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Selenite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Use

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a variant of the gypsum mineral. It also appears in variations called as desert rose, satin spar and gypsum flower. Selenite is generated from calcium sulfate dihydrate and is a monoclinic crystal. It comes in light tones of pearly white with a clay like feel. Selenite has a connotation of clarity and consciousness.

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The Gemstone of Purification

  • Known as the goddess stone 
  • Named after the Greek goddess of the moon
  • Good for shifting energy blocks

With a coloration as delicate as the flutter of angel wings, the Selenite Stone is drenched in unearthly enchantment. Immediately relaxing, Selenite has a long history of being a favorite goddess stone and is supposed to offer protection, harmony, and soul healing to your body, mind, and home. Selenite is thought to be a crystalline form of Gypsum. It derives from Hydrous calcium sulfate and is a delicate stone that is almost flexible in nature – more feather than rock. Being one of the softer stones, it may be a lovely and clear reminder that we should travel through this world with a sense of kindness and that we should bring holy space to our activities.

Slabs of Selenite crystals have been found in places both high and low, from the Odyssey rich waters of Greece to artistic Mexico, Zen-like Japan, wild Argentina, and the party spirit of Brazil, it has also been found in the USA, Poland, Russia, and Australia – Selenite is a stone that seems to get around. Due of its worldwide link, Selenite comes up across history. Selenite’s connotation is connected to the Ancient Greek goddess of the moon — Selene. Selene had the capacity to light up the night and had an ever-changing personality that seemed to ebb and flow. She was the daughter of Hyperion and Thea and pictured riding a horse or winged chariot with a lunar crescent as a crown atop her head.

The Selenite connotation makes it a very spiritual stone and is typically treated as such. Selenite wands can be popular for individuals who desire to conduct energy, and the stones and gemstone jewelry incorporating Selenite are created to assist us open up to higher frequencies and messages from the cosmos. On a more grounded level, Selenite may also be an excellent stone for moving through energy barriers, bringing serenity and purity to one’s brain and heart, and overall simply ensuring that you keep safe and connected to the world around you. To find out more about how to utilize Selenite keep reading.

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Different Varieties of Selenite

Have a glance at the numerous sorts of Selenite and choose the type that suits your personal goddess energy…


selenite stone

The traditional type of Selenite is the opaquest and called after the moon. This is the style of Selenite known to activate the head chakra. As far as high-level healing crystals go, the traditional form of Selenite is ever ready to wipe away bad energy so you can reach for the angelic world.

Satin Spar

satin spar

The Satin Spar form of Selenite is silky looking and shimmers like crystal. It appears like satin to the eye and is very strongly tied to the abilities of the head chakra.

Desert Rose 

desert rose

The dreamlike Desert Rose type of Selenite is magnificent to see and utterly distinct from the other kinds. It’s organically created to look like golden roses in bloom, with desert colored petals crystallizing. This kind of Selenite is intimately associated to the mid chakras.

Gypsum Flower

gypsum flower

Poetically titled, the Gypsum Flower type of Selenite blossoms with beauty. The Gypsum crystals appear like frozen water, all crystals and petals and curves and color. It brings healing vibes and heavenly styles to the table, cleaning your body and heart of energy blockages so you are open and ready for what the universe has to say.

Healing Properties of Selenite

Selenite Crystals

Selenite comes drenched with healing powers and is ever ready to pull you up to higher levels. For individuals who desire calm and tranquility across their body, mind, and soul — Selenite puts you in a position where you feel ready to flourish. With this delicate stone on your side, you may get ready for ethereal overdrive…

Physical Healing Properties

  • Helps with skeletal issues
  • Can reverse free radical damage to cell structure

Selenite spreads her wings across the physical plains along with the spiritual message that she is rich in lovely bodily healing. Individuals that bring Selenite into their lives will realize that this stone provides a fresh flush of suppleness to your physical being. Selenite is supposed to help stack the spine into alignment and to rectify or at least provide a hand when it comes to skeletal disorders. Together with strengthening the skeletal system, the light bringing qualities of Selenite also acts to counteract free radical damage in cell structure and may maintain your skin, hair, and eyes clean and bright and steeped in young dewy energy.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • Helps shed anxiety and worry
  • Gifts clarity 

