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Sunstone Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

What is Sunstone

A crystal of feldspar is sunstone. When viewed from various angles, the hematite and goethite in it assist it to reflect light and produce iridescence. The meaning of Sunstone is centered on abundance and joy. It is frequently seen in warm tones of orange, gold, red, and brown, with a translucent appearance.

The Stone of Good Fortune

  • A cozy stone with summertime vibes
  • initially found in Norway
  • brings illumination to the dark

The Sunstone is here to make sure you maintain a piece of perpetual summer near by for individuals who need to soak up the warmth, feel light flood across their skin, and find themselves considerably more invigorated in the gentler months than the dark winter evenings. The Sunstone, a wonderful member of the Feldspar family, is also known as Aventurine Feldspar or Goldstone, but we believe the term Sunstone suits it the best. Sunstone embraces its kinship with the huge ball of fire in the sky, replicating its life-giving characteristics and beautiful feeling that all will be Alright with its golden orange warmth, dazzling layers, and iridescent style when caught in the sun.

It was believed that the Vikings used the Sunstone as a compass to navigate across the icy azure blue waters and onto greener pastures. The Sunstone was initially discovered in the Fjord-strewn lands of Norway. The Sunstone was regarded as a beautiful healer in Native American culture as well as in the old Scandinavian scriptures. It is claimed to have obtained its shade from the blood of a great wounded warrior. Even the Ancient Greeks thought that this priceless gem of warmth originated from the sun god, and sunstone has crept into every nook of myth and folklore.

The Sunstone is claimed to harness the power of the sun in addition to having healing properties, bestowing joy, and giving direction to individuals who are unclear of which way to turn. It may provide warmth where there is cold, vibrancy where there is sluggish energy, and shake you up with joy and a high dosage of vitamin C for the soul. It can bring light where there is darkness. Not only is it mined in Norway, but also in Greece, Russia, Canada, the United States, and India. Continue reading to learn more about Sunstone’s bright kiss.

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Healing Properties of Sunstone

woman wearing sunstone bracelet

One look at Sunstone will undoubtedly flood your heart with wonderful vibes and immerse you in the luckiest of spirits. Sunstone is bright and abundant. With its emotions of warm barefoot days and dreams, this golden glow stone is rich in vitality, alive with life-giving charm, and just seems to make everyone smile. The Sunstone is your energetic pick-me-up that will uplift every component of your body, mind, and soul if you frequently feel down by chilly winds, clouds, and early dreary nights.

This brilliant crystal light can also be used with yellow Labradorite, Fire Agate, Amber, or Yellow Apatite to amp up its energy if you want an extra boost of solar plexus chakra cleansing.

Physical Healing Properties

  • rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain relief
  • support for a healthy metabolism

The Sunstone also has the ability to instantly pick you up and set you on the way to strength and self-empowerment, much to how standing in the sunlight imparts a sensation of life and convalescence. Sunstone may be the extra boost of mental vitamin D you need to stave off those gloomier days if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder. for people who experience challenges with their digestion and metabolism, such as persistent sore throats, tense stomachs, ulcers, etc. The sheen of Sunstone wants you to be in peak condition, thus it has been used for centuries to aid in the body’s healing from rheumatism, joint pain, and even cramps and fevers.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • increases your feeling of empowerment
  • helps to eliminate bad energy

Say “yes” to the comforting radiance of the Sunstone as you take a step toward self-empowerment and learn to own plenty of personal power. The Sunstone instantly lifts one’s spirits as one of the greatest stones for treating seasonal affective disorder. It’s a great option for people who have trouble maintaining limits. Sunstone sheds its light and makes it simple to tell the truth, say no when necessary, and break yourself free from co-dependent behavior.

Sunstone infuses you with a sense of merit and strikes all the proper notes to ensure that any negative energies vanish and are replaced with optimism and a can-do attitude. Although Sunstone is renowned for its vivacious optimism, this does not imply that it tints everything rosy. This stone is aware that a wide range of emotions is necessary for a healthy and balanced thinking, but it also understands that emotional intelligence comes from a sense of self-worth, confidence, and the assurance that no matter what occurs, you will find a bright spot in which to continue.

