Crystals For Money: 17 Stones To Create True Prosperity

We have a variety of potent crystals to choose from that can help you achieve your financial objectives whether your bank account is soaring into the black or plunging into the red.

You Deserve Abundance!

  • Heal your money wounds
  • Welcome abundance in love, health, and wealth
  • Call on the law of attraction

Money is a constant source of complexity and it adds to our sense of worthlessness. The truth is that everyone of us has a special relationship with money, and these relationships almost always contain a great deal of emotion. We could feel guilty for wanting more, like we have too much or not enough, or that we spend too freely or hold on to things too tightly. Whatever your personal relationship with money is, there is probably always some form of wound that has to be healed. Money stones can be useful in this situation.

Crystals associated with good fortune can help us create our own sense of genuine success and find comfort in our actual version of abundance, which goes beyond simply adding more money to our bank accounts. Each person has a different set of financial objectives, and each financial narrative is unique. We always have the power to change our own narrative and to accept healing qualities into our lives. How you view money and how you welcome wealth into your life aren’t fixed in stone. Whatever your financial situation, the fact remains that you deserve abundance, whether it manifests as wealth in terms of numbers, a sense of fullness, or the other types of good fortune that come your way. When you give your attention to genuine, deep healing, the law of attraction is always available to be used.

Continue reading if you’re interested in learning which crystals can truly produce wealth and prosperity.

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Powerful Crystals to Attract Wealth 

  • Cut out self-limiting beliefs
  • Energetically remove blocks

So which crystals are best to use to attract wealth? It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes the reasons we don’t welcome wealth into our lives are due to emotional or spiritual obstacles. We say this with vigor because we recognize that circumstances and lack of privilege can frequently stand in the way of financial achievement.

When we discuss the ability of crystals to attract money, we also refer to a sense of worthiness, self-confidence, letting go of self-limiting thoughts, and the capacity to cultivate an attitude of appreciation, inner fortitude, and personal authority. It might simply surprise us what comes back if we are able to cultivate all of these things and send our wishes out into the universe. The following crystals offer some of the best value:

1) Citrine 

citrine stone
  • The merchants stone
  • Delivers a can-do attitude

The merchant’s stone of the Citrine crystal will turn the conventional wisdom that wealth and money are negative energy sources on its head. Citrine’s golden radiance is sunny and radiant, radiating strong, positive energy that opens the solar plexus chakra. We may begin to shine when we access our own sense of tremendous power, when we remove the confidence barriers that are impeding us, and when we approach life with a rich and expressive can-do attitude. Learn more about what citrine means.

2) Pyrite 

Pyrite stone
  • Clears previous associations
  • Helps you connect to your own energy

Although the path to the gold is a lengthy one, pyrite’s ability to provide luck will help you get there. This gleaming gem is so positively charged that you can tell just by looking at it how it came to be known as Fools Gold. Pyrite, on the other hand, is not silly. This stone has a reputation for clearing away any prior associations you may have with feeling stuck in terms of money, and it can also assist you in tuning into your own dynamic energy. There is so much you can accomplish if you are clear-headed and don’t let those annoying sensations of poverty hold you back. Learn more about the definition of pyrite.

3) Green Jade 

green jade
  • Keeps you calm 
  • Stops rash decisions

The calm purity of Green Jade is one of the most significant good luck stones in the world for a reason. In Chinese history and medicine, green jade has long been a source of delight and a means of luring prosperity. Green Jade holds its own when it comes to regality, much like the radiance of the green emerald. It also features a milder vibration that aids in calming you down regardless of the financial difficulties that might be at play. Its capacity to calm you down ensures that you don’t make snap decisions, and its wonderful luck is great for luring luck and a deeper sense of everlasting wealth. Learn more about what Green Jade means.

4) Green Aventurine 

green aventurine
  • Sends out intentions
  • Brings confidence 

Furthermore abundant in energy, aventurine has abilities that go beyond material gain. Whether you’re looking for more love, more freedom, more time, more self-assurance, or more spiritual healing, Green Aventurine is guaranteed to have your back. This heart healing gemstone is amazing at picking up on the true desires of our soul and releasing those intentions into the world. By increasing our own frequency and connecting with our deepest desires, we put ourselves in a position where receiving is simple. Learn more about the definition of aventurine.

