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Blue Obsidian Meaning: Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Benefits

A silica-rich volcanic rock with a glass-like appearance is called blue obsidian. Due to the rarity of blue obsidian in its natural state, most stones you can buy today are artificial. It forms when lava cools quickly, when the environment is dry and high in silica, and it has a similar chemical makeup to rhyolite. Communication and grounding are the meanings of blue obsidian.

To fully understand what Blue Obsidian has to offer, we have taken the time to sift through all the available data and inspiration. We discovered that this gem might be your personal spirit guide if you’re looking to dig deep, speak up, and journey within. We go over everything about Blue Obsidian you should know, such as:

  • The therapeutic effects of blue obsidian
  • the gemstone of Blue Obsidian’s sign
  • Uses for Blue Obsidian
  • Cleansing Blue Obsidian

With all the gentleness of water and the spirit of air, blue obsidian shimmers. The jet-black design of traditional Obsidian shares similar defensive qualities with it, but it also brings out a different kind of force that is seething beneath the surface. If Blue Obsidian doesn’t woo you, check through our list of the most important gemstones in our healing crystal guide to find a crystal that does.

The Gemstone of Rooted Communication 

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Obsidian is a mineral that many crystal lovers are familiar with, although we may not be as familiar with as the other colored hues of this material, of which Blue Obsidian is one. This might be the case because it takes a special combination of chemicals and environmental factors to form, making it scarce. It is nevertheless a remarkable stone, made all the more captivating by its scarcity. It is born in a variety of colors of blue, ranging from lily-like, chilly pools of color to electric high energy. In contrast to Black or Green Obsidian, it catches the eye and the imagination.

The Blue Obsidian, which is stunning in blue, is created from the raging raw energy of volcanoes all over the world. But blue obsidian has a delicate tone that is just as potent in expelling negative energy as black obsidian, which seems to be loaded with that deep, dark force. As a byproduct of cooling lava, Blue Obsidian forms similarly to Black and Green Obsidian. Obsidian’s deeper tones are caused by the presence of iron and magnesium impurities. But the fact that it requires trapped gas bubbles to be present at the same time as cooling is what makes this blue variation of genuine volcanic glass so absurdly rare. Blue obsidian is so uncommon that it is frequently created by humans through a smelting process.

Although it is such a rare opportunity to purchase a genuine piece of naturally derived Blue Obsidian, deposits of Blue Obsidian don’t last long after they are mined and found in the earth. As a result, stores soon run out of Blue Obsidian. The stone known as blue obsidian has powerful therapeutic powers and is like poetry in motion. It promotes introsp

Healing Properties 

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A certain energy emanates from Blue Obsidian that exudes serene composure, a sense of serenity, and the magnificence of grounded and fearless communication. We adore it for being a “see before you leap” kind of stone. Its glassy countenance is symbolic for individuals who may need to dig deeply within themselves in order to uncover the truths that lie under the surface. The softly shimmering tones of blue convey cleaning energy. By releasing the bonds of uncertainty and learning to accept your genuine self, it invites you to empower yourself.


Blue obsidian is excellent at fostering communication and grounding because it is all about neutralizing and balancing. This is also effective for the body because it encourages your entire system to unwind, strengthen, and continue functioning normally. Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia are two conditions that blue obsidian is supposed to aid with. Moreover, it promotes digestive system repair and offers relief from throat discomfort.

Mental & Emotional Healing 

Blue Obsidian’s capacity to support communication skills is one of its key advantages. It inspires you to never be afraid to speak your truth and be authentic. This is a very important healing component from this rare and precious stone because the modern world may sometimes make us feel like we don’t belong or that we don’t have a voice. Blue Obsidian helps us concentrate on grounding in addition to giving our voices flexibility and giving us the confidence to communicate. When we are grounded, we can analyze a situation critically rather than allowing our emotions to take over. Balance, self-belief, and assistance in discovering our genuine purpose for being on this earth are all brought by blue obsidian.

Metaphysical Properties 

Both the root chakra and the throat chakra are affected by blue obsidian, which helps you to anchor yourself and speak your truth. Both are necessary tools for leading a richer and more colorful life. Without a clear root chakra, we may find it difficult to feel secure and grounded in this world, which will also affect our ability to speak up, feel heard, and have faith in our own voices.

Another vital energy point for stepping into our own strength is the throat chakra. By suppressing our voice, we can find it difficult to achieve what we need, and we might stifle our sense of power and legitimacy. Although communication is the way we interact with those around us, having an open throat chakra also indicates that we are better able to connect with them on a deeper level. Blue Obsidian can help us grow our psychic abilities much further than these chakras. We become closer to telepathy and even astral travel when we foster the sense of communication and connection.

Zodiac Birthstone 

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While it isn’t a conventional birthstone, anyone can benefit from having this dazzling blue stone nearby in terms of pleasant ease. When combined with Pisces-born individuals, blue obsidian has amazing effects. Pisceans have a propensity to spiral into pessimism and become entrapped inside their own minds. In order to counterbalance that, use blue obsidian. Pessimism will be absorbed by this stone, which will also help Pisceans dig within, find their own feeling of calm and healing, and realize that there is always something to learn from every experience.

How to Use Aqua Blue Obsidian 

The color schemes of Aqua Blue Obsidian are similar to those of the Aegean Sea on a calm day with sunshine and have a pearly tone. That soothing, comforting color exudes serenity. Wearing Aqua Blue Obsidian close to or against the skin is the finest approach to draw in its healing energies. Direct skin contact offers this stone the best chance in the world to start clearing obstructions and improving your communication abilities.

If you’re drawn to aqua blue obsidian for its capacity for communication, you might want to think about wearing a crystal pendant that will keep the stone in close proximity to your throat. The gem will be able to tune into your throat chakra in this way and make sure there are no obstructions preventing your truth from flowing. Consider wearing earrings to bring the stone nearer to your third eye if you wish to access the Blue Obsidian’s third eye chakra energy.

Other grounding and protective stones complement blue obsidian in a stunning way. You can use Dalmatian Jasper, Black Tourmaline, and Fire Agate, to mention a few. If you are actually making the effort to discover and speak your truth, Blue Obsidian can also complement other throat chakra stones. While Clear Quartz can help you stay focused, Blue Lace Agate can help you communicate twice as well.

Aqua Blue Obsidian is also usable in your own space. Wherever you put it, it will start to work on cleaning and purifying the air because it has this healing energy. This stone can help keep the atmosphere in your house caring and peaceful no matter what by promoting open and honest conversation, keeping everyone grounded when it comes to their emotions, and encouraging active listening.

How to Cleanse

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You might believe that Blue Obsidian doesn’t require the same level of magic purification and charging as other crystals because it is a glass-based mineral. In fact, it does. Due to its energetic nature, blue obsidian requires occasional maintenance in order to maintain its superior healing abilities. You should make sure to regularly assist Blue Obsidian in releasing any negative energy it may have gathered or removed. Here are some tips to keep your Blue Obsidian safe and happy, including how to cleanse and charge it.

  • Put it in salt water and let it soak for a while.
  • Overnight, place it in the moon’s rays.
  • bury it for a few days in the ground.
  • Use sage or other purifying herbs to smudge it.

Final Thoughts 

The blue obsidian is stunning. This gem is not only filled with strong, healing energy, but it also exudes therapist vibes that will help you develop all of your communication skills. Blue Obsidian can be your glittering light, whether you’re looking to connect with your inner voice, communicate with others, or use divination and spiritual tools for good.

How do you feel about Blue Obsidian? Are you drawn to this stone, or do you favor the ones that are darker? Post your thoughts and experiences in the comments section for us to read.

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