releasing concerns. Learn more about the significance of tigers eye.


amber for sacral chakra

Although technically not a crystal because it was born from a tree, amber is brimming with earthy energy. This stone is a rich source of wisdom from the past and is a well-known natural pain reliever. It is a fantastic talisman for the sacral chakra since it retains energy from the sun and the soil. Amber is renowned for opening up inner channels and promoting optimism, reclaiming one’s power, and even a greater sense of spontaneity. Amber improves intuition and re-establishes our connection to our ancestral selves. That has the room we require.


moonstone for sacral chakra

Never undervalue the charm of the moonstone, which radiates a loving radiance and feminine energy. The clever sacral chakra connector orange moonstone can tenderly support emotional equilibrium in all the best ways. The Moonstone can aid in the healing of PMS and fertility concerns because it is also inextricably linked to the white light that illuminates even the darkest sky. It is also regarded as a treasure for fresh starts and accepting change. Life can follow these cycles, just as we do in the natural world, and nothing is stable in it. This can teach us to let go and be truly healing for our sense of attachment and self-worth. Learn more about the significance of moonstone.


aragonite for sacral chakra

The Aragonite Star Crystal is composed of a collection of peach-colored crystals. Although having a name that conjures up visions of expansive skies and glittering jewels, aragonite is actually very grounding. By maintaining emotional stability and ensuring that you are subconsciously tuned in to self-care, it has some similarities to Tigers Eye. Aragonite promotes self-assurance, intense concentration, and all the energy of independence, which makes it a terrific aid for aiding you with creative undertakings. As a powerful grounding crystal, it can also assist you in letting go of tension and resentment, creating even more internal space for your light to shine.


goldstone for sacral chakra

It should come as no surprise that Goldstone encourages us to forge our own route to mystery and enchantment given that his name ignites the imagination. This gemstone is regarded as an ambition stone because it opens and connects to the sacral chakra, enabling you to realize all of your dreams. Goldstone has a natural ability to quiet people down and is skilled at assisting with emotional balancing. Despite being a man-made crystal, this stone has origins that date back to the Middle Ages and carries the healing power of copper and glass. Become centered, focus your vision, and allow the goldstone’s splendour and the conductive energy of copper lift you to greater heights.


amethyst for sacral chakra

Even while amethyst is frequently thought of as a gem for the head chakra, it is so much more. This stone’s high vibration makes it a healing powerhouse. Amethyst is all about the powerful coolness, which clears away unfavorable energy, enables you to relax, and gives you the bravery you need. Amethyst balances one’s emotions (which is exactly what the sacral chakra does too). Also, it inspires you to use your imagination and serves as a reminder that you possess all the inner strength, wisdom, and understanding you need to make good judgments. Learn more about what amethyst means.

How to Use These Sacral Chakra Stones

collection of carnelian healing amulets for sacral chakra

Knowing how to channel that energy is helpful now that you are aware of which stones work best for the sacral chakra. Keeping crystals close to the skin is one of the best methods to draw healing into your physical realm. Due to the fact that the crystal is continuously in contact with your skin and can therefore connect with you and keep you stable, gemstone jewelry might be among the best ways to embrace healing.

You can also actively and deliberately release blockages and invite healing to that chakra by placing one of these healing stones on your lower belly while supine during meditation. These stones can also be positioned on your reproductive organs to assist with infertility concerns and the flow of sexual energy.

If you wish to increase your energy or connection during romantic interactions, keep stones for the sacral chakra close to your bed or under your pillow. If you’re engaged on a creative project, placing a sacral chakra stone in your workspace helps enlighten your inner pathways and prevent feelings of blockage and stagnation.

What else you can use instead of healing crystals 

Alongside healing crystals or if you want to explore other methods for awakening your sacral chakra and clearing out the blocks, here are some other ideas to play with…

  • Increase your intake of ginger for its warming vibes
  • Wear the color orange 
  • Eat orange foods and fruits like tangerines and carrots.
  • Practice hip-opening yoga practices 
  • Bathe in water with added orange essential oils 
  • Drink water with orange slices
  • Move or dance every day 
  • Participate in artistic practice as much as possible


Our sense of play and our “pleasure button” are located in the sacral chakra. It is also thought to be the seat of our emotions and the gateway to all of our inner happiness, laughing, and lightness of being. Our imaginations, sexuality, creativity, passion, warmth, and closeness all call it home. If the sacral chakra is our inner hearth and the place where we discover our spirit fire, the root chakra represents our connection to the soil. We may embrace limitless possibilities fearlessly by using these jewels to keep the flame alive and ignite that good energy.

Which of these orange gemstones calls to you and what do you think about sacral chakra healing? In addition, we’d like to know what you think are the ideal crystals for the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, and third eye chakra. Let us know in the comments which tumbled stones and jewels are your favorites.

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