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Merkaba: Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Healing, & Meditations

The Merkaba is much more than just a straightforward star shape; it has profound spiritual significance. The names of this eight-pointed, three-dimensional star—Mer for light, Ka for spirit, and Ba for body—come from these three Greek words. The Merkaba is seen as a divine tool for maintaining your equilibrium.

People have been deciphering the mysteries and significance of the Merkaba since ancient times. We will try our best to provide a succinct overview of the spiritual healing benefits of this star of sacred geometry, but it is impossible to adequately convey all of this depth and complexity in a few paragraph.


The history of the Merkaba is lengthy and intricate. The Hebrew word Merkaba is related to the passage in the Hebrew Scriptures from Ezekiel 1.4–26. Although though the word may not be used officially, the word chariot is used frequently, and Merkaba signifies chariot. In reality, the term Merkabah (sometimes spelled Merkavah) refers to the chariot of God’s throne in Ezekiel’s vision. According to scholars, the throne or chariot is more symbolic of how god and his archangels are revealed to humanity than it is to be taken literally.

The word Merkaba is thought to have originated in Egypt (broken down into the three parts of Mer, Ka, and Ba). As you can see, the Merkaba is associated with both spiritual and religious ideas. But because Chaddissic Jews hold that the Merkaba represents thinking about how to improve oneself, this idea flows into the beauty of spirituality and has some resonance with sacred geometry principles.

Sacred geometry

Judaism uses the Merkabah as a powerful symbol, and its origins can be found in the Torah, but it also has ties to sacred geometry. It appears to be a Star of David in three dimensions. It is a star tetrahedron, and due to the geometric shapes’ opposing rotational axes, it has the capacity to produce an entirely unified and harmonious energy field. We can immediately perceive that the Merkaba star unites themes of stability and balance because it is composed of tetrahedrons. They are the earliest platonic solids, and because they have four triangular sides that always remain flat, their structure and stability become unstoppable forces. The energy of the solar plexus is likewise associated with the tetrahedron; anchored, magnificent, and poised to ascend, this shape knows how to hold its own strength.

According to legend, the upper tetrahedron symbolizes the male force, while the bottom one represents the feminine. This can also be applied to the cosmos and the world, with the cosmos representing the top shape and the earth representing the bottom shape. It is applicable to both the material world and the spiritual world, or to the coexistence of light and dark. It is the bringing together of conflicting forces to produce harmony. It’s a lovely thought to cling to that these energies are constantly spinning counter-clockwise but that they also produce balance. The chariot or vehicle of light that can convey your body and spirit into higher consciousness is created by this equilibrium.

Everything has a Merkaba shape to it. It is created by the universe itself and is found in our water, cells, plants, and animals. The tree of life, the mandala, and the flower of life are all references to its earliest forms. These tetrahedrons are connected to the holy and can lead us to a higher state of consciousness or ‘god’. On our astral trips, the upward point lifts us higher, while the downward point keeps us anchored and connected to the earth.


merkaba star and orgone pyramid

The Merkaba is a potent protective instrument that can also be employed for light-seeking and profound healing. There is much in store for individuals who accept the Merkaba star into their lives, from aiding in the activation of your third eye chakra to urging you to explore higher levels and embrace unconditional love. Here are several ways that Merkaba can enhance your presence by bringing harmony, spirit, and the flow of prana.

Opening the Pineal Gland

The Merkaba can assist in reestablishing prana flow into the pineal gland when utilized in harmony with traditional prana breathing practices. The third eye chakra is another name for this gland, which is located in the middle of our forehead. By enabling us to enter higher realms, use our imaginations to their fullest capacity, and increase our spiritual awareness, this gland can assist us in realizing our entire potential.

Balances the Brain

Balance is central to the Merkaba. Its intricate and holy star restores and ignites the actions on the two sides of our brain, bringing our being into harmony. We may tune in more deeply, improve our comprehension, and create new spiritual growth pathways by activating both sides of the brain.

Opens the Heart

Open your heart wide to the miracle of unrestricted love and to the enchantment of the Merkaba star. This star may foster all shades of love and call your kundalini spirit to awaken because it is all about holy geometry and harmony.

Connect with the Source

Because merkabas are in tune with source energy, you have the opportunity to touch in with your soul intention and create any kind of reality you like. The Merkaba can be programmed to spin brightly with dynamic yang energy, which inspires you to begin creating the kind of life you wish to lead with the help of this star.

Raise your Vibrations

Your vibration can be increased with the use of merkabas. The Merkaba’s energy has the power to release stale and harmful energy while also igniting new flow. This can make us feel completely alive and at peace with our actual desires while also illuminating us from head to toe. A sense of joy and renewal also accompany that new flow of energy.

Cleanses the Chakras

The Merkaba has a lot of defensive abilities, but it also possesses the power to clear any chakra blockages that might be preventing you from reaching your full potential. It is beneficial to have a clean line running through each of the body’s seven spots for our energy to circulate. We can go out of sync when this energy becomes stuck or blocked at times. The Merkaba is a strong energy that impels us to let go of any sentiments of fear or unworthiness that might be preventing us from moving forward.

