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17 Protection Crystals For The Home: Create Positive Energy

  • Our homes are energy and emotion sponges.
  • Make your house a place of worship
  • Create barriers of protection with crystals.

Your house should be a sacred place with a nurturing aura because it is your safe refuge. Building a house that offers a sense of security and uplifts you each time you cross the threshold is always the goal. It helps to have a place that offers a serene and restorative getaway because the outer world can occasionally feel chaotic and exhausting. By giving yourself a place to rest, recharge, and disconnect from the outside world, you are honoring your house and yourself.

Crystals can assist you in creating safe boundaries, warding off bad energy, and creating an environment that is brimming with love, calming energy, and creative spirit. We put a lot of love into making our homes beautiful, yet we are all aware that the spiritual and the aesthetic are not always in harmony. Homes may be places of tears, irritation, fluctuating emotions, and even visitors who bring their vibes in through the door, so they can sponge up energy. As a result, your home may start to feel the effects of all this accumulated energy. This is why it’s so crucial to take back that space, and crystals can do this. We have the best selection of crystals for the home to give your place a new perspective if you’re ever in the mood to shift and spring clean.

Crystals for Protection & Positive Energy

bowl of crystals next to coffee cup

1) Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline

What it looks like: It is completely black and was created from the earth’s pure energy.

What it does: Grounding and protective, Black Tourmaline is a great stone for kicking bad feelings to the curb. When you enter your house, you should always feel embraced, anchored, and entirely comfortable to be who you are. This deeply therapeutic stone is great at soaking up bad emotions. Learn more about what Black Tourmaline means.

When to utilize it: Put Black Tourmaline near windows and doorways to feel safe from anyone entering and any energy they may bring.

2) Agate 

blue lace agate

What it looks like: Although it comes in a variety of hues, Blue Lace is as gentle and peaceful-looking as a spring sky.

What it does: Bringing Blue Lace Agate into your home can have a profoundly relaxing effect. It promotes communication and a radiant peace as a throat chakra stone. Blue Lace Agate is also incredibly delicate when it comes to those stress vibes, thus it actively promotes rest and relaxation. Learn more about what agate means.

When to utilize it: If you want to crank up your connection and communication, place Blue Lace Agate in your bedroom. In addition to facilitating genuine pillow discussion, this luscious and gorgeous blue gem can also soothe you into the most peaceful sleep.

3) Clear Quartz 

clear quartz

What it appears to be: Crystal clear, brilliant, and filled with pure energy.

What it does: Use the master healer of the Clear Quartz stone to purify your surroundings and hone your attention. You may program your goals and desires perfectly with this sharp object, allowing you to give your home any mood you want it to have. Learn more about what Clear Quartz means.

When to utilize it: For people who wish to channel positive energy and maintain their home a refuge, clear quartz is a must for any home and should be placed in every room and area.

4) Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

What it appears to be: Shiny pink and radiating with energy.

What it does: Radiant compassion and serene energy are infused into the love stone. Rose Quartz is here to help everyone’s hearts heal and to open up, especially if your house occasionally feels like a battlefield. Every square inch of the room is filled with empathy, trust, and healing, guaranteeing that every crevice is filled with a nurturing energy. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

When to use it: If you and your roommates find yourselves in the middle of an argument or a storm of tension, use Rose Quartz to diffuse the situation. It makes sense that individuals would irritate one another given how much more restricted life is now. Your area will once again become a love nest as a result of rose quartz’s ability to encourage kinship and lovely connections.

5) Citrine 


What it appears to be: as vibrant and luscious as all of Sicily’s lemons.

What it does: Citrine is the magnificent shimmering stone for anyone who wants to bring infinite sunshine into their lives. This stone encourages positivity and abundance to come knocking at your door. It also instantly puts you in a pleasant mood. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

When to utilize it: Citrine is here to make sure that the sun always beams inside, bringing a divine dosage of Vitamin D to your home. The darker winter months are a great time to incorporate this stone into your house, especially if you need treatment with seasonal affective disorder.

6) Amethyst 


What it looks like: In the crown chakra fashion, crushed purple and silver.

