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Red Crystals: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

The Importance of Healing Stones

Healing stones can offer a vital life force that enables us to blossom into our finer selves, regardless of color or charm. We can walk in the light of our full potential and balance our emotions, boost our vibrations, clear blockages in our chakras, and more with the help of healing gems. The main factors that influence our decision to bring a crystal into our life are intuition and connection, but color may also play a role. Color plays a significant role in crystals, and the hues that ripple across the surface of each gem reflect its therapeutic properties. Simply by being in our life, healing stones provide us with consolation, strength, and a greater feeling of being. These gems are intended to support your success and are a straightforward promise to your higher self and the universe.

Red Gemstone Benefits

red rock against sunset backdrop

The meanings associated with the color red are countless, including root, fire, passion, and solidity. Red gemstones are among the world’s coziest, most romantic, and nurturing crystals. The brilliance of energy, life, love, and the vibrancy of a brilliant, bursting heart and a purpose-driven power are captured in these stones. These stones will not only provide you the best pick-me-up and keep you moving forward at all times, but they also have countless other advantages for your body, mind, and spirit.

Physical Healing

Crank up your energy levels and get your metabolism back in beautiful balance with the healing nature of red gemstones. Red jewels are your joy if you frequently experience sluggishness or slowness, poor circulation, persistent coldness, and the sense of living a never-ending winter in both body and mind. These stones can increase your internal heat, increase your energy, and restore your physical self’s capacity for passion.

Root Chakra Healing

Red gemstones’ affinity for the root chakra is one of its best features. Glowing gems serve a key role in laying the groundwork necessary for you to develop into your full potential. These earthy, rich stones support you on your path to discovering and using your inner strength by clearing blocks from the lower chakras, lowering fear and anxiety, and more.


Red stones are all about love; they are passionate, zesty, and always ready to ignite a fire within you. These stones strengthen and stabilize your foundation by working with the root chakra (the perfect structure for entering healthy relationships). Inviting you to embrace your sexuality and rekindle any relationships that may have hit a dry spell, they also stir up your life chi.


Prepare to receive abundance with your arms wide open. Bringing home the harvest is the main theme of red gemstones. Red gems encourage you to get up and get things done since they are active stones that typically have high vibrations. These stones assist you in moving from dreaming to doing if you have been debating whether or not to make a change.

20 Crystals You Should Use

To strengthen the root, increase your enthusiasm, and restore your energy, call upon the power of red crystals. To enliven you, we’ve chosen some of the most heart-stirring red stones. The stone you choose depends entirely on which diamond calls to you. Here is where you can begin to learn to trust your intuition.

Red Garnet 

garnet red crystal

The heart is always warmed by the Red Garnet’s brilliance. Richness, brilliance, and all the stamina of endurance sparkle from this jewel. Phobias, fears, and worry can all be washed away by garnet, leaving you feeling confident. It instills poise, bravery, and a solid sense of self. It incites ardor and the hope of intense, passionate love. This stone genuinely wants you to live. Learn more about the significance of red garnet.

Red Jasper 

red jasper

Red Jasper’s message is clear and grounded in joy: You are safe and ready. Red jasper is a fantastic stone for those who are battling illness since it is so abundant in vigor and force. Red jasper affects both your bodily and spiritual selves at once. It represents willpower, fortitude, endurance, and mild force. Every time, it pulls you back from the edge. Learn more about the significance of red jasper.

Red Agate 

red agate

In its core, the Red Agate stone is a symbol of passion, love, and tenacity. It’s hardly surprising that this stone exudes light and flickering energy given its saturation in flaming red tones. The Red Agate will rekindle your flames if you feel as though they have been extinguished. This gem infuses positivity and purges bad energy, giving you the confidence to take bold action. Learn more about what agate means.

Red Beryl 

beryl red crystal

The radiant Beryl gives purity, strength, and a sense of profound intimacy. It is a stone that aids in determining whether to take action and when to take a break. Beryl guides you toward realizing your potential by using your own intuitive wisdom. Kindness, clarity, and the lovely spirit of pardoning fill your cup. You have everything you require to advance in life.

