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Howlite Meaning: Healing Properties & Everyday Uses

What is Howlite?

The borate mineral howlite has a monoclinic structure with irregular nodules. Howlite, which is often referred to as Magnesite, has a porous structure. It might be colorless or have a powdery white hue with dark veins. Howlite has a patience and perspective-related meaning.

The Calming Stone

Howlite is all about calming the storm. It is gentle, calming, and always prepared to tempt you back from the edge. The more technical name of Silico Boro Calcite is also used for this creamy-white stone, which is also referred to as White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, White Turquoise, Kaolinite, Lapis Howlite, and White Buffalo. Howlite is a borate mineral that can be mined in the form of natural nodules and blooms that resemble cauliflower. It is classified as a type of Calcium Borosilicate Hydroxide and rates between 2.5 and 3.5 on the Mohs scale, making it a soft stone.

Howlite exudes empathy and sympathy with its finely adjusted every aspect and minimalist snow-white color schemes. It’s a healing crystal that appears to have spiritual gifts, whether by name or by nature. Henry How made the initial discovery of it in 1868. Howlite Silico-Boro-Calcite was discovered by a Canadian mineralogist and chemist of the same name. When James Dwight Dana, a different mineralogist, gave the stone a new name later, it became more poetic. Howlite has been mined in many parts of the world, including the USA, Germany, Namibia, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, and the tropics of Mexico. It was first discovered in Nova Scotia, Canada, and has since been discovered in other countries as well.

Howlite has earned the moniker “Imitation Stone” due to the fact that certain traders would dye the stone’s icy tones a different shade to make it resemble turquoise. Howlite can mimic other stones’ colors, but it doesn’t need to because it is a distinct exceptional stone with a wide range of lovely therapeutic characteristics.

Howlite is a crystal that joins you to a more conscious way of life. It is a stone of patience and perspective for people who feel the need to slow it down, absorb, and clear the continual stream of chatter from the mind. Continue reading if you want to learn more about howlite’s therapeutic properties.

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Healing Properties of Howlite

Woman wearing howlite bracelet

Howlite has a wide range of therapeutic advantages that calm the body, mind, and spirit. Above all else, it is a remarkably tranquil stone that is constantly prepared to slow heartbeats, soothe disastrous tempers, and guide you along the path of wisdom. Its smooth vibration flows and connects, enhancing your consciousness and bringing clarity to your vision. It complements Blue Lace Agate’s intricate features, Rose Quartz’s ability to heal the heart, Peridot’s twinkle, and Amethyst’s ability to connect the head chakra best due to its pale hue and relaxing character.

Physical Healing Properties

Despite the fact that howlite is a very emotive stone, it doesn’t skimp on overall health and wellbeing. Howlite can assist in balancing calcium levels in the body in a physical sense because to its bone-white hue. Howlite can help you strengthen your skeleton, develop thick, lustrous hair, and reveal your beautiful white teeth. Howlite can also alert the body that it needs more water to thrive in addition to promoting radiant wellness. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking herbal tea or taking a detox bath—this stone invokes the water element.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

Howlite is here to provide a moment of peace and quiet for contemplation if you frequently feel as though your head is awash in a steady stream of noise. It can be difficult to find sleep and respite when your mind is as mobile as a million monkeys swinging their branches. With Howlite on your side, you can help those choppy waves calm down and become a smooth flow. Particularly Blue Howlite is a fantastic tool for relaxing a hyperactive mind and controlling emotional outburst.

Howlite is like a long, cold drink on a hot day for folks who have a tendency to be fast to rage and rush in with a heated head. It is a stone that serves as a reminder to pause and think things through thoroughly before acting. This stone is a superb stress and tension reliever, making it a wonderful tool to have on hand when things start to seem tense. It asks you to communicate in a way that doesn’t add gasoline to a smoldering fire and to face the world with love and understanding. Howlite provides you the power to deal with anger in a way that is far from provocative while yet making sure your own boundaries and best interests are fulfilled, even if you are not an angry person but frequently find yourself having to calm a fiery soul.

Metaphysical Properties

Howlite is a skilled remover of negative energy, keeping you connected to higher dimensions and moving toward your destiny. We can all so easily lose ourselves in the complex webs of the world and focus all of our attention on the little things. Yet, Howlite is here to work with the crown chakra and to serve as a gentle reminder not to wade through the muck when we may be jumping towards wisdom and peace. It is a stone that is hungry for knowledge on all fronts, but it is especially hungry for spiritual understanding. Howlite also has a connection to the third eye chakra, which houses our limitless inner knowledge and keen intuitive abilities. Howlite can also help to focus such details for those who are eager to investigate the possibilities of past incarnations.

