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Hematite Meaning: What You Need To Know – Healing Properties & More!

What is Hematite?

Hematite is a crystal of iron oxide and a significant source of iron. It is a common component of rocks and soil and belongs to the trigonal crystal structure. Hematite comes in a variety of colors, including reddish-brown, silver, grey, and black, and has a metallic-like shine. Hematite has the properties of protection and grounding.

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The History of Hematite

  • originates from the Greek word for blood for its name
  • Used to decorate tombs and as a mirror, pigment, and war paint.
  • Linked with protection, blood, and magic

The valuable hematite’s blood-red color attests to its extraordinarily high iron content. The name Haima, which is the Greek word for blood in the old Latin language, comes from the Ancient Greeks’ obsession with the stone. Hematite has a pleasing weight in the hand and the same shine and feel as a midnight sky strewn with stars, perhaps on a night when the planet Mars is glinting. It is also shot through with metallic tones of silver.

Hematite has a long history of being revered as a stone with exceptional healing properties and for its capacity to act as a shield. The Earth has been affected by the Iron Rose for a very long period. Because of its reflected brilliance, the stone was sometimes thought to be an early type of a mirror. Moreover, it was ground into powdered color for artists, and even prehistoric man utilized it to etch his ideas on cave walls. Native Indians used it as war paint by smearing it on their faces. Hematite, in its complete state, was used to embellish pharaohs’ tombs. As you can see, the history’s breadth includes everything from art to elite rank to protective abilities. It has played a remarkable role in our history.

Hematite is a dense, heavy mineral that is harder than the normal crystal. It is found in Brazil and South Africa’s tropical regions. Around the Lake Superior coastlines in French-speaking Quebec’s winter wonderlands is another place to find it. It can also be harvested from Switzerland’s snow-capped peaks.

Hematite has a three thousand year history of being linked to blood and sorcery. It was applied to stop excessive bleeding on both the battlefield and the delivery bed. It has long been a stone that keeps the bearer firmly anchored. Farmers and magicians wore it to guard against curses and spells. Continue reading if you want to learn more about hematite’s therapeutic benefits.

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Hematite Healing Properties

warrior woman with stick

Hematite is abundant in healing qualities. It’s comparable to grabbing your shield and sword, placing your protective cloak over your shoulder, and going outside. This stone’s capacity to stop poisonous emotions in their tracks contributes to a profound, heartfelt confidence. With daily self-care, it maintains us sharp-thinking and sassy and is connected to the root chakra, the basis of our stability in this world.

Physical Healing Properties

  • favorable to circulation
  • reduces blood pressure and heavy menstrual cycles

Hematite is regarded as one of the best stones for enhancing healthy circulation in the body because of its extensive history and high iron content, which has kept it attached to the blood for a long time. This is a stone you must possess if you suffer from high blood pressure, blood clots, heavy periods, or any other type of blood flow-related health issue. Hematite ensures that your tissue is in excellent condition, that you can correctly absorb all of your nutrients, and that your body is detoxified (along with the mind and soul).

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • Healing Qualities for the Mind & Emotions
  • Strengthens and defends against harmful energy

Hematite is a stone for the mind and a strength-giver. Hematite is always prepared to intervene and make sure that you don’t turn into a sponge for negative energy if you frequently find yourself at the whim of other people’s poor moods and vibes. Hematite is a fantastic investment for high empaths. It somehow triggers our innate need to survive and focuses on giving us the skills necessary to boost our courage, resolve, and confidence.

Hematite is here to offer your self-esteem a substantial boost if you occasionally feel like you live life on the timid side. You can overcome a variety of challenges with the aid of your newfound character strength. When hematite is present, undesirable qualities like addictive habits and people-pleasing tendencies might be thrown out the window.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Associated with the root chakra
  • yin and yang energy is balanced.

Hematite is a powerful grounding stone that is linked to both the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. Our basic chakras are where our sense of security, self-worth, and confidence reside. When these are engaged, we experience an unshakeable feeling that enables us to make choices that are entirely consistent with our own souls. Hematite is praised for yin-yang balancing as well. The stone has the power to harmonize the bodily and spiritual nervous systems into a gorgeous, harmonious equilibrium.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • the Aquarius birthstone
  • Suitable for Aries

An incredible birthstone for those who were born under the sign of Aquarius is hematite. Aquarians are independent, easygoing, and creative thinkers who spend most of their time in their own brains. They can occasionally be vulnerable to overthinking and taking on other people’s negative energy as their own because of their floating head lifestyle. Having a stone like hematite will offer the much-needed protection to keep the spirit strong and the body and mind firmly in the cool zone because the physical nervous system can occasionally be out of whack.

