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Taurus Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings And Use

What is the Taurus Birthstone?

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the zodiac. The birthstone for Taurus is the Emerald. The Emerald is a green costly jewel that signifies peace and wealth. Individuals born between April 20th and May 20th are Taurus. The element of Taurus is earth, and the emblem is a bull.

The Honest Worker

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By nature, persons who fall under the Taurus birth sign admire honesty and hard labor. Much like the aggressive energy of the bull; they don’t shy away from rolling up their sleeves and getting the job done. Far from merely being all brawn, they are also motivated to employ high levels of intellect to problem solve and like rewarding all that mental and physical power with lashings of soft and warm luxury. Work hard, play hard appears to be the striking slogan of this strong-willed star-sign controlled by Venus.

While there are many favorable attributes associated to Taurus, there are some drawbacks – an unshakable personality doesn’t offer much space for maneuvering and as a consequence, the aggressive nature means that they may be set in their ways and tend to be perfectionists. A love of luxury may also lead to excessive levels of hedonism, and occasionally a bit more rest and discipline might do them well.

While the natural world brims with exquisite jewels, working with your birthstone provides you a direct connection with that gemstone. A wearer of their birthstone is supposed to draw the healing powers that they need the most. From ancient times, society has been captivated by the legendary aspects of birthstones, and possessing a gemstone that coincided with the month of your birth was highly considered to provide luck, fortune, and fine-tuned intuitive assistance. So which birthstone jewelry should a Taurus turn to in order to establish a balance and bring forth their best traits? Keep on reading to find out.

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Taurus Birthstones

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Major Stone for Taurus, the Emerald

Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone: the Emerald, has a lengthy history of being a gemstone connected with riches, prosperity, and regal rulers of the ancient world. It was reported that Emperor Nero would apply flat Emerald crystals on his eyes while watching the gladiator games and that the Incas highly esteemed Emerald gemstones.

In the modern world, people still fall hard for the appeal of the mysterious sparkle of green that makes the Emerald so seductive. For people associated with the sign of Taurus, the Emerald is the predominant birthstone and is likely to speak directly to their heart. This birthstone is also tied to Venus, which makes it an even more beautiful match.

The Emerald emanates elegance and the promise of riches and success, which connects nicely with paying attention to the heart-felt indulgences that make Taurus people feel so rewarded after long days of labor. This beautiful diamond appeals to their more lavish inclination but also connects intimately with the natural gifts put onto the planet by mother nature.

The Emerald gemstone is also regarded as a good luck charm, attracting great optimism and helping awaken a person’s spiritual side. For people who cannot shake the age-old Taurus attribute of being obstinate, the Emerald entices them to sit at peace and let things go.


malachite gemstone

Malachite is another wonderful alternative for people seeking a Taurus stone for their birthplace jewelry. A brilliant splash of green that functions as a protector of the heart, Malachite is wonderful for restoring harmony to the left and right side of the intellect. Malachite also helps the chakras to align which decreases stress and helps to relax the grasp on perfectionism. This swirling green stone softly nudges Taureans to wave farewell to self-limiting ideas which may prohibit them from stepping out and allowing the entire spectrum of their inner light shine forth. Find out more about the meaning of Malachite.


Peridot Gemstone

The lovely glimmer of Peridot, this millennia-old stone comes with a whole bunch of medicinal powers and fantastic legends woven into its name. Another gemstone worn by Cleopatra and even thought to be discovered in the debris of falling stars, Peridot is a natural soother of that Taurus type bull-headed temperament and can assist to provide a bit more flexibility to balance out the stubbornness. Find out more about the significance of Peridot.


Aquamarine Gemstone

The ocean flow of Aquamarine urges Taureans to cease kicking against the stream. Perhaps more inclined to get caught in their ways, the strong rush of this fortunate stone guarantees that Taurus energy learns to let go. Having a strong water connection, Aquamarine asks the wearer to reconnect with the elixir of life and to wash away poisonous sentiments to be bright and pure once more. Find out more about the significance of Aquamarine.


Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

A symbol of great healing, the poetic color scheme of Lapis Lazuli is excellent for relieving the tightly bound stress that often gets lodged in the system of individuals born under the astrological sign of Taurus. Lapis Lazuli is also a gemstone that helps cultivate the desire for greater study and heightened intelligence. Taureans are known for their physical devotion to hard labor and this gemstone also fosters deeper thinking so they get to give their head a workout too. Find out more about the significance of Lapis Lazuli.


Agate Stone

Like a pearl found at the bottom of a crystal-clear lake, Agate is a stone that sings a lullaby of pure tranquility. Immediately relaxing, it’s the excellent healing crystal for the Taurus zodiac sign because to its soothing energies and ability to fend off negativity and bring back calmness to the mind. The wonderful part about gentle Agate is its low-pressure attitude, so it doesn’t add to the weight of perfectionism. Find out more about the meaning of Agate.


Blue Lace Agate Stone

Topaz maintains a deep link to Taureans. An element of earth, this beautiful gemstone represents all the greatest attributes you may discover in someone with the Taurus zodiac sign. Solid, sturdy, caring and totally practical in every aspect, the Topaz fulfills this description to a charm. Topaz is also thought to be a lucky stones, drawing mystical manifestations to anyone who wear it. Find out more about the significance of Blue Topaz.


