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Sagittarius Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

What is the Sagittarius Birthstone?

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac. The Sagittarius birthstone is Turquoise. Turquoise is a blue gemstone that signifies emotional equilibrium and communication. People born between November 23rd and December 21st are Sagittarians. The element of Sagittarius is fire, and the governing planet is Jupiter. The symbol of Sagittarius is the archer.

The Funny Idealist

woman with sparkler in snow

Born amid the darkest throes of winter right before the solstice, it’s no wonder that Sagittarians are a fire sign. With more than a flash of passion and ever ready to impart loving warmth, Sagittarians are all about hope, big-hearted giving, and setting the world to rights. They love to travel, embrace life’s adventures, and have an exquisite sense of humor that puts them in good stead with friends and family. Curious and ever-invigorated, it’s no surprise to see Sagittarians attempting to impart that generosity and enthusiasm to all who cross their ways. Sagittarians are natural do-gooders in the world. Despite the urge for connection, Sagittarians are also fiercely independent and constantly try to establish their own route in life rather than to follow the crowd.

The symbol of the Sagittarius house is the archer. This legendary centaur figure that draws back his bow and arrow is about bridging the gap between heaven and earth. The archer represents the Sagittarian attribute of spontaneity — the urge to shoot first. It also means the goal-orientated character of the sign and the galloping pace of which they trot through life. With their governing planet of Jupiter, it’s worth recalling that Jupiter was the God of sky and thunder. Jupiter is all about the storm and is also a planet of wealth. It’s broad and gregarious, and despite its bad side, it’s related with lightning bolts of optimism and optimistic nature.

A thousand great features make up the Sagittarius zodiac sign, yet like all the horoscopes, there is no power without a touch of weakness. One of the most significant ways Sagittarians suffer in life is by overpromising. A star sign that seldom says no as part of their lexicon, Sagittarians are continuously overpromising themselves and getting into tricky situations when they can’t deliver. It’s not that the Sagittarians fails to establish themselves, but that they might be too idealistic and so anxious to assist that they quickly say yes. Their innate friendliness might sometimes make them prone to being taken advantage of.

Sagittarians work well with gemstones that keep them protected, help them home in on a bit of focus, strengthen communication so they can overcome that sometimes brusque honesty, and stones that let them have a moments pause so they can truly consider whether saying yes to something is the best course of action for all involved. Have a look at these zodiac birthstones created to fit Sagittarians…

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Sagittarius Gemstones

For those big-hearted and lovely Sagittarians, we have selected a selection of magnificent healing stones that are all about spreading energy equally, keeping balance in check, and making sure that lousy energy doesn’t have a chance to creep in. Yet even outside the bounds of balance, healing gemstones are also about blazing a light and boosting all those magnificent good attributes that make Sagittarius brilliantly radiant. Whether because they share elemental energy, generate pleasant vibrations, ease the mind, or quiet the spirit, these jewels are a delightful match for Sagittarians.


Turquoise gemstone

The dazzling ocean stone of Turquoise is all smooth flowing water energy that is ever ready to balance out the fiery element of the Sagittarius star sign. With its calming touch and profound healing, Turquoise helps to balance out emotions and open up the throat chakra so clear hearted conversation may flow through. Turquoise also has a powerful amplifying property which means that it can aid Sagittarians to make the most of their spiritual side and remain open to accepting the words and messages the universe may have to offer. Lastly, Turquoise adds a balancing aspect that may keep masculine and feminine energies in check. Find out more about the significance of Turquoise.

Blue Topaz 

blue topaz

The magnificent December birthstone is noted for its blazing blue fire along with its attributes of perseverance, strength, and giving attitude. If nothing else, the Blue Topaz is famed for its simple honesty and its capacity to foster knowledge, truth, and reasonable thought. Ever able to take the Sagittarians whirlwind thinking down to fundamentals and to provide a sense of power and harmony, this is a terrific stone for assisting those overstretching Sagittarians to welcome a little much needed R&R into their lives. Blue Topaz is also believed to aid with communication issues. Sagittarians are sometimes renowned for bursting forth with words before thinking and not embracing their inner editor to help filter out some of the less than polite uses of phrase. Blue Topaz interacts with the throat chakra to ensure that communication stays delicate and thoughtful, helping to build stronger relationships, attract love, and be understood with crystal clear clarity. Additional throat chakra stones include sodalite and turquoise howlite. Find out more about the significance of Blue Topaz.



One of the most beloved spiritual stones in the pack, Amethyst encourages Sagittarians to get out of their thoughts and into their spiritual zone. If given the chance and the correct upbringing, Sagittarians have a lot of spiritual potential and may leap into higher modes of thought and even develop psychic connections. Amethyst interacts closely with the crown chakra to aid that big awakening and to place the Sagittarian in strong stead for accepting cosmic consciousness. Even beyond the spiritual element, Amethyst is a wonderfully relaxing stone and will alleviate any nervous thoughts and sensations that may be tripping the archer up along the route. While Sagittarians also have a restless side and are continuously scouring the horizon for the next best thing, Amethyst may serve as a pleasant purple-hued reminder to learn serenity. Find out more about the significance of Amethyst.



The crimson flame of Ruby is drenched with warmth and highly passionate and ripe energy, one that fits the fire element of Sagittarius and keeps the winter cold at bay. Ruby is renowned for helping increase motivation but it may also aid Sagittarians to maintain their objectives in a more realistic realm. While Sagittarians obviously don’t need any help with the act of goal setting, Ruby will aid by ensuring that one foot is kept firmly on the ground. Its also a fantastic stone for promoting enthusiasm, confidence, joy, and a sense of spontaneity.