Hematite has significant advantages for Aries as well. Although they don’t require any assistance in the area of courage, they can benefit from a good old dose of yin energy to bring them out of the forceful yang flow and into better-balanced harmony. The earth and fire stone, with its reddish brown and silver tones, is a suitable match for their fire spirit.

How to Use Hematite Crystals

hematite energy bracelet

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  • Wear for protection and grounding
  • Place in the home to keep bad vibes at bay

Let Hematite into your life and wear stunning crystal jewelry to benefit from its powerful direct skin contact. Hematite should be pressed close to the skin so that your body may readily absorb the healing and protective energy without any interruptions. Worry stones, protective amulets, and even tumbling bits to place in a Feng Shui shrine are more ways to incorporate hematite into your daily life. Check out these ideas for utilizing hematite to build your own sanctuary.

Home & Office 

In the home and office, hematite makes your area secure. You can count on finishing your work when hematite is in your eye line because of its extremely potent anchoring energy and capacity to sharpen attention. Hematite is a fantastic stone for work and imaginative play in Feng Shui. If you want to promote better concentration, put it in your office. If you’re an artist, you can also find it useful to have it in any studio space. Hematite can also be placed by your front door to shield the entire area from negative energy invading.


To get the most out of this magical master of all the grounding stones, use hematite jewelry. As previously discussed, holding hematite close to your skin enables you to absorb even more of its strength. No matter how chaotic the world is around you, a hematite bracelet may keep you standing tall, firmly planted, and absolutely unshakeable.

Bloodstone, which has a reputation for balancing the chakras and purging anxiety, is a good place to start if you’re seeking for additional healing stones to enhance the effects of magnetic hematite. Amethyst can also be a helpful companion, especially if you want to rely a little more on that spiritual energy that is flowing. Hematite is balanced by the lovely complementing qualities of Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, Magnetite, Labradorite, Carnelian, Malachite, Aventurine, Opal, Rose Quartz, and Agate.

How to Cleanse Your Hematite Stone

silver hematite stone
  • Use a shake or smudge to clean (avoid water)
  • Charge with additional crystals.

If you want your hematite to sit in the highest power and health, it is essential to keep it charged, cleansed, and clear. Healing crystals can act on vibrations, and occasionally they may become clogged or overcrowded and require a thorough cleaning.

It’s not difficult to clean your hematite stone, however, it doesn’t like water. Because it contains iron oxide, hematite can rust when exposed to water. You can just rub your stone occasionally with a soft bristle brush (like a toothbrush) to release any contained energy without using water. Place your hematite on top of your other rock crystals to charge it up and give it some much-needed vitality.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationOxide mineral
Chemical FormulaFe2O3
Crystal systemTrigonal
ColorBlack, grey, silver-grey, red-brown
StreakBlood red to brownish red
LusterMetallic to splendent
OccurrenceSedimentary, igneous, metamorphic rocks
FormationHydrothermal, magmatic, sedimentary
Mohs Hardness5.5 – 6.5
Specific Gravity4.9 – 5.3
Diagnostic PropertiesRed to brownish red streak; metallic luster; strongly magnetic
Chemical CompositionIron oxide (Fe2O3)
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Optical PropertiesUniaxial (-)
Refractive Indexnω = 3.150 – 3.220, nε = 2.870 – 2.940
Birefringenceδ = 0.280 – 0.310
2V angleMeasured: 12° to 88°; calculated: 28° to 70°
Other characteristicsMagnetic, conchoidal fracture, red to brownish-red streak

Final Thoughts on Hematite

For individuals who just need a good heady dose of grounding, hematite is a fantastic stone. The world can be challenging, and it’s all too common to feel as though you’re being swept around without an anchor to keep you steady. Hematite, fortunately, can serve as that anchor. This stone aids you in maintaining your balance when it comes to powerful crystal healing for those who wish to feel secure, protected, and free from the weight of other people’s all-consuming energy. Hematite is a gift from god; its yin-yang balancing act, clarity, and focus, along with its dependability, ensure that you remain rock-steady.