5) Amethyst 

  • Restores peace
  • Stops stress and connects you to higher purpose

Amethyst can undoubtedly be employed if you wish to attract greater levels of riches and abundance because it is always the restorer of calm. Even while dealing with practical cash flow problems, this softly hued purple stone keeps us completely connected to the head chakra and immersed in spirituality. Amethyst can assist keep frayed nerves calmed for those who are sick of feeling anxious and jangled over financial concerns. Amethyst will not only instantly relieve your stress, but it will also keep you in touch with your greater purpose, which can prevent you from scrounging for job chances that aren’t beneficial to you. Learn more about the significance of amethyst.

6) Tiger’s Eye

tigers eye stone


  • Taps into inner intuition
  • Keeps us present and grounded

While making wishes and using magic to make things happen is a great method to attract abundance into your life, it’s also crucial to keep your feet firmly planted, your mind sharp, and your safety during this journey. Here’s when the shimmer of Tiger’s Eye enters the picture. The Tiger’s Eye understands when to be on the lookout, when to rest, and when to act. It is warm and ripe with vitality. It is an excellent stone for developing a connection to your innermost instincts. It also brings deep, thick roots from the ground that can stabilize you. We must be clear, present, and grounded in order for the law of attraction to operate. Otherwise, our thoughts and emotions will become jumbled and erratic. This is the precise mindset that Tiger’s Eye may foster. Learn more about what Tiger’s Eye means.

7) Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz
  • Helps with clear head 
  • Sends intention out

You can evaluate and reassemble the concept of worth with the aid of a clear-headed stone. Both physically and emotionally, there may be a lot of things occupying space. Regard Clear Quartz as the necessary spring cleaning to make place for real prosperity. The intention can be set in beautiful gleaming stone by employing Clear Quartz, which has radiant amplifying energy. To cut through the noise and get to the core of what you want, use this flawless piece of quartz crystal. It is so much simpler for the universe to listen when intention is pure and clear. Learn more about the significance of clear quartz.

8) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz
  • Unblocks the heart
  • Opens us to receiving 

The queen of the heart chakra, Rose Quartz, must be mentioned while discussing abundance. This delicate pink stone is devoted to assisting in the healing of our hearts and allowing all hues of light and love to permeate our own being. Rose quartz inspires us to say yes to the universe from a position of faith and unwavering love by clearing the heart’s blockages and allowing an unobstructed flow. A whole array of opportunities that we may have passed up before Rose Quartz entered our lives become available to us when we are cracked wide open to receiving. Learn more about the significance of rose quartz.

9) Malachite

  • Encourages commitment to inner strength
  • Invites you to let go of fear and doubt 

Malachite has a wonderful ability to change and repair your entire mindset if you need extra bravery when it comes to financial concerns. Dealing with money issues and the notion that creates riches can take up a lot of your time, but malachite gives you the self-discipline and inner power you need to move forward. Malachite asks you to let go of whatever worries and uncertainties you may be clinging onto. Putting your belongings down will free up your hands so you can pick up whatever you want. Learn more about what malachite means.

10) Agate 

agate stone
  • Encourages confidence and courage
  • Gives us space to explore inner dreams

The Black Agate stone, out of all the wonderful Agate stones, is the one that bears the shoots of power and energy that can guide you into riches. We unlock the doors to deep healing and discover stability in ourselves when we have courage and self-confidence, which allows us to take calculated risks. While keeping us grounded in reality, Black Agate gives us the room to explore our most ambitious aspirations. Learn more about agate’s healing capabilities.

11) Amazonite 

  • Invites flow and inspiration
  • A truth telling serum

Amazonite, a lovely stone for bringing flow and creativity into your life, is soft in green and blue tones. It can be difficult to adopt a new paradigm or alter your thinking if you have internalized resistance to change. Amazonite can help out in this situation. This stone acts as a truth-telling serum administered to the heart, assisting you in focusing on the precise message you wish to convey and allowing you to send it out into the cosmos. Learn more about the definition of amazonite.

12) Lapis Lazuli 

Lapis Lazuli
  • Welcomes abundance and prosperity
  • Helps with problem solving

There is something inherently wealthy about the wonder of lapis lazuli, which is gorgeous in blue and flecked with gold. Lapis is regarded in Feng Shui as a magnificent stone for bringing wealth and abundance into the home while also creating a safe space. Individuals who are working toward having more could discover that they require a level-headed attitude, problem-solving skills, and the fortitude to let go of things that are not beneficial to them. Learn more about the significance of lapis lazuli.

13) Sodalite 

  • Balances the head and the heart
  • Promotes positive thinking

The Sodalite stone is thought to powerfully balance both the head and the heart because of its coloration, which is all salt and sea. It’s important to find a balance between living life intuitively and rationally when it comes to financial problems. One of the smartest talents you’ll need when embarking on the path to acquiring more is problem solving, which Sodalite is fantastic at. Positive thinking is encouraged by the lovely blue stone as well. Learn more about the definition of sodalite.