Sweeter than honey and milk, Selenite begins to work straight away with aiding you to shed those fears and worries that can weigh down the heart. This is a stone that likes to be light, that wants to grow wings, and doesn’t wish any form of anchor or bonds from catastrophic thinking. To assist release you from these tangled thoughts, Selenite initially starts with enabling you to unburden yourself by thinking with crystal-clear clarity. It allows you to become delightfully aware of your surroundings and gives flawless discernment and healthy insight so that you may work carefully with your soul to make the appropriate judgments. It’s a stone that asks you to be open and honest, pure, and emancipated, and to offer forgiveness to situations that are no longer benefiting you. Selenite assists you to undertake the emotional work of letting go so that you are able to come up in your fullest form of strength.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Works with the crown chakra and third eye
  • Encourages communication with the angel realms

The metaphysical is where Selenite truly seems to shine and it is a stone that lives up to its name as being delicately heavenly. Selenite is a fantastic instrument for shifting those energy obstacles that impede you from living in your full and free flow. Working closely with the higher chakras like the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, Selenite keeps light and energy flowing so that you are cracked wide open and ever ready to hear the messages that the universe has to impart. Of all, it comes as no surprise that Selenite starts its job on the Heart Chakra.

Without the Heart Chakra being healthy and open, the energy cannot flow to those higher chakras. When our hearts are light and open, we are filled with compassion and love and we trust in those messages that may trickle down from higher realms. Selenite is a wonderful spirit guide and is also utilized for aura cleansing and as a crucial instrument in reiki. It is supposed to not only help you speak with the angel realms but has also been utilized for delving into former lifetimes, activating psychic powers, releasing all kinds of unpleasant beings, and helping you move into all types of various consciousnesses.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • The zodiac sign for Taurus 

Selenite is a superb fit for the zodiac sign of Taurus. Taurus are one of the earthlier signs in the sky and are noted for their stoic manner, their practical attitude, and also – dare we say – their total intransigence at times. Here is where Selenite may sweep in and provide a more divine attitude to the star signs that tend to dig in their heels. Taureans could do with a bit extra lift and Selenite is the gem to help them sprout wings. With its amazingly tranquil demeanor and its splash of dreamy feminine energy, Selenite allows Taureans to balance out all that substantial male energy. Selenite provides tranquility to a frenzied heart without cutting away from the Taureans feeling of luxury, play, and creative enlightenment.

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Using this Gemstone

Selenite and other gemstone bracelets for the crown chakra

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  • Wear to raise your vibration
  • Bring into the home for harmony 

Bring the miracle of Selenite into your life and be ready to jump higher. Whether you are wanting to connect with the angel realms or if you just feel like you need a bit extra celestial serenity in your heart, this stone glows with all the cosmic light you could dream for. From picking a Selenite wand to channel your energy in a given direction to choosing a Selenite slab or single stone for your home altar or opting for Selenite inspired gemstone jewelry, here are all the ways you may welcome Selenite into your environment.

Home & Office

A very healing stone, Selenite is a gem you desire sending its energy to your threshold. This dazzling moon brilliant stone is ever ready to create a feeling of harmony to your environment. It is packed with the energy of intention and ever ready to fend off positive sapping energy. By installing Selenite in your hallway you are helping to prevent poisonous energy from even entering your house, committed instead to maintaining the room soft and light and steeped in pure white light.


Individuals who prefer Selenite jewelry will discover that this is when the stone truly bursts into its own. Selenite may be a softer sort of stone but it makes for a gorgeous gem to wear near to your skin. One of the biggest reasons to choosing gemstone jewelry is because when you have gemstones placed directly into your skin they can brilliantly attune to your own specific frequencies. Having nothing between you and Selenite enables the stone to convey its therapeutic abilities straight to those chakras, guaranteeing that the Selenite’s enchantment isn’t diluted by material.

