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Black Onyx Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

What is Onyx?

Describe Onyx. A type of chalcedony is onyx. It is a silicate mineral with parallel bands that is often black with white striping. Onyx, however, comes in a variety of colors, including clear with white banding, green, pink, brown, red, and green. It has a waxy sheen and is primarily composed of calcite. Onyx symbolizes riches and protection.

This type of chalcedony touches the heart after spending hours researching Onyx’s therapeutic benefits. Here, we’ll examine Black Onyx’s jet energy in more detail. Onyx is a stone of decisiveness and strength, offering shades of protection against negative energy, keeping the senses keen and promoting a persistent approach to a life full with joy and wealth. We explore deeper into the healing properties of this peaceful, self-assured stone, learning all the ways it may balance polarities and clear the road.

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The Black Onyx Gemstone

black onyx cube next to white onyx cube

Because of its shape and the brilliant white of the bands that appear inside the gem, this healthy, lush-appearing gem received its name from the Greek word for claw or finger. Legend has it that Cupid used his fabled arrow to sever his mother, the goddess Venus,’ fingernails in ancient Greece. These indestructible fingernails fell from Mount Olympus’ sky and transformed into onyx when they reached the Indus River.

In fact, this ominous and ethereal stone is cherished by gods and queens, and even Cleopatra was said to have kept the stone close because of its strong warding abilities. When it comes to Onyx, there is a lot more than meets the eye. Yes, this stone is protective, but it also benefits us in other ways. It can absorb bad energy and support us in adhering to our own sound judgment, just as other black and lovely stones. Onyx is a favorite in Feng Shui since the Chinese also considered it to be a powerful protector. In myths from the prehistoric Indians, it was also the stone that would ward off evil and discord, maintaining balance and stability, particularly within the bounds of relationships.

Onyx is mined in many different countries, including the US, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil, and India. Given that it ranks as one of the hardest gems at 6.5 on the Mohs scale, this stone is frequently praised as being a good gem for carving. For this reason, onyx-carved antique Roman and Greek artifacts are frequently found.

Onyx has close relatives, and the differences between them might be bewildering, especially as they can be layered with one another. It might be challenging to identify the real stone behind the reference and significance in ancient literature when these jewels are mentioned. Here’s a breakdown for clarification.

Onyx: Onyx is layered Chalcedony and frequently has a black band with white accents or a whole black band. It is claimed to be the eleventh stone on the high priest’s breastplate and gets its name from the Greek word for claw.

Layers of Onyx and Sard alternate in the stone known as sardonyx. It usually has earthy tones with reddish-brown tinges that are accentuated by white Onyx. The name of this stone is derived from the Greek word for flesh, Sarx.

Sard – Sard has burnt reddish or brown Chalcedony undertones, although it is not an Onyx variant. It is claimed to be the first stone on the high priest’s breastplate and was known as Sardius in ancient times.

Banded Onyx, often known as Chalcedonyx, is Chalcedony that has Onyx bands running through it. It can have cream-colored streaks as well as black, grey, brown, and black streaks.

Sardonyx may also be referred to as Red Onyx.

Healing Properties 

black onyx pyramid and necklace

Black Onyx is a master of luck and is frequently worn as a protective amulet. All dark stones offer potent healing qualities, especially when it comes to defense and sheltering you from any threats. Onyx is loaded with strong vibrations and can give the user hues of strength and willpower. Black Onyx will not only surround you with a forcefield shield, but it will also open up new wisdom-filled passageways by igniting specific chakras in the body. Your body, mind, and spirit are all beautifully grounded by black onyx.

Physical Healing

Black Onyx is full of powerful anchoring energy that helps you feel stable in this world and is a tonic for the nerves. This deep, dark diamond calms the nervous system and strengthens the immune system. It also increases stamina and aids in recovery, especially after extended periods of illness or exhaustion. Being able to avoid any hint of relapse and instead encouraging your body to physically focus on mending makes onyx a fantastic diamond for recovery. In addition to supporting teeth and bones, onyx can also assist the body’s bone marrow and tissue tissues.

