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17 Crystals For Love: Manifest The Love Life Of Your Dreams

Whatever the big L word means to you – when it’s time to soak yourself in the light of a healthy connection these heart-felt healing crystals are ready to help.

Have a look at our important guide to healing gemstones and select a crystal that captures you.

Draw closer to your soulmate or find self-love 

  • Unblock heart chakras, mend a broken heart and attract abundance.
  • Use crystals to nurture self-love
  • Call on crystals to set your love intention

For those ready to embrace the wonder of unconditional love into their hearts, why go seeking without a soul compass? Healing crystals are a fantastic instrument for helping to restore a shattered heart, unblock those heart chakras, and to attract a buffet of love and abundance to fill you right up.

Sometimes, when we want to materialize the life of our dreams, we need to set out with intention and keep our minds and energies concentrated so that our aims connect nicely with the cosmos. Healing crystals can be a crucial ingredient. Some stones align you so you are ready and well-placed to accept the love you have longed for. Some jewels attract love and lure those who are meant to be closer to your life. Some crystals offer even more brilliance and equilibrium to your current connections.

Nevertheless, one of the most significant elements of love is the love we establish for ourselves. This can be one of the harder relationships to mend, and crystals can aid again. Self-love can imply many things, but it is the commitment to keeping your own feeling of happiness and welfare in high esteem. It involves listening to the body and the soul and understanding how to put your own needs first when necessary. As we accept the light of self-love into our environment, we are better equipped to develop wonderful relationships with others and unlocking our dreams to climb to the peak of our existence. If you are ready to attract all you deserve in the world of love, keep reading to find out which crystals create the perfect match.

If you want to know more about the magic of healing crystals, check out our guide to vital gemstones right here.

Find the best love crystal for you.

For individuals seeking spellbinding crystals to help cut out negative energy, develop self-love, and grow abundance, this range of crystals come with brilliant therapeutic abilities. Manifesting the amount of love in your life isn’t only about falling head over heels with that ideal mysterious someone, it’s about building a rich connection with yourself and being open to accepting all that the universe wants to give your way. If this sounds like something you are saying a heartfelt yes to, here are some of the greatest crystals for love:

Rose Quartz 

Rose Quartz
  • The most important love stone
  • Builds trust, tolerance, and true love

The most significant love stone, the pearly pink and delicate sparkle of the Rose Quartz. One of the most beloved heart chakra stones, Rose Quartz is rich in feminine energy and ripe with compassion. Ever ready to fill you right up, Rose Quartz improves your trust, tolerance, and levels of pure unconditional love. Whether you wish to repair old scars so you can be free with your heart again or if you are ready to attract a love that will light you up, the Rose Quartz sends a thousand precious sparkles to fill your soul to the brim. Find out more about the meaning of Rose Quartz.

2) Amethyst 

  • It brings peace and healing
  • It can help with breakup pain

Packed with breathtaking serenity, Amethyst is another of those stones that provides a helping hand in making you set to meet your mate. Soothing purple colours make the Amethyst gem a potent stone for developing self-worth and with more than a dash of spiritual power, Amethyst can provide calm and healing. It is a fantastic stone to turn to when you are facing the strong anguish of a recent breakup. Find out more about the meaning of Amethyst.

3) Aventurine 

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  • Connects to the heart chakra
  • Good for prosperity and luck in love

With shades of heart chakra activation (we adore those green gemstones) and a rich dosage of good luck, Aventurine is a terrific stone for when you are seeking or standing in a new relationship. Aventurine has a tremendous energy of success. It wants you to thrive in every part of your life and offers you the grace, energy, and power to make all goals a reality. From a wealth of self to love and desire for prosperity, with Green Aventurine on side you are guaranteed to thrive. Not only is this a lucky go get ‘em stone but it’s heart chakra calming also gives compassion and the lightness of touch needed for riding the highs and lows of new partnerships. Find out more about the meaning of Aventurine.

4) Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazili Stone
  • Builds communication
  • Helps you be your authentic self

The key to any good relationship is communication and fortunately, there’s a stone just for that. Lapis Lazuli has various skills but one of them is the capacity of communication. Relating to the throat chakra, Lapis invites you to express your truth with the world around you. When we feel heard and understood, we are better equipped to exhibit our real selves without fear halting us. This puts us in a place of total well-being and positivity. Lapis Lazuli also shares the ruling planet of Venus, Called the goddess of love. Find out more about the meaning of Lapis Lazuli.

5) Agate 

Agate Stone
  • Comfort and grounding
  • Blue for truth and harmony
  • Red for passion

A stone that comes in different hues and varieties, the healing powers of Agate are infinite. Brown Agate offers delightful comfort and grounding. Moss Agate gives profound natural healing to the heart chakra, leaving you open and ready to receive the love of your dreams. Blue Lace Agate is all about truth-seeking and will assist guide you to the trail that will take you to harmonious love. Fire Agate is all flaming flames and smoldering passion – great for individuals willing to bring more physical pleasure into their life. . Find out more about the meaning of Agate.

6) Garnet 

Garnet Stone
  • Courage and chi
  • Helps forge beautiful bonds

The personal warmth of Garnet is a pure passionate healer. A stone of courage and positive thought, the Garnet will connect with your root chakra, offering you the solidity needed to establish firmness and safety in yourself, so you are free to rise in the light of others. Garnet is a stone of vivid and unlimited libido and is always anxious to get your chi stirred right up. It is an excellent stone to have in relationships as it offers you the confidence to ask for what you want, to be clear in your desires, and to form lovely attachments rather than fall into the pitfalls of uncertainty and envy. Find out more about the significance of Garnet.

7) Moonstone

  • Balance and calm
  • Helps reunite lovers

The feminine spirit of the Moonstone brings balance and divine adaptation to all who select her. Renowned for being a stone that amps up the luck of love, Moonstone is one of our calmest and most thoughtful reminders, that even in the darkest circumstances there is always a glimpse of light to be found. The Moonstone is considered to assist reconcile lovers whether physically, emotionally, or via the interwoven limbs of spirituality. Find out more about the meaning of Moonstone.

8) Rhodochrosite 

  • Helps you sort through emotions
  • Encourages you to put your own needs first

Ruminating in tones of pink and white, Rhodochrosite is another fantastic heart stone that will take you directly to love. Rhodochrosite arrives filled with vibrations, each beautiful hum resonating through each layer. It’s a jewel that reminds you to undertake the effort of unwinding your own layers and working through those emotions and difficulties that could be holding you back from the love you deserve. Rhodochrosite serves up all that you need for an awe-inspiring release, ensuring that the heart stays clear and open all without losing the necessity of putting your own needs first.

9) Ruby

  • Confidence and self-power
  • Builds sensuality

The noble stone that has love written all over it, the Ruby is dazzling in its link to the root chakras, ensuring that glowing confidence and a sense of self-power never leave your side. For people that occasionally ‘lose themselves’ in relationships, the Ruby reminds you that your best self is ever-present and that your own energy should come first. It’s a terrific stone for strengthening the art of sensuality within all while keeping you anchored and grounded. For individuals who seek a kiss of fire in their love life, the Ruby has got you covered.

10) Pink Tourmaline 

Pink Tourmaline
  • Cleanses the heart chakra
  • Helps you find flow

An aphrodisiac stone that attracts love and abundance, Pink Tourmaline provides us all the comfort we need when it comes to matters of the heart. This stone is here to provide us a safe area in which to partake in the fortune of love. It invites the heart chakra to open and encourages old scars to heal. It’s a stone of deep compassion that calms all colors of pain. It is particularly beneficial for individuals who are weary of kicking against life and wish to move into a place of flow with the universe – a river which will undoubtedly take you to love. Find out more about the meaning of Tourmaline.