If you are searching for stones that function in fantastic harmony with Selenite, it may be worth looking towards those rare gems that also work in harmony with the crown chakra. The stunning purple tones of Amethyst may be the first stone we think of when considering a companion for Selenite. Calm, steeped in a dream, and ever ready to push your head chakra, Amethyst is everyone’s beloved spiritual stone. Unexpectedly, Moonstone is a natural partner to Selenite and is ever ready to bring that moon like energy and love of change to the table. Charoite is another stone that works nicely when coupled with Selenite. This stone is good in balancing grounding energies with higher thinking, making sure that you always have one foot on the floor no matter how high you are flying. Lepidolite is here to prep you for that spiritual awakening assuring that you feel totally supported even while you are reaching deep into the universe. Selenite also shares comparable attributes to Agate so people who like the work of Selenite and want to add double energy to the mix may turn to this stone to shine the liquid light of Selenite even more. Tourmaline is another stone that will work well with Selenite, especially if you want a bit more grounding and protection. Lapis Lazuli is another mystical stone that works nicely in harmony with Selenite. Lastly, Rose Quartz is here to bring its rose-coloured colors to the heart and to make sure that the heart chakra is fully open like a flower.

A Selenite Wand is Selenite that comes in a stick or wand shape that can assist guide energy flow. Selenite wand applications include shifting stagnant energy, purifying the aura, clearing away bad energy, and connecting with higher planes of awareness.

Selenite Wand Uses

We adore Selenite wands as they are structured precisely for directing energy – just like a conductor leading an orchestra, or a white witch casting a spell. There are dozens of ways you may use your Selenite wand to produce a shift but here are a few of our favourites.

Clearing Blocks –Selenite is a dab hand at eliminating energy and changing vibes around. If you have been feeling like an area or specific chakra is blocked, then you utilize the Selenite wand to get things moving again. Utilize the spot away from the body so that the bad energy or obstruction may flow out.

Aura Cleaning –We all get stuffed to the brim occasionally when it comes to anxious thoughts, negative routines, and critical self-talk. Whether it’s our own energy or someone else’s imprint, at times it helps to have an eraser to rub off the not so rad things. With your Selenite wand you may hold it inches from the body and move it slowly up and down asking it to soak up and expel all the undesirable energy that has gathered over the day. You can do this everyday.

Fine Tuned Focus –if you find yourself getting spacy throughout the day or if you are suffering from brain fog, have a Selenite wand at your desk or in your studio area to assist the mind to stay sharp and en pointe.

Clear the Space –Selenite wands are fantastic for freshening areas also. Put it on the windowsill or entrance points to keep the negative emotions out. You may also use your Selenite wand in a similar fashion to smudging in order to move any sluggish energy.

Cleanse Crystals –If you have crystal jewelry, you may keep them charged or clear by placing them on your Selenite wand.

Reset –Your Selenite wand may also be an incredible reset button. When you enter inside after a rough day out or when you are feeling lethargic and slumped, simply wave the wand over your body or hold it during a five-minute meditation and let the excess weight shift and leave you featherlight once again.

Better Sleep –Put your Selenite wand beneath your pillow or near the bed and let it soothe you into lovely rest and calm.

Massages -A Selenite wand is a marvel when it comes to massaging regions where you feel tense and tight. It may also be utilized to keep the chakras balanced.

How to Cleanse your Selenite

Selenite and other crystals
  • Cleanse with a soft toothbrush
  • Charge with other crystals

Selenite is a highly fragile stone – so much so that even a fingernail may cause the stone to scrape. Due of its delicate nature, you need to be very careful when scrubbing it. It doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t welcome Selenite into your crystal collection, but remember that it serves as a lesson to be the light of touch and compassionate (excellent practice for when dealing with our own emotions) (good practice for when dealing with our own hearts). It is crucial to maintain your crystals nicely cleansed as this may guarantee that they are performing at the utmost of their ability. Sometimes, our energy-collecting crystals might get clogged with energy, and keeping them cleansed helps make sure that they are able to send out healing thoughts at full strength rather than in a trickle.

The best technique to clean Selenite is by taking a soft-bristled toothbrush and some warm water and working carefully around the surface of the stone. If you need to use a little additional strength when cleaning, use the natural soap and avoid away of wiry brushes and stronger chemicals since you can be sure that your Selenite won’t love that. If you want to play it completely safe, you may forgo the waterworks on your Selenite and instead decide to cleanse it with sage smudging or any other herbal cure.

Selenite is a strong and powerful stone with high vibrations but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a little additional charge sometimes too. Moonlight does wonders at charging Selenite so feel free to leave it in the light of the full moon from time to time. Another technique to fast charge Selenite if you don’t want to wait for the moon cycle is to burn a white candle.