How it works: The Amethyst stone, one of the prettiest stones for peaceful thought, is all about shaking off the stress and anxiety and ensuring that you are feeling strong, calm, and connected to your spiritual self. Learn more about what amethyst means.

When to utilize it: The Amethyst stone is a great addition to your home crystal collection, especially if you’re interested in fostering psychic connections and are on a spiritual journey to accepting your higher self.

7) Selenite 

selenite stone

What it looks like: In its unrefined state, it is as pale as dawn and etched with pink and peach.

What it does: Selenite is here to add sparkle and light to your environment. This silky spar stone has the ability to release stuck, negative energy and replace it with high, floating vibrations. Learn more about what Selenite means.

When to utilize it: The Selenite crystal can be the light bringer whenever your room is dim and gloomy, letting in both external light and an internal sense of light.

8) Carnelian 


It appears to be fiery bright with warm, flashing flames of orange and red.

What it does: From beginning to end, carnelian radiates positive energy and comfort. This stone deserves a position in your office or your home if you want your space to be filled with the sounds of laughing, creativity, and the comforting nurture of self-worth. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

When to utilize it: Make a call to Carnelian and set it on the house’s south side. When you wish to open the door for abundance to enter, this is the place to do it. The western nooks of the home will ignite that artistic heart for anyone wishing to add more creativity to their surroundings.

9) Aventurine 

green aventurine

It appears lean, green, and chilly to the touch.

What it does: For good reason, the stone of opportunity creates quite a commotion. Luminous qualities abound in aventurine. Aventurine is not just a stone that calms a troubled heart, but it is also thought to strengthen relationships between loved ones and dispel unfavorable energy. Aventurine is a fantastic study aid because it improves memory and concentration. Learn more about what Aventurine means.

When to utilize it: Put it in public areas to promote positive connections between family members or friends. To allow this stone to focus your attention and keep you focused on the subject at hand, you can also set it at your office or other study-related location.

10) Lapis Lazuli 

lapis lazuli

What it looks like: A constellation of stars in the whitest, icy-brightest, and silveriest tones of the deepest velvet blue.

What it does: Lapis Lazuli has been utilized as a shield against psychic assaults since the dawn of time. Due to its captivating color magic and regal positive energies, this stone wasn’t just a favorite of royalty and artists; it also knows how to offer emotional equilibrium and can be a fantastic stone to utilize in dreamwork. Learn more about what lapis lazuli means.

When to use it: Keep it around your house for whenever you want to fend off energy vampires. If you want to use it for dreamwork and exploring other dimensions, put it next to your pillow and let the ethereal midnight blue stone lead the way.

11) Pyrite


What it looks like: Pyrite is the brightest fire, and it appears like golden nuggets of luck.

What it does: Pyrite is a fantastic addition to your house. It is strong and steady and is here to help you grow your fortune, whether it be in health, riches, or simply living in the light of pure thinking. This sparkling golden diamond has the power to drive out negative energy while bringing in plenty of luck, good fortune, and an exceptional sense of wellbeing in its place. Learn more about what Pyrite means.

When to utilize it: Pyrite can be placed anywhere in the house, but studio rooms or your home office are where it will have the largest impact in terms of creative energy, brilliant ideas, and good fortune.

12) Hematite 


It appears to be black and silver with a faint mirror-like gloss.

How it works: Hematite has long been associated with concepts of magic and power since it is iron-rich and inexpensive. This stone is regarded as being amazing for the mind since it helps to keep you grounded and out of the way of any negative energy while also giving you courage and willpower. Learn more about what hematite means.

When to utilize it: Hematite will do everything in its power to save the day. It is a hero stone that likes to intervene and shield you from everything that can weigh you down. Moreover, it is a superb stone for focus, so keep it close you whenever you are working.

13) Smoky Quartz 

smoky quartz

Described as appearing on the moon as a wisp of autumnal haze.

What it does: Smoky quartz is an expert at capturing all that negative surplus energy and dissolving it into the earth. When we fill our brains and spaces with clinging negativity, it prevents other things from flowing, therefore Smoky Quartz’s potent grounding characteristics can be used to make place for a more optimistic outlook. Learn more about the significance of smokey quartz.

