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Rose Quartz Meaning: Healing Properties And Everyday Uses

What is Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a pink variety of quartz. It is also known as Hyaline Quartz. It has a pale pink color, translucent transparency, and a vitreous sheen. It likewise has a hexagonal crystal structure and is in the mineral class of quartz. The meaning of Rose Quartz is love and compassion.

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The Stunning Rose Quartz Crystal

  • Attached to the heart and the throat chakra
  • Communicates all kinds of love and self-care
  • Comes from Japan, Madagascar, Brazil, and the USA
  • Linked to Aphrodite and Adonis 

The rosy hue of Rose Quartz seems to catch everyone’s heartstrings. There is something about this gentle and feminine crystal that screams true affection. It comes as no surprise that the Rose Quartz connotation is that of universal love. Here is a crystal so ripe with therapeutic capabilities, so bathed in harmony, and so delicate that you will always want it close to you, or at least in a spot you can turn to again and time again.

The Rose Quartz stone is firmly related to both the heart chakra and the throat chakra. But it’s not a stone that simply rests in romance. Rose Quartz speaks softly to many forms of love; from healing communication with family to building a stronger bond with partners and friends, and even bringing sweeter notes of self-care into your own life.

Like all the old and highly revered stones of the world, Rose Quartz was carved into priceless jewelry by the Assyrians back in 800 BC. Since then, this delicate and sparkling quartz has passed from civilisation to civilization; creating peace with the Greeks, preventing the indications of aging in the Egyptians, and utilized as a claim of ownership throughout Roman times. They trusted in the passionate power of the rare and magnificent Rose Quartz.

Like sunrise after a downpour, or spring sunshine streaming across winter snow – the Rose Quartz comes in colors that lend beautifully to the art of romance. Some Rose Quartz crystals can be as pale as a new dawn, while others can be almost violet. With its softer-than-silk appellation, the Rose Quartz can be smokey, hazy, or as clear as water. Possessing an earthly element and vibrating at the spiritual number of seven, Rose Quartz manages to inhabit that place between being an item of utter mystery and still being a comfortable and magnificently grounding force. Rose Quartz’s concept is to tenderly yet energetically unite your vulnerable heart with sincere and loving compassion.

From the Zen-like mountains of Japan to the vanilla shattered pods that sweeten the air in Madagascar, the coastlines of Brazil and even South Dakota, Rose Quartz fills space across every corner of the planet. The Rose Quartz meaning draws her name from the soft pink colour of her coloring and from the Greek word Hyalos which means glass. It’s a stone rich in mythology and synonymous with the fanciful gods and goddesses of antiquity like Aphrodite and Adonis. She is rich in minerals, Mother Nature granted her with the gift of abundance and it’s apparent that the Rose Quartz wants to pass this on to people who wish to heal their hearts.

For those who are wooed by the whisper of this most gentle and romantic of all the crystals, let’s delve a little deeper and uncover the sacred secrets and the healing properties of Rose Quartz…

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Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Loving energy, abundance, joy – Rose Quartz’s healing properties come thick and fast, especially with the difficult climate the world is in these days.

Physical Healing Properties

  • It helps improve circulation and boosts heart health.
  • Good for pregnancy 

Aside from performing miracles when it comes to emotional healing, Rose Quartz boasts great healing powers for the body too. In keeping with its theme of being a heart healer, Rose Quartz can assist to prevent thrombosis and heart attacks, strengthen the circulation system, and ensure that your heart muscles are as smooth and strong as possible.

There’s a long history of mothers to be resorting to the tremendous power of Rose Quartz throughout their pregnancy. Rose Quartz is supposed to help protect the mother and unborn child from issues during pregnancy because of its profound feminine energy. For new mothers, Rose Quartz is a lovely stone to have close by since it is thought to help foster unbreakable ties and enables the love energy to flow like a fountain.

