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Amazonite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a type of potassium feldspar and is the mineral class of Microcline. It is part of the triclinic crystal system and has a vitreous luster. Amazonite comes in colors of purple, grey, green, and blue. Most typically, it has a greenish-blue hue. The meaning of Amazonite is to alleviate anxiousness and promote clarity.

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Amazonite Healing Crystal

  • Named the Hope Stone
  • Said to line the shields of Amazon Warriors
  • The gemstone on the tomb of Tutankhamun

Dive into the cool hue of Amazonite gemstones. Glimmering blue-green in its colors, Amazonite echoes with ancient legends, jungle enchantment, and the sweeping flow of one of the world’s most magical rivers. Called The Hope Stone, Amazonite doesn’t shy away from putting a positive perspective on life but doesn’t plunge in blindly. It’s a gemstone that draws on the spirit of inner power, increased intention and a determination to employ that can-do attitude to accomplish what you desire.

This soulful gemstone has long been regarded as a symbol of truth and optimism. As its color scheme implies, its calm lively flow derives from the deep green riverbanks of South America’s rainforests, where monkeys rush and parrots lend a flare of unique color to the trees. Amazonite may also be discovered on the vanilla-scented dunes of Madagascar and the cold depths of Russia’s tundra. It’s a stone that is mined in the most remarkable of places and perhaps this adds to its mysterious and aquatic quality.

Amazonite has been around forever, and tradition has it — this was the stone that coated the shields of the famous Amazonian warrior princesses. The majesty and splendor of Amazonite transcends ages, it was also the gemstone that graced the temples and tombs of Tutankhamun and was used to build the tablets that composed the enigmatic Book of the Dead. Yet even grandiose historical links aside, strong therapeutic powers and deep-set linkages to the heart chakra and the throat chakra mark out the Amazonite stone as being something exceptional. If you dream of living deeper, standing strong and proud in your own light and creating global love, choosing to utilize Amazonite might be one of your finest decisions.

Let’s go a bit further into the queen of green stones and look at the hidden magic and meanings behind the beautiful Amazonite gemstone…

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The Healing Benefits of Amazonite

Amazonite stone on black surface

The Amazonite crystal is a fascinating and wonderful item. Awash with that lovely hue of iridescent green-blue, it’s little wonder this stone is related with the elements of earth and water. Ruled by Virgo and delivering not just a lovely splash of color but also dazzling healing capabilities, there are many benefits to adding an Amazonite gemstone into your life, your clothing and your home…

Physical Healing Properties

  • Balances thyroid problems
  • Helps cells regenerate

While crystal healing is an excellent technique to increase your emotional and spiritual wellness, Amazonite also brings a range of physical healing advantages to the table. The chilled-down sensations of Amazonite might assist to balance out thyroid disorders. For people who battle with a calcium deficit, Amazonite can successfully enable the body to absorb calcium better, giving a dose of dreamlike vitality back to your bones. Along with enhancing bone health, increasing calcium levels can also help the hair grow lustrous and strong.

Amazonite is also outstanding at enabling cells to rejuvenate and may be the perfect pick me up, especially after an illness, accident or decline in physical health. Applying the cold touch of Amazonite over a rash may also help keep it clean and soothed and individuals who battle with skin issues and even acne may discover that Amazonite helps to bring back a flush of clear and bright health.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties

  • Soothes anxious thinking
  • Helps with healing past trauma

If you find your monkey mind occasionally acts like shattered glass with fragmented ideas going here, there and everywhere, then Amazonite may be the most incredible gemstone for knitting together all those frayed emotional strands. Calming nervous dispositions and self-destructive ideas is what Amazonite works best. It’s also a fantastic gemstone to have on hand when you need to pull your self-esteem up by the bootstraps. Linked with the feminine, the Amazonite crystal works directly against tendencies of self-neglect, asking you to always put yourself first.

For individuals who battle with prior trauma, Amazonite can also provide its healing energy to assist you progress forward. By helping the mind filter out tension and worry and learning to let go of that which is not benefiting us any more, it helps to heal up old wounds and make things appear much more manageable by breaking down enormous difficulties into bite-sized digestible chunks.