14) Garnet 

  • Dissolves lower chakra blockages
  • Attracts good living 

In the blazing, passionate radiance of garnet, gratitude and abundance are combined. This stone serves as a reminder that you have the power to light the world on fire thanks to its rich, earthy hue, connections to the lower chakras, and juicy, joyous energy. Garnet is a stone that represents healthy living and acts as a magnet, attracting wealth, wonder, and all the wonderful things in the world. Garnet clears off bad energy, gives you life-giving power, and lights up your soul in all the greatest ways. Learn more about what garnet means.

15) Selenite 

  • Channels positive energy
  • Cleanses any physical and mental junk

The fact that wands are the most common place to find the lovely angel stone of Selenite is a clue that you can utilize it to aid in casting spells. Selenite focuses on clearing energy and directing good energy that enables you to connect with your higher self. It’s a fantastic tool for clearing your space—both physically and mentally—so that you may get rid of anything that is taking up too much room in your heart. We are fully prepared to receive the riches that is waiting when we purify our environs both internally and externally. Learn more about the definition of selenite.

16) Peridot 

  • Clears heart chakra blocks
  • Channels energy in the right direction

Green Peridot is another stone of exquisite abundance. Since peridot is one of the more vivid shades of sparkling green, it also speaks to the marvel of linking money with joy and vigor. Green stones in general are thought to represent ideals of abundance. In addition, peridot is a heart chakra energy stone that focuses on emotional fortitude and block clearing, both of which allow you to better direct your own energy in whatever necessary direction may benefit you. Learn more about peridot’s meaning.

17) Bloodstone 

  • Protects your money corner
  • Calls on strength, power, and courage

Bloodstone, a fierce fighter in the realm of stones, promotes more flow into your money area while also keeping it well-protected. It is a stone that reverberates with all the force of power, courage, strength, and the inexhaustible resiliency built along the path. We are better able to handle the ups and downs that often accompany financial problems when we are able to tap into all of those qualities. Our root chakras are kept stable by bloodstone, which indicates that we are unshakeable and don’t crumble under strain but instead remain open to receive anything that might come our way if we ride the storm. Learn more about what Bloodstone means.

How to use these gemstones 

gemstone bracelets for prosperity and success

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  • Wear to carry the intention of prosperity
  • Welcome to the home to promote the energy of plenty

You might want to think about the ideal approach to work with these money-ripe crystals if you’re gushing over the notion of bringing extra prosperity into your life. Wearing crystals is one of the best ways to choose to consistently affirm their wonderful energy. You continuously carry that intention with you when you wear gemstone jewelry for prosperity and success. As they can transmit all of their healing vibrations directly to your chakras, gemstones perform well when applied directly to the skin.

When promoting the promise of abundance, crystals can be used in Feng Shui around the house, in your office, or in your business. Some inventive methods to use these crystals to attract money include keeping one in your wallet or using a worry stone or crystal sphere for introspective meditation on topics related to wellbeing and abundance.


In conclusion, working with crystals can help you focus your thoughts and get on the right track to sort out any kinks in your relationship to prosperity and success. It might be difficult to hear your own truth and connect to your own needs at times because these comments can have a lot of weight in our society. These gems serve as a sparkling reminder that you can succeed no matter what “wants” you have. There is no reason why you can’t have them.

Crystals for Prosperity FAQ

What crystals are good for money?

The gems that encourage abundance are the most valuable crystals. Pyrite is referred to as fool’s gold, Green Jade provides luck and riches, and Green Aventurine is an expert at attracting wealth. Citrine is regarded as the merchant’s stone.

How to program crystals for money?

You can program your crystals specifically for this reason if you want to bring more wealth and abundance into your life. Imagine obtaining everything you’ve ever desired while holding your gemstone in your receiving hand. Ask the stone to assist you in receiving money and abundance while holding onto this sensation. Praise the stone, then wear or carry it near to you.

How to make a crystal grid for money?

You can arrange a collection of crystals known for attracting wealth and abundance in a sacred pattern that symbolizes prosperity and abundance. The greatest sacred geometry shapes for this are the Flower of Life and the Seed of Life. After precisely defining your intention, you can activate your crystal grid.

What is the best crystal for money?

Citrine is a really lucky diamond that supports you in maximizing your personal power, realizing your dreams, and approaching life with optimism. It is known as the Merchants Stone. We can create amazing things when we remove obstacles, move sluggish energy, and have faith in our abilities. For attracting money, you can also utilize pyrite and green jade.

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