Use Smoky Quartz whenever you feel that your zone needs to be shaken up. When our negative self-talk spills over into our physical world, Smoky Quartz is what we need to absorb and release that energy.

14) Labradorite 


What it looks like: Labradorite is a mysterious fortune that has colors similar to the aurora borealis.

What it does: Although labradorite has mystical qualities, it also knows how to keep you connected to your identity. This stone is fantastic for fostering a closer connection with your inner self and for fostering a clean flow with your throat and third eye chakras. By doing this, you may transform your home into a place where you are free to communicate and express yourself. Learn more about what labradorite means.

When to utilize it: Labradorite creates an effortless expression when you struggle with communication and want to carve out a sublime safe place where you can think and muse without feeling like you have to swallow your thoughts.

15) Aquamarine 


What it looks like: Take a dip in this cool, hidden pool’s vivid blue hues.

What it does: According to legend, sailors used to stow Aquamarine in their pockets to prevent drowning. If your house is your ship, then having aquamarine on deck can provide the defense against incoming tides you require. This stone will safely direct you. All those who feel like they are treading water can quickly revive thanks to its perpetually tranquil presence. Learn more about what aquamarine means.

When to utilize it: This is an excellent stone for the bedroom since its peaceful vibrations instantly transport us to a state of sleep. It is also fantastic at handling toxic situations quickly, allowing any stress elements to be immediately eliminated.

16) Black Obsidian 


What it appears to be: As strong as a shield, it is gloomy and dreamlike.

What it does: Black Obsidian is molten magic that was created from the primordial energy of the earth. This gem also has strong shielding abilities that may guard against negative energy and even psychic attacks. Learn more about what Black Obsidian means.

When to use it: Another fantastic stone to place at your home’s gates, this gem instantly detects any energetic forces bringing in the negative and ensures that any trapped negativity is processed, experienced, and then entirely removed from the area.

17) Onyx 


It appears to be as dark and polished as a river stone.

What it does: Onyx may be the gem you require to create a protective barrier at the front door if you frequently bring a lot of worried energy home with you. This stone is fantastic in erasing phobias and fears, mending previous wounds, and promoting serious meditation, joy, and luck.

When to use it: Onyx is a fantastic stone to have in the house if you are going through a grieving phase or transformation because it gently works to help you overcome any thought patterns or choices that might be keeping you in the area of intense pain and trauma.

 How to Use These Powerful Crystals 

clear quartz sphere

There are several ways you can employ the potent crystals you now know can bring healing and safety into your house. The goal is to construct a boundary that negative energy cannot cross, whether you use Feng Shui principles or erect altars in holy places. Here are a few simple suggestions for using crystals to cultivate positive energy:

  • To ensure that any negative energy is swiftly absorbed before it enters your home, place your stones on windowsills, at doors, and at entry points.
  • Create altars in your home with candles, crystals, and any other symbols of positive energy.
  • Keep in mind to regularly cleanse and clear your crystals because bad energy can accumulate inside of them and cause them to stutter and lose some of their power.
  • Use visualization and a crystal grid to create a shield of protection around your home that keeps out all bad energy.
  • To assist guard against electromagnetic pollution and any negative consequences, place your gemstones close to any technology, computers, or other devices.
  • Kyanite, Fluorite, and Shungite are further therapeutic stones that enhance the atmosphere in the home.


The entire purpose of these protection stones is to create and safeguard an area that you desire to occupy. We must have a space all our own, a location that exudes our individuality and is filled with our own energy. We may better understand ourselves, develop our self-esteem and connect with our real selves, as well as foster good relationships and boundaries with others, by creating this kind of place that is free from the vibes and unpleasant energy of others. When you bring protective crystals into your home, you are safeguarding not only the exterior but also the very core of your being.

What do you think about using crystals for house protection and healing? Let us know in the comments.

Protection for the Home FAQs

How to use crystals for protection?

Wearing your crystals for protection is the ideal course of action if you wish to envelop yourself in a shield of defense. Wearing a protective gemstone might help to block out any negative energy. To prevent bad energy from entering your sacred space, you can also set your protection crystals at doorways and other entryways throughout the house.