Mental & Emotional Healing Properties

  • It helps heal emotional wounds
  • Invites more compassion and care

The other term by which Rose Quartz is known is as The Heart Stone. As noted, Rose Quartz is intricately associated to the heart chakra, and this crystal is commonly employed in helping the heart recover from the pain or trauma left from deep emotional scars. Rose Quartz is often utilized as a calling card for those who seek greater love in their lives. Love doesn’t always need to take the shape of romantic love, but more in discovering a profound sense of compassion and caring in this world – especially if it comes from one of the most essential sources who may bring it – oneself.

Metaphysical Properties

  • Encourages connection
  • Attunes to goddess energy

If your heart chakra feels blocked you may experience the indicators of unhealthy conduct when it comes to relationships. Maybe you will lean more towards co-dependence, be quick to jealousy, have little faith in yourself or others, and often feel hesitant or unworthy enough to commit yourself to the grace of love. One of the most striking Rose Quartz therapeutic abilities is its capacity to crack open the heart and put you back in balance so you feel connected, comfortable, and open to all the possibilities that a joyous existence may bring.

Another great aspect of Rose Quartz is her profound vibration and affinity with the goddess spirit. Rose Quartz is related with the feminine divine, meaning that it bears the aura of compassion and tranquility and the warmth of mothering – all with the superior strength of spirit. If you believe you need to learn how to self soothe, to be healed by your own hands, and to raise your own potential into the goddess sphere, then Rose Quartz is a road that will take you there.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • Linked to the Zodiac of Taurus 
  • The Birthstone of Libra

Intrinsically related with the Zodiac of Taurus, Rose Quartz with its pink quartz sheen is the perfect match for this sensitive sign. Taureans are controlled by the planet Venus (exactly like the Rose Quartz) (just like the Rose Quartz). We all know that Venus is the planet most connected with themes of beauty, love, hedonism, and comforts of the heart. Rose Quartz is a magical match for Taureans as she grants them all this and more, but also goes to work on their more stubborn side. It’s a stone that acknowledges that there may be moments when this hardheaded tendency can work against the best interests of Taurus and so it brings open-hearted compassion to the table to help Taureans learn to go with the flow a little more.

Libra’s too might fall hard for the finery of Rose Quartz as their birthstone. It allows them to tune into their true thoughts and to set off shallow ideas about love. Librans are continuously trying to find a method to balance their feelings and Rose Quartz is a great stone to help you achieve just that.

Using Rose Quartz

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  • Good for bedroom altars
  • It can be used in beauty routines
  • Best to be worn as jewelry

The Heart Stone should constantly be close to you to guarantee that your heartstrings are playing loud and clear notes. Whether going for Feng Shui fun or the sparkle of gemstone jewelry, seek to stay connected to this delicate pink stone. For those who desire to resort to the miraculous healing abilities of Rose Quartz, following guidelines can ensure that you carve out a unique space for the soft and rose crystal…

Home & Office 

Rose Quartz is a popular crystal to utilize in Feng Shui.

Often, it’s recommended to set the Rose Quartz on a particular shrine in your bedroom, as this might be a vulnerable spot where you draw romantic concepts of love.

Outside the bedroom, you can also set the crystal in the middle of the home – where it will give out great energy and pure love to all who cross your threshold.

Rose Quartz has always been associated with the beauty world and was even a popular gem in aging therapies from Ancient Egypt.

If you want to include Rose Quartz into your beauty routine, immerse a polished crystal in a basin or jar with fresh spring water and a handful of rose petals.

Set the jar out into the sun for many hours so the water can become imbued with the power of the Rose Quartz.

Filter the water and add to a spritz bottle to mist your face morning and eve.


If you wish to attract an abundance of love, joy, and the elegance of gentle-natured self-healing,, keep Rose Quartz connected with your skin by wearing it as gemstone jewelry. Necklaces, bangles, and bracelets are a terrific method of integrating Rose Quartz into your environment – undoubtedly helped by the complementing color scheme that seems to ooze feminine energy.

Try Amethyst if you are looking for healing gems that suit your Rose Quartz. Its calm feelings and head chakra connection make for an ideal soul partner. Clear Quartz is another stone that delivers sparkling crystal energy to amp up the self-love and unconditional love that Rose Quartz is ready to offer.

Chakra concern stones are also a terrific and economical way to bring this heart-healing stone with you everywhere!