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Hematite FAQs

Hematite is it magnetic?

Natural hematite occasionally has a mild magnetic property, but not one strong enough to draw metals. While termed “magnetic Hematite,” this man-made magnetic substance is not the same as the mineral Hematite.

Hematite: What is it?

An iron oxide crystal known as hematite is tough and hefty. It is also an iron ore that is typically discovered in lavas, igneous and metamorphic rocks, and thick sedimentary beds. It is often dark in hue, ranging from silvery black to gray, and has a metallic shine. A crystal known as hematite is frequently used for grounding and protection.

How does hematite function?

A grounding and protecting stone is hematite. It is well known for having a connection to the root chakra and for promoting a sense of security and stability in the material world. Hematite, which is also known as a stone of the mind because it helps increase self-esteem and harmonize your neurological system, can help keep bad energy at bay. EMF protection is another benefit of hematite.

A hematite ring: what is it?

A ring that is formed entirely of the stone hematite is known as a hematite ring. They are typically worn for harmony in your energy, protection, strength, and endurance. Wearing the ring helps you stay connected and can help you better direct your energy since hematite can work best when pressed against the skin. Moreover, it enhances circulation.

What is the purpose of hematite?

Hematite is mostly a stone of strength and defense. It’s a terrific crystal for people who want to boost their confidence and enhance their root chakra. For those who are sensitive to other people’s energy and the negative effects of EMFs, it can also be helpful. Hematite can act as a shield to prohibit anything from penetrating and depleting you, leaving you submerged in your own energy. It can be used for chakra and reiki healing, worn as jewelry, positioned near electronic devices, and more.

Does hematite jewelry fracture?

Several factors can cause hematite rings to crack. Your hematite ring might be fragile or brittle and weaker as a result of oxidation. It’s also possible that your hematite ring breaks as a result of absorbing a great deal of bad energy or as a result of your own energetic breakthrough. It’s important to handle hematite rings gently because they can be fairly brittle.

How can hematite be cleaned?

Your hematite stone should be regularly cleansed because it attracts negative energy. Maintaining your hematite’s strength and giving it lots of room and drive will keep it powerful and ready to mop up harmful vobs. This can be done by cleaning it frequently. Due to its high iron content, hematite is a stone that does not tolerate water, so the best way to clean it is with a soft bristles brush or with other non-intrusive methods like smudging and sound baths.

What is the purpose of a hematite ring?

A hematite ring is typically chosen to offer the user security, bravery, equilibrium, and grounding. As it stimulates the root chakra and gives you a sense of security in this world, hematite is a wonderful stone to have by your side. Also, it’s fantastic for boosting self-esteem, mind-body wellness, and promoting good circulation.

Hematite can it get wet?

Hematite is a crystal with a high iron content, therefore it can rust and deteriorate. If at all possible, keep your hematite away from water. You can utilize energetic cleansing techniques to purify your hematite, such as smudging or leaving it in the vicinity of other purifying crystals like selenite and clear quartz.

What is the benefit of hematite?

Hematite is helpful for keeping the body, mind, and soul grounded and in equilibrium. It also clears blockages in the root chakra and protects against harmful energy and the bad effects of EMFs. Hematite, often known as the stone of the mind, is a healer and is here to raise your self-esteem.

What stores sell hematite rings?

Any professional jeweler or someone who deals in gemstone jewelry should be able to sell you a hematite ring. Hematite is used frequently in jewelry as more and more people are drawn to its potent therapeutic qualities as well as its capacity to offer protection and grounding. Wearing a ring made of hematite next to your skin can give you more self-assurance. To be confident you are wearing the “genuine deal,” make sure the hematite you are buying is from a respected gem merchant.

How do I wash a hematite ring?

Your Hematite ring will benefit from a periodic cleaning because it will be actively soaking up all the harmful energy in the air and ensuring your safety. The easiest approach to cleanse hematite rings is energetically using smudging techniques or by placing the ring in the presence of naturally purifying gemstones like clear quartz and selenite. Hematite rings can be delicate and don’t function well with water.

What do rings made of hematite do?