11) Malachite



  • Moves to trust and purpose
  • A magnet for love

The strength of Malachite can be found in its commitment to keeping vibes riding high and stable. A life-sustaining stone, Malachite mirrors the swirls and hues that can be seen in nature, telling us that when we nurture seeds, beauty is likely to flourish. Malachite is a heart chakra connection – it offers a deep awareness of spirit and helps you go from a state of mistrust to a place of trust and purpose. Vibrant and ever-affirming, Malachite is a magnet for love. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

12) Rhodonite 

  • Helps harness forgiveness 
  • Moves you past stagnant cycles

The rose stone of Rhodonite is a firm favorite among the love community. For those who believe their life needs a splash of romantic love right now to top it up, this stone shimmers with forgiveness. It’s easy to adopt rose-tinted glasses while dealing with fresh love but this stone serves as a reminder that occasionally love isn’t all sunshine but can be shot with periods of bewilderment and suffering. When we have the courage and self-confidence to understand this fact and to employ our inner strength we may harness forgiveness and move forward rather than staying stuck in cycles that do not benefit us. Find out more about the meaning of Rhodonite.

13) Citrine 

  • Makes love a happy place
  • Encourages warmth and joy

The golden beams and exuberant energy that seems to follow Citrine wherever it goes is a brilliant reminder that love can be a delightfully happy place. For those who occasionally experience the sharper edges of relationships and who feel that they have lost all sense of spark and delight when dealing in the realm of love, this brilliant stone is here to help you bask in warmth once more. All individuals who wear Citrine cannot help but sense a lightness of soul and a glitter of delight. Find out more about the meaning of Citrine.

14) Kunzite 

  • Deep love and wisdom
  • Helps you build strong loving relationships

A warm and cozy heart-based gemstone, Kunzite is dressed in lovely colors of mild pink and is frequently termed the woman’s stone. It’s a diamond of profound love, inner calm, and wisdom that increases with the years. Kunzite enables you to bring down whatever walls you may have created around yourself and helps you to restore trust so you may build amazing relationships with people lucky enough to find themselves in the forcefield of your vibrations. Find out more about the meaning of Kunzite.

15) Obsidian

  • Protects the heart
  • Helps you feel worthy of love

Obsidian \sProtects the heart \sHelps you feel worthy of love
While its gloomy appearance may not make it seem like a heart connector stone, Obsidian has a vitally significant role to play when enabling us to welcome love into our lives. To be open and free with our ideas and our hearts, we need to feel safe and sound. Obsidian is a huge protective stone and enables you to preserve the trust that you are deserving of love no matter what. Find out more about the meaning of Obsidian.

16) Carnelian


  • Invokes passion and zest
  • Keeps you grounded

Vibrant in crimson, the Carnelian stone is all about endurance, joy, and courage. When we apply these three attributes to love and relationships, we stay linked to the sacral chakra and better equipped to ride out into relationships that serve us well. Carnelian is a talisman for love, it stimulates passion and zest all while keeping you anchored which means you stay loyal and grounded in your expectations of others rather than losing compassion. Carnelian entices us to take risks and attempt new things, all which relieves us from a sense of fear. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.

17) Chrysocolla

  • Builds social skills
  • Encourages attraction of the ‘right’ people

A lovely gem that relates to the neck and the heart chakras, Chrysocolla clears a passage for love to flow right from the heart to the tip of the tongue so you can express all that you desire. Together with shades of love, growth, and magnificent communication, Chrysocolla enhances social skills and uses its goddess energy to empower your spirit so you can attract the proper individuals. If you feel like you are continuously wasting time with the wrong people, Chrysocolla will help the universe to bring you exactly what is needed. Find out more about the meaning of Chrysocolla.

How to use these love gemstones 

  • Wear as jewelry
  • Build an altar
  • Place on the heart

Now that you have a list of the most bright and wonderful love gemstones in your life, it helps to know exactly how best to harness all this energy. One of the best methods to call on the love spirits to help channel all that you wish in your direction is to wear love and self-acceptance gemstone jewelry. When we have magnificent healing stones pushed firmly against our skin, the wearer enjoys the wonder of allowing all those rich vibrations absorb into every inch of their existence. It also enables the stones to keep your chakras cleansed and can keep you linked to the cosmos and carrying your intention with you.

Other ways to employ the magic of your gemstones is to establish an altar for purposeful prayer and visualization or place the stones within crystal grids for ruminating and channeling energy. You can also sit in meditation with the stones or lay your precious stone in the heart area.


