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20 Healing Crystals For Anxiety & Stress

These relaxing stones may be just what you need if you frequently feel as though tension and anxiety are weighing you down. Due to the incredible healing properties of gemstones, we have chosen the best crystals for anxiety to calm you and restore equilibrium to your soul.

1. Amethyst

amethyst for anxiety
  • soothes tenseness
  • controls mood changes

Amethyst is one of the most well-liked crystals recognized for its calming properties. Its gentle nature works wonders for relaxing the nerves, controlling mood swings, and maintaining your clarity. Learn more about what amethyst means.

2. Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline for anxiety
  • strong EMF protection
  • keeps panic attacks at bay

Black tourmaline has the ability to instantly calm anxiousness. This mysterious and ethereal crystal is said to be a potent shield against EMFs and unfavorable energies, and it may even help to avoid panic attacks. Learn more about what Black Tourmaline means.

3. Rose Quartz

rose quartz for anxiety
  • increases self-love
  • has a favorable effect

Rose Quartz is a soft, loving stone with a radiant potential to attract love. It is a wonder because of its radiantly positive character. Rose quartz will keep you on track if you need to be reminded to boost your self-love. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

4. Lava Stone

lava stone for anxiety
  • Beautifully grounding
  • mop up negative energies

The Lava Stone is one of the most grounding crystals for anxiety, while coming from the earth’s most dynamic region. All of that negative energy may be instantly removed, giving you the equilibrium you need to access your inner optimism.

5. Hematite

hematite for anxiety
  • absorbs nefarious energy
  • keeps you centered and equilibrated

Hematite, another of the darker stones, focuses on keeping you anchored and in tune with the earth’s natural rhythms. You will feel more centered, balanced, and free and less trapped in the limitations of a disorganized mind simply because of this truth. Hematite is a marvel at absorbing negative energies. Learn more about what hematite means.

6. Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz for anxiety
  • boosts inner fortitude
  • maintains your stance

Often, our anxieties can be rooted in fear, which is a stone of bravery. Using Smoky Quartz’s purifying properties will help you uncover your inner strength and the fortitude to face the day without fear. Learn more about the significance of smokey quartz.

7. Moonstone

moonstone for anxiety
  • utilizes divine power
  • leads you to the appropriate location

It comes as no surprise to learn that Moonstone has the power to dispel those clouds of anxiety because it harnesses all that pure feminine energy. Moonstone will lead you exactly where you need to be if you feel out of it, off balance, or lost in the shadows. Learn more about the significance of moonstone.

8. Kyanite

kyanite for anxiety
  • keeps you at ease
  • can quickly calm

Kyanite is a representation of spiritual well-being and is almost a soul-quick fix. The baby blue color, which is known for bringing your chakras into alignment, can instantly quiet a fast heart and leaving you soft, calmed, and prepared for whatever the outside world has to say. Learn more about what Kyanite means.

9. Shungite

shungite for anxiety
  • removing negativity
  • alleviates emotional distress

Shungite is a purifying joy, and its inky darkness makes it a master at eradicating all traces of negativity. This is one among the greatest crystals for anxiety for anyone experiencing emotional troubles.

10. Rhodonite

rhodonite for anxiety
  • An empathetic crystal
  • aids recovery from trauma

Rhodonite, which is as pale and lovely as a spring morning, is a stone that is frequently used to aid the wearer in overcoming long-standing trauma. This soothing crystal is certain to assist you in riding the wave of anxiety if you frequently experience panic attacks and anxiety waves. Learn more about what Rhodonite means.

11. Aquamarine

aquamarine for anxiety

the monkey’s mind is calmed

stabilizes the heart

The soothing blue beauty of Aquamarine keeps the heart pounding steadily against the coast, much like the sound of the sea. Use this crystal to pull yourself back to safety if you feel like your mind is constantly escaping, then allow its calming energy to wash over you. Learn more about what aquamarine means.

12. Morganite

morganite for anxiety
  • aids in physical heart healing
  • brings a serene natural setting.

Morganite is pure magic, brimming over with loving energy. This sweet and soft stone will restore a Zen-like nature to your soul. It is especially helpful for people who have heart palpitations and energy peaks and troughs.

13. Lepidolite

lepidolite for anxiety
  • a natural mood elevator
  • stabilizes moods

Lepidolite hailed as one of the antidepressants of the crystal world, is renowned for encasing you in a cloud of tranquility. You can rely on Lepidolite to lift your spirits no matter what is going on outside. Learn more about what Lepidolite means.

14. Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli for anxiety
  • encourages you to trust your intuition
  • calms tense thoughts

Lapis Lazuli, a stone that facilitates communication with your higher reality, is a regal antidote to anxiety because to its exquisite blue hues and radiant celestial energy. Giving you the tools to see beyond the edges creates a calm environment and makes sure you don’t get bogged down in the minute details. Learn more about what lapis lazuli means.

