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Blue Tigers Eye Meaning, Properties, & How To Use

What Is Blue Tigers Eye?

  • Known for balance, harmony, and comfort
  • Celebrated  since ancient times
  • A transitional stone between Hawks Eye and Tiger’s Eye

Smooth and clothed in ocean tones, the Blue Tigers Eye stone is full of calming energy and recognized for its capacity to offer emotional balance, comfort, and harmony to those who call on its protective characteristics. Blue Tigers Eye is known by various names – Falcon’s Eye, Tigers Eye, Hawks Eye, Ox Eye, and Tiger Iron. . You can receive gold Tigers Eye, Red Tigers Eye, and Blue Tigers Eye, each with distinct qualities. The blue color variation shares comparable feelings with the traditional Tigers Eye since it marks the transition point between a stone transitioning from Hawks Eye to Tigers Eye. At this early stage, it weaves in the spiritual components of blue.

Throughout ancient times, Tigers Eye has been linked to the energies of the sun deity Ra and was revered as a talisman in combat owing to its breath of courage and unique tenacity. This good luck stone may be found in India, Brazil, Canada, and Namibia. We take a deep dive into the therapeutic powers of the Blue Tigers Eye.

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Blue Tiger’s Eye Meaning

As the ocean’s profound surge coated in the sun’s final rays, Blue Tigers Eye brings a wide range of therapeutic colors together. It can be stormy blue or shot with turquoise colors and contain deeper shadings and the ripple of gold or amber inside its surface. Blue Tigers Eye is a sign of strength. It calls on courage, develops willpower, and enables individuals who wear it to conquer all types of problems in their life. Blue healing stones also improve communication, flow, mental clarity, and inner serenity.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Properties

blue tigers eye bracelet on rock

The Blue Tigers Eye is a magnificent spiritual stone. It strikes a unique balance between developing strength and bravery and helping you stay calm and connected no matter what life throws at you. Being a powerful and willing stone, the Blue Tigers Eye works throughout the body, mind, and soul. We take a look at the physical and metaphysical features of this blue balance gem.

Physical Properties

Blue Tigers Eye is a blue chatoyant mineral. It has a silky gloss and scores a high 6 or 7 on the Moh’s hardness scale. It is comprised of silicon dioxide and if kept for longer, will change into the golden Tigers Eye. This gem likewise features a trigonal crystalline structure.

Metaphysical Properties

When it comes to the metaphysical characteristics of Blue Tigers Eye, this stone doesn’t shy away from healing work. Due to its soothing tones of blue, it has a significant relaxing effect and irons out any worried sensations. It also helps to foster patience, acceptance, and tolerance and promotes the mind to grow to comprehend people and the environment around us. This growth of awareness and intuition also acts to improve communication and generates a more hopeful attitude surrounding life.

Healing with Blue Tiger’s Eye

Blue Tigers Eye is a very therapeutic gemstone. You may use it to provide peace and concentrate and to soothe many types of difficulties. From balancing emotions to controlling hormones and reducing worries, not to mention clearing particular chakras, here are all the ways in which Blue Tigers Eye may help you recover.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Stabilizes mood swings
  • Clears depression and anxiety

Emotional healing is one of the powers of the Blue Tigers Eye. This vivid blue stone is permanently soothing, and its relaxing quality may assist you to banish fear, relieving your mind of worry, and leading you to a sense of acceptance. Due to its large soothing force and its capacity to unwind tension and damaging thinking patterns, Blue Tigers Eye helps to cure and minimize the symptoms of psychosomatic ailments and can settle swinging emotions.

Physical Healing Properties

  • Boosts the endocrine system
  • It helps with the eyes and lungs.

A stone representing protection and power, Blue Tiger Eye may also enable the body to recover. Its relaxing powers go beyond the emotional and enter into the bodily too. Blue Tigers Eye can aid to enhance the endocrine system which in turn helps to regulate and balance hormones. It can also assist to alleviate feelings of sadness and ease you through cyclical fluctuations which are good for individuals who suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Blue Tigers Eye may also aid with vision troubles and promotes the lungs and other organs to perform flawlessly which can lessen concerns with asthma and angina.

Blue Tiger’s Eye Uses

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When you bring Blue Tigers Eye into your environment there are various ways you may rely on the healing and balancing abilities of this joyous stone. From balancing particular chakras to welcoming greater wealth and prosperity in your life, doubling down on harmonious relationships, and more – here are all the ways in which Blue Tigers Eye may offer you delight.