How to Cleanse Your Rose Quartz Gemstone

  • Charge in moonlight
  • Replenish in salt water

Keep your Rose Quartz as precise as the beat of your heart so that it remains unclouded and open to bringing all the possibilities of love into your life. From smudging to clearing and purifying in spring water, these tips will ensure that your Rose Quartz and its healing energy stay true…

Being at one with the feminine divine, Rose Quartz is a beautiful stone to charge beneath the moon’s light. Both are connected with mother nature, and both are fertile with yin energy meaning that the Rose Quartz will suck up all the feminine energy that the milk moon sends flowing in her. Put your Rose Quartz jewelry outside on nights when the moon is strong.

Like other crystals, Rose Quartz must be cleaned of energy build-up to return it to its natural humming vibrations. This is especially true after the stone has been utilized in a healing session. Soak your Rose Quartz in water with three tablespoons of salt for each cup to maintain her pale in color and brilliant of heart.

Another option to keep your Rose Quartz glowing with the light of the divine rather than clouded with negative energy is to smudge the stone with a sage bundle using traditional mindful smudging practices that will assist in sweeping away bad feelings.

Geological Properties

Rose Quartz Rock Properties

Chemical ClassificationSilicate
Chemical FormulaSiO2
Crystal systemTrigonal
ColorPale pink to deep reddish-pink
TransparencyTransparent to translucent
OccurrenceFound in pegmatites and hydrothermal veins
FormationForms in magmatic or metamorphic rocks under high temperatures and pressures
DiaphaneityTransparent to translucent
Mohs Hardness7
Specific Gravity2.65
Diagnostic PropertiesPink color and vitreous luster may display asterism or chatoyancy
Chemical CompositionSilicon dioxide (SiO2) with traces of titanium, iron, and manganese
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Optical PropertiesUniaxial (+)
Refractive Index1.544-1.553
2V Angle58-63°
Other CharacteristicsPiezoelectric, may exhibit asterism or chatoyancy when cut as a cabochon

Final Thoughts on Rose Quartz

For individuals who desire to split open their hearts healthily, Rose Quartz ensures that you stay open and safe simultaneously. This crystal teaches deep compassion, the art of mothering oneself, and the harmony that healing may offer. The heart chakra is one of the most crucial channels to align; we learn to trust, give, and receive the world in all her rare magnificence.

Do you need more energy of love in your life? Are you ready to throw off those destructive emotions and say yes to Cupid’s bow or the talisman of Eros? Share your opinion about the Rose Quartz heart in the comments.

Rose Quartz FAQs 

Does rose quartz go in the water?

Rose Quartz can go into the water, but we don’t recommend submerging them for extended lengths of time since water molecules may go behind the stone’s surface and contribute to fissures and cracks. You can use running water to cleanse your Rose Quartz safely.

How to charge rose quartz?

You can charge Rose Quartz overnight by placing it in the moon’s light. You can also place your crystal in soil or seawater briefly. You may also keep your Rose Quartz charged using sound bowls and leave it among other charging crystals.

Can rose quartz be in the sun?

No, you should avoid leaving your Rose Quartz in direct light as this can cause your crystal gorgeous pink hue to fade.

How to detect whether rose quartz is genuine?

The visual and sensory inspection lets you tell if your Rose Quartz is honest. Genuine Rose Quartz will be cold to the touch and should also be considerably robust as it registers as a seven on the Mohs hardness scale. The coloration will also be between faint and medium pink – anything too bright or loud could be colored. You may also look for bubbles beneath the surface, as authentic Rose Quartz has no.

How much is rose quartz worth?

The price of Rose Quartz might vary depending on the stone’s size, quality, and hue. A rough pricing guide would indicate that Rose Quartz is roughly $4-$7 per carat. Although Rose Quartz is produced in such huge concentrations, it may be acquired for approximately $2-3K a ton in its raw state.

How to use rose quartz to attract someone?

Rose Quartz is renowned as a stone of love making it a superb gem for fostering attraction and connection. If you want to utilize it to attract someone, you can set that intention during meditation and then carry the crystal or wear it on the body.

