Healing Crystal Guide: 45 Essential Gemstones Explained

Throughout the beginning of time people have been looking to crystals to get their healing fix. They are the jewels of Mother Earth, brilliant gems, stones and rock crystals produced from elemental energy. In one shimmer, they can collect the sun, moon, salt seas, dirt and mountains and they can transform all that healing force back to us. Healing crystals have a long history – they have graced the breastplates of priests and warriors, been used in shamanic rituals, have been guiding lights for ancient tribes, and have been tucked in the pockets of princesses, mariners, and healers.

Have a look at our important guide to healing gemstones and select a crystal that captures you.

In the current world, these magnificent stones have so much power. As time rolls on they just get more potent and can be a highly beneficial asset for allowing us to reconnect to the natural world. They help us to channel our intentions, elevate our vibrations, and can bring out all that dormant elegance, beauty and magic you already have packed inside. Remember, everything in life contains a frequency and if we can match our inner vibrations to the things we want in this world, we may be able to materialize them into our lives.

How Crystals are Formed in the Earth

Crystals go through an astonishing geological process in the earth. The combination of heat, compression and millions of years can achieve some astonishing things!

What Do Crystals Do?

Dazzling stones, magnificent diamonds, and heavenly crystals – for generations, valuable stones have been considered to help you heal. From Clear Quartz to Citrine and the gentle violet colors of Amethyst, there’s no doubting that crystals have mystical energy about them. Many cultures have long believed that specific stones might be utilized to help with various ailments. The ancient Sumerians would use crystals in their spells back in the 4th century BC. The Ancient Greeks and Romans would chose crystals that granted the fortitude to carry into combat. The Ancient Egyptians would also utilize healing stones as medicine. The list goes on. This myth has followed the glimmer of particular stones right up to the present day. Huge vibrational energies, chakra aligning powers, and powers that vary from defense to self-reflection, the use of crystals has long hallmarked the art of wellness and deep labor of healing.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals are thought to have therapeutic qualities as they have high vibrational frequencies. Everything is energy and the assumption is that the high vibrations of crystals affect and interact with the body’s own energy field. The high vibrations of a crystal can crank the dial up on your own energy or it can get to work redirecting or channeling energies that can remove any blockages in the chakras and bring the body, mind, and soul into equilibrium.

While the belief in the healing potential of crystals can be traced back thousands of years, Marcel Vogel – an American new age scientist helped spark this knowledge in the 20th century thanks to his work on employing quartz crystals for medicinal purposes. After working for IBM for decades in research and development and producing the first liquid crystal displays for LCDs, he became interested in crystals, energy fields, and vibrations. His pioneering study helped the world to learn that crystals cut into different forms may retain and exert the universal life energy.

Even for people who are unconvinced about the scientific proof behind healing crystals, using the earth’s stones and precious jewels to benefit the body, mind, and spirit can be done in a more introspective manner or to activate the placebo effect. The crystals you are drawn to, the chakras you want cleaning, and the energy or healing you are seeking – crystals and their healing abilities can operate as a mirror even when it comes to placebo moods. They can work to illuminate areas of yourself, link you with your desires, increase your well-being, and help you to materialize the life you want to live based on all that knowledge.

What Are Crystals Used For?

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Thee are many different methods you can call on the healing energies of crystals and there isn’t a one size fits all strategy when it comes to precious stones. Your journey is absolutely unique to you whether you wish to resort to the power of crystals for chakra alignment, to materialize intentions, to help heal and harmonize the body, or to balance your emotions. Each crystal is entirely unique and delivers its own therapeutic characteristics – even the color of the crystal plays a part in its healing potential. Crystal forms will also provide varied abilities and strengths and the way through which you employ your stones matters too. We take a look at some of the numerous ways in which people are called to employ healing gemstones.


Some crystals have unique powers and by calling on the healing power of these crystals, you can use them to strengthen and realize your intentions. Intentions are ambitions or goals that you want for your life. This could be anything from seeking deeper connections to wanting more money and prosperity or better mental health, it could be wanting to connect or forgive yourself – to develop your confidence. It could be trying to have better focus to fulfill a dream or it could be wanting to let go of old hurts and move into a fresh beginning. By picking crystals that connect with your intentions, you can call on the energy you need to alter and mold that reality.