Red Carnelian 


The Red Carnelian stone is exuberant love and vitality, a flaming kiss of life and warmth. Its root chakra and sacral chakra healer removes any obstacles to the free flow of your enthusiasm. Carnelian is regarded as the artists stone in addition to being a stone of fortitude and inner power. Welcome to the world of artistic expression, says Carnelian. It promotes activities like singing, dancing, writing, and dreaming, all of which aid in connecting with your wild, free soul. Learn more about what Carnelian means.

Red Aventurine 

red aventurine

Red Aventurine is a stone that balances everything out, keeping you safe and residing in the light of harmony. It can also aid speed up metabolism to give you an extra burst of energy and repair a variety of bodily illnesses, in addition to keeping your aura and surroundings peaceful. The atmosphere of Red Aventurine is all about removing toxins and keeping you active, from skin rashes to low blood pressure. Learn more about what Aventurine means.

Red Ruby 

red ruby

The Ruby is a rare red gem that exudes regal emotions and has long been valued as being valuable. It should come as no surprise that Ruby is all about self-assurance, clarity, and courage given that it has adorned the fingers and necks of monarchs throughout history. This stone gives you strength, divine will, and a crucial infusion of energy for daily life. You have everything you need to run your own kingdom, exactly.

Rose Quartz 

rose quartz

The Rose Quartz stone is more pink than red, yet it is just as radiant and full of love. It shimmers with sweetness and delicate brilliance. This gem will help you connect with the people you love, open up your heart chakra, and make sure you are always nice to yourself. One of the most significant stones for learning to say yes to self-compassion, Rose Quartz gives a gentle passion and a luminous glow. Learn more about what rose quartz means.

Red Calcite 

red calcite

Red Calcite, a more subdued red than some of the other stones, is ideal for people who want the vibrant effects of a red stone without the overload. This is a priceless jewel that will help you regain emotional equilibrium. Red calcite can assist persons who are easily irritated and angry in controlling their emotions without losing their enthusiasm. Moreover, Red Calcite soothes and strengthens people who are shy or easily startled in social circumstances. For people who have trouble with PMS, this is also a priceless gift. Learn more about what calcite means.

Red Malachite 

malachite red crystal

The ancient wisdom of the Red Malachite stone oozes peace and contemplation. Red malachite is fantastic at keeping your aura clear and protected from any outside forces since it is encircled in healing energy and has bands of protecting strength. This stone gives you stability and aids in increasing your consciousness as it penetrates to the root chakra. It ensures that you are carried every day and shares the strength and endurance that are present in all Malachite gems. Learn more about the significance of malachite.

Red Morganite 

morganite red crystal

According to legend, the Morganite heart stone contains the crystal of divine love. This shining gem glistens with the power of affection, reverence, and compassion. Nevertheless, there is a twist in the story because Morganite is all about inwardly channeling your emotions. It is the ideal stone for anyone who needs to calm their nervous system and silence their inner critic because it celebrates who they are.

Pink Tourmaline/Rubellite 

pink tourmaline red crystal

It should come as no surprise that Pink Tourmaline has extraordinary amplification abilities given that it is a member of the quartz family and is known for its healing capabilities. Pink tourmaline is the stone you want on your side if you want to raise your vibration, heal your heart, reduce conflict, invoke Venusian energy, and so on. It’s also a priceless jewel for people who are having a hard time getting by when it comes to mental health, particularly depression. It can draw you outside into the sunshine as it is brimming with kindness, brightness, and calming energy. Learn more about what tourmaline means.

Red Quartz Crystal 

red quartz crystal

Radiant Red quartz is a magical mineral. As a representation of love, adoration, friendship, and devotion, this ruby diamond stands boldly. This gem will summon the power to help people improve the relationships in their lives. Red quartz can pick up on subtler emotions and amp them up since it is an amplifier, just like the other members of the quartz family. Your inner fire is stoked and is made to burn brilliantly. The bad feelings that might develop between friends and lovers are also shaken out by red quartz, and it aids in mending these rifts and points of disagreement.


sunstone red crystal

The Sunstone is comforting in every aspect and spreads warmth and gentleness to every nook and cranny of your soul. The delicate pinks, reds, and even a dash of orange in this gem are reminiscent of the magnificent sunsets and sunrises of our time. It is a gem that dispels bad energy, unblocks the sacral chakra, and helps you break codependent behaviors. Learn more about the significance of Sunstone.