Selenite may also be used to power up your other crystals since it has so much energy to provide. You may put your other crystals and precious stones in close proximity to your Selenite and it will set to work humming its therapeutic vibrations their way.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationMineral
Chemical FormulaCaSO4 · 2H2O
Crystal systemMonoclinic
ColorColorless, white, gray, yellow, brown, green, blue
LusterVitreous, silky, pearly, dull
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
OccurrenceFound in evaporite deposits and sedimentary rocks
FormationForms by precipitation from saline water or hydrothermal activity
DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
CleavagePerfect in one direction (basal cleavage)
Mohs Hardness2
Specific Gravity2.3
Diagnostic PropertiesTransparency, crystal habit, cleavage, hardness
Chemical CompositionCalcium sulfate dihydrate (CaSO4 · 2H2O)
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial (-)
Refractive Indexnα = 1.520 – 1.522, nβ = 1.522 – 1.523, nγ = 1.529 – 1.530
Birefringenceδ = 0.009 – 0.011
2V angleMeasured: 56° to 60°; calculated: 56°
Other characteristicsFluorescent exhibits thermoluminescence, soluble in water

Final Thoughts on Selenite

Selenite is one of the most heavenly stones you may choose and a crucial option for individuals who desire to use their crystals to reach higher energies. If you have long been drawn to etheric sensations, contact with the angel realms, and ideas and feelings that something brighter and grander is out there, Selenite might just be the stone to lead you there. We cannot leap to various fates without first cleaning the channels of our own emotions. You may tap into a whole new awareness by permitting worry to flow away, filling your spirit with light and love, and leaning into higher thinking. Even for those who don’t want to fly so high but who crave more spiritual and feminine energy to help balance them out and who want a soft kind of clarity to illuminate their life, thanks to Selenite properties, this stone can be a soft companion or a whole new swirling cosmos depending on what you need.

What do you think about Selenite? Are you ready for the angel realms? Share your opinions with us in the comments.

Selenite FAQs

How to cleanse Selenite?

Although though Selenite is a cleansing gem with the potential to charge up other crystals, it can still benefit from a little light cleaning itself. Considering Selenite is a delicate stone the easiest method to cleaning it is with a soft bristles toothbrush and a little warm water. If you wish to keep away of water you may also smudge your stone with palo santo or sage.

What does Selenite do?

Selenite is a stone symbolizing purity and spirituality. It contains strong vibrations and deep healing energy. It can enable you to cleanse the head chakra of any obstructions, enhance your mind, and interact with higher forces and the angel realms. Not only does it soothe the soul but it also allows you to connect to your spirit guides.

What is Selenite used for?

Selenite is utilized for spiritual connections, reiki practice, crown chakra healing, and to cleanse and charge other gemstones. This amazing multifaceted diamond has various intuitive powers. It’s a diamond that is full of light and may enable you to let go of negative ideas, conquer emotional imbalances, and say farewell to that which does not serve you. It is also a stone that assists with former life investigation and activates psychic connections.

How to utilize Selenite?

One of the finest methods to use Selenite to awaken your spiritual energies is to wear it. Wearing crystals against the body can enable your own particular vibrations climb up to meet those of the higher pitched stone. You may also utilize Selenite in a crystal grid, in reiki practice, and if you have a Selenite wand you can use it to clear a place of bad energy, massage the body, and to facilitate sweeter sleep.

Can Selenite be in the sun?

While Selenite may be placed in the sun, it is not advisable to leave it there for lengthy periods of time. This is because regular exposure to direct sunshine can lead to the stone getting worn and dull owing to the exposure to UV radiation.

How to activate Selenite?

Activate your Selenite stone by wearing it against the skin. Selenite is all about rich and evocative healing energy which means it rapidly connects and starts to work repairing the body, mind, and soul. You may also activate Selenite by holding it in your palm and programming it with whatever purpose you are seeking Selenite’s aid with.

How to charge Selenite?

Selenite is a feminine intuition stone and because of this it has a tight link with the energy of the moon. If you want to charge up your Selenite stone you may leave it on the windowsill in the light of the moon for the night and let it soak up those magnificent light bringing vibrations.

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a delicate and spiritual gemstone created from calcium sulfate dihydrate. It is a monoclinic crystal and a gypsum mineral. It has a soft clay like texture to it and comes in pure tones of white. There are various forms of Selenite that go by different names – desert rose, satin spar, and gypsum flower. Selenite is regarded to be a stone of clarity and consciousness.

What is Selenite useful for?