Carnelian Stone

A stone of excellent action, the fiery energy of the Carnelian inspires its wearer to take the lead, conquer their anxieties and stop holding back from the promise of transformation. Taureans prefer to sit a little on the quiet side, but with a flash of Carnelian, they may find the bravery to let their individuality show. Since it promotes a greater sense of confidence, Carnelian also serves to enhance that sacral chakra. Just like the green stare of the Emerald and the tempting sparkle of the Topaz, Carnelian stimulates the soul to embark on a winning run. Find out more about the meaning of Carnelian.


Amethyst Stone

As a proponent of going deeper, Amethyst urges the earth stone to strive even higher when it comes to their levels of self-love. The Amethyst as a Taurus birthstone is an unusual option as it lends itself nicely to a stone that makes people feel comfortable, while also urging them to move out of their comfort zone. Amethyst promotes joy and warmth, and as Taureans are already such happy people to be around this just helps heighten the enjoyment without straying into hedonistic tendencies. Find out more about the significance of Amethyst.

How to Use Birthstones to Manifest Magic

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Pay honor to your zodiac sign by purchasing Taurus birthstone jewelry. From a necklace placed against your chest to a ring put on the finger and a bracelet that beats against your pulse and transmits vibrations directly to the heart, wearing a gemstone on the skin is the finest method to improve energy absorption.

Choosing birthstone jewelry makes perfect sense for folks who share the Taurus zodiac sign. As noted, Taureans prefer to err on the side of extravagance occasionally, so picking a lovely piece of jewelry with your birthstone centerstage genuinely respects that inclination to treat yourself.

Taurus birthstones like Emeralds and other green gems are intimately associated to the heart chakra and can provide considerable healing to that region. Merely being attentive of the stone’s healing powers can boost the vibrations and can assist in keeping the heart wide open to the marvels of the cosmos. The other jewels have been linked to Taurus owing to her exceptional manifestation powers. By pondering on the things the wearer wishes by touching the stone, employing positive imagery, and clearing the channels of tangled thoughts – they may make space for dreams to grow into tangible beings.

Not only will these gems operate in unison with the heart chakra, and the spirit levels and help in strong manifestation, but gemstones may also bring physical healing to the table too. Putting Taurus birthstones directly on the skin will minimize inflammation, reduce migraine discomfort, and improve general physical well-being to stay strong and steady.

How to Cleanse Stones and Birthstone Jewelry

Keeping the Taurus birthstones washed is a crucial component of gemstone ownership. These stones are known to take up bad energy, which is why it’s so crucial to constantly cleanse them and bring them back to positive clarity. Frequent cleansing keeps the stones in superb shape and ensures that their tremendous energies stay buzzing high.

Keeping stones washed and clean may be as easy as taking a bowl of fresh water and a pinch or two of sea salt and placing the stone or jewelry in this tonic overnight. Much like plunging into the water to clear your brain, the sea salt works gently on the jewels, washing away the bad energies locked in the crevices of the stone and ensuring that every inch is refreshed and restored to full health.

For those who wish to take the purification rituals a little further, laying the stone in the moonlight for a night can purify it entirely and infuse it with high-frequency mystical abilities that nicely complement its earthly aspect. Leave in a secure location beneath the sky and let the moon do its thing – enjoy increased strength if Venus is glowing brightly.

Another way individuals can cleanse their stones and gemstone jewelry is by utilizing particular herbs for smudging. Sage is one of the most common spiritual herbs that help cleanse crystals, but these Taurus stones react nicely to rose and myrrh.

For individuals with Taurus gemstones on a person all the time, it is essential to cleanse or smudge the stone every week to keep the energy running clear. If the jewelry is only worn rarely then it will still benefit from being stained or cleansed a couple of times a year. Doing direct therapeutic work like opening chakras and manifesting with purpose should be cleaned after each session to ensure nothing gets trapped.

Closing Thoughts and Benefits for Taurus Birthstones

Gemstone bracelets and birthstone jewelry promote peace, tranquility, luck, and soothing healing. There is a reason why individuals feel so linked or pulled to specific stones. Choosing one that matches the birth month implies that these vibrations will be much greater and encourage individuals who wear them to attain their utmost potential.

Taureans come with a storm of excellent attributes – their practicality, grounded attitude and readiness to get their hands dirty guarantee that actions are done to attain what they desire. While this can cross over into stubbornness at times, these selected and chosen gemstones are meant to promote less aggressive steps and guarantee that individuals can let go and enjoy the flow without worrying about getting carried away.

Taurus birthstones highlight the harmony of nature, typically shimmering in the greens of soil, the blue of flowing streams and the sun’s gold. They cannot help but emanate tranquility and clarity, regardless matter how much the world is in disarray. With this talisman nearby, connected to the loving planet of Venus, this allows Taureans to discover their place in the world where they may develop through all the seasons of change.

Which birthstone speaks to you? Post your birth month and your stone in the comments and link the threads.

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