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Emerald Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

Green gemstone emerald is a type of beryl. It has a vitreous gloss and a hexagonal crystal structure. The beautiful stone known as emerald gets its green hue from elements of chromium and vanadium. On the Mohs scale, emerald has a hardness of 7.5-8. Eternity and everlasting love are represented by the emerald.

The world has been in awe of the Emerald stone’s brilliant green splendor for more than 6,000 years. When compared carat for carat, this gem retains its value, with some stones even surpassing diamonds. Yet Emerald has much more to offer than just its extravagant cost and beauty. There is a reason why this diamond has for centuries enchanted princes, jewelers, and thinkers. Emerald was reportedly so alluring to Aristotle that he recommended hanging it around the neck to stave off the sickness associated with falling.

The Sanskrit term “Marakata,” which signifies the green of growing things, is where the name “Emerald” originates. This stone of development, love, and the power of rebirth deserves a more lyrical name, in our opinion. In this lovely guide, we look at; We have spent some time settling into the effortless grace of the Emerald.

  • The therapeutic capabilities of emerald
  • Emerald, the birthstone of the Zodiac
  • Application of Emerald
  • Cleaning an Emerald

The Emerald is a bit mysterious, yet it can cure the heart, give you fantastic renewed energy, and bring goodness of all types into your life. If emerald doesn’t pique your interest, browse all the lovely stones that can make your heart sing in our healing crystal guide to important jewels.

The Gemstone of Lasting Love 

Emerald has traditionally been regarded as a stone with great power. It has a special aura and energy that mesmerizes the mind. There is a wealth of legend and lore hidden within the Emerald, ranging from Cleopatra to Aristotle and Alexander the Great. The Emerald stone was thought to contain the goddess Ishtar by the Chaldeans, an amulet of fertility and rebirth by the Ancient Egyptians, and an eternal life stone by the Incas. There are countless legends surrounding the Emerald, including its inclusion in the Russian Crown Jewels, its connection to the Greek goddess Venus, and even the theory that it was the material used to create the Holy Grail.

The promise of immortality and love is one enduring theme that emanates from its lush spring colors. Emerald, like all green gemstones and crystals, is considered to open the heart chakra. Green is also thought to be the most calming color, making our bodies and minds desire to immerse themselves in it. Emerald is quite healing. It is both energizing and calming and is a symbol of passion and rebirth. There are many things to appreciate about this green beryl, and for those who wish to embrace the idea and spiritual significance of eternity, Emerald serves as an eternal reminder that while everything passes away, the spiritual truth abides in a timeless being.

Healing Properties 

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The Emerald stone is vibrant and sparkling with pure unconditional love and health, and simply holding it can make you giddy with happiness. Children of aristocratic family wore this stone even in ancient times because of its healing properties to keep them radiant in both physical and mental splendor. Themes of harmony, compassion, love, and illumination are abundant in this stone, which is a stone of regeneration, renewal, and recovery. It shares Mercury’s ruling planet, the planet of knowledge and insight. Emerald will energize you if you’re looking for a stone that lifts and nourishes you in a variety of ways.


As we previously discussed, Aristotle believed that the green gem, emerald, might prevent the “falling sickness,” also known as epilepsy, and it is still thought that the gem can help to stabilize this disease. Yet, Emerald’s renewing rays can reach every area of the body, not just those with epilepsy. It can relieve various skin conditions and rashes, allergies, and headaches. Moreover, it can improve the eyes, memory, and temper stomach problems. It is also thought to have the potential to revive worn-out organs with its reviving vitality. Emerald gives the body’s organs, including the liver and the heartbeat, strength and power. Emerald was a dependable talisman to have with you on this voyage because it was also thought to be a stone of fertility and luck.

Mental & Emotional Healing 

Emerald is referred to as the stone of eternal love, which feeds into the concept of unconditional love. It’s a gemstone that communicates with the heart and releases any stress or negative energy that might be clogging up your emotional system. When you feel slumped, overwhelmed, imprisoned in victim narratives, or as though you have lost your personal strength, the emerald stone will lend a hand and help you get back up. Going back to that lively and reviving vitality. Despite the fact that we occasionally perceive Emerald as a heavy, material wonder, its bright qualities and relaxing green tones actually offer it a lightness that can permeate your own body and mind. The power of play, the springtime birth of something new, and a real connection with a desire to let those you love in come along with that feeling of lightness. Emerald is a fantastic gem for people who wish to enhance their relationships and face their fear of commitment-related concerns.