What are protection crystals?

Crystals used as protection are typically rare, natural stones with a protective aura. These can contain stones that are known for blocking out negative energy, such as Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Hematite, Onyx, Pyrite, and Smoky Quartz. Other stones like Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Selenite, and others can bring you calm and protection.

What color crystal is for protection?

Black crystals are typically regarded as some of the most powerful stones for protection. This is so that negative energy can be kept at away, as these stones are often powerful and stable in this regard. Also, they can aid in obscuring your aura from harmful forces that might try to cause trouble inside your inner abode.

How to charge crystals for protection?

Due to their active schedules of lifting heavy objects and clearing negative energy, protection crystals may require a little more frequent charging than usual. Keeping these stones cleansed and charged is essential since they frequently act as a barrier against negativity. These crystals can be charged by leaving them in the moonlight or among other energizing stones like selenite and clear quartz.

Is amethyst a protection crystal?

A crystal for protection is amethyst. This extremely calming and potent gemstone is fantastic at warding off worried or unfavorable thoughts and emotions. Even when you are responding to the call of your higher self, amethyst can support you in feeling powerful, peaceful, and balanced.

What crystal protects against spirits?

Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Onyx, and Shungite are some of the large and potent crystal protectors that you can use to shield oneself from undesirable spirits. These stones have the ability to surround you with a forcefield that will keep you well shielded from outside influences and bad energy. Smoky Quartz, which promotes calm and increases inner strength, can also serve as a defense against ghosts. Amethyst keeps us gifted with higher energy and healing no matter what we are up against, and peridot can also be a light in the darkness.

What crystal to wear for protection?

There are several options available if you want to wear crystals as protection. The type of protection you need will really influence the crystal you choose because all crystals have some form of protective energy. Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Onyx, Black Obsidian, and Agate are all crystals that are considered to be protectors. You can also examine Lapis Lazuli, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Selenite, and Aventurine.

What crystals protect against emf?

Hematite, Black Tourmaline, Shungite, Pyrite, Citrine, and Rose Quartz are the best stones to use for electromagnetic fog protection. To minimize the side effects, simply wear these stones on your body or position them close to your devices.

What is the strongest crystal for protection?

One of the most powerful crystals for protection is shungite. Pure carbon makes up this black mineral, which has traditionally been used for both healing and defense. It is adept at picking up and cleaning heavy energy, easily removes negative emotions, and can protect you from the impacts of EMFs. Black tourmaline is a good protective stone that can also transmute negative energy and block electromagnetic fields.

Can crystals protect you from emf?

Absolutely, crystals are incredibly effective at shielding you from the negative effects of EMFs. Electromagnetic fog can make some individuals feel exhausted, anxious, cranky, irritable, have headaches, have trouble sleeping, and more. You can construct a protective energy forcefield around yourself that EMFs will find difficult to penetrate by wearing crystals or keeping them around.

What crystal protects from negative energy?

Shungite, Onyx, Black Tourmaline, and Black Obsidian are all excellent stones for shielding you from harmful energies. These stones not only keep negative energy at bay, but they also help you to become more grounded and can be utilized to strengthen the root chakra, one of the most crucial stones for activating our innate survival instinct and maintaining our stability no matter how chaotic the world around us may be.

What crystals protect?

Black tourmaline is among the crystals with the highest reputations for providing protection because of its propensity to fend off psychic attacks and other forms of negative energy. Obsidian is also renowned for removing negative energy and noxious mind patterns. Amethyst can help guard against overwhelming feelings, while Clear Quartz is renowned for being a master healer and a potent amplifier, which means it can amp up purifying energies.

What crystals protect you from radiation?

You need crystals with a good reputation for producing resilience against EMFs if you want them to shield you from radiation and environmental pollutants. These stones typically contain a lot of iron and have cleansing properties. Black tourmaline, black obsidian, shungite, onyx, jet, and other dark gemstones are examples of these crystals. Wear these gems on your body or keep them close to any type of technology to keep yourself shielded from harm.

Which crystal for protection?