Chakra Realignment

We have seven energy spots across the body and these are known as chakras. These spinning disks of energy can get blocked and employing the healing vibrations of crystals can help to shift these barriers and shake up stagnant energy. Various crystals are connected to different chakras and you can usually use the color of a stone as a reasonable idea of which chakra it is attached to spiritually as chakras are also linked to certain hues. The seven chakras rise up from root to crown and are; the root chakra (red), the sacral chakra(orange), the solar plexus chakra (yellow), the heart chakra (green), the throat chakra (blue), and the third eye chakra (purple), and the crown chakra (purple) (purple).

Physical Ailments

Crystals can be utilized for healing the body, mind, and spirit. When it comes to bodily illnesses certain gems may be able to ease health difficulties. Because some health conditions may be aggravated by energetic blocks in the body, the high vibrations of the crystals may be able to shake those out. Certain healing gemstones also contain highly relaxing energy which can help reduce the symptoms linked with stress and anxiety – many of these which can show up in the body and damage the immune system. Amethyst for example is an excellent stone for reducing headaches and aiding sleep. Citrine can improve your energy levels because to its positive energy. Bloodstone can help with good circulation and Aventurine can be utilized to speed up your recovery after an illness.

Emotional and Psychological Support

Another highly popular reason individuals use crystals is that they may give a lot of emotional and psychological assistance. Healing gemstones can put you in touch with repressed feelings and can soothe and temper tense nerves. They can also balance large emotions and keep you from feeling overwhelmed. Again, different gems bring distinct skills when it comes to emotional balance and support. For example, Rose Quartz is an excellent gem for helping to increase your sense of self-care, healing old scars, and opening you up to love. Clear Quartz can help bring clarity and comprehension, Amethyst relaxes the mind, and Moonstone balances enormous hormonal activity.

How to Choose Your Stone

There is a whole world of different crystals and healing gemstones out there. It can seem intimidating to know which stone you wish to welcome into your world. One of the most significant lessons that crystals teach us, is the reminder to tune in and listen to our own intuition and to trust that we have the knowledge we need. Our body, mind, and soul are all interrelated and we are made out of energy just like everything in the cosmos. If we can tap into that power, we can listen to the signs and messages that the planet has to present us.

Choosing the appropriate crystal requires feeling into which ones you are pulled to (or which ones are drawn to you) (or which ones are drawn to you). Even simply hearing a stones name, seeing a picture, or reading a blurb – you may sense a tug deep down inside that is beckoning you to that precise stone. Each crystal also comes with its own healing qualities. While we occasionally have awareness of our own strengths and limitations, we can choose healing crystals based on their individual features to help lead us.

Another way for choosing gems might potentially be looking to the zodiac. Some crystals work with certain zodiac signs, thus having this information can assist link you to a collection of stones that harmonize in line with the stars.

Does the Shape of the Crystal Matter?

The shape of the crystal also brings its own spellbinding energy and can make a difference to how you experience the healing stone and its powers. 

  • Point –  a point can be good for directing energy and is often used for manifesting
  • Sphere – a sphere offers full harmonic energy that comes from all sides
  • Cube – a cube has solid grounding energy and creates calm and balance
  • Pyramid – a pyramid connects earth to heaven, its pinnacle sens energy up
  • Tumbled Stones – stones can be easily carried as talismans or placed on chakras

The 45 Essential Stones to Choose From


amethyst crystal

Purple colors and great defensive abilities make Amethyst one of the most divine and spiritual healing stones. An excellent meditation tool and made for individuals who desire to leap higher.

Best used for Prevention against dread and feelings of guilt, creating relaxation, reducing anxiety, and pleasant dreams

Get out more about Amethyst


citrine stone

Bright bright and ready to wake you from slumber, Citrine emanates health, riches and sloughing away harmful feelings. This stone is unable to hold ill energy, a firm reminder that when life delivers you lemons…

Best used for: Grounding bad energy, aiding in smoothing family or dynamic group conflicts, fostering love and happiness, and guarding against those who would break your heart. Also employed as an emotional shield against spite and envy.