Metaphysical Properties 

The soothing hues of green conjure up images of the heavy sigh of relief that spring brings after a long, chilly winter. This is similar to how Emerald can make you feel inside. Emerald is a stone of the heart chakra, therefore it is always there to assist you untangle the knots around your heart and make sure you aren’t getting in your own way of love and self-care.

We may feel hesitant to approach people when our heart chakra is closed or out of harmony. We could struggle with empathy or compassion, and we might be excessively severe with ourselves and others. We might also struggle with forgiving others and having faith in others, all of which can keep us isolated and closed off. When our heart chakra is open fully, we may love deeply and widely, believe in our own judgment, cut off the inner critic, and practice good self-care while also being compassionate toward others and ourselves. By engaging in this practice, one has the opportunity to embrace universal blessings and grow closer to divine love. The Emerald stone also has eternal connotations that speak to our awareness of spiritual timelessness and the letting go of material fears. center chakra

Zodiac Birthstone 

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The birthstone for Taurus is emerald. Taurus people are springtime creatures, and as we all know, emerald is the stone to honor the dazzling burst of new life and the shifting of the seasonal guard. Emeralds and Taureans share much more than just a love of springtime, and this emerald supports many facets of the Taurean personality. It aids you in changing love into something a little more altruistic on your journey through life. The Emerald stone helps Taureans balance their tendency to desire to possess in relationships by promoting generosity, harmony, and sharing. Taurus and the Emerald both promote valuing connection and relationships and are associated with Venus. You can check out this list of other gemstones that are appropriate for people born under the sign of Taurus right here.

How to Use the Emerald Gemstone

The greatest way to channel Emerald’s radiant brightness and unending love into your life should be known once you’ve made the decision to do so. Wearing Emerald close to the skin is one of the finest methods to maximize its benefits. This explains the appeal of emerald jewelry. Emerald jewelry is not only absolutely beautiful and will make you feel like a million dollars, but it also invites the stone to start working right away on giving the wearer its wisdom. Whether it’s an Emerald necklace worn near to the heart, an Emerald ring, or an Emerald bracelet for beating against the pulse, the Emerald can carry those therapeutic vibrations directly through without any kind of barrier when placed against the skin.

The Emerald is all about the wood energy according to Feng Shui theory. It is a stone that holds out the hope of development, sustenance, fresh starts, and radiant health. That is a wonderful gem to keep in a child’s room. It’s also a great stone to keep on hand if you need to start new tasks or give something that feels stale new vitality. You can offer it as a gift to someone you admire or put it in a space that represents love because it is a gem that is linked to everlasting love.

Emerald is a very spiritual stone, making it a fantastic amulet for using during meditation. You can hold this gem whenever you feel your flow is interrupted or when you need to be brought back into harmony since it relaxes, calms, and leans towards balance. Moreover, it can be utilized for aura purification and reiki healing.

How to Cleanse Emerald 

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You should spend some time caring for your Emerald stone because it is a valuable jewel and a vibrant partner. Your emerald will be most thoroughly cleansed if you run it under warm water and allow any accumulated energy to drain. You can clean it with a cloth and warm, soapy water, but you should be careful to keep away from any harsh chemicals or detergents that could upset the equilibrium of your lovely stone. Also, you need to guard against damaging strikes and scratches to your Emerald. Despite the fact that it is a hard stone that ranks highly on the Mohs scale, you should still avoid giving it any significant strikes or knocks in case you fracture it. Emerald is a lover, and your care and adoration for it should reflect this.

Place your Emerald in gentle sunshine for an hour to lift it up and give it energy. Allow the light to flood it with positive energy. Smudging, singing bowls, and putting Emerald in the vicinity of geodes or other energy-raising stones are additional safe ways to give it energy.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that emeralds bring good fortune. They were once a prestige symbol. These colorful gems are intended to bring love and enduring delight into your life. This diamond wants you to enjoy the brilliance of a life well lived, from strengthening ties to nurturing your deepest self, encouraging light and laughter, and cutting out fear and mistrust. Emeralds are pricey pieces, yet despite their high cost, they will remain by your side for all of your days and for all of eternity.

What do you think of the Emerald’s elegance? Are you smitten by its evocative history and intoxicating green glow? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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