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Angelite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

What is Angelite?

Gypsum in the form of angelite, which is made from calcium sulfate. It develops after millions of years of compression of celestite. It is a delicate crystal with a light blue color that is incredibly porous. Angelite’s meaning is to create calming and tranquil energy.

Connect with Your Spirit Guides

A lullaby of light, love, and the ascent to higher consciousness is the Angelite crystal. This is one of those stones that really exudes healing and spirituality. The Angelite Stone brings its blue color, its ethereal energy, and its messages from the other side straight to your heart in tones as soft as angel wings or the pale dawn sky streaked with a thousand promises.

This sacred stone was hidden away for many years and only found in 1987 in the enigmatic Inca territories of Peru. It is also known as anhydrite, a Greek word meaning “without water,” which is another name for it. This is so that Angelite can grow in arid regions where Gypsum Crystals originally sat next to water. The crystals become crushed as the water dries out over thousands of years, giving birth to the soft blue color of angelite. It has also been mined in Britain, Poland, Libya, Germany, Mexico, and Egypt since its discovery in Peru.

In terms of energy and physicality, angelite is as gentle as silk. When submerged in water, it will change back to Gypsum, serving as a reminder of the ethereal energy and transformation that seem to flow dreamily through the crystal. It is made of calcium sulfate and is likewise a product of the Celestite brain crystal. Angelite is the ideal stone for individuals seeking a greater level of awareness because of its elevated spirit, peaceful demeanor, promise of surrender, connection to higher purpose, and spirit guidance. Continue reading if you want to learn more about incorporating the miracle of Angelite meaning into your life.

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Healing Properties 

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The crystal meaning of angelite is all about connecting with your higher self and discovering your spiritual sense of purpose. It is a stone that may aid you instantly on your path to connecting with the Angel realm. It is a stone that stimulates dreams, intuition, kind self-expression, and increased mental serenity. See all of Angelite’s glistening therapeutic benefits to learn how it can heal your body, mind, and soul.

Physical Healing Properties

While angelite’s ability to heal spiritually accounts for the majority of its power, it also has the capacity to heal physically. We are all aware of the significant health advantages that a clear, open mind can provide, and angelic stone angelite is no exception. Angelite is a wonderful healer when it comes to the physical body. It aids in thyroid gland balancing and aids the body in recovering from any throat infection. Angelite, which promotes health and wellbeing throughout your entire body, can also aid in the renewal of blood vessels and the maintenance of a flushed, full, and healthy heart. Moreover, it can aid in weight loss, headache relief, and disease recovery.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Angelite is the stone for you if you wish to live your life with purpose and with intention. Angelite is here to clear all that chaos away for people who find their heart and mind congested with worry, rage, resentment, or any of these emotions that can become toxic when out of balance. It’s a stone that transforms lovely, peaceful, and good energy, inviting you to practice forgiveness, open your heart to compassion, and re-establish your connection to the breath cycles that move you toward consciousness. There is a certain sense of surrender when using angelite. It’s not necessary for the word “surrender” to connote weakness; in fact, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to put an end to worrying and fighting and allow oneself to be carried away by the energy of the present moment.

Metaphysical Properties

The Angelite stone really seems to sparkle in the spiritual realm. This highly spiritual crystal, which thoroughly cleanses negative energy, can help you access your psychic abilities, open your mind and heart so that astral travel is possible for you, and nurture your abilities for telepathic communication, connections with spirit guides and guardian angels, and access to divine universal knowledge. Angelite begins working on the chakras at the throat chakra and works its way up. The Throat Chakra serves as our center of truth and the channel via which we decide to share our sense of self with the outside world. Our Third Eye Chakra is where we store our profound intuitive knowledge and ensure that we are able to bridge the chasms inside ourselves in order to bridge them with others. We can tune into a higher truth by using the Crown Chakra. It serves as both our entryway into the world of angels and our route through otherworldly realms. Angelite can assist in the dream world by facilitating lucid dreaming and allowing for the transmission of global messages.

Zodiac Birthstone

Angelite is the ideal gemstone for people born under the sign of Aquarius because of its water-like flow and color scheme that resembles an ice-cold, pure summer lake at daybreak. The intellectual, forceful, and wholly independent sign of Aquarius also has a unique streak of creativity that always seems to work in their favor, making them stand out as a unique individual. While Aquarians do have a bit of a hippy side, they can also come off as aloof and prefer not to connect with others emotionally too deeply. Angelite is fortunately here to make sure that they stay connected—and not just superficially. This stone helps Aquarians stay focused on soft pleasures and spiritual wealth by bringing them calming qualities, serene energy, and higher simple thinking.

