Heart Chakra Stones: 16 Essential Crystals To Expand Love

Stones for the heart chakra include Rose Quartz, Emerald, Green Aventurine, Rhodonite, Amazonite, Green Jade, Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Prehnite, Chrysoprase, Green Tourmaline, Green Calcite, Kunzite, Green Moldavite, Moss Agate, and Peridot. They support the growth of love and compassion and the removal of heartblocks.

Understanding the Heart Chakra/Anahata 

rose quartz heart chakra stones

Our emotional energy flows through the heart chakra, which is vibrant and beating and the center of all our love and compassion. The heart space, also referred to as the fourth chakra and called Anahata in Sanskrit, is a stunning link between the lower grounding chakras and the higher spiritual chakras. This is where we will find our sense of forgiveness, self-care, self-trust, empathy, and connection to others. While we frequently associate the word “love” with the people in our lives, one of the most crucial qualities we can possess is self-love. Deep self-care enables us to make self-serving decisions, let go of old traumas that keep us immobilized, and nurtures us so that we can have richer, sweeter, and deeper life experiences.

We may find it challenging to let go of past wrongs and find it challenging to forgive when our heart chakra is blocked. We might experience a setback to our sense of self-worth and might feel isolated or as though we don’t belong. Physical signs of depression or anxiety can include heart palpitations, high or low blood pressure, poor circulation, and breathing problems. You may struggle with co-dependency, jealousy, high expectations, and being harsh in your judgment of others as a result of having an overactive heart chakra that needs to be brought back into balance.

Healing Crystals that Remove Blockages of the Heart

Crystals are one of the best ways to clear out old blockages from the heart and fill you right up. Healing crystals that remove heart blockages are another great option. Although shimmering green stones also connect with the heart, we typically associate the soft pink gemstones with this area. However, they also weave in threads of power, self-worth, joy, and harmony. These stones are typically ripe with loving energy. Look at these amazing stones that will heal your heart chakra and take your breath away.

1) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz for heart chakra

The heart chakra and rose quartz are ruled by rose quartz. This tender pink gem is so full of compassion it could burst. Rose Quartz, which is frequently referred to as the crystal of unconditional love, isn’t just a tool for romance; it’s also great for bringing about radiant heart healing, increasing levels of self-compassion and empathy, and providing comfort in countless ways. Learn more about the significance of rose quartz.

2) Emerald 

emerald for the heart chakra

When it comes to issues pertaining to the heart chakra, the Emerald stone, which shines in regal shades of green, is all about wisdom and wonder. Themes of harmony, balance, and successful love with others as well as with yourself are heavily emphasized by this stone, which functions in many different ways. When you work with emerald, it also bestows wisdom on your heart center and teaches you to believe the messages coming from your own heart because it is a prophecy stone. Trusting our own hearts allows us to feel more at ease in our interactions with others, which promotes an open and liberated mindset.

3) Green Aventurine 

green aventurine for heart chakra

Green Aventurine, which is consistently uplifting, sends out lovely vibes to aid in the balancing of your heart. You can sink into blissful earth energy with the aid of this serene gem, which also heals the heart chakra. We can embrace greater levels of peace and harmony by deepening our connection to nature. Aspects of growth and nurturing are also encouraged by green aventurine. Green Aventurine ensures that your heart is equally steady and open to receiving for those who want to create the conditions for attracting abundance and opportunity. Learn more about the significance of green aventurine.

4) Rhodonite 

rhodonite for heart chakra

Rhodonite, which shines in delicate red and pink tones, has an uncanny ability to tug at the heartstrings. This vivacious stone with a high vibration is also referred to as a rescue stone, and one of its greatest abilities is balancing both the heart chakra and the root chakra. It is much simpler to open your heart and stand in confidence and power when you have solid foundations. Rhodonite has the inside scoop on how to improve that juggling act and can replenish depleted supplies of love, understanding, and compassion so you can regain those rose-colored glasses that bring a little light relief and unadulterated joy to difficult times. Learn more about the definition of rhodonite.