Get out more about Citrine

Rose Quartz

rose quartz crystal

Beautiful in pink and offering deep sweet healing to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is for people who are eager to restore trust, harmony and unconditional love back into their inner world.

Best used for: Healing emotional wounds, nurturing heavenly love, enhancing compassion & friendships

Find out more about Rose Quartz



Like donning a coat of safety, Tourmaline offers strength, decreases fear, and balances the right and the left side of the intellect. Choose your favorite hue from pink to green and even watermelon colored.

It best used for: Developing a healthy digestive system, producing stronger bones and teeth, and increasing self-confidence. It’s also supposed to attract success and connect us to a more caring nature.

Find out more about Tourmaline

Clear Quartz

clear quartz

As pristine as the spring rains, Clear Quartz is all about strong purification. This quartz crystal will immerse you to the bone with its pleasant energy. Strengthen your immunity and follow your bliss with one of our favorite healing gems.

Best used for: Helping professionals in the artistic community, musicians, individuals who work in media industries, and doctors. Helpful in the treatment of migraine headaches, vertigo, or motion sickness.

Find out more about Clear Quartz


bigstock Beautiful Selenite Heart Miner 310718956 2

Spirituality and light shine through the celestial healing crystal of Selenite. Ethereal and loaded to the brim with goddess healing energy, it’s the perfect talisman for protecting against PMT and bringing your cycle into harmony.

Best used for: Remarkably, Selenite may be used to clean other stones by laying them on top of a Selenite slab. It also connects extremely strongly to the third eye and other chakras and helps to purify their energy. It’s somewhat of an energetic master healer!

Find out more about Selenite


snowflake obsidian

A lava stone produced from the flames of a volcano, Obsidian is raw, rare and ever ready to provide its therapeutic protection to everyone who wear it. Whether in terrible times or on a regular basis, it’s one of the best shields you could desire for.

Best used for: Protection from bad energy. Obsidian is actually thought to absorb it, and even block things like mental attack. Employ this stone at stressful times or situations.

Find out more about Obsidian



Light up your libido and overcome your obstacles with the warm light of Carnelian. A wonderful strengthener of the root and the sacral chakras, Carnelian invites you to speed up.

Best used for: Boosting the metabolism, easing menopause, and improving concentration. In its hue of red, it’s wonderful for balancing the sacral chakra. Carnelian was also supposed to aid protect the dead on their trip in the afterlife, so it helps alleviate the fear of death.

Find out more about Carnelian



The earthy stone comes to us all the way from the ancient days of Babylon. Renowned for being a healthy and prosperous healing amulet, Agate is all about balancing the negative and good influences of the wider universe.

Best used for: Harmonizing polar opposite energy, self-confidence, protection while traveling (especially road accidents) (particularly traffic accidents). Pairs well with dancers, dentists, and environmentalists. Offers emotional assistance for educators and recreational staff.

Find out more about Agate

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

A solid favorite with ancient civilizations, Lapis Lazuli has long been identified with the spiritual enlightenment and inner self-expression. Boost your immune system and prepare ready to embrace your personal power and truth.

Best used for: Harnessing wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, creativity

Find out more about Lapis Lazuli


rainbow fluorite

For individuals who struggle with decision-making, Fluorite asks you to climb down off the fence. This stone is known for its earthly guidance, helping both the head and the heart know how to co-exist in harmony.

Best used for: Clearing a confused mind. This is such a tremendous stone for establishing your life path, which is frequently ignored in the craziness of the everyday. Also fantastic for boosting the third eye.

Find out more about Fluorite

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline

A shield against the negative effects of EMF’s, Black Tourmaline is incredibly grounding and has the tremendous strength of clearing toxic vibrations and restoring back purity to the body, mind and soul.

Best used for: Protection against negative energy and EMF’s, keeping grounded, decision making, and lowering emotions of despair and worry.

Find out more about Black Tourmaline



Inner strength and confidence is the gift given upon you by the silvery grace of Hematite, looking like a falling star, this strong and powerful crystal may shield you from negative energy and help you extend your safety boundaries.

