Third Eye Chakra Stones: 15 Must-Have Crystals For The Ajna

Amethyst, lapis lazuli, labradorite, sodalite, azurite, black obsidian, citrine, clear quartz, iolite, lepidolite, moonstone, purple fluorite, black tourmaline, kyanite, and turquoise are the stones for the third eye chakra. They aid in unblocking us and re-establishing our connection to our inner wisdom.

Understanding the Third Eye Chakra/Ajna

eye with rainbow

The third eye chakra, also called the Ajna in Sanskrit, is located in the middle of the forehead and houses our intuition. This is the gateway to our innermost reservoir of knowledge, our clarity, and all the information we require to engage in more advanced spiritual contemplation. The third eye is the vision that extends our other two eyes’ field of vision and looks inward and beyond it. The third eye, which is linked to the renowned and intellectual sixth sense, is symbolized by the dreamy color indigo, flowing with feminine energy, and is connected to light and the lotus.

This is when life may start to get challenging for folks who have a third eye chakra barrier. There are negative impacts of a third eye chakra blockage in the physical, emotional, and spiritual spheres as well. Your hormones may feel out of whack, you might experience headaches, ear, eye, and bodily problems, such as insomnia and poor sleep due to your natural circadian cycles being out of sync. You might experience emotional tension, worry, indecision, stagnation, narrow-mindedness, and the inability to move on with whatever ideas you have.

We are able to transcend binary thinking when our third eye is in balance and is wide open. We continue to be in harmony, linked, and able to see over our own limitations. In tiny ways, we can have confidence in our judgment, respect for our emotions, and maintain focus on the greater picture of life.

Healing Crystals to Use for the Pineal Gland

The best cut options for the third eye chakra are potent gems that activate the pineal gland and assist us in connecting to our own wisdom. You need crystals that focus on awakening your clairvoyant abilities, summoning the mystery, and shifting your gaze within for clearer vision. Check out these stunning crystals for the third eye chakra.

1) Amethyst

amethyst for the third eye chakra

Amethyst’s position at the top of our list as a stone that promotes wisdom and calm comes as no surprise. Unquestionably loaded with third eye chakra and crown chakra energy is the purple supercharged gem. The sublime stone of spirituality, amethyst, will do everything in its power to help you prepare for that momentous awakening. Amethyst reduces tension, eliminates headaches, and promotes sweet, beautiful sleep. All of these bodily aspects have a direct bearing on our capacity to open our third eye and connect with our sense of self. Amethyst stimulates psychic talents and constantly challenges you to achieve the peak of your own magnificent being. Learn more about what amethyst means.

2) Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli for third eye chakra

The brilliant blue and gold hues that adorn the magnificent stone of lapis lazuli convey truth and awareness. Lapis is a light wielder and is filled with soul-rich energy. She enjoys sparking honest and open dialogue. It is a gem for the throat chakra because it values honesty in speech, but it also has magical effects on the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. With its visionary abilities, it draws you in and gives you all you require to awaken your highest intellect, follow the threads of wisdom, and access those insights that will provide a clear perspective and effective problem-solving. Learn more about what lapis lazuli means.

3) Labradorite

labradorite stone for the third eye chakra

Under the gorgeous Labradorite’s reflected surface, a thousand different hues shine. You can feel the mysterious energy seeping into every crevice of this stone with just a quick glance. As a throat chakra stone, labradorite makes sure that your speech is crystal clear and heart-connected. Moreover, it is a crown chakra stone that links your mortal existence to the magnificence of the cosmos. The stone of transition is a third eye chakra gem that aids in navigating change by empowering you from within and enabling you to see the wider picture. When you start to access your psychic abilities, Labradorite keeps you veiled in protection, which is another awesome quality. Learn more about what labradorite means.