Metaphysical Properties

  • the sacral chakra is balanced.
  • relates to the heart chakra

The Sunstone is a cleanser of bad energy and is constantly prepared to get to work on removing barriers from your chakras, much to how sunlight chases away shadows. This stone has a color cycle that corresponds to the sacral chakra, which is where your individual inner chi is stored. Your sensuality and joy in being in the world reside here, as well as where your life force flows. We are able to walk with inner grace, laugh freely, and speak with ease when our sacral chakra is opened. Sunstone also has a connection to the heart chakra, which is where we learn how to only give and receive love and how to build strong friendships with those who bring harmony and the proper kind of energy into our lives. It teaches us to have faith. Speaking of trust, sunstone can also aid with third eye chakra clearing, which is where our inner wisdom and intuition reside.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • A good match for Libra
  • Suits Leo too

Individuals who were born under the sign of Libra will like Sunstone’s bright radiance. Librans are renowned for their lofty idealistic spirit, just and equitable way of living, and courteous connections with both friends and strangers. Also, they have a tendency to be indecisive, a little self-pitying, and they may go out of their way to avoid conflict since they frequently fear the worst. The Sunstone aids by reviving this aspect of their nature and giving it some glitter. It serves as a reminder to them that they may assert their authority and set boundaries without losing their affection or their friendship.

Leos, too, with their roaring strong personalities and abundance of self-assurance, are a great match for the Sunstone. Leo stands out from the crowd due to his extraordinarily generous nature, comforting surroundings, and constant positive outlook. The Leo’s gorgeous personality attributes are undoubtedly highlighted by the Sunstone, but it also helps to bring them into balance so they can develop their luscious leadership abilities and have fulfilling lives.

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How to Use Sunstone

Sunstone Bracelet

Check out our sunstone energy bracelet

  • Wear to bring warmth to the soul
  • Welcome in the home for positive energy

Bring this uplifting stone into your life, and allow its golden rays to shine upon you. There are numerous advantages to having the Sunstone around or inside your home, including its illuminating light, radiant hope, and tremendous positivism. You are likely to feel your mood improve and life start to bloom as soon as this goldstone is nearby, whether you choose to brighten a space with the tumbling glow of altar stones or whether you select the warmth of gemstone jewelry centered around Sunstone. Look at some of the ways you can use the healing power of sunstone to improve your life.

Home & Office 

Sunstone and Feng Shui magic work in perfect unison. This brilliant, glowing stone is a simple method to provide light to a room that occasionally has a dark atmosphere. Sunstone over the threshold helps to centralize spiritual energy and bring about clarity while also infusing the area with a sweeter sense of happiness. Sunstone is a sublime offering because, as you may recall, the Vikings sought it out for its guiding qualities. You can use it at your office, creative space, or anywhere else you feel like you could use a little additional clarity.


The Sunstone is simply reminiscent of long hazy afternoons, fragrant wheatfields glistening beneath the sky, and lovely barefoot life when dreamy days seem to stretch for ever. It is bronzed and gold with splashes of orange and yellow color. You can reap all the advantages of having this soul-stirring stone pushed against your skin by selecting a Sunstone bracelet, crystal ring, or lovely pendant. By extending an immediate connection, let the healing energies, positive light, and upbeat mood seep right down and reach every dimly lit nook.

To acknowledge both elements and empower our own duality of shadow and light, you can pair the healing crystal sunstone with the element moonstone if you’re looking for stones that give it even more self-healing power. You can also depend on the defense-enhancing properties of hematite or the pitch-black Obsidian. The radiance of Carnelian, the cheery energy of Citrine, or the softer than light variety of Selenite are further options for those want to add even more luscious cheerfulness. With its open and uplifting energy, this may also be a fantastic opportunity to encourage the crown chakra to undergo a thorough cleansing, especially when combined with Amethyst’s tranquil design. Use Labradorite or other mystical stones if you wish to give your third eye chakra even more personal power.