Red Citrine 


Red citrine, also known as the merchants stone and the stone of sweet success, radiates brightness, warmth, and radiance. This stone is what you desire if you want to draw in wealth, bask in luck, and say yes to the things that make your heart soar. There is no disputing Citrine’s vigor and insatiable thirst for happiness. Red Citrine is your compass to color, comfort, and calling in all that you deserve. It is drenched in a sunny nature and ever ready to fill your spirit with the unending summer. Learn more about the significance of citrine.

Red Chalcedony 

red chalcedony

Gain control of your fight-or-flight reactions with the tranquil, well-balanced beauty of red chalcedony. This calm, flexible gem is sensitive to fleeting emotions. Red Chalcedony offers assistance to individuals who require a little assistance in planning when it comes to a secure and stable neurological system. It supports your parasympathetic response while also fostering your strength, self-assurance, endurance, and kindheartedness. In other words, Red Chalcedony wishes to set you on the path to realizing all of your aspirations and leading a rich and fulfilling life.

Red Coral 

red coral stone

Red Coral, which means “Sea Daughter” in Greek, is a warrior stone that serves as a reminder of the beauty hidden deep inside each of us. This sophisticated, intelligent stone is thought to have healing properties for wounds, tissue, and bone because it was created from the skeletons of ancient sea creatures. Strength and resolve are also strengthened by it.

Red Diamond 

red diamond

The extraordinary wonder of the Red Diamond will illuminate your life. The Red Diamond, which will always be valuable, brings ceremony, passion, strength, and an enduring basis. These stones are incredibly uncommon and contain a greater amount of healing energy than a diamond. The red version of the diamond, which also represents eternity, reminds us that even extreme pressure can transform us into something even more dazzling and prepared to light the world on fire.



Rhodochrosite is a stone to break open that heart since it is pale pink, stained with shadow, and whispers all the lovely things about love. This gemstone embodies sacral and heart chakra delight. It promotes fortitude, self-worth, and imaginative play. Rhodochrosite won’t hesitate to make your ideal condition a reality while yet ensuring that you keep one foot on the ground. This is a fantastic find for individuals who need a little encouragement to break their links with harmful people or things in their lives.

Red Spinel 

red spinel

Red Spinel is a radiantly crimson stone of hope that is brimming with energizing energy. Its red stone gives folks who are overworked and stressed out a boost of brightness and enables them to approach problems from a whole different perspective. It also makes you feel connected to the divine will of the cosmos, giving you a spiritual sense of strength, joy, and support.

How to use Red Crystals 

red jasper gemstone bracelet

Carry these red gemstones with you to call on their healing vibrations and passionate vibes. Keeping these stones nearby, and even better if you can keep them in contact with your skin, is one of the most essential methods to welcome in all that burning light.

The most effective way to absorb the abilities of Red Crystals and connect to their energy vibrations is through gemstone jewelry.

Also, you can use Feng Shui as inspiration and arrange red crystals all over your house for great protection and to attract prosperity and abundance.

Place a red gemstone next to your bed if you want to activate your sexual prowess with them.

Wrap up

Who doesn’t want their lives to be filled with more life, love, passion, pleasure, and pure joy? All of these benefits are available to you from natural red crystals. You will always benefit from engaging your inner strength, boosting your self-assurance, and adopting an upbeat attitude toward both work and leisure. Red gemstones promote a rich and wonderful life, but they also want to keep you grounded, steady, and never exhausted so you won’t have to deal with burnout. Your rich and beautiful existence will be stoked by these gems.

Which red crystal is your favorite? Would you rather have a different color of healing crystal? Let us know whatever you have to say in the comments.

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