4) Sodalite

sodalite stone for third eye chakra

Sodalite splats you with ocean energy and drags you to deeper depths. These new depths exist to renew you and restore your power rather than to overwhelm you or make you struggle against the surface. Sodalite has a high vibrational third eye chakra stone in addition to being a knowledgeable throat chakra stone. We all know that this multiple-award-winning combination is ideal for assisting you in shifting from the negative to the positive while preserving your connection to your inner truth. A sense of logic is also added by sodalite. It’s a treasure that challenges you to balance your left and right brains in order to analyze circumstances without becoming emotionally involved. Learn more about what Sodalite means.

5) Azurite

azurite stone for third eye chakra

Azurite is a favorite stone for developing psychic talents, honing your eyesight, and bringing cosmic connections into your life. It is blinging in blue and has many spiritual associations. Our heart chakra and third eye are linked by this emotional cleanser and third eye chakra crystal. It serves as a reminder that we are always the source of our own wisdom and that the more we practice listening to the body, the more capable we are of sitting in peaceful power and speaking our truth. When both of these chakras can share a radiant energy flow. Learn more about what Azurite means.

6) Black Obsidian

black obsidian for third eye chakra

The Black Obsidian stone is a trooper, emitting strong vibrations that rumble from the ground to the crown. The root chakra is cleared and stabilized by this gem, while the solar plexus chakra is shaken awake and your third eye chakra is encouraged to accept its wisdom. This shady stone is fantastic in clearing negative energy and keeping your aura radiant. It all comes down to letting go of bad attachments so you can move on to the other side. Your vision is encouraged to expand and deepen by the enchantment of the mirror, which also encourages you to face the stark reality. Learn more about what Black Obsidian means.

7) Citrine

citrine stone for third eye chakra

Citrine is full of sunshine and brightness and exudes a golden aura. Although we frequently associate Citrine’s summer sweetness with the lower chakras and physical energy points, this stone also affects the third eye chakra. Recall that everything is interconnected. Citrine stimulates the solar plexus and sacral chakras, which are responsible for our passion, creativity, and self-assurance. These qualities also contribute to a more profound sense of self and wisdom. The only way to understand the depths of our own souls is to be aware of our delight, and this is precisely how Citrine works. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

8) Clear Quartz

clear quartz for third eye chakra

Clear Quartz, the great healer, shakes loose all the obstructions preventing you from moving forward. Clear Quartz is, as its name implies, clarity and sound judgment. It begins to operate on every chakra to make sure that energy moves smoothly and easily. It is a bringer of wisdom, intuition, and light. When it comes to the third eye chakra, all of these qualities function like a charm, and when we are fully energized, we have a better chance of achieving higher consciousness and following our bliss. Learn more about what Clear Quartz means.

9) Iolite

iolite stone for the third eye chakra

The complex Iolite gem, the stone of the muses, is as beautiful in mood as it is in appearance. This glittering violet or blue crystal opens the third eye in addition to being frequently associated with the crown chakra. Iolite is all about equilibrium and finding a middle ground for your emotions so you aren’t guided by fleeting moods and can instead use that deeper understanding to get the solutions you already have. Iolite will stimulate visions and promote astral travel in addition to balancing the energies of the sexes. It is not only the “stone of muses,” but it is also a magnificent exploring treasure. Learn more about what Iolite means.

10) Lepidolite

lepidolite for third eye chakra

Exquisite bursts of pink and purple blend with the Lepidolite stone’s mystifying properties. It’s no surprise that this jewel is renowned for having high lithium levels because it is so calming. Lepidolite may provide the illumination you need if you discover that the tedium of worry and deep sadness prevents you from engaging in higher thought. This stone is a feast for the third eye and crown chakras. It restores hormonal harmony, maintains physical and mental stability, awakens intuition and trust, and allows us to ultimately understand our role in the cosmos. Learn more about what Lepidolite means.