You can choose from a wide variety of crystals for protection. Look to the dark grounding crystals like Onyx, Black Tourmaline, and Black Obsidian for a reliable all-around guardian. If you’re looking for crystals that offer protection through more uplifting energy, consider Citrine, Rose Quartz, or Amethyst, which offer protection through powerful vibrations, adoration, and warmth. You might also consider Smoky Quartz, which transforms negative energy into something more positive and calls on gems like Carnelian or Lapis Lazuli that promote self-assurance and communication (enabling you to act as your own guardian).

How do crystals protect you?

You can be protected by crystals since they have high vibrations that radiate elevating, uplifting, and healing vibes. Your body, mind, and spirit can discover space, harmony, and balance as a result, which helps to create an environment that is more conducive to positive energy. Certain crystals also contain a lot of iron and have cleansing properties. These particular gemstones have the power to completely conceal your aura and to surround you with a safe haven that keeps all harmful or negative energy at bay. In order to prevent bad energy from entering the house, these stones can also be positioned at the entrances.

How to make a crystal grid for protection?

A crystal grid for protection can help you stay safe, bring your desires to life, and move you one step closer to your objectives. Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, Shungite, and other stones with reputedly defensive characteristics should be used to create a crystal grid for protection. You can also choose a grid pattern recognized for its protective qualities; a square, for instance, is useful for defining boundaries. Prior to setting up your grid and the stones, make sure to clean your area. By speaking your intention aloud, activate your crystal grid.

What crystal protects from 5g?

You may shield yourself from 5G with the same stones that shield you from EMFs. Hematite, Pyrite, Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and even Citrine and Rose Quartz can help in protecting against the detrimental impacts of technology.

What crystal protects from evil?

Black tourmaline is the stone you need if you’re looking for an excellent all-purpose crystal for warding against all forms of evil. This gem shields your aura by encircling it with a forcefield so nothing harmful can get through. Amethyst is also abundant in good energy and will maintain your vibrations high on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level, keeping you safe by default. Moreover, Smoky Quartz can guard against painful memories.

What crystal protects you from negative energy?

All the black stones, including black onyx, black tourmaline, black shungite, and black obsidian, are incredibly effective at absorbing negative energy and casting a positive light on situations. In addition to helping to absorb negative energy, they can also help keep negative energy from ever approaching you in the first place. Citrine is also helpful in keeping your energy warm and pure, while Rose Quartz makes sure that all the positive energy is flowing in your direction.

What crystals protect empaths?

Empaths may choose to use protection crystals to aid in maintaining strong emotional boundaries. Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz for self-care, Lapis Lazuli for improved communication, Agate for stable earth energy, Hematite for avoiding overwhelm, and Malachite for its robustness are some stones that function well for empaths in terms of keeping them solid and safe.

What crystals protect your home?

Bring crystals into your home for harmony, protection, and to ward off bad energy. Black Obsidian, Onyx, Hematite, and Black Tourmaline are a few of the crystals that are most effective at blocking negative energy. To keep bad energy out of your home, lay these stones at entryways. To maintain harmony and balance at their peak, you can also invite Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst into your home. Moreover, Labradorite can promote effective communication, while Selenite brings illumination.

How do crystals protect from emf?

Crystals with qualities rich in iron and ripe with the energy of purification are frequently chosen because they are effective in preventing the negative effects of EMFs. This implies that even if harmful energy manages to get through, it can be neutralized and purified. They can also successfully block negative energies from invading the body, mind, and soul.

How to wear crystals for protection?

Making sure that the crystals sit near to or directly on the skin is one of the finest methods to wear them for protection. The protector stones may balance your chakras, deliver healing to wherever it is required, and sync vibrations when they come into direct contact with your skin. As they beat against the pulse, gemstone bracelets are one of the greatest techniques, but you can also consider gemstone necklaces, rings, and even earrings.

What crystals are good for protection while traveling?

As the stone of travelers’ protection, malachite is recommended for everyone embarking on a journey. It is a swirling, dark green stone. If Malachite doesn’t fit your vibe, choose Labradorite instead because it encourages you to believe in your instincts. Amethyst is a calming dream that will keep you balanced and safe while driving, and moonstone also aids with your direction.

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