Soothe and soft Beryl is one of the most relaxing stones out there. Its peaceful demeanor makes it a perfect fit for Sagittarians who can sometimes take on the God of Jupiter’s turbulent and tornado like energies. Beryl is one of those stones that opens up pathways of the body, guaranteeing that chakras are open from tip to toe so that smooth energy may move straight through. It is a talisman birthstone for Sagittarians who find themselves off-kilter and blocked and may assist restore steadiness even when this frenetic sign feels on the edge of burnout. Other tender hearted stones that combine with Beryl might be the angel energy of Selenite.

Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli

One of the more mystical stones in the bunch, Lapis Lazuli brings its profound intuition, third eye connection, and nuanced self-awareness to the party. As noted, sometimes Sagittarian’s shoot without thinking and say yes to a thousand things without checking in with their intuition. Lapis Lazuli is all about reconnecting you to that deep-set intention and keeping you tuned in at all times with your own degree of awareness. This allows extroverted thinking Saggi’s to focus their look inwards and make sure that they are responding yes from a heart space and not just out of sheer habit. You may also merge Lapis Lazuli with Moonstone to add even more feminine energy and spiritual flair to the table. Find out more about the significance of Lapis Lazuli.


citrine stone

Bursting with delightful brightness and here to help crank the volume up on happiness, Citrine is all sunshine and style. This brilliant quartz is the best choice for those wintery star signs. Providing brightness in the darkness and rich with Vitamin D for the soul, Citrine boosts the already positive power of the Sagittarian sign and keeps them lively and drenched in that childish delight. For even more brilliant vitality, wear Citrine alongside the glitter of Peridot . Find out more about the significance of Citrine.


rough zircon

Sharing the ruling planet of Jupiter, the brilliance and bright white light of Zircon may look similar to the diamond at first glance, but its dance is distinct. Whereas the diamond is more associated to concepts and energies of unbreakable power, the Zircon is all about protection, calm, and inner beauty. The protective factor is especially advantageous to those Sagittarians with a passionate love of adventure who prefer to run forth into the big unknown. This stone guarantees that these zesty adventurers keep safe and that they ruminate in areas of serenity to offset all that restless energy. If you wish to further deepen that link between valuable stones and the Sagittarian, then turn to Blue Zircon. Other stones that deliver wonderful protection include tourmaline, obsidian, and the fire of Pyrite.

How to Use the Stones

Gemstone bracelets for Sagittarius zodiac

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Sagittarians should say a hearty yes to having the bright power of zodiac gemstones dancing with light and healing in their lives. Possessing a zodiac talisman or amulet to accompany you on the roads through the world (both physically and spiritually) is all about making the intention to live in harmony and wellness. We may be the lords of our destiny when we act upon our strengths and raise our shortcomings or at least understand where we need to provide a bit more balance to fully succeed in life. Whether you choose to have tumbling stones on your altar, a worry stone to twirl in the palm of your hand, a crystal sphere for scrying or a range of Sagittarius birthstone jewelry, these jewels will bring wonderful healing into your surroundings.

The finest technique of boosting your vibrations and welcoming a bounty of healing magic is by purchasing gemstone jewelry. Having healing stones immediately pushed against the skin guarantees that the crystals can go right to work, interacting with the chakras and providing healing exactly where it is required. Being a wearer of gemstone jewelry also means that you take your purpose with you throughout the day, you unconsciously link yourself with the power of the cosmos and by being in the continual presence of healing crystals you are able to produce enduring magic.

How to Cleanse Stones and Jewelry

gemstone with quartz and glass bottle

Keeping your Sagittarius gemstones cleansed and charged is all part of your road to recovery with these highly spiritual crystals. All healing stones and crystals require a little Love to keep them shining at the top of their game. When these stones go to work on energy cleansing and gathering poisonous vibes, keeping you safe, and directing you on the best routes through life, they can become full of stored or pent-up energy. Merely running these stones underwater, smudging with a sage stick or other herb, or leaving them in the purifying energy of certain radiant quartz crystals will perform wonders when it comes to a de-charge and allows them to shed all that unwanted energy. Afterwards, they are washed and purified and ready to be wonderfully topped up.

You may recharge your Sagittarius zodiac crystals to their full potential by leaving them in a slant of moonlight or a shard of sunshine (depending on their hue and how fragile they are) (depending on their coloring and how delicate they are). For stones, if you are concerned that their coloration may fade, you can just pot them in a little dirt overnight or again, leave them with quartz crystals so they can absorb up all that luscious colorful energy.

Final thoughts on Sagittarius Birthstones 

While Sagittarians are out to change the world and are ever ready to offer a helping hand, these brilliant stars surely need to make sure that they are making decisions that stay clear of martyrdom and won’t lead to exhaustion. Being able to identify when the system is overburdened and take a step back guarantees that generous and open-hearted Sagittarians don’t fall into the trap of overpromising and preserve some time for themselves to appreciate the simpler things. Extremely curious and bright, Sagittarians are always on the hunt for the next experience. This intrepid energy shouldn’t be stifled, but the restless sign should also create space for calm reflection and spending a moment or two focused on what they have. These fortunate stones that encourage balance, tranquillity, serenity, and of course, a layer of protection for when they really have to run off on a great adventure will perform wonders on keeping them safe and sound.

Does that sum up any Sagittarians you have known? Share all your experiences with us in the comments.

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