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Green Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

The Significance of Healing Stones in your Life

Ancient magic, spiritual meaning, and earthly elemental joys may all be discovered hidden in the high humming vibrations of healing stones. For millennia, crystals have been relied upon to assist people to find their way in this wild and unrestrained world. By connecting to these rare gems of energy extracted from the depths of our planet, we may sync up our body, mind, and soul and find new ways to live in harmony. Gemstones are extremely significant in our environment as they urge us to live in harmony. They balance the chakras, purify the aura, and even provide themes of protection and personal strength. Whether you are drawn to gems that enable you to dig down and claim your area or whether you appreciate stones that urge you to fly high, there’s a magical mascot out there just waiting to support your greatest self.

Green Gemstone Benefits

Green and shimmering, there’s something about this soft or velvet tint that instantly comforts. This is exactly the type of energy that green gems convey. Green is one of the most dominating hues to be found in nature – from cold green and blue pools to the rustling of trees and soft grass that urge you to dive in. Due of this link, green is recognized for its soothing influence and for allowing us to feel connected to this land we live. It’s also a hue connected with the heart chakra — one of the most essential chakras for strengthening our feeling of hope, love, and trust, and fostering connections that heal. Green gemstones are resplendent with their implications of luck, happiness, and sheer delight. They encourage ideas of balance and freedom and good energy. Green leads the road with gold, it’s a stone that invites exploration, spiritual growth, and greater significance. It is our earth’s energy and crucial in creating healthy everlasting transformation.

Heart Chakra Healing 

Awaken your heart to divine light, profound love, and real healing with green gemstones. Ever ready to immerse your heart in trust, green stones shake loose any stagnant energy kept in the heart and aid you in overcoming any old issues of heartache, distrust, and any splinters you may be carrying. When our heart chakra is open we can offer and receive love in ways that make us feel wonderful. We let go of bitter actions and we attract nice people and wonderful things in our lives because we know we are valued.

Physical Healing

As a heart chakra stone, green gems love to offer a flush of health to your cardiovascular system. These stones strengthen the heart, the lungs, and the whole respiratory system so that you may breathe more profound and more accessible and infuse every cell in your body with the beauty of life. Green gems also deliver a rush of vigor. For people who feel drained of energy, go into lethargy easily, and struggle with a good immune system – green gems energize your health (along with your intellect), giving you a fresh sense of vigor. These jewels also stimulate deep restorative sleep, tranquillity in place of anxiousness, and a calmer mentality which is beneficial for your all-around health and well-being.


Fill your heart and your house with green jewels, and you will quickly notice a difference in the quality of your connections and relationships. Green jewels lift you up. They guarantee that you choose mates who match your vibrational energy, and they assist in reigniting the embers of hot connection. There is so much good in green gems when it comes to love; they help to build beautiful bonds of trust, they wrap you in a blanket of security so you don’t need to fall prey to feelings like jealousy or insecurity, and they just encourage you to be more open to love, friendship, communication, connection and all that sweet stuff that gives us inner strength.


Green is generally connected with money and prosperity, making green gemstones a delicious sign of affluence. Glittering in varied colors of green, these gems bring luck and success to your door. Since green gems allow you to stay concentrated and enthusiastic about ideas, projects, and lifework, you keep onto that steam and get driven forward to the finish line. This is also true of artistic ventures too. Wealth comes to us in many ways, and with an open heart, connection to nature, and feeling of energy coursing through your cells, you are likely to feel a refreshed sense of fortune.

22 Green Crystals You Can Use Every Day

From deep delicious green to a light pale sheen, there are thousands of green gems out there that can allow you to attain everything that you wish. Whatever diamond you are drawn to is a completely personal choice and one largely based on intuitive insight and necessity. Each green diamond dances with its own energies – some offer good luck and money riches whilst others spark that connection to nature and cultivate love. Pick one that speaks to you and fill your cup straight full with these sparkling gems of green…

1) Green Jade 

Green Jade

Filled with centuries of history and steeped in good luck, there’s a reason that Green Jade has gained its reputation as an outstanding amulet. Whether business or leisure, Green Jade is all about attracting riches, perfecting success, and enveloping you in the delight of good health and personal fortune. With all of this good luck comes better self-confidence and protection against disaster and unhappiness. Find out more about the significance of Jade.

2) Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine Stone

The gamblers stone, Green Aventurine is surely the fortunate stone you want to keep tucked inside your pocket. This diamond is cool to the touch (a clue as to the sort of energy it delivers) (a clue as to the type of energy it brings). Not only will Green Aventurine get to work and bring prosperity into your life, but it also enables you to retrieve that which you have lost before. This might be financial loss, loss of love or any form of fortune that you believe has gone through your fingers. Find out more about the significance of Aventurine.