All the magnificent emotive terms that relate with Amazonite are there to be applied first to oneself. Sincerity, love, honesty, integrity, eloquence and clarity – one we can attach these beautiful names to how we connect with ourselves, we are set in a wonderful situation to materialize our path of magic in the world. Amazonite is also associated to the heart chakra, the spot that streams with light and provides room for love to be given and received. When the heart chakra is blocked it may be a difficult to trust anyone and to open yourself up to let in the kindness that the world has to give, which can have a knock-on impact for your own feeling of self-worth and cause harmful patterns to pop up again and time again.

Amazonite is a great instrument for helping remove all that built-up bad energy from your world. Whether its harsh words you hold for yourself, unjust opinions, physical side effects from EMF’s, or poisonous attitudes from other people, this is a gemstone that will absorb that all up and disperse of it in a way that leaves you clear-eyed and favorably minded.

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Connects with the throat chakra
  • Taps into intellect and intuition

As a throat chakra stone, Amazonite also urges you to test out crystal clear communication and to practice setting wonderfully healthy limits in place. It asks you to walk forth from the dread of the shadow of judgement and to emerge into the light. Any expectations others set upon you are not near as significant as the honesty of your own heart.

By connecting into both intellect and intuition, Amazonite is able to provide more clarity and authenticity to the soul. As we feel comfortable in our flesh and connected to our genuine selves, this urges us to take a spiritual leap and to open our minds and hearts to unlimited potential.

Amazonite as a Zodiac Birthstone

  • A Virgo birthstone

As a birthstone, Amazonite is ruled by Uranus and associated to Virgo. People who have Virgo as their star sign are typically hard-working, loyal, patient and kind but can tend to be a bit on the timid side and veer into overthinking their every move – which in turn can lead to layers of self-doubt that need to be sloughed away.

Virgo’s are notorious for having a severe inner judgment and while they apply their soft touch to their interactions with others, they are for sure their own worst adversary and find it tough to live up to those unreasonable standards. As a stone that stimulates kindness and the growth of self-respect, Amazonite helps to bring forth that much-needed balance.

How to use the Amazonite Stone

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  • Wear for hope and wisdom
  • Place in the home for water energy

Incorporate more of that soil and water aspect into your life by making place for Amazonite to flow. For those wanting a little help in growing their kind nature or a heavenly nurturer of self-love and communication, there are dozens of ways you may bring the blue-green crystal into your existence. Whether through exquisite Amazonite jewelry pushed against the skin or a single stone put in a sacred spot, here are all the ways you may use your healing crystals to accomplish good in your inner world…


Amazonite jewelry is pretty about as stunning as it gets. Whether the silver and green flash of an Amazonite ring or the simple swirl of an Amazonite bracelet over the wrist, the green stones are incredibly flexible and contain notes of Mother Nature’s most outstanding features – from ocean to organic land. Amazonite jewelry is a treat to see and the color scheme fits with just about anything. Not only is Amazonite jewelry attractive and whimsical with its feminine qualities, but when worn directly into the skin (as in a necklace, ring or bracelet), its power becomes all the more effective.

Gemstone bracelets are a terrific alternative for individuals seeking a simple, modest, and attractive method to alter their body to emotional well-being every day. Unlike other types of crystal healing (altar-building and meditation), you may absorb those healing properties every second when you invite direct skin contact with your precious stones. Additional stones and valuable gems that fit well with Amazonite might include; the mystical appeal of Lapis Lazuli, the high vibrations of Labradorite, the shining path given by enchanting Moonstone, and the sea splash of Aquamarine. This vivid ocean crystal goes incredibly well with other wonderful pale green and blue stones that provide persistent good luck without resting on their laurels.

Home & Office Feng Shui

With pleasant flowing water energy, Amazonite gives a weight of worth to Feng Shui in both the home and business. When placed in the house, it works its magic to promote crucial healing, providing a sanctuary of soothing tranquility and a place where you can genuinely practice being your authentic self. Properly matched, Amazonite can also serve to promote peace between you and your loved one because to its wonderful capacity to assist open hearts. If you struggle to ask explicitly for your wants while partnered, having the stone close by might also inspire you to communicate more forcefully.

Put Amazonite next to your bed also, especially if you like to toss and turn with numerous ideas running rampant all night. As noted, Amazonite is a little like a worry bead, in that, it absorbs all your unspent anxieties and soothes calamity mind, asking you to snuggle down and sleep in blissful joy.