For people who desire to surround themselves with protective energy, hematite rings are fantastic. Hematite is renowned for having strong anchoring properties, balancing the neurological system, and aiding in maintaining mental clarity and attention. Wearing a hematite ring will enable you to balance, strengthen, and avoid any negative energy that may be present if you want to create more harmony in your life.

What about hematite rings?

Hematite is a powerfully therapeutic crystal, and rings and other jewelry made of it can have amazing grounding and protective properties. Crystals are most effective when they are held close to the skin and in close proximity to your own individual vibrations. The greatest approach to maximize the energy of hematite is to wear it.

Hematite is what shade?

A gloomy and dreamlike stone is hematite. It typically has a black or dark gray color. It can occasionally also appear to have silver or reddish tones. Hematite is a well-known stone of protection, just like all other black gemstones.

What does it signify when a ring made of hematite fractures?

The peak of a Hematite ring’s spiritual work with you may have been reached when it breaks. You might need a new healing or protection stone because you recently experienced a significant energetic breakthrough or because its capacity to absorb negative energy has reached a peak. At times, your hematite ring may crack because it is fragile or because it has overoxidized and weakened from exposure.

How is hematite charged?

Hematite benefits from occasional charging because absorbing negative energy can be exhausting. If you wish to naturally charge your hematite, you can do so by leaving it near gemstones like Selenite or Clear Quartz that are known to transmit energy. These stones can both cleanse and charge your hematite at the same time, restoring its luster and newness.

Hematite: Is it a mineral?

Mineral hematite is found naturally. It is a type of iron oxide that is made up of various iron-rich minerals that have weathered over time in ore deposits and soil. As a result, hematite has a high iron content and a dark gray or even black color. It belongs to the trigonal crystal structure and has a Mohs hardness rating of 5 to 6.

Where can you find hematite?

All across the planet, hematite can be found. Hematite can be found, among other places, in South Africa, Brazil, Canada, and Switzerland. Nonetheless, Lake Superior in the United States is home to the largest production facility in the world.

How can you tell whether hematite is authentic?

Because iron ore always leaves a crimson line when scraped over a surface, you can tell whether your hematite is genuine by looking to see if the stone does the same. You can also see if the hematite is magnetic to make sure. Any stone that exhibits a strong magnetism is likely not genuine hematite because true hematite is either not magnetic at all or only mildly magnetic.

Hematite: Is it a silicate?

Hematite is not a mineral made of silicate. It is not a silicate and is instead a type of iron oxide. The silicate group of crystals includes a number of quartz, feldspar, mica, and olivine variants.

Hematite is a chakra.

The root chakra is linked to hematite. The root chakra is the basic basis on which we hold ourselves; it is how we feel secure, grounded, and safe in this world. When our root chakra is blocked, we could always feel fearful or apprehensive. After clearing, we are able to navigate the world with assurance, knowing that we can protect our emotional and spiritual well-being under any circumstance.

Hematite rusts, right?

Hematite may rust, yes. The reason for this is that the stone contains a lot of iron, and iron is known to oxidize readily when exposed to oxygen and water. By keeping your hematite as far away from water as you can, you can stop it from rusting.

Hematite is it nonmetallic or metallic?

Although it can also have a non-metallic shine, hematite frequently has a metallic luster. It comes in a variety of colors, from black to brown and from red to silvery gray.

Why is it called hematite?

The gemstone hematite symbolizes security, stability, strength, and power. It is a terrific mineral for assisting you to stabilize and feel protected because it is rich in iron ore. The word “blood stone” is how hematite got its name. This is due to those qualities’ abundance in iron. It is renowned for boosting physical, emotional, and spiritual vigor and for assisting the body’s circulation.

What is the stone hematite?

Iron oxide is used to form the crystals that make up hematite stone. Hematite is typically a dark gray or black color with a silvery or reddish tint, and it has a metallic appearance. It is a stone that is frequently utilized by people seeking stability and security. Hematite is known for helping to protect against EMFs and maintain bodily health as it promotes circulation and healing. It also contains strong root chakra energy.

Hematite is a type of rock, right?

Iron ore called hematite typically originates in sedimentary rock. Nevertheless, it can also be found as an accessory mineral in igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks. One of the most common minerals on earth, hematite may be found all over the planet.

How does hematite get its name?