5) Amazonite 

amazonite for heart chakra

The Amazonite warrior spirit is one to brag about because it is unrestrained, wild, and filled with emotion. This stunning blue and green gem connects to the heart and throat chakras so that your goddess energy can flow freely. It is very energizing. According to legend, the Amazonians used amazonite as a gem to adorn their shields. These strong, fearless women had big, fearless feelings that were all-encompassing, not in a sugar-soft way. This brave gem helps you shake off your fears so you can let the light in if you need a serious boost of self-assurance to transform your love and relationship into something healthier. Learn more about the definition of amazonite.

6) Green Jade 

green jade for heart chakra

Green Jade has long been revered as a talisman for tingly bright living because it is a stone of sublime luck (yes, even in love). This gem is calm and logical, and it is all about assisting you in accessing abundance. Green Jade reminds you that you deserve more, more, more and that you must open your heart chakra and create the life you desire in order to make this magic happen. Jade represents success and joy. This stone can be worn as an amulet by those who want to celebrate their own success. Learn more about what jade means.

7) Malachite 

Malachite for heart chakra

The green and black Malachite stone is teeming with sublime energy and contains great strength and power. Two essential components for experiencing love are brought together by this heart chakra and throat chakra gem: a clear heart and a clear voice. We are better able to speak up, set healthy boundaries, and step into stability when we have these two things under control. A stone with transformative properties is malachite. It genuinely wants the best for you and is a fantastic stone for empaths who can become overburdened by soaking up other people’s moods. Learn more about what malachite means.

8) Rhodochrosite 

Rhodochrosite for heart chakra

Rhodochrosite is an exquisite stone with bands of various pink hues. Rhodochrosite is an effective cleanser because it connects the energy pathways that rise from the root chakra, pass through the solar plexus chakra, and reach the heart chakra’s radiant light. This gem will locate and immediately remove any emotional blockages you may have. Venus, the planet of love, rules rhodochrosite, which intensifies the emotional bond. It is a superb stone for reestablishing contact with people you’ve lost touch with or for fostering bonds with people you already know.

9) Prehnite 

Prehnite for heart chakra

Golden Prehnite may have that energizing solar plexus chakra glow, but it also has a heart chakra resonance. High levels of unrestricted love and healing are known to be brought by this brilliant gem. Having Prehnite by your side is crucial for keeping you open and soft while preventing burnout for all of you healers, empaths, and shamans out there. Prehnite promises higher spiritual vibrations and can be a wonderful tool for maintaining your heart’s connection throughout extended periods of deep meditation, visualization, or any other psychic practice you may be engaging in.

10) Chrysoprase 

chrysoprase for heart chakra

The Chrysoprase stone, fresh in shades of biting apple green, is here to reenergize the heart area. This gem is also known as the “stone of divine truth,” reminding us that wisdom can be heard and felt in the depths of the heart in addition to its residence in the mental caverns. This lively gem also exudes springtime vitality. Chrysoprase reaches out a hand to lift those who have been hibernating in the darker emotions of joy from their winter of the soul. It teaches us to release our codependence and enter a place of self-forgiveness, value, and remembrance of the special energy of our own worth.

11) Green Tourmaline 

green tourmaline for heart chakra

With Green Tourmaline, Mother Gaia’s earth gem, you can go for the gold as it ties your heart to both the world below and the radiant height of heaven above. With its singing high vibrations, this stone clears the heart chakra space, increases compassion, and strengthens the physical heart. Green tourmaline is a wonderful tool to help you achieve all of that and so much more if you want to deepen your connection to the earth in order to increase your awareness of the present moment and your capacity for genuine love. Learn more about the significance of tourmaline.

12) Green Calcite 

green calcite for heart chakra

Green Calcite, another gem that is prepared for the heart chakra, is as cool as a cucumber. This stone’s entire purpose is to clear the way of accumulated emotion that might otherwise send you flying. Our lives are given the blessings of peace, clarity, and expression by green calcite. There is room for light and love to grow and for emotional wounds to heal when we have something to help drain negative energy and accumulated frustration. One of the very first steps in creating a solid and enduring love, this kind, level-headed gem also encourages us to be open about our needs and desires. Learn more about the definition of calcite.