How to Cleanse your Gemstone

Sunstone on beach
  • either use water or smudging to clean
  • Charge with the moon or the sun

Although sunstone has a vibrant and abundant personality, it is nevertheless vital to maintaining it cleansed, charged, and showered with positive energy. Since all crystals closely interact with energy, your crystal can be actively taking up negative emotions and gloomy ideas. By giving your stone a regular cleansing and charging it back up to a beautiful fizz, you can maintain it light and illustrious rather than allowing it to remain with this heaviness for extended periods of time. By smudging it with some sweetgrass, sage, or another beloved medicinal herb, you can purify your sunstone. You can also lay it near crystal clusters so that it has a place to channel its energy, or you can run it under warm, soft water to rapidly wash away any negative energy. You can leave your Sunstone in a slant of sunshine to charge it up. That Sunstone enjoys the blazing rays is not a surprise. You can also charge your sunstone with moonlight for balance or by burying it in a little amount of fertile dirt during the winter or other times when there isn’t a lot of golden sun.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationFeldspar mineral
Chemical Formula(Na,Ca)[Al(Si,Al)Si2O8]
Crystal SystemTriclinic
ColorOrange, red, brown, yellow, green, colorless
LusterVitreous to subadamantine
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
OccurrenceIndia, Norway, Russia, United States
FormationIgneous and metamorphic rocks, in pegmatites and alluvial deposits
DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
Mohs Hardness6 – 6.5
Specific Gravity2.55 – 2.75
Diagnostic PropertiesColor, aventurescence
Chemical CompositionA potassium feldspar (oligoclase or orthoclase)
Crystal SystemTriclinic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial
Refractive Index1.525 – 1.574
Birefringence0.004 – 0.010
2V angle10 – 42°
Other CharacteristicsAventurescence due to tiny inclusions of copper or hematite

Final Thoughts on Sunstone

One of those crystals that is bursting with boundless energy and always prepared to lift you into positive power is sunstone. Having this stone nearby instantly revives the spirit, much like the sun’s soothing kiss on your face. The most valuable gold to be found anywhere is sunlight, and it is perfectly captured in the Sunstone crystal. Sunlight is the most precious gold to be found anywhere and it helps you stay grounded, have the zest for tackling all of life’s intricate ups and downs, forge sweet nurturing relationships, and bring about good fortune.

What do you think about Sunstone’s dazzling power? Does it make you feel happy? Let’s continue to enjoy life by exchanging ideas in the comments.

Sunstone FAQs

What is Sunstone’s purpose?

Sunstone is a warm, cheerful stone that exudes good vibes, inner strength, and a positive outlook. The sunstone might be your golden glow if you’re looking for a healing gemstone that inspires, boosts your self-worth, and lifts your darkest moods.

What is the benefit of sunstone?

Sunstone is helpful for lifting spirits, offering warmth on an emotional and spiritual level, and inspiring individuals who stand in its light. Also, it can be beneficial in easing rheumatism and balancing people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. On an emotional level, it boosts confidence and self-worth. It can generate chi and has a connection to the sacral chakra spiritually.

Where are Sunstones located in Oregon?

Sunstones are common throughout the world, but one such location is Oregon in the United States. Sunstones can be found in South Central Oregon’s Rabbit Basin. The Oregon Sunstone Public Collecting Area is located there, allowing guests to look for their own Sunstones. They are additionally present at the Spectrum Sunstone Mine.

How can Sunstone be cleaned?

Sunstone can be purified by briefly submerging it in running water to remove any accumulated impurities. Smudging your gem with sweetgrass, sage, or any other therapeutic herb will also purify it. Also, you can set your Sunstone among other purifying gemstones like selenite and clear quartz.

How are Viking Sunstones used?