15. Turquoise Howlite

howlite for anxiety
  • aids in promoting sleep
  • angry sentiments change

Howlite is a wonderful tool to have while attempting to get rid of anxiety since it may assist you in resolving all those difficult feelings and angry charges that can cause worry. Put this stone under your pillow and sleep off if thoughts are keeping you up late at night. Learn more about what Howlite means.

16. Blue Lace Agate

blue lace agate for anxiety
  • assists you in speaking up
  • encourages confidence

Blue Lace Agate is a crystal that will assist you in speaking up when you feel as though anxiety has a grip on your throat. Blue Lace Agate is the equivalent of a spring rain wiping away fear, bringing clarity, intense focus, and unflinching self-confidence. Learn more about what Blue Lace Agate means.

17. Citrine

citrine for anxiety
  • brings about feeling good
  • promotes confidence in judgment

Citrine’s cheerful radiance can shine right through on gloomy days. Citrine may ease anxiety because she can bring your emotions back into harmony, inspire confidence in your judgment, and make sure you always feel a little bit warm. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

18. Tiger Eye

tigers eye for anxiety
  • aids in grounding
  • maintains your forward motion

Tigers Eye, a gloriously calming stone with an earthy warmth and a golden ribbon of hope, is always on hand to help with anxiety. It keeps you moving and makes sure that decisions are not influenced by emotions. It is a stone that you are deliberately connected to. Learn more about the significance of tigers eye.

19. Amazonite

amazonite for anxiety
  • converts negative feelings become pleasant ones
  • reduces physical strain

Amazing Amazonite is a divine healer for the anxious mind and stiff body. All your bad emotions are transformed into positive ones by this lovely stone, leaving you prepared to make choices based on love rather than fear. Learn more about what Amazonite means.

20. Fluorite

fluorite for anxiety
  • is joyful
  • aids in letting go of thoughts

Just one look at the rainbow stone can make you happy. With its potent calming mineral properties, Rainbow Fluorite helps you release congealed emotions so you may unwind. Learn more about what Rainbow Fluorite means.

Crystals for Anxiety FAQ

How can healing crystals be applied to anxiety?

Wearing crystals close to the skin is one of the finest ways to treat anxiety. You may maintain a protective and healing energy field around your body by keeping crystals close by. You can also sit and practice meditation if you’re feeling nervous, or you can play with a crystal worry stone and let it absorb your anxious energy.

Do gemstones help with anxiety?

It’s true that there are several crystals available nowadays that have amazing anxiety-relieving properties. Be on the lookout for crystals with calming energies that can promote clarity and sound sleep. Serenity-promoting gemstones include Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Kyanite, while protecting gemstones like Black Tourmaline and Hematite can make you feel secure.

Which stone eases anxiety the best?

One of the finest crystals for anxiety is amethyst. This magnificent gemstone, which is renowned for its capacity to dispel nervous thoughts and sentiments, not only promotes mental serenity but also controls emotions, lessens headaches, and promotes sound sleep. You have all you need to let go of your anxious thoughts and sensations in this list.

How can I treat anxiety using amethyst crystal?

You can use amethyst in a variety of ways to reduce your anxiety. Wearing the stone close to the skin is one of the finest long-term techniques since it keeps the healing process continuing, even on a deeply subconscious level. If you want to promote restful sleep, you can also place the gem under your pillow. You can also rub tumbling stones over your body if you’re feeling concerned or hold an amethyst worry stone in your hand.

What gemstone alleviates anxiety the best?

Although other stones can also be beneficial, amethyst is thought to be one of the greatest crystals for anxiety. Lepidolite, rose quartz, and moronite all have incredibly calming energies. The crystals Kyanite, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Aquamarine are useful for promoting flexibility and clear thinking. Hematite and black tourmaline are fantastic stones for protection, while citrine radiates a happy, sunny vibe.

What gemstones can help with social anxiety?

For those who struggle with social anxiety, throat chakra stones can be a wise choice. Apatite, sodalite, and aquamarine are examples of blue gemstones that can aid you with blockages and improving your feeling of self-expression. You can also look for crystals like Rose Quartz that promote self-love or Amethyst that absorbs worried energy. Stronger stones like Tiger’s Eye or Carnelian will also give you a lot of self-assurance.

What crystals are beneficial for sleep and anxiety?

Amethyst, Howlite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, and Lepidolite are crystals that promote sleep. All of these gems are renowned for their calming vibrations and soft energy, which can absorb tense energy, calm the mind, and restore equilibrium so you can relax.

What hue should I use for anxiety?

Anxiety can be reduced by using green crystals, purple crystals, pale pink crystals, white crystals, and soft blue crystals. The heart is connected to green gemstones. Among the purple crystals, a calming energy flows. Pink gems exude a love of oneself. Pale blue crystals are brimming with fluid water energy that asks us to let go and welcome the flow, while white crystals encourage tranquility.

What crystal combination is the best for reducing anxiety?

While attempting to treat anxiety, combining crystals known for anchoring and protection with those that can promote softness and calm is a good idea. Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Tourmaline, and Black Tourmaline make up the optimal crystal anxiety pack because they provide the optimum balance of energy.

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