Can rose quartz go in salt?

If your Rose Quartz is untreated, it can work nicely with salt washing. You can briefly leave it in salt water for cleansing and set it on a salt bed. You may be best using table salt that doesn’t include iodine.

Is rose quartz a pink diamond?

No, Rose Quartz and Pink Diamonds are two different stones. Rose Quartz is quartz, and Pink Diamond is a tinted diamond. The Pink Diamond is one of the rarest types of diamond, making it far more valuable than Rose Quartz.

How to materialize using rose quartz?

Rose Quartz is an excellent instrument for manifestation. You can manifest with this stone by getting clear on what you desire, holding it in your right hand, or resting it on your heart and envisioning that particular goal. You can also infuse your Rose Quartz with your deepest hopes and intentions and wear it close to the skin to take that purpose everywhere.

How to meditate with rose quartz?

Rose Quartz is a good stone for meditation as it contains a soft loving vibe. To meditate with Rose Quartz, you can lie down and place it on the heart chakra or hold it in your palm. You can also set it on an altar or spiritual space when meditating. Get grounded, ask the stone if you can use its vibrations, and then aim to tap into its power and align your breath to its beats.

Is rose quartz a crystal?

Rose Quartz is a pale pink crystalline variety of the quartz mineral family. Therefore Rose Quartz is part of the mineral class. Rose Quartz also has a hexagonal crystal system.

Is rose quartz porous?

Rose Quartz is a nonporous gemstone, so it’s an excellent choice for skin use. This is why Rose Quartz is a popular choice for gemstone jewelry and facial rollers, as being nonporous means it will not absorb anything you put on your skin.

Where can I buy rose quartz?

You can buy Rose Quartz from any reputable crystal or gemstone seller. It’s always essential to ensure that your Rose Quartz comes from reputable retailers to ensure the stones are ethical, honest, and ready for healing action.

Where to place rose quartz on the body?

You can wear Rose Quartz anywhere on the body, filling you with healing, loving light. However, as Rose Quartz is primarily a heart chakra stone, it loves to be placed in the heart space to clear any blockages and ensure your heart is open and ready to receive love.

How to identify rose quartz?

Rose Quartz is best recognized for its pink coloring. This can range from very pale pink or peach to something darker and more profound in hue. It won’t have a super bright or garish face, though. Rose Quartz is known as a translucent stone but is rarely straightforward and more likely to be hazy or grainy. Rose Quartz is a seven on the Mohs hardness scale; it should also be quite complex and cool to the touch.

Is rose quartz toxic?

Rose Quartz is composed of silicon and oxygen, and while silicon can be considered a toxic substance if taken into the body in large amounts, that is unlikely to happen with Rose Quartz. Therefore, Rose Quartz is not considered a poisonous stone and is safe to handle.

Where to put rose quartz on your body?

Rose Quartz can be worn or put anywhere on the body, which is why it’s such a famous stone for jewelry. As a heart chakra gemstone, Rose Quartz also loves to be placed in the heart chakra space to cleanse and clear any blockages and keep your heart open for all the love and abundance to flow.

Is jade or rose quartz better?

Jade and Rose Quartz are two different stones, so it depends on what you want in your crystal. Rose Quartz has a gentle, loving energy and is known to be a stone of pure love. Jade is a stone of luck, peace, and wisdom. Rose Quartz is likelier to stay calm, whereas Jade is likelier to adapt to its environment.

Can rose quartz be white?

As Rose Quartz comes in a wide range of shades, sometimes it can appear white when it is very pale pin,k. Rose Quartz can also sometimes be naturally white (usually when iron impurities are present). Even when it has been pink, Rose Quartz can fade to white, significantly when sunlight exposes it.

Why did my rose quartz turn white?

As Rose Quartz can be photosensitive, leaving it in the sunlight may cause your crystal to turn white. It may also turn white if it is exposed to heat. Another contributing factor could be if your Rose Quartz is exposed to impurities too. Spiritually, some believe that Rose Quartz can turn white when the heart chakra has a significant blockage that needs addressing.

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