Zodiac Birthstone

It should not be surprising that Howlite enjoys hanging out with Gemini given its pale complexion, flowing energy, and capacity to control all types of emotions. Howlite and the Gemini zodiac sign complement each other perfectly and are like two peas in a pod. The one thing you should know about Geminis is that they are a complete universe of emotions. Howlite is here to bring an even keel back to the wilder side of the twin sign. Howlite is super relaxed, flighty, and fun on the one hand, and then sensitive and stern on the other. The tremendous love of communication and the depths of compassion associated with the Gemini sign are other characteristics. The Howlite stone possesses both of these qualities, therefore it perfectly matches the Gemini temperament.

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How to Use Howlite

Howlite Energy Bracelet

Check out our howlite energy bracelet

If you’re looking for a stone that is all about attunement, inner vision, and peaceful aware living, Heavenly Howlite deserves a place in your life. There are numerous ways to add even more healing and harmony to your life, whether you select Howlite as a stunning gemstone bracelet to adorn your wrist or if you look to have an alter or set of meditation items that contains Howlite.

Home & Office 

Once you have Howlite in your home, you may unwind while this magical stone works. Environments are detoxified, and anger is shaken away, by howlite. If there is any stress in your home or place of business, hanging some Howlite beads or bringing in a piece of Howlite can help to diffuse the situation, improve relationships and communication, and unify everyone. You can also tuck a Howlite stone under your pillow if you have trouble falling asleep at night or getting your mind to shut down and let the calming qualities of the snow and veining do their job.


Due to its gentle color palette and its delicate dance of light when brushed against the skin, howlite jewelry is a delight to see. There are numerous ways to appreciate howlite and its calming qualities, but wearing it as jewelry can be one of the greatest ways to fully benefit from its therapeutic properties. Crystals are better able to transform their abilities and healing vibrations into harmony with your own energy when they come into direct touch with the skin. You may be certain that all of that energy is flowing in your direction without even the slightest interruption if you choose a Howlite Energy Bracelet, a ring with the delicate white stone, or even a pendant.

Agate, Obsidian, and Chrysocolla all have protective shield-strengthening properties that work well with Howlite’s moods. Another stone that complements howlite is lapis lazuli since they both support spiritual enlightenment and have a crucial relationship to the third eye chakra. Howlite pairs beautifully with other white stones. Unakite has also been found to pair well with Howlite crystals; the contrast of the moss green and the light cream color is striking.

How to Cleanse your Gemstone

Howlite on Beach

To ensure that your Howlite stone is constantly prepared for use, it is crucial to maintain it cleansed and charged. It helps if gemstones are cleaned frequently so they have a chance to put down all that negative energy and create room. Gemstones are great tools for soaking up bad energy and channeling good. Howlite is simply cleaned by allowing it to drain under running water or even by putting it in a bowl of brown rice. Leaving a howlite in a beam of milky white on a chilly, clear night may rapidly boost its energy and make it zing. Howlite also enjoys being charged by moonlight.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationBorate mineral
Chemical FormulaCa2B5SiO9(OH)5
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
ColorWhite with grey or black veins, sometimes dyed to imitate other stones
LusterSub-vitreous to pearly
OccurrenceCanada, USA, Germany, Mexico, Russia, and Turkey
FormationIn hydrothermal veins and cavities in volcanic rocks, often in association with other borate minerals
CleavagePerfect on {100} and {010}
Mohs Hardness3.5
Specific Gravity2.53-2.59
Diagnostic PropertiesWhite color with grey or black veins, can be easily dyed to imitate other stones
Chemical CompositionCa2B5SiO9(OH)5
Crystal SystemMonoclinic
Optical PropertiesBiaxial negative
Refractive Indexnα = 1.583 – 1.586, nβ = 1.597 – 1.600, nγ = 1.605 – 1.608
Birefringenceδ = 0.022 – 0.0225
2V angleMeasured: 24° to 56°
Other CharacteristicsFluorescent under short and long UV light

Conclusions regarding Howlite

For people seeking to spread more serenity and less chaos in their lives, howlite is a stunningly useful stone. Howlite enables you to stay connected to your inner wisdom because of its dazzling pastel colors, sweet calming quality, and strong connection to both the third eye chakra and the crown chakra. Above all, Howlite just wants you to be kind to yourself. Life can be difficult, and we all have a tendency to let our emotions rule us before we have a chance to take a deep breath. The spot where you gather yourself is Howlite, which is here to be that purifying breath, that moment of silence before the storm.

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