How To Cleanse Crystals: 9 Crucial Practices You Need To Know

Why Cleansing Crystals is Important

Care after your precious stones properly if you want to get the most out of them, regardless of whether you only have one unique glittering crystal that sings to your soul or if you have a distinct gemstone for each chakra. Crystals are great because they help us make sense of the confusion, bring us into balance, protect us from negative energy and poisonous energy, and they constantly vibrate at high frequencies to keep us centered and powerful. They are, in a word, busy.

Understanding how to cleanse crystals may ensure that your gems are properly charged and constantly prepared to maintain the high level of healing energy. A thorough crystal wash will not only keep your gem sparkling and clear, but it will also help you build an unbreakable tie with your lovely, nourishing jewels.

The Top Methods to Remove Negative Energy 

It’s not difficult to clean your crystals and give them a full plug recharge, but it’s crucial. More often than diamonds that are kept on a shelf, emotional stones that you frequently use and keep close by will require cleansing. A stone needs to be washed more frequently the more you use it. Given how adept crystals are at cleaning up debris, all that energy needs to go someplace, and it wouldn’t be just to fill your prized stone to the brim with filthy rags. Check out these simple techniques to maintain your stones bathing in radiant light and squeeze out those odd energies for a new, complete, and wonderful healing experience each time.

1) New Moon/Full moon 

moon over mountains

Moonlight and crystals go together. A big full moon’s goddess force and a young moon’s deep breath both have a certain allure. Crystals can be deeply energetically cleansed by the moon, and this is something that has been done for millennia. Your diamonds can better absorb the adoring feminine energy when it is moonlight. A new moon brings an energy of growth, but a full moon will bring an energy of release.

Just before going to bed, set your crystals on the windowsill, and leave them there all night. This allows your diamond plenty of opportunity to absorb the luscious light. Even if you are just able to perform it for a few hours, it will still be quite effective. All stones respond well to this method of washing, especially those that struggle with water.

2) Eclipses

An eclipse can be a powerful energetic force with the same sensations as starting a new book. This could be the ideal time to give your crystals a fresh energy boost, whether it’s a solar or lunar eclipse. During this natural phenomenon, significant changes may occur. The solar eclipse speaks of exterior shifts and radical alteration to the structure of your life, whereas the lunar eclipse is intimately linked to significant inside adjustments and transformations. For individuals who are trapped in stale energy, this is a fantastic chance to stir things up.

Figure out when the next solar or lunar eclipse will occur, then place your gems somewhere safe outside—on a windowsill, balcony, or similar surface—so they can soak up all that beautiful light. If you choose the solar eclipse charge, make sure your stones are compatible with sunlight. Even those warm sun-colored diamonds shouldn’t be placed in the sunlight for too long because it can cause them to fade. A good gem for both of these purifying and charging techniques is clear quartz.

3) Salt Water 

Saltwater is an instant healer, as anyone who has ever had a purifying swim in the ocean will attest. Cleaning your crystals in saltwater helps to remove any traces of negativity and absorb undesirable energy. Using the tidal power of trust and change in saltwater is the ideal approach to put your diamonds into a soothing flow. If you live near the ocean, you can collect a bowl of saltwater for your crystals. If you live on land, don’t worry; adding salt to water will still work.

As long as you can stand to be without them for a day, make sure your crystals are entirely submerged in the saltwater for a few hours. Always make sure to thoroughly pat dry after removing your stones. Recognize that not all crystals adore water. Selenite, Lepidolite, Malachite, and Angelite should not be exposed to water since they are softer and more porous than Amethyst and quartz, which are more resilient stones.

4) Smudging 

smudge sticks and crsytals

Anyone who has ever used smudging to clear a place of negative energy will be familiar with how powerful this easy technique is. Another traditional method is smudging, which is frequently used with herbs like sage, cedar, lavender, and sweetgrass, to name just a few. Sage is the most widely used option because it has various medicinal benefits. This strong herb purifies, opens a channel to the spiritual world, dispels bad energy, and calms all types of stress. Your worn-out crystal needs this vibe more than anything.

Make sure you are outside or close to an open window when smudging your stones so that negative energy has a place to go. To achieve the best and cleanest results, use bundled sage sticks. With the stone in one hand and the sage stick’s tip lit, wave the sage over it to allow the smoke to surround it for at least 30 seconds. One of the greatest advantages of the smudging technique is that it can be used with any crystal, especially Pyrite, where you don’t want to lose the crystal’s sparkling sheen.

5) Sunlight

The sun’s golden shine provides a more masculine spirit and is all about vitality, energy, and life-giving force, whilst the moon is replete with feminine energy. Everyone who has ever turned their face toward the sun to wash away the winter’s troubles will attest to the sun’s potent nature. Set your stone out to warm in the light of the sky on a lovely day or under a clear sky. Nothing is more gratifying than holding a stone that has been roasted in the sun in your palm and having that delight seep into the core of your being, instantly recharging with that solar energy.