3) Green Malachite 


Malachite is the wizard of strength. Called the stone of change, Malachite has immense energy that shakes free stagnancy and despair and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life. This luscious dark green gem allows you to open up, welcome new chances, and advance to exciting new periods of life. It also functions like a magnet to attract good energy and encourages you to live in the light of plenty. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

4) Bloodstone 


Malachite is the wizard of strength. Called the stone of change, Malachite has immense energy that shakes free stagnancy and despair and puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life. This luscious dark green gem allows you to open up, welcome new chances, and advance to exciting new periods of life. It also functions like a magnet to attract good energy and encourages you to live in the light of plenty. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.

5) Peridot 

peridot stone

Glinting like a cats eye, gorgeous Peridot twinkles with good energy. This magnificent vivid stone is as fresh as spring rain and shares its colors with the first sprout of green life. In line with this philosophy, Peridot is all about showering down abundance onto you. For individuals who are keen to find the joy in life, this exquisite treasure puts your body, mind, and soul into balance. Find out more about the significance of Peridot.

6) Amazonite 


The stone of the Amazon warriors, Amazonite brings its personal power, rise in confidence, and individual sense of truth to light. An adorer of sincerity, Amazonite offers all that it can to assist you connect to your heart wishes. It works to break down those enormous sentiments and overpowering ideas into lovely bite-sized and fully digestible chunks. It also returns exhausted energy levels back to radiant flushes of health. Find out more about the meaning of Amazonite.

7) Garnet 

green tourmaline

Beautiful Garnet is filled with life. Soaked to the bone with blazing red, it’s a stone that quickly sparks our inner fire. Garnet was thought to be the lone light gleaming through the darkness aboard Noah’s Ark — the shimmering light of hope. As that narrative has been conveyed across the globe, we perceive Garnet as a traveling talisman but also as a gem that truly links with the root chakras, warms the soul, and enables you to enhance your connection to others. Find out more about the significance of Garnet.

8) Green Tourmaline 

green tourmaline

Forever relaxing in shaded light greens, this mix of Tourmaline is a dab hand at helping to balance your spiritual essence and your physical might. It’s a stone that ripples with colors of confidence and tranquility. Green Tourmaline may also be used to spark a rush of inspiration, bring in all aspects of good luck, and realize the enchantment of all your hopes and objectives. Find out more about the significance of Tourmaline.

9) Moldavite 


Strong vibrations and highly powerful frequencies distinguish Moldavite apart as being an amazing green healer. This stone is your guiding light when it comes to the abilities of change. Not only can Moldavite keep negative vibes and harmful energies at bay but it also enhances psychic connection so you can see what the world needs from you and make sure you are on the correct road. It’s a stone of synchronicity and owing to all those high vibrations, it ignites the urge to connect with the divine.

10) Green Calcite 

green calcite

Compassion, forgiveness, and a thousand heart-healing vibrations are waiting for you in the sparkle of Green Calcite. Lively with lime freshness, this gem is a rush of vigor and reminds us of the need of learning to process, let go, and find our flow. Not only does Green Calcite foster compassion for others but it also turns it back in on yourself so you may heal, harmonize, and fill your heart with room and light.

11) Green Agate

green agate stone

Dive into improved decision making and grow flexible in your emotional feelings as you welcome the balancing act of Green Agate to your soul party. Green Agate comes loaded with tremendous healing abilities, it brings vital energy surging straight through, making it an excellent stone for individuals who are attempting to overcome lethargy or disease. For individuals who feel like they need a helping hand to reach success (whatever that means to you), Green Agate might be your go-to. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.

12) Green Fluorite 

green fluorite

As a stone to improve your attention and sharpen your focus, Green Fluorite is great at helping your mind to keep on track. For people who have a monkey mind that appears to be perpetually wandering, Green Fluorite reins it all back in and holistically soothes and relaxes. It’s a jewel that understands how to balance out all the chakras, asking you to stand in alignment and to capture all that spring energy. Green Fluorite pays specific attention to the heart chakra, keeping you clear-headed, open-hearted, and trusting the process. Find out more about the meaning of Green Fluorite.

13) Prasiolite/Green Quartz 

green quartz

A stone that receives its name from the Greek for leek since it shares the same spring coloring, Prasiolite is the term for Green Quartz. Quartz stones are amazing amplifiers, they take a dab of energy, a transient desire, or a snapshot of a dream and they make it huge. Green Quartz is a delight and its fantastic at cleaning away lumpy energy and opening the way for a smooth flow. For individuals who desire to bring more loving and peaceful energies into their environment, let Prasiolite become a presence in your life. Find out more about the meaning of Quartz.

14) Prehnite 


Beautiful Prehnite is here to harmonize the heart. This pale green gem comes with profound clarity and soft peaceful confidence that encourages you to apply your judgments based on intuition and alignment with your own soul. Prehnite quietens the ego and teaches us to accept humility so that we live in the light of healing rather than hurt. It also cools aggression and gives serenity to stress – both emotionally and physically too.