How to Care for your Amazonite

collection of amazonite stones in sunlight
  • Cleanse with water
  • The charge for a sort time in sunlight

Having your Amazonite crystal cleansed guarantees that it continues to provide you the clarity you need to live in your truest truth. Since it works well when soaking up bad emotions, you don’t want to leave it tainted by all the furious energy it scoops up along the road. Ensuring you maintain your stone cleansed, especially after exceptionally stressful moments will keep your crystal flowing love and ever in the exemplary flow.

All it takes to clear and wash your crystal and to keep it ticking is to run it under lukewarm water for a few seconds and then pat it dry gently. Being a water element implies that it doesn’t need much to make it ripple clean again. Along with keeping it clear, you may also wish to charge it to improve its efficacy. Amazonite reacts marvelously to the warm kiss of the sun, so next time you feel those golden rays upon your face, place your Amazonite jewelry or stone in a slant of sunshine and let nature do its thing. But be mindful not to let it sit too long in the sun. While it likes that summer radiant energy, too much time in the sun or abruptly altering the temperature of the stone might have a knock-on impact for that glittering blue-green coloration.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationTektosilicate
Chemical FormulaKAlSi3O8
Crystal SystemTriclinic
ColorBlue-green to green
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
OccurrenceGranitic pegmatites
FormationIgneous rocks, particularly pegmatites
DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
CleavagePerfect in one direction, poor in two others
Mohs Hardness6-6.5
Specific Gravity2.56-2.58
Diagnostic PropertiesDistinctive blue-green color, white streak, perfect cleavage, and triclinic crystal structure
Chemical CompositionPotassium aluminum silicate
Crystal SystemTriclinic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial negative
Refractive Indexnα = 1.518-1.526, nβ = 1.522-1.530, nγ = 1.525-1.533
Birefringenceδ = 0.007-0.015
2V angleMeasured: 40-80°; Calculated: 44-74°
Other characteristicsFluorescent and exhibits strong pleochroism (shows different colors in different directions)

A Final Thought on the Amazonite Stone

No wonder this gem is connected with the Amazonite warriors and the tucked-away treasures of the forest; there’s something both savage and softly comforting about the stone. It’s all about balance and duality in nature, which perfectly complements the mood of producing magic and energy and maintaining what the universe offers you regardless.

To break those patterns of self-sabotage and amp up your self-love game, sometimes we all need a little extra help, and here is where Amazonite may be a deserving amulet. Imagine a life brimming with love and optimism and the ease with which you may remove troubles and anxieties without allowing them to stay trapped. Perhaps is time to wave farewell to all those bad feelings that might hound your step and instead say yes to honoring yourself and living in the light of total sincerity, trust and open communication. Be your own fighter with this magnificent stone.

What do you think about Amazonite? Does it motivate you to embrace self-soothing? Share in the comments.

Amazonite FAQ’s

What does Amazonite do?

Amazonite is a stone representing truth, hope, and flow. This green blue stone serves to provide clarity and peace. It also dispels bad energy and helps protect from EMFs. Amazonite is related to the throat chakra making it a wonderful tool for boundary setting and expressing your truth. It can also be utilized for manifestation.

What is Amazonite excellent for?

Amazonite is a truth seeker and enables you to be an excellent speaker. It helps to eliminate blockages from the throat chakra and heightens your intuition so you can communicate clearly and from the heart. It also diffuses bad energy and allows you to move out of judgment and into acceptance and flow. For individuals who seek a revitalized feeling of optimism, Amazonite is the stone for you.

Can Amazonite go in water?

Amazonite scores a 6 to a 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale implying that it’s a safe stone to go in water. It has huge water energy and cleaning it by running it under the faucet or giving it a short plunge should be good. However, it’s not advisable to leave Amazonite in water or to eat water that Amazonite has been in because it is a potassium feldspar crystal.

How to detoxify Amazonite?

One of the greatest methods to swiftly cleanse Amazonite of all that stored up energy is to run it under the tap. The fast flow of water will dissipate any negative energy secreted in the stone and will restore it to its previous beauty. While Amazonite is safe in water, we don’t encourage lengthy durations of submersion. You may also cleanse it using smudging, sound baths, and leaving it moon or sunlight for small periods of time.

What is Amazonite?

Amazonite is a green blue gemstone that originates from the mineral class of microcline. It is a type of potassium feldspar and is regarded to be a semi-precious gemstone. Amazonite is noted for its relaxing and soothing effect. It has been used for ages to balance energies and as a manifestation technique.