Selenite is a magnificent stone for people wishing to level up their spiritual game. This delicate fluttery diamond is fantastic at helping to cleanse the upper chakras, going from the heart to the crown. It’s also an excellent stone for individuals who desire to access higher realms of thought and connect to their spirit guides and other ethereal entities. If you have any tucked away psychic talents, Selenite will help you improve them.

How to wash crystals using Selenite?

Selenite is full of energy and it’s one of those unique jewels that can help cleanse and energize your other gems too. If you want to utilize Selenite to clean and charge your collection you can just leave your other stones in the presence of Selenite or set them on top of the angelic pale and pure stone.

Can Selenite become wet?

Selenite scores low on the Mohs hardness scale implying that it is an extremely soft crystal. Although it’s only a 2 on the scale, it may be damaged by a fingernail. Stones that are typically believed to be water safe are normally over a 7 on the Mohs scale. This implies that you should avoid getting your Selenite crystal wet since it may disintegrate if placed in water for lengthy periods of time.

How to charge crystals using Selenite?

Beaming with brilliant and higher energy, Selenite is a fantastic stone for boosting up your other crystals if they are feeling sluggish. Just set your stones in the presence of this gorgeous gem or on top of the stone and let Selenite get to work delivering those high vibrations to cleanse and charge your stones back up to their utmost capabilities.

Does Selenite charge other crystals?

Indeed, Selenite is an excellent stone for charging your other gems. Described as the queen of crystal chargers, this stone is amazing for amplifying energy, delivering its high vibrations, and soaking up any harmful feelings. Merely leaving it in the vicinity of your other stones will assure that they hand over that energy boost.

Does Selenite need to be cleansed?

While Selenite is a stone that cleanses, people frequently don’t think it requires purifying itself. It’s true that the stone does have some self-cleansing capabilities but it also benefits from an external cleaning every now and then to maintain it clear and free from any negative build up.

How to use a Selenite wand?

You may use your Selenite wand for everything from energy purification to eliminating chakra blocks, purifying crystals, or hitting the reset button on a location. You may also use it for massage the body. Point your Selenite wand anywhere you wish to convey its energy, run it up and down the body, or set it beneath your pillow or on your desk to aid with lovely sleep and finer focus.

How to detect whether Selenite is real?

Genuine Selenite is a delicate stone and may even be damaged by a fingernail. Nevertheless, if the Selenite stone in issue has a coating of protective lacquer over it, this test won’t work. You may also prove it’s a true piece of Selenite by examining for microscopic imperfections under the surface. Selenite should also be naturally warmer in the hand than quartz or glass.

What chakra is Selenite?

Selenite is a crown chakra gemstone. Brimming with good energy, direction, and spiritual strength, this stone keeps light flowing and links you to higher places, thoughts, and people. It also interacts with the third eye chakra for knowledge and intuition and the heart chakra for love and compassion.

Does Selenite purify other crystals?

Indeed, Selenite is a wonderful gemstone for helping to cleanse your other crystals. Because Selenite is filled with self-charging and cleaning energy it is well-equipped to provide that light to other stones too. Not only can Selenite charge and purify other gemstones but it can also aid increase their abilities making it a wonderful tool for manifesting and intention setting.

Where does Selenite originate from?

Originating from salt flats, hot springs, deep caves, and layers of clay, Selenite comes from those scorching dry corners of the globe. Selenite is mined in Morocco, Greece, the USA, Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Russia, and Australia.

Does Selenite need to be charged?

While Selenite does have some self cleaning and self charging qualities it still benefits from an active and purposeful charge every now and then. You may simply charge up your Selenite by laying it in the light of the moon, smudging it, or employing sound therapy to bring its vibrations back up.

How to cleanse with Selenite?

There are various methods to use Selenite for purification. You may cleanse an area with a Selenite wand or you can set a Selenite tower in a room to chase off negative energy and keep things fresh. You may purify your aura and chakras using Selenite gemstones and jewelry. You may also use Selenite to purify your other stones by having them touch for 24 hours.

What does Selenite look like?

Selenite is commonly regarded colorless however it may have a pearly or milky quality to it. It can also have colors of blue, brown, grey, or even yellow tints to it due to the bedrock or mineral impurities beneath the surface. It can have a silky or glossy sheen.

How to polish Selenite?