Merkaba meditation

amethyst merkaba

Meditation with the Merkaba is a certain way to access those harmonies healing powers. Your goal is to ignite your star’s divine potential and raise humanity to new heights by setting its energy into motion. The finest ways to activate your Merkaba are through the grace of your breath, the strength of your imagination, and the wonder of meditation. Your chakras can be cleansed, your awareness can be increased, the Merkaba meditation cultivates your brain’s intuitive parts, and it can help you reconnect with a more profound sense of who you are. Here are a few suggestions to get your Merkaba meditations going.


Choose a calm area where you can sit and feel secure in your sense of comfort first.

  • Inhale deeply to cleanse yourself, then picture your Merkaba star. Get distracted from the specifics here; each person’s star will be slightly unique.
  • You can begin to visualize your star spinning as you focus on it and calm your mind.
  • Try to visualize it spinning in unison, with the top of one pyramid pointing up into the sky and the other down toward the ground.
  • When the stars spin faster, focus on your breathing and see yourself being illuminated by rays of bright energy.
  • Try to feel your vibrations getting stronger as you picture it spinning faster and faster.
    You can experience an upsurge of happiness, vigor, or strength if you tune into your vibrations. This is a certain indication that your Merkaba is awake and its vibrations are pulsing through you.
  • It could feel overwhelming at first, and you might want to back away, but give in to the energy’s draw and follow it to where it takes you.

The Breath

trio of orgone merkaba stars

The breath is another wonderful way of connecting with your Merkaba and calling on its cosmic energy. This breathing meditation calls on seventeen steps to connect you and your star and awaken those harmonic vibrations through the power of the breath. 

First breath – turn your palms to the heavens, touch your thumb and the first finger gently and take a deep inhale. Imagine a cleansing white light surrounding you. Breathe deep in a yogic manner (exhaling through the nose) and envision the root chakra opening as you visualize a red light. 

Second breath – keep palms upwards and now the second finger and thumb touching. Take a deep inhale and imagine an orange light that is your sacral chakra opening. Exhale. 

Third breath – In the same seated stance, palm up and now your third finger and thumb touching, you can visualize the color yellow. Feel your solar plexus opening as you exhale. 

Fourth breath – The fourth breath sees you placing your fourth finger and thumb together and witnessing the color green. Feel your heart space crack open as your heart chakra flows. Exhale. 

Fifth breath – Put the thumb and the first finger back together and envision a beautiful blue light. Feel your throat chakra opening as you exhale. 

Sixth breath – Place your thumb and second finger together, imagine the color of indigo. Feel your third eye-opening as you exhale.

Seventh breath – Move your thumb to press against your third finger. Imagine the color of violet and feel your crown chakra shine out. Exhale

Eighth breath – As you go into your eighth breath, visualize the energy of prana flowing through the top and the bottom of your spine. Inhale. Watch this light meet at your navel and bloom into a beautiful sphere of light. Exhale.

Ninth breath – Feel your heart chakra expand with love as your prana sphere grows larger and larger. Place your longest finger at the center of your body below the naval.

Tenth breath – Inhale and visualize your prana sphere ever growing. As you exhale, release a little air through your lips. Imagine a golden light surrounding you and flowing from your fingers as you release any air.

Eleventh breath – Relax into your body and fall into a gentle rhythmic breath. Feeling your heart opening to love as you do so and imaging prana flowing through.

Twelfth breath – Feel this love in the center of your prana sphere

Thirteenth breath – Inhale and feel any negativity moving outside of the light, exhale and let the light fill in all those gaps.

Fourteenth breath – Place your palms together in the prayer position and inhale. Feel the light moving up to your fourth chakra. Breathe from here and feel your prana flow.

Fifteenth breath – In your mind, see the tetrahedrons of light rotating. Inhale and exhale.

Sixteenth breath -Inhale and see the tetrahedrons in your mind spinning at equal speed. Exhale and blow with force.

Seventeenth breath – Imagine it spinning at the speed of light and let this breath take you to any cosmic places it wants to.

Other Methods

You can employ your Merkaba star in other types of spiritual work, such as advanced reiki or even the construction of crystal grids. When paired with crystal grids like the Metatron’s cube, it produces amazing results. Crystals are a magnificent complement to the Merkaba star since they are believed to boost frequencies, clear chakras, and amplify purpose. Another way to surround yourself with healing light and be reminded of your own intuitive ability is to simply wear a Merkaba star or keep it nearby.


Since the first century AD, there has existed a mystic emblem known as the Merkaba Star. It has been used as a symbol in both religious and spiritual activity, but at its core, a common desire to forge stronger ties with the body, spirit, and light seems to be permeating. For those who choose to engage in more in-depth spiritual practices, the visualization, breathwork, and meditation techniques can transport you to a completely different realm. Even just having it in your presence can help protect and uplift you.

How do you feel about the Merkaba Star? Do its whirling energies entice you? Let us know about your experiences in the comments.

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