Best used for: Intuition & mental clarity, blood circulation, willpower, & courage

Learn out more about Hematite


kyanite stone

A conductor of energy and always ready to take away negative vibes, Kyanite is a great mover of emotional blocks and always seeking to keep good vibes in free flow.

Best used for: relaxing frazzled nerves, establishing confidence in self expression, relating to others, and dream recall.

Find out more about Kyanite


green aventurine

An amplifier of all the luck in the world, Aventurine is fantastic when it comes to attracting good luck and bringing ideal wealth into your life. Linked to the heart chakra it also harmonizes the physical, emotional and spiritual part of existence.

Best used for: Improving leadership characteristics, embracing change, and enhancing motivation for innovation. Provides healing assistance for cardiac disorders, circulation problems, and individuals recovering from surgery or sickness.

Learn out more about Aventurine


Jasper Stone

Long worn by shamans, high priests, and monarchs, this stone is famed for helping you to feel deeper and see further. What’s more, Jasper is ever ready to assist you ground down and fly high at the same time.

Best used for: Alleviating tension, creating tranquility, sharpening attention, and eliminating harmful or bad ideas. Considered to offer assistance emotionally to develop self-discipline and encourages grounding energies.

Find out more about Jasper



Pyrite \sA stone so strong it emits sparks – Pyrite is one of the strongest shields to employ against EMF’s and all shades of negative attacks. Packed of manly energy this is the Achilles of the crystal world.

Best used for: protection against harmful energy and psychic attacks, improving confidence levels especially in leadership jobs, cutting out negative thought patterns, and cleaning the lower chakras.

Find out more about Pyrite


Labradorite stone

A stone of amazing change, Labradorite is best utilized for balancing the chakras, protecting the aura, and removing gloomy energies from your life. Plunge into exquisite consciousness with this glittering starlight stone.

Best suited for: moments of transformation and finding your inner courage. This stone is also a terrific motivator, a great instrument for communication, and for individuals who desire to find their deeper purpose.

Find out more about Labradorite


bigstock Closeup Of Sample Of Natural M 347724289 3

Light the way with the dazzling magic of the Moonstone. An fantastic stone for fresh beginnings, this can be your amulet for journeys of both the heart and the body. Also recognized for sparking inner power.

Best used for: Healing the feminine nature we all carry inside ourselves. It’s also perfect for that time of the month, and showcases the power of clairvoyance and intuition.

Find out more about Moonstone



The guru of good luck, Jade is connected with attracting prosperity and wealth and also being a fantastic complement to your Feng Shui. Joy and harmony run rampant in the cooling touch of Jade, making it a requirement for individuals who wish good things to flow towards them.

Best used for: Prevention against illness, removing negative ideas, creating harmonious relationships

Find out more about Jade


Celestite stone

Humming with high vibrations, Celestite is a relaxing stone considered to be related to higher realms. One of the angel stones, this pale crystal is utilized for quiet contemplation and delivers wisdom from the universe.

Best used for: High vibrations, clearing away anger and negativity, connecting with the spirit worlds, fostering inner compassion, tapping into boundless wisdom.

Find out more about Celestite



Back in the medieval ages, the Bloodstone was supposed to be the blood of Christ’s tears. Whatever spiritual side you stand-in, the Bloodstone is a magnificent healer recognized for its ability to enhance circulation and send your self-esteem soaring.

Best used for: As its name suggests, Bloodstone is typically used for blood illnesses, such as anemia and poor circulation. In India, it’s utilized as an aphrodisiac. Also helpful for self-esteem and intuition.

Find out more about Bloodstone


aquamarine stone

Countless ocean colours, a beautiful ebb and flow and bringing instant calm to the heart, this watery stone is recognized for blending calming thoughts with a flash of vigor. Dive straight in, as Aquamarine entices you to swim not sink against the changing tide.

Best used for: emotional balance, clear-headed communication, inner meditative space, moments of transformation, inner resilience

Find out more about Aquamarine

Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz

Let the gentle fog of rest and relaxation penetrate into every inch of your spirit with beautiful Smoky Quartz. A magnificent grounding stone, Smoky Quartz is known for its capacity to combat all stress and keep you gentle and robust at the same time.