Rocks that are metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary all contain hematite. It crystallizes when magma combines with rock or when hydrothermal fluids pass through rock. Sedimentary rocks that are abundant in iron and other minerals are one of the greatest environments for hematite to form.

How do you wash a hematite ring?

Hematite rings can be sensitive, therefore employing gentle, non-invasive energetic techniques to clean them is recommended. Smudging and sound baths are two ways to purify a ring made of hematite. Also, since stones like selenite and clear quartz have excellent charging and naturally purifying capabilities, you can cleanse it by leaving it in their presence. A Hematite ring should never be cleaned with water as this can cause rusting.

Do humans make hematite?

Hematite is not a natural mineral. It is a naturally occurring mineral found in the crust of the planet. Although it is frequently manufactured from naturally occurring iron oxide, there is a synthetic form of hematite that tends to be more magnetic. This material may be referred to as magnetic hematite, hemalike, or hematine.

What does the word “hematite stone” mean?

The mineral hematite, which is also known as “blood stone,” is associated with iron, blood, and magic. The Native Americans, the Ancient Greeks, and other cultures who used the stone for both the birthing bed and the battlefield adored it. Hematite is linked to both mental and physical strength as well as bodily healing. Hematite is frequently used for protection and grounding.

EMF is hematite a blocker?

Hematite is a stone that provides protection and is frequently used to prevent EMFs. The crystal hematite is excellent for putting in your office or other location with lots of technology. If you are susceptible to the negative effects of EMFs, this stone is also beneficial to wear. Because to its high iron concentration, hematite can keep anything detrimental from entering your area and can shield you from negative energy.

What does hematite cost?

Hematite is a very inexpensive stone due to its abundance, though prices will vary based on the stone’s grade, cut, and whether it has been tumbled, set into jewelry, or otherwise fashioned. For larger pieces of hematite and carvings, budget between $8 and $30.

How is hematite stone used in medicine?

One of the finest methods to use hematite for healing is to wear it on the body as a protective talisman. Hematite is better equipped to offer protection and transmit healing vibrations throughout the body when it comes into direct touch with the skin. If you believe your root chakra is obstructed or out of harmony in the world, you can also apply hematite to it.

Is magnetic Rainbow Hematite possible?

Although some pieces of Rainbow Hematite may have stronger magnetism than others due to their composition, Rainbow Hematite is not thought to be magnetic. When goethite and hematite combine, rainbow hematite results, giving it an iridescent shine and a colorful look.

Where can I find stone hematite?

Hematite can be purchased from a variety of reliable crystal or gemstone dealers. Hematite isn’t regarded as a very rare stone, so finding it shouldn’t be too difficult. Always check the reputation of the vendor before making a purchase because you want to be sure that your hematite is genuine and was obtained as ethically as possible.

Hematite: Does it relieve arthritis?

When it comes to physical healing, hematite offers a wealth of advantages and can aid in blood circulation, tissue strengthening, and pain management. Hematite is only weakly magnetic, despite the fact that magnetic bracelets are thought to help with arthritis. Hematite, however, has additional benefits that include assisting with body detoxification, promoting nutrient absorption, and ensuring that your blood is strong and circulates normally.

Iron is in hematite.

Iron ore hematite doubles as a source of colour. One of the most prevalent minerals on the planet, it is frequently located in the shallow crust. Hematite has incredible grounding effects and can be a wonderful stone to help you emotionally settle because of its link to iron and the earth.

Is there really rainbow hematite?

When hematite and goethite combine, rainbow hematite is created. Aluminum phosphate particles give it its lovely iridescence and rainbow colors. When a man-made thin coating has been put to the stone to give it a rainbow sheen, you may also see hematite offered as rainbow hematite.

What is hematite gold?

Hematite that has been coated in gold is a stunning stone with a strong earth energy and a touch of fire. It offers the advantages of gold together with the same healing qualities as hematite, such as being a stone of protection, strength, and grounding. Gold is renowned for assisting with emotional center stabilization.

How can Hematite stone be cleaned?

Non-invasive techniques are the finest for cleaning your hematite stone. A variety of energetic cleansing techniques, including smudging and sound baths, are available. You can also purposefully purify your stone by using visualization and meditation techniques. You can leave it near other purifying and energizing stones like selenite and clear quartz. An alternative is a soft-bristled brush. Your hematite stone shouldn’t be cleaned with water.

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