Although the Viking Sunstone has never been located, some researchers think it was a calcite stone since the Sunstone requires a crystal that can depolarize light in order to function. The Sunstone caused light to divide into two channels as it traveled through it. You may figure out where the sun is in the sky by using the light from the sky and reorienting the crystals so both light routes are equally bright.

What is the purpose of sunstone?

Sunstone is a versatile stone that has amazing therapeutic properties on the mental, emotional, and spiritual planes. It can be utilized to fill you with positive light and give you strength and power on your darkest days. It can also be applied to remove sacral chakra obstructions. Sunstone can help you regain your power and manifest anything you desire.

What is a crystal of sunstone?

The Mohs scale rates sunstone as having a hardness of 6, making it a feldspar crystal. It comes in bright hues of gold, red, orange, and brown and is renowned for its uplifting energy and ability to give wearers a sense of warmth and hope. As it carries solar energy, the sunstone crystal can be life-giving in vitality and themes of liberation. It can also be used to cleanse the sacral chakra.

How is Sunstone recharged?

Sunlight can be used to charge sunstone by leaving it there. It can be charged back to its vivid bright fizz by allowing it to sit on the windowsill for a little period of time on a sunny day. Sunstone will benefit from a small amount of gentle warming, though we don’t advise leaving any crystal in the sun for extended periods of time. You can bury it in the ground or leave it in the moonlight on gloomier days.

What materials make up a Viking Sunstone?

The Viking Sunstone is generally thought to be a calcite crystal. According to Norse mythology, the vikings employed this Sunstone as a navigational aid to assist them navigate the seas and discover new places. As calcite crystals can depolraize light, they are believed to be the stone since they can still locate the sun on cloudy days.

Sunstone is what shade?

Sunstone, as its name implies, is resplendent with hues that perfectly express the spirit of long days, golden evenings, and warmer weather. It is available in a variety of hues, including orange, gold, yellow, red, and brown.

Where did Sunstone originate?

Sunstone is found in many remote regions of the world. Norway, Greece, Russia, the USA, Canada, and India are also countries where it is present. The USA’s Oregon state is reputed to produce the best sunstones, and there are locations there where tourists can travel in search of their own sunstones.

How does sunstone develop?

In the ferocious pressure and energy of a volcanic explosion, sunstone is created. After a protracted length of time, the lava cracks or fractures, releasing the Sunstone, which can then be mined. Hematite, pyrite, goethite, and other minerals are also included into the Sunstone as it is being created, giving it its glittery, glossy brilliance.

How are Sunstones used?

There are numerous ways you can embrace Sunstone’s hospitable energy. Wearing Sunstone jewelry will help you stay motivated and energetic while surrounding you with positive energy. To keep bad energy at bay and to maintain your space’s creativity and connectivity, you can invite it into your house.

How may Sunstone be used?

The Sunstone crystal can be applied in numerous ways. One of the best ways to make sure it gets direct skin contact so it can spread all that good energy and keep your own vibes imbued with vitality, abundance, and luck is to wear it as jewelry. Placing a piece of sunstone on your sacral chakra while meditating is another way to use it to cleanse it. Sunstone can be used to promote abundance and creativity in a house or workplace.

Does sunstone come from nature?

Sunstone is a natural stone; it was not created by humans. Sunstone is created in the crust of the planet or by volcanic lava. It is composed of the components of the earth as well as additional minerals including pyrite, hematite, goethite, and occasionally, in unusual circumstances, copper. Sunstone contributes its inherent energy, which is focused on happiness, abundance, optimism, and manifesting one’s desires.

Sunstone: Is it a quartz?

The stone sunstone is not a type of quartz. Hematite and goethite are minerals found in sunstone, which is thought to be a feldspar crystal. These components give the stone its light-playing qualities and aid in its ability to reflect light and appear iridescent.

Is sunstone a genuine gem?

Sunstone is a highly genuine and ancient gemstone. Because to intense heat and pressure, it is typically found in lava or the earth’s crust. Sunstone is a wonderful illustration of how Mother Nature can create incredible beauty out of chaos with its golden and rosy color schemes, as well as its sparkly finish. Sunstone carries with it heat, warmth, light, and vigor.