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How to Use Angelite

Angelite Bracelet

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There are various ways you might welcome angelite’s whimsical wonder and feathery light brightness into your life if it seems to be beckoning to your spiritual soul. For those who prefer a stand-alone crystal, you can choose pieces of tumbled Angelite or a gorgeous chunk of soft quartz to place in your altar, your Feng Shui practice, or to weave into your spiritual rituals as well. Angelite is a delicately dressed in blue crystal that makes for a lovely crystal to wear when it comes to gemstone jewelry.

Home & Office

As part of your Feng Shui routine, you might invite angelite into your home if you wish to increase the spiritual awareness in your personal space. Angelite is such a potent stone for healing and healers that you may instantly feel at ease and serene just by having it in your surroundings. If you wish to practice lucid dreaming and traveling via the channels of sleep, angelite can be placed in your bedroom or under your pillow. Angelite can also be used to keep a space fluid, fresh, and tuned to softer higher thinking if you believe it is more susceptible to acquiring toxins or negative energy. Angelite can draw this kind of energy and can help you gain access to these secret plains, therefore anyone who practices reiki, tarot, working with guardian angels, or rituals that connect to other realms should make sure it is present as well.


Jewelry When you decide to wear an angelite bracelet or other piece of jewelry, you are genuinely choosing to maximize the benefits of this deeply angelic stone. Angelite’s calming blue tones invite all of that lovely white light and healing vibrations to immediately into your soul on contact with the skin. You develop the habit of keeping oneself open and always prepared for receiving whatever spiritual advice the world has in store for you by carrying or wearing Angelite throughout the day.

Angelite loves to hang out with other stones like Fluorite and Celestite, as well as the soft glow of Moonstone or soft Selenite, if you want to magnify or counterbalance the power of this dreamy stone even more. Pairing Angelite with Hematite or Obsidian will add an additional layer of defense. It also enjoys working with other stones for the head chakra, such as amethyst, or you might pair it with the amiable and joyful Blue Lace Agate for the throat chakra. Choose Labradorite or Lapis Lazuli if you want to foster that third eye connection because they both have a mysterious, dreamy vibe. Carnelian or other fiery red stones that convey that sense of passion and balance can be matched by those who want to make sure they maintain balance and are aware of the world around them while exploring the spirit realms.

How to Cleanse your Gemstone 

Angelite and Other Stones

You want to keep your Angelite Stone in dazzling health so that it is better able to perform the work it needs. It should be soft as silk and as pale as dew. All crystals are infamous for accumulating negative energies, which is why it’s crucial to give them a regular de-charge session so they can get rid of any residual energy. Because angelite is a soft stone, you shouldn’t use any harsh cleaning techniques. Your Angelite can be cleansed by submerging it briefly in a bowl of spring water or by smudging it with some sage smoke. If you wish to charge up your Angelite, keeping it close with crystal clusters or placing it beneath the full moon for the night can be wonderful ways to fill it back up with its vivid healing light.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationSulfate mineral
Chemical FormulaCaSO4·2H2O
Crystal systemOrthorhombic
ColorLight blue-gray, white, colorless
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
OccurrenceSedimentary and evaporite deposits, as a replacement mineral in gypsum veins
FormationForms as a secondary mineral in sulfate-rich environments, such as desert playas and saline lakes
DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
CleavagePerfect in two directions at nearly right angles
Mohs Hardness3-3.5
Specific Gravity2.9-3.0
Diagnostic PropertiesLight blue-gray color, perfect cleavage, and association with gypsum minerals
Chemical CompositionCaSO4·2H2O
Crystal SystemOrthorhombic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial (+)
Refractive Indexnα = 1.516-1.525, nβ = 1.518-1.526, nγ = 1.522-1.529
2V angleMeasured: 54°-64°, calculated: 58°-66°
Other characteristicsCan be scratched by a fingernail

Final Thoughts on Angelite

For those who are spiritually prepared to transcend our own mortal lands, angelite is an extraordinarily perceptive stone. This gem supports your efforts to look beyond the horizon and begin genuinely fostering your psychic abilities or a deeper sense of self. Even if astral travel and communicating with angels are not for everyone, Angelite can nevertheless be incredibly helpful to individuals who prefer to keep their feet firmly planted. This stone is a fluttering white light that calls everyone out of the darkness by clearing your heart of all toxins and bad energy and replenishing it with inner peace and the power of dreams.

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