Self-love is one of the most crucial and often the most challenging elements on our journey to completeness. When we trust in our own magic and can be brave enough to put our own needs first, we are more equipped to attract riches, prosperity, and relationships that serve us well.

Which stones speak to you of love? Share your opinions in the comments.

Crystals for Love FAQ

What gems are beneficial for love?

Search for gems that connect with the heart chakra to foster all colors of love. Typically, pink gemstones with a soft vibration are regarded as being beneficial for love – Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Rhodochrosite. Green gemstones also connect with the heart chakra therefore Aventurine and Malachite will help. Amethyst is also a wonderful stone for helping you get ready for love.

How to construct a crystal grid for love?

When putting up your crystal grid for love, write your intention on a piece of paper so that you have manifested clarity and been explicit on what it is you want. Pick your crystals for the grid – utilize your intuition or look to gemstones like Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Aventurine, Garnet, and other gems with bountiful love attributes. Pick a shape that resonates from sacred geometry, perhaps the merkaba or the sphere might suit when it comes to love. Arrange your crystals in this shape and place it at your shrine or in your bedroom.

How to utilize crystals for love?

One of the simplest methods to call on the powers of your crystals when it comes to love is to wear them on the body. Gemstone jewelry is an easy way of carrying your intention and the energy of the stone with you wherever you go. You can also utilize these crystals in meditation, visualization, or to cleanse the heart chakra by laying them on your heart region. They can also be utilized in crystal grids and altars and to bring loving energy into the home.

What is the finest crystal for self-love?

Rose Quartz is one of the best gemstones for self-love. This delicate pink stone taps into deep levels of compassion and allows you to establish levels of trust, tolerance, and connection – all from the basis that love starts at home in your own body and soul. Rhodochrosite is another fantastic crystal for self-love as it is recognized as the stone of compassion and has a strong emphasis on forgiving oneself.

How to program crystals for love?

Sit with your gemstone and find a calm moment for the body and mind. Take a few deep breaths and actively connect with the crystal. Get really clear on what it is that you desire – a new partner, higher levels of self-love, stronger connections with friends, etc. Now, pretend that this dream is a reality and feel all the feelings that accompany with that. Speak your intention out loud and focus on channeling that purpose into the crystal. Keep the gemstone close by for a few days – sleep with it under your pillow or wear it on the body.

How to utilize amethyst crystal for love?

Amethyst is a stone that brings calm and healing and higher thinking – all these characteristics make it a great gemstone for strengthening self-love, connecting with others, and staying loyal to your own heart’s desire. Make the most of Amethyst by wearing it on the body – if Amethyst has a direct touch with the skin it is able to tap into your own vibrations and heal on a deeper level. You can also place Amethyst in the home (in shared spaces) to create calm and loving connections.

How to utilize rose quartz crystal for love?

Call on Rose Quartz to balance emotions, build stronger connections, cleanse the heart chakra, and to boost your levels of compassion.

If you wish to carry that loving energy with you, wear Rose Quartz jewelry. A Rose Quartz ring is a symbol of profound affection. You may also employ Rose Quartz by placing it on the heart chakra or using it in a crystal grid. Putting Rose Quartz in the home will also offer a loving nurturing energy to the space.

What crystal is for eternal love?

Historically the diamond is thought to be the stone of eternal love. This is said to have stemmed from the story that cupid’s arrows arrived tipped with diamonds. It could also be a reference to the tenacity and enduring beauty of the diamond which is one of the hardest jewels out there. Diamond jewelry is traditionally offered as a wedding ring for this purpose.

What crystal is for love and protection?

Obsidian can be a fantastic crystal for those yearning for both love and connection. This is a gem that has deep defensive abilities and enables us to feel safe and grounded in the world. Part of love is feeling comfortable and free to express oneself without fear and this is exactly what Obsidian can help with. It’s a gemstone that enables you to preserve your faith.

What is the best crystal for love?

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for love. This charming pink gemstone is noted for its huge loving energy, its delicate compassion, and its ability to nurture in every aspect. Rose Quartz is beneficial for all sorts of love. Pink Kunzite is a fantastic gemstone for promoting love communication. Rhodonite can help repair emotional traumas and Ruby and Garnet can build sensual levels of love that glows with play.

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