Best used for: Grounding, boosting positive energy, EMF protection, balancing the root chakra

Find out more about Smoky Quartz



Intimate honesty and deep insight reside at the center of tranquil Chrysocolla. For individuals who desire to magnify their voice, delve into their creative side, and discover a bright burst of boldness when it comes to public speaking, this stone can help.

Best used for: Stimulating the throat chakra is at the top of this list because it allows us to communicate more effectively. It also strengthens the general vibration of health and is wonderful for teachers.

Find out more about Chrysocolla

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers Eye Stone

The golden stone that shakes free the shackles of anxiety for both the body and the mind, Tiger’s Eye is wonderful at making you cut out the self-doubt so you can make decisions from a position of clarity.

Best used for: Courage, focus, wealth, protection

Find out more about Tigers Eye


rhodonite stone

All rosy colours and soothing emotions, Rhodonite is a stone that fills the heart with as much goodness as it can manage. If you require balance and healing after a major event, this gentle natured stone can help you find home.

Best used for: Restoring equilibrium after a significant loss, coming out of mourning, or alleviating heartache in general. It’s fantastic to utilize if your objective is to learn love yourself again.

Find out more about Rhodonite


Malachite stone

Beautiful in green, Malachite is one of the heart chakras favorite stones. Receive help dissolving negative ties, boost your protection against EMF’s, and find good luck and prosperity in both business and play.

Best used for: Boosting the immune system, travel, treatment of travel sickness & vertigo

Find out more about Malachite



Called the Poets Stone, Sodalite possesses the energy of a crashing wave loaded to the brim with invention. Increase your communication, bring forth your brightest truth, and allow rationality and inner calm pave the path for a life that lights up.

Best used for: Strength, knowledge, and harmonious relationships with loved ones.

Find out more about Sodalite


garnet stone

Ruby red and splashed with a fiery spirit, the Garnet is a stone of glory. Let your heart chakra burst open, warm the soul, and rediscover a sense of vigor that might become lost with time.

Best used for: Creative powers, increasing metabolism, decreasing toxins, offering strength in hard conditions, and nurturing balanced energy.

Find out more about Garnet



The Courage Stone of Amazonite asks you to uncover that inner power to live up to your complete strength in a way that doesn’t exhaust the emotional soul. This is an excellent stone for cleaning away traumas that can get locked in the body bringing you right back into a healthy harmonious balance.

Best used for: overcoming trauma, confronting self-destructive behavior, learning how to be comfortable in your own skin

Find out more about Amazonite



The ancient blue copper-based stone of Azurite increases intuition and brings yin yang harmony into your heart. For those wanting a return to that child-like spontaneity, this is a stone that calls you out to play.

Best utilized for: connecting with celestial energy, cutting out people pleasing habits, gaining inner power, clearing the throat chakra

Find out more about Azurite


Iolite stone

The poetic stone of Iolite is associated to the third-eye chakra and all about bringing forth your inner strength and being the leader you were born to be.

Best used for: detoxifying bad behavior, developing independence, and encouraging new healthy ways of thinking for the body, mind, and spirit

Find out more about Iolite



The crystallized limestone gem of Calcite is full of vivid and exploding vitamin D. Be dosed up on wonderful energy when you turn to this stone to improve your creative and sexual skills.

Best used for: amplifying energy, boosting emotional intelligence, positive thinking, and raising motivation and energy.

Find out more about Calcite



The dual action power of Apatite gives great social ease and calm communication when it comes to the emotional self. Physically it works as a tonic to strengthen the body.

Best utilized for: successful communication, creating a positive reality, creative thinking, and problem solving.

Find out more about Apatite


howlite stone

Time to kick out insomnia and to get your ambition back on track with the airy elemental stone of Howlite. An help for artistic expression and extremely relaxing, Howlite is divine inspiration.

Best used for: calming the mind, cutting out anger, finding purpose, and balancing calcium levels in the body.

Find out more about Howlite


kunzite stone

Pure to the appearance and forceful to the touch, Kunzite helps to smash down the barriers you have constructed around your heart and soul. Also used to treat hormonal migraines and to recuperate from painful memories.