13) Kunzite 

Kunzite for heart chakra

The calming properties of kunzite help you to expand all that loving energy, cleanse your heart chakra, and access the infinite wisdom stored in your third eye chakra as well. The powerful love and devotional energy of this pretty pink stone is well known. Simply by gazing at it, this extremely calming stone can lower your blood pressure. Kunzite radiates inner calm, tranquility, and a love that is unforced. Love will seem less like a struggle and more like a wave of wonder that washes over you thanks to all this yin energy. Learn more about the significance of kunzite.

14) Green Moldavite 

green moldavite for heart chakra

You might expect Green Moldavite to be brimming with chaotic, swirling cosmic energy given that it is said to be a star-born stone. Instead, the dreamy, vibrant mood that this heart chakra gem has captured allows us to gain a completely different viewpoint. This gem aids us in breaking free from ingrained habits and accessing the dreams and visions that have been tucked away but can lead us to a place of illumination by opening the third eye chakra and pouring light and love into the heart space.

15) Moss Agate 

moss agate for heart chakra

The ultimate reminder of how to survive and find havens of peace in our all-consuming, lightning-fast world is Moss Agate, another stone of earthly heartfelt energy. Moss Agate is a magical soul soother and heart chakra healer, earning its name from the mossy green hues that envelop this level-headed gem. This stone helps you maintain your sense of self, level out pendulous emotions, and be reminded of the beauty and strength that keeps you in control of your own destiny. We are gently reminded by a whisper in the wind that the best thing we can do for the world is to love ourselves. It also promotes harmony and peace in already established relationships. Learn more about what Moss Agate means.

16) Peridot 

peridot for heart chakra

We adore the light that Peridot brings to the heart chakra party, sparkling in ethereal green tones. Peridot has a hint of summer hidden in its lush sparkle, and just one look at it will make your heart race. As we learn to let go of jealousy, resentment, and anger, peridot supports us in letting go of egocentric behaviors, maintaining emotional stability, and bringing levity into our lives. Additionally, it is beneficial for the solar plexus chakra, helping to release blocked energy and rekindle passion, vigor, and creativity. Learn more about peridot’s meaning.

How can you use these Heart Chakra Crystals 

woman meditating in lotus pose with heart chakra stone bracelets

It may be sufficient for these stones to begin working on your heart’s healing and surrounding you in an aura of love simply by being in your presence or carrying them on your person. The following methods for promoting the flow of your heart energy can also be adopted by those who wish to delve further and take an active role in their heart chakra journey:

  • Wear gemstone jewelry close to your skin to allow these heart chakra crystals to resonate with your own energy.
  • To clear any blockages during meditation, place these stones on the area of your heart chakra.
  • Say loving affirmations every morning in front of the mirror while holding a heart-shaped crystal stone.
  • When writing in your gratitude journal, keep your stone close at hand.
  • If you want to promote harmony in your home, scatter your heart chakra crystals throughout, with a focus on the bedroom or communal areas.
  • To fill your soul with love, take a crystal bath or drink crystal elixirs all day long.

What else you can use instead of crystals

pink rose with pink scarf

You can also pick one of the following options to help keep your heart space vibrant and beating if you want to add even more complementary therapies to it:

  • Practice heart and chest opening yoga poses.
  • Eat green foods and heart-warming soups.
  • Say affirmations daily.
  • Breathe deeply as the heart chakra is associated with the air element
  • Dance and move your body
  • Hug yourself
  • Awaken your capacity to love with essential oils like rose, lavender, and jasmine


It is lovely to find balance in our hearts. It enlightens us with love’s light and inspires us to put no fear in our trust. It serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with greater forces and the strength that comes from compassion. Numerous profound difficulties in life can be resolved by having an open heart.

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