Mental & Emotional Healing

Black onyx offers your emotional recovery the same sense of rooted strength and energy as it does for your physical body. One of the finest ways to boost your self-esteem and learn the discipline of self-control is to get anchored. Black Onyx is here to calm those who are prone to outbursts of rage, who can vividly feel the rise and fall of frustration, and who frequently find themselves a jangly anxious mess. Flying spirits who might actually benefit from keeping one foot on the ground are bound by this stone. To be able to make sensible decisions, stand tall in your authenticity, and strike the right balance between being task-oriented and leaving enough of room for creative thought, Onyx helps you master your sense of self. For people going through the stages of grief, it can be very helpful because it enables you to mourn, grieve, accept, and release without losing yourself in the process.

Metaphysical Properties 

Black onyx is a stone for the root chakra because it gives all that wonderful grounding energy to keep you grounded to the ground. The root chakra is one of the most significant chakras because it encourages the body to shed extra energy. The entire chakra system may become out of balance if the base chakra is not cleansed. Moreover, black onyx can assist you in maintaining protection when engaging in psychic or former life activities that may leave you vulnerable and open, such as crown chakra opening. The heart chakra can be opened with Green Onyx, and the crown chakra can be unblocked with White Onyx.

Zodiac Birthstone 

For all the fiery Leos out there, black onyx is the ideal birthstone. Leos have strong personalities, are driven and ambitious, and have a big, brilliant, blazing heart. While Leos are naturally endowed with charm and confidence, Onyx aids them in balancing out their uncertainties, which may occasionally run amok, particularly when it comes to jealousy. Leos who use black onyx learn to stand their ground and feel safe, allowing them to feel safe and secure without having to give in to possessive behavior patterns. Leos are encouraged by Black Onyx to take control of their own fate.

How to Use Onyx Stones 

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You can use Black Onyx as a protective talisman to help you get through life if you keep it on you or in your pocket. Using onyx stones in jewelry is one of the best ways to do it. Onyx has the ability to transform all of those healing energies into the body and raise vibrations when it comes into close contact with the skin. Crystals that make contact with the skin might immediately begin working. Without your knowledge, they continue to operate around the clock to protect you from harmful energy and gently guide you in the proper directions. Onyx is a transformative stone, which means it may actively aid in changing your circumstances and perspective on life.

Feng shui can also make use of black onyx. It carries a gorgeously gentle, flowing water energy that ruminates with undertones of silence, calm reflection, purification, and purity as well. You can turn your favorite area into a Zen temple of calm and repose by installing it there. It’s an excellent stone to place close to entrance points because of those strong protection energies.

How to Cleanse Onyx Crystals 

Like other crystals, Black Onyx has to be periodically cleansed and charged. When Black Onyx seems like it is bearing unnecessary weight, keep it cleansed since it is a defensive stone that is constantly working to absorb bad vibes and negative energy. By doing this, you can ensure that your stone will function as needed. Smudging Black Onyx with a sage stick is one of the simplest ways to swiftly and safely cleanse the stone. Pass the stone through the smoke with your lit sage for a few seconds. You can also top up your Black Onyx by placing it in the sun for 6–12 hours to wash and charge it. Your stone can be placed outside for a day in the rain or the moonlight if you don’t want to expose it to the sun.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical FormulaSiO2
Crystal systemTrigonal
LusterVitreous to waxy
FormationFormed in the gas cavities of lava
Mohs Hardness6.5-7
Specific Gravity2.65-2.71
Diagnostic PropertiesSmooth, glossy surface; opaque
Chemical CompositionSilicon Dioxide (SiO2)
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Optical PropertiesUniaxial
Refractive Index1.530-1.543
2V angle40-44°
Other characteristicsCommonly dyed or treated to enhance color; found in volcanic rocks and hydrothermal veins

Final Thoughts

Strength, endurance, and the ability to adapt to your environment without becoming overwhelmed are all gifts of black onyx. By stopping possible enemies in their tracks and paving the way for you to go unhindered through this realm, this gem does the ideal job of a talisman or an amulet. You can be confident that Black Onyx will always be on your side since it will make sure your roots are firmly planted, your emotional balance is restored, and your vigor is consistently refreshed.

How do you feel about Black Onyx? Do you feel drawn to its calming energy? Post your comments with your ideas.

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