Selenite is a fairly soft stone hence care should be used when cleaning it. If you wish to polish raw Selenite you will need moist sandpaper of varied grits – starting with the coarsest and working your way down. Be sure that you are delicate as too much ardour may produce eternal groves in your diamond. You may buff and polish the stone afterwards with a soft cloth and gem polish to make it sing and sparkle.

How is Selenite formed?

Selenite is commonly created by the build up of salt in regions where seawater has dried up. During millions of years when seawater evaporates and flows, evaporates and flows, this produces a deposit of salt which can start to crystalize. When this happens in regions where the mineral gypsum is prevalent, it crystallizes further and soaks up some of the other minerals in its presence. This is how Selenite gets born.

How to utilize Selenite to charge crystals?

One of the finest methods to allow your Selenite charge up your other gemstones is to generate surface to surface contact. This is why a Selenite tower or plate may be a precisely formed charging tool. Yet, even with a gemstone or tumbling stones – as long as your stones are touching, Selenite may share its power. You may wish to keep your stones together for 24 hours for a complete radiant charge.

How to utilize a Selenite tower?

If you wish to convey pure positive energy to a location, a Selenite tower might be the right instrument. Make sure that you set your Selenite in any room or location where you wish to chase out negativity and magnify energy. You may also position it next to the bed if you want to promote sleep or put it at your office for heightened focus. You can also place a Selenite tower on your altar.

What is Selenite for?

Selenite is a spiritual gemstone used for balancing the upper chakras, providing purifying energy to a location, and helping you connect to the angel realms. It’s a stone of harmony, intention, and high vibrations. Selenite is also an excellent gemstone to have close by if you wish to cleanse your other stones as it generously gives that energy.

What is sodium Selenite?

Sodium Selenite is utilized as a lab chemical and also in pharmaceuticals. It’s a white sand-like material that derives from the trace element of selenium. While it also appears in crystal form like Selenite, it is fundamentally different since it is inorganic whereas Selenite is fully natural.

How to utilize Desert Rose Selenite?

Packed of earth energy, the bold appearing Desert Rose Selenite makes for a fantastic meditation tool. It allows you to stay rooted and grounded all while assisting the upper chakras to open and connect to the universe. Desert Rose Selenite may aid with clarity, attention, and can increase your divine will.

Is Desert Rose Selenite?

Looking like a flower in bloom, Desert Rose Selenite is typically a blend of Selenite and Barite but still comes under the banner of being born from Selenite Gypsum. It shares many of the same therapeutic powers of Selenite but being a wood element gemstone it also sheds a light on anchoring, nurturing, tenacity, and resilience.

What is a Selenite wand?

A Selenite wand is a stick or wand form that has been fashioned out of Selenite. These wands are the perfect form for arranging energy. You may use a Selenite wand to energetically cleanse an area, to move blocked energy in the body, for massage, and for aura cleansing. There is so much promise in the Selenite wand.

Where to install Selenite in home?

Selenite is a lovely stone to welcome into the home. With tremendous amplifying energy, heightened spirituality, and a sense of tranquil purity, it quickly relaxes and maintains your atmosphere soft and light. You may install Selenite in any communal location to bring about balance and optimism. You may lay it alongside the bed for restful slumber or you can welcome it into your workplace or creative environment to fine-tune attention and stimulate imagination.

Can you charge Selenite in the sun?

While Selenite may be charged in the sun, it may be best to charge it under moonlight instead. This is because Selenite may fade or become dull with extended exposure to UV radiation. If you do charge it in the sun, make sure that you keep an eye on exposure duration and keep it away of direct glaring sunlight.

How to detoxify oneself with Selenite?

If you wish to bring Selenite’s healing energy to your body you can use a Selenite wand, wear jewelry, or lay tumbling stones on you. Wearing Selenite jewelry is one of the easiest ways to quickly absorb up all that power. You may also take a Selenite wand and run it up and down the body so it can shake loose any sluggish or imprisoned energy. Laying on the floor and placing Selenite stones in your heart, third eye, and crown chakra points will also assist eliminate obstructions.

Is peach Selenite dyed?

In a manner Peach Selenite is coloured however its a natural process since it is dyed from different minerals. You obtain Peach Selenite when the crystal includes inclusions of other elements or minerals like the sands of the sahara desert. The tint of peach can vary and be anything from delicate pink to darker colors of orange and red.