Chakras and Blue Tiger’s Eye

  • Linked to the throat chakra for communication
  • Linked to the third eye chakra for wisdom

A sign of power, courage, serenity, and clever communication abilities – the Blue Tigers Eye is rich in healing energy. This magnificent stone may spiritually cleanse and energize particular chakras in the body – especially the throat chakra and the third eye chakra also. Being a blue stone, it relates to the throat chakra which is the region where we speak with the world.

When our throat chakra is clean we feel heard, understood, and we are able to align our heart and our tongue to connect with others. The third eye chakra is the doorway to our inner reservoir of wisdom. When our third eye is open we may draw on our own intuition and seek all the answers we need within our own soul. The third eye is also related with clairvoyance and psychic powers and can help you grow closer to astral travel and other spiritual leaps.

Money and Blue Tiger’s Eye

  • Encourages ambition 
  • Keeps finances in a steady flow

Blue Tigers Eye is a gemstone representing luck and great fortune. With its high vibrations, its relaxing energy, and positive flow – this gem sets you prepared to receive a continuous influx of money. It does this because it is a stone associated to courage and leadership. When we feel solid and secure, when our communication is en-pointe, and when we are able to rely on our inner knowledge, we are more equipped to seek ambitious objectives and make clever judgments that can lead to prosperity and riches.

Relationships and Blue Tiger’s Eye

  • It brings harmony to communication
  • Balances overactive libido

Dialogue, intuition, and perfect stillness – these crucial aspects can help deepen any connection. Thankfully, Blue Tigers Eye is a dab hand when it comes to cultivating all of the above and more. This lovely blue stone is known for its capacity to smooth things out, meaning it may help resolve blips in communication and reduce all types of tensions that might naturally occur in relationships. Being a tranquil and soothing stone with a large emphasis on good communication, Blue Tigers Eye may also help balance out an excessive libido too.


Blue Tigers Eye is fantastic Capricorns are an earth sign meaning that they may be beautifully grounded and have tremendous desires. The Blue Tigers Eye is a fantastic pick for Capricorns as it helps cultivate those leadership abilities but also provides a feeling of responsibility and facilitates wonderful communication with others. Blue Tigers Eye boosts resolution and confidence and offers the fortitude that is needed to follow ambitions. It compliments the hard-working character of persons born under Capricorn which is why is a perfect birthstone for them, but it also makes sure that they preserve their balance when it comes to work and life, and pleasure. This dark blue stone might also be a nice complement for people born under the sign of Leo.

How to Use Blue Tiger’s Eye

blue tigers eye

If you are already enamored with the tranquil possibilities of the Blue Tigers Eye there are various ways to integrate this soothing stone into your everyday practice. One of the finest ways to tap into the abilities of Tiger’s Eye is to wear it near to the body as jewelry. When it has direct touch with the body, the stone can attune your body’s vibrations to its own. It can also function unconsciously to mend and open you up for receiving abundance without any labor at all. These are some different ways you may utilize Blue Tigers Eye…

  • Hold it during meditation or set it on your yoga mat during practice
  • Please put it in your handbag or pocket and take it with you throughout the day
  • Please put it on your bedside table to generate a forcefield of energy
  • Put it on your workstation or in your creative environment to inspire abundance.

When to Cleanse Blue Tiger’s Eye

Much like any gemstone, Blue Tigers Eye benefits from being washed and energized at regular intervals. This good-natured and protecting stone is like a sponge and is continually soaking up energy and vibrations and trying to produce a peaceful and happy environment. This implies that it has to be sanitized regularly. You should attempt to cleanse and charge anytime you feel required, particularly after strong energy workouts.

How to Recharge Your Blue Tiger’s Eye

There are various ways for you to charge and cleanse your Blue Tigers Eye. As it’s a tough stone with a high score on the Mohs hardness scale, it may have contact with water without risk of harm. Here are several methods to cleanse and charge your gem to make it bright and buzzing and feeling brand new again.

  • Hold it under running water for a few minutes for a fast cleansing
  • Immerse it in a salt bath overnight
  • Rub your stone with your favorite incense or sage
  • Let it sit in the light of the full moon overnight
  • Could you put it in the sunshine for 2 or 3 hours?
  • Let it lie in the presence of purifying quartz stones or Selenite for 12 hours
  • Employ a crystal tuner or sound baths and gongs to shake the vibrations.


Blue Tigers Eye is a magnificent stone for your collection. For individuals who desire a stone that delivers gentle soothing energy, the power of optimism, and one that operates like a magnet for abundance – Blue Tigers Eye ticks all your boxes. Connecting itself with the protecting abilities of golden Tigers Eye but yet relying on the tremendous communicative and wise properties of blue stones, this stone will guide you along the path of better self-confidence, wealth, and luck.

What are your opinions on Blue Tigers Eye? Are you drawn to this gemstone?

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