How to charge Amazonite?

Charging your Amazonite is uncomplicated and will make sure that the stone is bursting with healing energy and ever ready to bring you out of a rut. One of the greatest methods to charge your Amazonite is to leave it in the light of the moon. You may also place it in a bowl with clear quartz or selenite and they will share their charging powers.

What chakra is Amazonite?

Like many stunning blue-green gemstones out there, Amazonite is a fantastic stone for helping cleanse the throat chakra but it also helps on the heart chakra too. When the heart and the throat chakras are freed you may tap into shades of love and trust and you can better express yourself with compassion and eloquence.

Where is Amazonite found?

Amazonite is found worldwide in areas including Russia, Brazil, the USA, and Madagascar. While it receives its name from the sweeping Amazon River – there are really no Amazonite deposits in that exact locality.

What is Amazonite used for?

Amazonite is utilized for healing, harmonizing masculine and feminine energy, and enabling people to find inner peace. It’s a stone with great relaxing energy and is a beautiful gem for teaching you to ‘go with the flow’. Amazonite also aids communication as it’s a throat chakra stone. It may be utilized in reiki, chakra healing, in manifestation and in Feng Shui.

What does Amazonite look like?

Amazonite is a stunning semi-precious gemstone that comes in colors of blue and green. It has an opaque aspect to it and frequently features murky milky steaks. Your Amazonite stone may have some similarities to Jadeite however, the hue is generally softer and has more blue in it.

Can Amazonite become wet?

Sure, Amazonite may become wet however it is not advisable to keep the crystal submerged in water for lengthy periods of time. A brief spray of water will clear your Amazonite without leaving any damage. Avoid drinking or eating any water that Amazonite has been in as it is a potassium feldspar stone.

How much does Amazonite cost?

The pricing of Amazonite can vary (like other crystals) dependent on its color, cut, and quality. It also depends on how the stone is placed as it is commonly set in precious metals when in jewelry form. Amazonite isn’t regarded to be an exceptionally pricey stone and you can expect to pay between $2 and $25 per carat.

Is Amazonite rare?

Amazonite is a rare stone yet despite its rarity and beauty, it is not a costly stone which is why it’s so popular. Due to its gorgeous color scheme, Amazonite is widely employed as a stone in high-quality jewelry settings and this may undoubtedly push up the price. What is intriguing about Amazonite is that it is a rare variation of one of the worlds most frequent mineral kinds – feldspar.

Is Amazonite safe to wear?

Yes, Amazonite is safe to wear. Along with being safe to wear, this stone also delivers swaths of protection and other therapeutic benefits, especially when in direct touch with the skin. Amazonite is recognized for harmonizing energies, cleansing the throat and heart chakra, and helping you stay cool and serene. It can also fend off bad energy and protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs.

How to utilize Amazonite?

If you want to make the most of Amazonite’s healing abilities, you may wear this stone straight on the skin. Amazonite jewelry is a delight, it will surround you in a relaxing glow, fend off bad energy, balance you out, and keep your vibrations high. You may also utilize Amazonite in chakra healing by placing it on your throat or your heart region to clear up blockages. Amazonite may also be welcomed into the house, and it will calm the environment and enable effective and compassionate communication.

Is Amazonite expensive?

Amazonite is a highly cheap semi-precious gemstone. You should anticipate spending between $2-$25 per carat depending on the quality, cut, and color of the sample. Amazonite is typically set in precious metals which can considerably enhance the price of Amazonite jewelry, but you should be able to pick up carvings, stones, and bead bracelets for a decent price.

What does Amazonite assist with?

Amazonite aids with communication and serenity. It is a stone of optimism and harmony that may balance masculine and feminine energies. As a heart chakra stone it may enable you to love, trust, and live with compassion. As a throat chakra stone, it aids with communication and expression. The blue-green tones are also a reminder to go with the flow.

Where to install Amazonite in the home?

Inviting Amazonite into your house is a terrific way to create a gentle, relaxing, and expressive environment. Put your Amazonite stone in any communal place and allow this gem to work its magic and bring peace, harmony, and wonderful communication to the table. You may also store Amazonite next to your bed as it will calm the monkey mind and help you sleep peacefully.

How is Amazonite formed?