Is sodium Selenite the same as selenium?

Selenium is a trace element that benefits the body in many different ways. Sodium Selenite is an inorganic element that is utilized most commonly as a lab chemical or in medicine. Sodium Selenite is derived from Selenium.

What crystals work well with Selenite?

Since Selenite increases the energy of other stones it might be an excellent gem to utilize in conjunction with others. Amethyst is also a crown chakra gem – great to wear alongside Selenite when you want to crank up the spiritual energy. Other crystals that work well with Selenite include Moonstone, Lepidolite, Lapis Lazuli, Agate and Charoite.

What is peach Selenite excellent for?

Peach Selenite is a gorgeous stone and brilliant with light and wonderful energy. It may assist with everything from improving your self-esteem to getting you grounded and eliminating obstructions in the body too. Peach Selenite contains many of the same therapeutic components as white Selenite but additionally acts on the heart chakra and helps eliminate bad energy from the aura.

Where to install Selenite tower?

Selenite is full of pure and purifying energy and may assist to heighten any area. Put it by your bed to promote your sleep or put it in your creative area or workstation to heighten attention and welcome inspired energy. You may also install a Selenite Tower on your altar or any spot that could benefit from cleaning, pure, and radiant spiritual energy.

Can you sleep with Selenite?

Absolutely, Selenite is an excellent stone to slip beneath your pillow. This gentle natured gem enables you to relax concerns and feel as light as a feather when you finally lay down for some shut eye. Loaded of healing energy, it won’t only enable you to slumber better but may also urge you to plunge down into dream work if you feel like you want to explore deeper into your subconscious.

How long does it take for Selenite crystals to form?

It can take millions of years for Selenite crystals to develop as it’s a protracted process of seawater evaporating and flowing back. This continues again over a lengthy period of time until the layers of salt thicken and the crystals may form.

How to sanitize a Selenite wand?

If you wish to cleanse your Selenite wand to shake off any gathered negative energy or just to give it a refresh, you may smudge it with sage or palo santo. You may also set your wand in moonlight and leave it overnight. You may use sound baths, gongs, or a singing bowl to deliver healing vibrations via the wand too.

How to program Selenite?

As a great amplifier of energy, hold your Selenite in hand and communicate your purpose to it. This is a jewel that helps you achieve by cleansing the mind, increasing vibrations, and connecting you with the cosmos. Praise the crystal for its presence and beg for its aid with X,Y, and Z. Be absolutely explicit and unambiguous. Later, wear the crystal or keep it on your person or by your pillow.

Is Selenite man-made?

No, real Selenite is born by nature and can take millions of years to come into perfection. It is generated by time, evaporation, environmental variables, and the presence of other minerals. You can tell you are holding a real Selenite when the gemstone contains inclusions beneath the surface and when it is velvety and warm in the hand.

What does Selenite do spiritually?

Selenite is a very spiritual gemstone and can assist to heighten your spiritual connections. Not only does Selenite alleviate blockages in the heart, third eye, and crown chakra but it may help increase psychic links too. It’s an excellent stone for boosting spiritual energy too indicating that it

What element is Selenite?

Selenite is an air element stone. It carries with it the whisper of your message out into the world, helping you to feel featherlight, and enhances your awareness, connection, and communication. The air element is all about vision, creativity, and inspiration.

Are Selenite towers natural?

Selenite is one of the rare crystals that may naturally be carved into a tower. This is because Selenite may develop in enormous chunks which makes it easier to carve into tall swirling towers. While Selenite doesn’t naturally occur in the tower shape, it needs little cutting or tinkering with to mold it into this hallowed structure.

Is Selenite expensive?

Selenite is a really rare and highly spiritual stone. As with other crystals, the pricing will vary based on the quality, size, and cut of the gemstone. While Selenite isn’t the rarest of gemstones it is nevertheless believed to be hard to obtain stones of the greatest grade. You should expect to pay anything from $5 and $50 for smaller pieces depending on the quality.

How to take care of Selenite?

Although Selenite is a very delicate gemstone it does need a little care and effort to maintain it safe and sound. You should be careful not to scratch or knock the stone too hard as it is just a 2 on the Mohs hardness scale and may even be damaged by a fingernail. You should also keep it away from water and bright sunshine. You may cleanse and charge your Selenite by leaving it in the light of the moon, smearing it, or utilizing sound vibrations.

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