Best used for: hormonal balance, repairing the emotional heart, and developing a life of prosperity

Find out more about Kunzite



With the glitter of a pearl atop rainbow fire, the Opal is a dream to behold. Renowned for bringing loving positive vibrations to the celebration and for contributing spiritual light to your aura, this is a complete spectrum stone of healing.

Best used for: boosting cosmic consciousness, clearing away bad vibrations, independent thinking, and motivating creative minds

Find out more about Opal


Lepidolite stone

With a name meaning scale in Greek, Lepidolite asks you to reestablish balance across every angle of your life. It helps create awareness in the body and the mind, providing you the knowledge you need to wash away toxins from your life.

Best used for: lowering anxiety, cleansing the chakras, embracing positive change, and staying balanced.

Find out more about Lepidolite


Angelite Stone

Become linked to all the higher worlds by letting the ethereal energy of Angelite into your reality. Calm the spirit, sit in openness and humility and allow your inner self show you the route to heaven.

Best used for: increasing spirituality, soothing the soul, banishing wrath and fear, linked communication.

Find out more about Angelite



Vibrate in the energy of love with Apophyllite. Always ready to contribute its light touch to a difficult circumstance, this gem works to purify the mind and body of negative waste.

Best used for: connecting to nature, relaxing nerves, cleaning the body and mind of negativity, mending emotional wounds.

Find out more about Apophyllite



Who doesn’t desire a little extra brightness in their life? Sunstone soothes the soul and sends warmth to every corner of your existence with its healing energies. A natural compass used by Vikings to traverse the waters – this stone helps you find your way.

Best used for: sending energy to the chakras, finding your true path, independent thinking, and enjoying a life full with luck and good fortune.

Find out more about Sunstone



Love and affection ride high when it comes to the sparkling gemstone of Topaz. Calm your temper, expel all shades of poison from your life, and absorb fever with this higher living stone.

Best used for: Shifting migraines, inner balance and preventing overwhelm, improving attention levels, and unblocking the throat chakra for clear communication.

Find out more about Topaz

What Do You Do With Crystals Once You Have Them?

After you have the crystals you wish to work with, it helps to know a little about the best ways to use and care for them. Crystals get a thrill out of connection and there are numerous ways to keep these jewels engaged and operating in tune with all your aspirations. Find out how to use your crystals and how to care for them.

Using Your Crystals

Harnessing the power of your crystal can take little work, even simply having them on your person can activate and attune them to your energy. You can also use them in more focused and particular ways. These are a few ways in which you can use your stones.

  • Wearing crystal jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, etc) is one of the simplest and most effective ways of calling on the power of your crystals. When they have direct contact with the skin, they can help raise your vibrations.
  • Carrying crystals on your person (in your pocket or handbag) also carries your purpose
  • You can set protecting and healing stones in your house or workspace to infuse the space with that energy.
  • Hold your crystals during meditation or place them on your yoga mat or altar during spiritual practices.
  • You can design crystal grids for manifestation and protection

Cleaning and Recharging

Keeping your crystal cleansed and charged is all part of crystal connection and ownership. Crystals undertake enormous energy work and while they spend time soaking up bad energy, they work better when they have been discharged and refilled from time to time. Again, you can call on your intuition to find out the optimal time for this but it’s recommended to absolutely do it after a big energy session. Here are some methods for cleansing and charging crystals, although not all methods are good for all crystals as some are more fragile than others…

  • Hold them under running water for a fast discharge
  • Put them beneath the light of a full moon and leave them overnight
  • Let them sit in the light for a few short hours
  • Smudge them with your favorite incense or sage
  • Put them in the company of purifying gems like Quartz and Selenite

Crystals are incredible and come with numerous properties that can bring love, light, and healing to your life. By learning the principles, calling on your own intuition, and paying a little attention to these stones, you can increase your own powers and sense of connectedness in this world.

A Final Thought

Whether single stone or wrist shaking with gemstone bracelets, incorporating healing stones into your life may be immensely beneficial. We all have work to do and we can all benefit from balancing out the emotional, spiritual and physical elements of our being so we may step out of the darkness and into the light of our most true selves.

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