Even if the shine of sunlight is a fantastic technique to speed up the cleaning of your diamond, not all stones are summer and sunlight creatures. If left in the sunlight for too long, some crystals will deteriorate and lose their brightness, so no stone should be exposed to the sun for too long. The ideal stones to use in sunshine are those that are darker, like hematite, and those that are red and orange, like carnelian. Ametrine, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Calcite, Beryl, and Citrine, among other precious gems that could lose their color, are stones that should be kept out of the light.

6) Sound

By using the power of sound, crystals can be cleansed and charged in another secure and wise way. An fantastic, risk-free method of cleaning your gems is to use sound frequency to wash it over and change the vibration of your crystal. This is a clever technique for folks who have a ton of crystals that would take years to wash and charge separately because it is quick and efficient.

Whatever method you choose—chanting, using tuning forks, singing bowls or bells for their beautiful pitch—what matters is that the sound may resonate with the stones. Any stone can be treated with this, and the sound bath only needs to last five minutes.

7) Larger Stones

crystals together on pink plate with daisy chain

Another excellent method of cleaning your smaller crystals is with slabs and geodes. Charging with huge stones is a simple and pure technique to let your gems share energy and cure one another. When it comes to purifying other crystals, Quartz and Selenite are exceptionally skilled. Clear quartz is renowned as a great healer, and selenite is incredibly skilled at removing negative energy.

You may just place the smaller gems on top of the bigger geodes, clusters, and slabs and utilize them to clean your other crystals. You can also simply put them in a bag together or place them on a plate together if the balancing exercise seems difficult. During six hours, or overnight if you have the patience, let them interact with one another’s moods.

8) Burial

One of our most calming components is the earth, and standing barefoot in grass or dirt may instantly purify and enliven the spirit. Crystals are comparable in this regard. Re-grounding your jewels and enabling any negative energy to escape are both accomplished by burying them in soil. For those looking to give their gems a thorough shake up and get them spotless after some major energy work, the burial method is one of the more powerful options.

Choose a sacred and secure area to bury your gem; it might be a location that holds special meaning for you, the understory of a beloved tree, or even your own garden. Plant them in the ground (only a few inches deep is necessary). You should depart for at least 24 hours or even three days. Tiger’s eye, citrine, carnelian, jasper, calcite, and agate are among the stones that love to cleanse the land.

9) Visualization/Meditation

By sharing your own intuitive abilities, you can also purify and charge up your stones. One fantastic strategy to deepen your connection with your crystals is to cleanse your stones using visualization and meditation techniques. You can reciprocate their generosity by giving to them. This is also one of the safest methods for cleaning your stones because there is no chance of fading or disrupting the natural equilibrium of the stone due to exposure to water, soil, sunlight, or other environmental factors. To ensure that your stone doesn’t have to do any work, it’s crucial that you are in a positive frame of mind and that you ground and connect your energy.

Ground your energies until you feel focused while holding the stone in your dominant hand. Imagine holding a large, bright white light in your hands that surrounds the diamond and permeates every crevice of it. Consider visualizing all impurities and bad energy leaving your stone and being replaced by pristine, bright light. You should only work with one stone at a time so you can fully focus your energies during this procedure, which can take several minutes. You can use any of your gems for this exercise.

Common Questions About Cleansing Crystals

crystal on book with candle in backdrop

Should I cleanse my new crystals?

Yes! It only makes sense to cleanse, charge, and program a crystal as soon as you get it so that it serves your unique needs. Connecting with your crystal and developing a loving relationship with it are the keys to great crystal therapy. When you meditate while holding your stone, think of all the things you want it to do for you and express gratitude for it being in your life.

How often should I cleanse my gemstones?

This is dependent on how frequently you use your gems and the type of work they perform. You should cleanse crystals more frequently than stones that are left undisturbed in your room or on a shelf if they are used frequently, carried around constantly, or are known to help with emotional heavy lifting. It’s a good idea to cleanse and charge your crystals once a month, or after each intense session if you’ve been practicing chakra or reiki work. The majority of the connection, like with all things crystal, is based on intuition, so if you think your gem might benefit from a cleanse, go ahead and do it.

How do I know when a stone is cleansed?

The stone should feel lighter in the palm and less heavy after your cleansing session. Again, when interacting with the supernatural, intuition is always your best resource.

Crystals perform the bulk of the energy work, which can cause them to become energy heavy or clogged. Providing them with a cleanse and recharge enables them to release all of the built-up energy and creates room for them to continue their wonderful work.

What method of crystal cleaning is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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