Amazonite is a potassium feldspar mineral which indicates it is generated by extreme pressure and heat deep in the soil. It generally arises from igneous rocks, plutonic granite, and pegmatite. Amazonite is generated when lava cools in the ground and its color is believed to arise from the presence of lead and water.

How to detect whether Amazonite is real?

One of the greatest methods to identify if your Amazonite stone is authentic is to take a careful look at the coloration of the gemstone. Genuine Amazonite will contain tints of blue and green but won’t be oversaturated in its colours. It will be brilliant and opaque and smooth to the touch. It will almost probably include inclusions in it and these may look as white veins. The color will be organic and will fade here and there. Amazonite is likewise a hard stone and interacts with the light. If your Amazonite is overly dull or fully opaque then it may not be real.

What are Amazonite beads?

Amazonite beads are used in gemstone jewelry creation. These beads will be tiny chunks of Amazonite fashioned into a size and cut that are acceptable for being utilized in jewelry. Amazonite beads are wonderful for crafting therapeutic bracelets that enhance communication, heart and throat chakra cleaning, and provide harmony and balance to the body, mind, and soul.

How to detect Amazonite?

One of the most significant ways of recognizing that you have an ammonite stone in hand is to have a look at the hue. Amazonite contains colors of green and blue but will also generally have white veins or inclusions running through it also. It should also have a sleek surface and feel pleasant to the touch.

Is Amazonite quartz?

Amazonite is a feldspar mineral rather than a quartz. Yet, Amazonite sometimes has inclusions or streaks of white quartz within it that nicely contrast with the regular blue and green tones of the stone.

Is Amazonite valuable?

Amazonite is a semi-precious gemstone that is extremely rare in nature. Nonetheless, despite its rarity, it is a highly cheap stone. Pure green Amazonite is the rarest kind of Amazonite and owing to its lack of availability, this sort of Amazonite will command a bigger price than the green-blue variation.

What are the therapeutic powers of Amazonite?

Amazonite has various therapeutic qualities. Physically, it can help balance out thyroid disorders and support healthy cell regeneration. Emotionally, Amazonite is all about balancing and controlling the nervous system. It helps you to feel calmer and can settle nervous attitudes. Spiritually, Amazonite assists with boundary establishing, and communication and links the heart and the voice.

What color is Amazonite?

Amazonite features gorgeous colors of blue and green. It can also have white foggy patches or milky stripes set in the stone. Sometimes you can locate Amazonite which has additional purple or gray hidden beneath the surface but blue and green remain its major color pattern.

What does Amazonite mean?

Amazonite is a stone that represents harmony, hope, plenty, and communication. It is an excellent gem to have on side when you feel like you need to balance out your energy. Like the flowing river after which it was called, Amazonite reminds us of the significance of going gently in the direction the world is directing us and that submission doesn’t entail a loss of strength.

What is an Amazonite gemstone?

The Amazonite gemstone is a blue-green feldspar mineral known as microcline. It scores a 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale suggesting it is a rough and hard stone. It has a silky gloss and might have an opaque or somewhat foggy aspect to it. Amazonite is regarded to be a stone of hope, harmony, and healing. It assists in balancing energy and has a soothing effect.

What is Amazonite made of?

Amazonite is a blue-green form of microcline – which is also known as feldspar. It’s part of the triclinic crystal structure and is named after the enormous Amazon River. This all natural crystal is a beauty and is utilized in all types of therapeutic techniques to bring harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. It’s regarded to be a stone of hope, connection, and flow.

What is an Amazonite stone?

Amazonite is a green-blue semi-precious gemstone that belongs to the potassium feldspar family. It is semi-opaque and comes in aquatic colors that are suggestive of the magnificent river from which it receives its name. This microcline crystal is regarded for being a gem that encourages communication, balance, harmony and hope.

What is the meaning of Amazonite?

The meaning of Amazonite is optimism and peace. It receives its name from the flow of the Amazonite River as this is where green stones used to be found in abundance, however Amazonite is not now mined in this region. Nonetheless, the name complements the stone since is a jewel that teaches us to submit, let go, and achieve our balance in life.

What sort of rock is Amazonite?

Amazonite comes from igneous rocks normally however as a feldspar mineral it may also be found in other kinds of rocks like sedimentary and metamorphic too. It’s typically found in hydrothermal veins and as grains in sedimentary rocks. It occurs in igneous rocks of deep water and forms slowly over time.

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