11) Moonstone

moonstone for third eye chakra

Let the light to enter your heart as you invoke the Moonstone’s crone energy. With its feelings of knowledgeable women, this treasure is brilliant. This stone teaches us that walking through light and shade will bring us to our truth because, like the prisms of night, it isn’t scared to invite you deep. Moonstone cleanses the heart chakra, tunes into the third eye chakra, and shines with rare energy to link the crown chakra with the cosmos. This radiant gem is a stone of fresh starts; it encourages you to take detours down the roads of truth and meaning in order to rediscover your innate feeling of peace and harmony. Learn more about the significance of moonstone.

12) Purple Fluorite

fluorite stone for third eye chakra

Purple fluorite finds itself shining with glorious promises to both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra as well, reflecting the rainbow and swirled in intense violet light hues. This stone of mental excellence is renowned for honing all of your instruments, enabling you to live a life marked by accuracy and purpose. This purple jewel sets you up for progress and living your biggest life by releasing any creative obstacles, encouraging you to spin the thinnest of dreams into goods, and giving you all that confidence and belief in your inner voice. Learn more about what Fluorite means.

13) Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline for third eye chakra

Black Tourmaline is a firmly rooted root chakra stone that also transfers divine energy from the root to the crown. You will always be safe thanks to this extremely dark protection stone. Black Tourmaline balances your mind and brings attention, mental clarity, and mental equilibrium in addition to regulating your root chakra. We are better able to transition from survival mode to a higher state of wisdom and higher thinking when we feel secure, strong, and certain of our position in this world. Learn more about what Black Tourmaline means.

14) Kyanite

kyanite for third eye chakra

As you go crazy for Kyanite, accept a change in perspective and all the soul support you could wish for. This lovable stone may change the way you feel and is always talking about the enchantment that comes with opening your third eye chakra, clearing your throat chakra, and mending your heart chakra. This stone encourages you to delve deeper into meditation anytime you need to carve out some time and space because it is all about self-discovery (but in a peaceful way). When your issue solving is out of balance and more closely related to emotional overload, it also helps you develop your memory abilities and steer you toward more logical thinking. Learn more about what Kyanite means.

15) Turquoise

turquoise stone for third eye chakra

The turquoise stone’s rich seas are a real pleasure for the third eye chakra and the throat chakra as well as being a charm for travelers and a stone that attracts luck and wealth. This utterly soothing crystal removes all traces of anxiety and concern while giving you the confidence to speak up for yourself. It is a stone that honors knowledge, accuracy, higher reasoning, and angelic contact. Turquoise also encourages you to practice self-compassion because it keeps us adaptable, gentle, and smart in a world full of jagged edges. Learn more about what turquoise means.

How can you use Third Eye Chakra Crystals?

lepidolite worry stone with dried flowers

Cleanse your third eye chakra and open the doors of perception. For those who want to call in the light of these healing crystals, here’s how to wake up your third eye chakra…

  • Place your crystal on your third eye during meditation
  • Surround yourself with your crystals while using the singing bowl to resonate with the third eye
  • Wear crystal jewelry with stones connected to the third eye
  • Hold your stone in hand while practicing affirmations about clarity and wisdom
  • Sleep with a crystal beneath the pillow to awaken visions
  • Keep your crystals close during tarot readings or any psychic practice

What else can you use

lavender flowers

If your third eye needs extra help, you can also turn to these complementary third-eye chakra practices to optimize your inner power…

  • Practice yoga poses that awaken the third eye (downward dog, child pose, eagle pose, lotus pose)
  • Meditate and imagine a white light clearing the clutter from your third eye
  • Wear the color purple
  • Eat dark chocolate and rich omega-3 or purple foods (kale, berries, eggplant)
  • Practice daily affirmations about purpose and wisdom
  • Let your space flow with lavender and basil essential oils


While our third eye is open, we may also access our psychic powers, amplify our clairvoyant gifts, and adhere to the laws of attraction. We experience tranquility, optimism, empowerment, and self-assurance. These pearls will enable us to have blissful lives.

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