15) Serpentine 

serpentine stone

Much like the huge snake, the Serpentine stone reminds us of the significance of shedding our old skin and habits so we may embrace a new sense of ourselves. We are ever-changing and evolving and this dazzling green diamond beckons to us to be courageous enough to throw off that which does not serve us and to inhabit locations where we may be our boldest, brightest selves. It also offers a thrumming connection with the natural world which urges us to move with grace and ease.

16) Tsavorite 


A beautiful crystal of growth and splendor, the Tsavorite gem hails from the Garnet family and shares some of those rich and regal emotions. Tsavorite is a stone that leads you to recognize the beauty that is plentiful in yourself and the environment you create. It’s a treasure that entices you to accept your own destiny rather than running from it. With this dedication to controlling your life and your actions comes a sense of personal strength and appreciation.

17) Zoisite 


Considered to be a stone of return, Zoisite invites us back to our own center. This jewel is here to promote empowerment, completeness, and yes – centering. It tells us that we can be our own anchor and no matter how far we stray in life, there’s always the opportunity to come home to the body. This gem may also come blended with the fiery element of Ruby, this marriage is great for those creative types wishing to reset stale artistic energy and to regain significance, bravery, and vitality in a body of work that may have been thrown aside for a time.

18) Green Apatite 

green apatite

Brimming with the fresh life of a magnificent spring, Green Apatite is associated to the goddess Persephone and with it brings shades of celebration, joy, new life, expansion, and abundance. All of these things keep us bright and stimulate our senses. This gem eviscerates bad energy and produces mirth that makes us feel forever happy to be alive. For individuals who desire pleasure and play and feeling like every day is a breath of fresh air, Green Apatite might be your gem.

19) Moss Agate 

Moss Agate

Spending around with Moss Agate is like taking a stroll through a wonderful fairy woodland. This jewel is all about sending the therapeutic touch of the natural world directly to your home. Moss Agate mesmerizes with invigorating energy — image spring showers or walking through a cool woodland on a sunny day. Moss Agate heals fatigued brains and makes sure that you pick people and locations that are harmonious with your deeper sense of emotion. This stone wants everything to align and it helps you to remove whatever that has been holding you back so you can go to that point. Find out more about the significance of Moss Agate.

20) Seraphinite


The divine feminine and link with the higher worlds is captured in the shimmering surface of delicate Seraphinite. This stone is wonderful to gaze at owing to its tones of velvet green and flecks of silver. Seraphinite comes from the enigmatic folklore soaked Lake Baikal area in Russia and carries with it spiritual vibrations and light from your soul star chakra. While many green gems are earthy delight, Seraphinite is hues of mysterious light and air.

21) Chrome Diopside 

chrome diopside

A stone related to opportunity, Chrome Diopside connects you to the force of Gaia and gives grounding, harmony, and a stronger sense of dedication to the land. For all those who feel like floating heads and who wish to feel more at home in their body and our earth, this green gem can help you in that connection. It allows you to sync your frequencies with the natural world so that you flow in harmony and leave no trace but learn to whole-heartedly cohabit with our one lovely earth.

22) Chrysoprase 


Hit all the high notes on your journey to the top as you carry Chrysoprase with you to assist produce joy, optimism, and success in your every attempt. This gorgeous jewel is all bright tones of green. It’s fantastic for helping the heartbeat stay in time and turns the scale down on any anxiety you may be feeling. As a heart chakra gem, Chrysoprase will wring out poisonous emotions, plunges you into purer waves of love and happiness, and makes sure that you are balanced in body, mind, and soul.

How to Use Green Crystals

green worry stones

With this excess of magnificent green gems it’s important to engage with them in both a spiritual and physical manner. One of the finest methods of accomplishing this is to keep them close to your skin. Wearing gemstones, laying them on the heart, or holding them assists your body and heart to sync up with the vibrations of your selected crystal. When you are linked to those frequencies, the gem can get to work cleansing the chakras, safeguarding your aura, and doing that deep dive work that raises your wellness.

What other gemstones should I combine them with?

Green gemstones work nicely with pink stones as they are both heart chakra healers and compliment each other’s exquisite qualities. Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Morganite and any of the delicate pink gems create a perfect complement for green stones. Clear Quartz can also enhance any energy from the green stones which is perfect for individuals who want to dial up the power. Black gems will also function with green stones as they aid to give security and shielding for people who may be cautious about opening their hearts and receiving plenty.

Wrap up

Green jewels offer a beautiful aura. For people who desire to live a full, rich, and wonderful life, these stones heal heart scars, offer joy, link us to nature, and help us to open our arms to all the possibilities that the cosmos has in store.

Which is your favorite green stone? Do you appreciate the deep swirls of Malachite or the lovely brightness of Peridot? Share with us in the comments.

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