Is Sunstone a man-made substance?

Sunstone was not created by humans. It is a natural mineral that is created and extracted from the crust of the planet. It is a type of plagioclase feldspar that naturally occurs in tones of brown, red, orange, and gold. Moreover, this gem features inclusions that can include copper, pyrite, goethite, hematite, and more, which give it a glittering appearance.

Is Sunstone an uncommon stone?

Everyone who sees a sunstone experiences its beauty, vitality, warmth, and awe. It is regarded as a somewhat uncommon gemstone, and the price varies according to the stone’s cut, color, and clarity. The Oregon Sunstone is reported to come in the rarest and most sought-after variants since it can occasionally be found in translucent colors.

What are the uses of sunstones?

Sunstones are utilized to enhance your life’s positivism, sense of self, and abundance. The Sunstone can be a wonderful stone to lift you back up if you suffer with shorter days, whether it’s during the winter or you’re just feeling down and out. It can also be utilized to assist the body heal and get over discomfort, as well as to clear the sacral chakra.

What characteristics does sunstone have?

Sunstone is a gemstone associated with joy and abundance. It is a crystal that is charged with good energy and acts as a magnet to draw good things to everyone who keeps it nearby. In terms of health, sunstone helps with sad, aches and pains, and promotes healing. It gives you emotional clout and boosts your self-assurance. It aids in your spiritual awakening and sacral chakra purification.

For what chakras is sunstone beneficial?

Sunstone harmoniously harmonizes with the sacral chakra. It has a similar vibrancy to the golden reds and oranges found in our bottom chakra. The sacral chakra is all about embracing that self-assurance, igniting our inner chi and life forces, and enhancing creativity and desire manifestation. We can face our fears and walk into our full strength when our sacral chakra is open.

How does a Sunstone appear?

Red, orange, brown, and yellow hues of the sunstone are radiant. Iridescence and a dance of light beneath the surface give it a glitter. It has glittering appearance and a rare reflection due to inclusions underneath the surface.

What stands for Sunstone?

The sun, which illuminates our sky and warms our flesh, is symbolized by the sunstone, as its name would imply. This priceless jewel is all about helping us get through difficult times, bringing us abundance and hope, and boosting our levels of self-assurance and inventiveness. Themes of consolation and preservation are brought to individuals who struggle, and negative energy is kept at away.

What is the purpose of a sunstone?

Sunstone can be used to lift your spirits, increase your power, and clear obstructions from the sacral chakra. It gives those who lack clarity, vitality, and life-giving magic what they lack in a boost of brightness.

A Viking Sunstone is what?

The calcite crystal is supposed to have been a Viking Sunstone. The Vikings would use this stone as a natural compass to assist them determine the position of the sun in the sky. The Vikings would have been able to locate the sun and use the stone as a navigational aid using a crystal that could depolarize light.

An Oregon sunstone is what?

Some of the most magnificent sunstone specimens are thought to be found in Oregon. Feldspar crystals, which are present in these gems, developed in the lava of a volcano that erupted about thirteen million years ago. The lake ultimately dried up after covering the lava for thousands of years. Once the lava was weathered by weather and time, the Sunstones became visible.

What is Sunstone in black?

The gem known as Black Sunstone was only recently discovered in Southern India. It has some characteristics in common with Sunstone, but because of its dark coloration, it also possesses strong protective energy and is adept at removing negativity. As the stone is so fresh, investigation is still ongoing to determine what kind of gem it is and if gray aventurine or a particular variety of quartz it actually is.

What materials make up sunstone?

Plagioclase, which is another name for sunstone, is a type of feldspar crystal. When held at some angles, it appears to have a glittering or splattered appearance, which is caused by the presence of minerals including hematite, pyrite, and goethite underneath the surface. On occasion, a Sunstone’s surface will reveal copper as well.

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