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Tigers Eye Meaning: Secrets & Healing Properties Revealed

What is Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye is a member of the Chalcedony mineral class family. It has a smooth gloss and impenetrable transparency. Tiger’s Eye is often a metamorphic rock that appears in reddish brown colors with iron stripes. The meaning of Tigers Eye is self-confidence and inner power.

Please have a look at our essential guide to healing gemstones and select a crystal that catches you.

The Origins of Tigers Eye

  • Traditionally used to ward off curses
  • A protective amulet 
  • Once considered more precious than gold
  • The power and courage of the queen of the jungle

Called The Shapeshifter, the vibrant and intriguing gemstone of Tiger’s Eye inspires the user to embrace their inner-strength, and personal resolve and to call on the forces of protection. Colored with golden streaks, bits of sand, and smudges of inky black and brown – there’s no arguing the tremendous intensity and vitality that can be found in this stone. Historically the Tiger Eye Gemstone was carried as a protective amulet against the powers of evil. It was thought to ward against curses and to keep the wearer safe from ill wishes. Yet beyond the capabilities of protection, the Tiger Eye comes with various therapeutic abilities.

From the extensive cat areas of South Africa, the spice islands and cascading tea plantations of India, and the limitless desert outback of Western Australia, Tiger’s Eye is mined in locations where heat, dry air, and a feeling of nature run rampant. It is made by changing crocidolite, keeps its mineral-rich moods, and obtains its golden orb color scheme from iron oxide. In the 16th century, the Tigers Eye was so uncommon that it was regarded to be so precious that its price was so much higher than gold.

The tales about the Tiger’s Eye claim that the Egyptians fell hard for the iridescent rays of the Tiger Eye Stone; they felt that it showed heavenly vision and would even use it as a stone to symbolize the eyes when making powerful deities. It was also placed as a protective charm on the breastplates of roman troops in combat.

The roots of the gemstone’s name are no coincidence and go beyond a simple reference to a color scheme. The tiger is the genuine queen of the jungle: powerful, fearless, and constantly ready to pounce. The spirit of the tiger is a reminder of the necessity of primitive impulses and accepting the shadow self to slink out of the jungle and stand in the light. It nudges people to get all aspects of themselves, from a playful stance to predator and guardian, because life is unpredictable and personal power is essential to growing.

Healing Properties and Benefits of Tigers Eye

Linked to both the root and the sacral chakra, the Tiger Eye stone has a wealth of excellent therapeutic capabilities and advantages that assist in balancing physical and emotional wellness in one sweep. More than a gorgeous face, the Tigers Eye serves as a reminder to harness inner strength, stand a bit straighter, and quit destroying the self since all the required light and love are already packed inside. Instead of hiding away, Tiger’s Eye is all about bringing stunning self-confidence to the forefront. Have a look at the therapeutic powers of the Tiger Eye gemstone…

Physical Healing Properties

  • Balances the endocrine system
  • Suitable for seasonal affective disorder

Brimming with vigor and ever-ready to bring someone out of a rut, Tiger’s Eye is an excellent fortifier of the blood and exceptional at balancing the endocrine system. For people who tend to feel lethargic or steeped in lethargy, the Tiger Eye stone can use its fiery golden-brown chi to stir the pot and ignite determination. More incredible energy, a quicker metabolism, and a gentler sex drive allow the hormones to come into line, thus returning personal biochemistry to the ideal level. For people who suffer from seasonal depression, the warm-blooded stone also holds the sun’s heat, helping to lighten the weight of dark and dismal days.

Emotional Healing Properties

  • Clears negative energy
  • Builds confidence and self-worth

Wipe away lousy energy, dive deep into the root chakra, and let self-confidence soar with the Tiger Eye crystal. This stone comes with plenty of emotional healing capabilities and enables the user to stay strong, balanced, and connected to their core despite the turmoil surrounding them. When feeling stuck, the vitality of Tiger’s Eye may also cut through that lack of desire and assist change emphasis by promoting a more playful attitude to life.

By constructing that secure and sturdy foundation, appropriately channeling energy, and soaking up the dazzling sunny warmth of the stone, individuals who create a place for the Tiger’s Eye in their life may discover that new confidence carries them over and encourages them to strive towards success. As part of the healing abilities, harmful energies are washed away, mental impediments swept aside, and deepest dreams suddenly cease being visions and become fully and firmly in targeted grasp.

Tiger Eye can aid in mending various relationships. It can assist in constructively overcoming low confidence to enhance connections with the self and provide a hand when it comes to complex emotional attachments to cash and money. For individuals who battle with self-worth and who roll up money woes in that, Tiger’s Eye works to deconstruct these limiting ideas and to clear away toxic energy around the things in life that frequently serve to maintain people feeling comfortable.

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Clears the root chakra 
  • Enhances psychic abilities

For individuals who need some aid with their lower chakras, the Tiger’s Eye makes for a reassuring friend. The root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the sacral chakra all unite with this earthy stone. These are the safety and strength chakras, where individuals feel grounded, linked to the soil beneath their feet, and solid enough to jump higher and explore more fantastic realms of spiritual consciousness. Without a good foundation for these chakras, it can be tough to feel confident and secure since they actively contribute to keeping individuals bound.

These stones are fantastic amplifiers which means they are also recognized for tapping into and strengthening physical talents. For people who desire to connect deeper to their third eye, employing the gemstone as a spiritual amplifier to higher realms might enhance the aura. However, it’s important to remember that the Tiger Eye is more an earthy root chakra stone.

Zodiac Birthstone

  • A Gemini birthstone
  • Good for Capricorns and Leos

The Tiger Eye gemstone is fit for individuals wanting a dash of midsummer magic when it comes to their birthstone. Geminis will find great satisfaction in the golden orb-like stone; being inherently creative individuals, this stone is fantastic for helping move inventive obstacles. It also helps stimulate good decision-making, excellent for the Gemini, who sometimes sits on the fence waiting for someone else to make the right option. Gemini’s are also known to be quick-witted and eager to communicate, but at times can also feel restless and nervous in place; they command control yet are free to move with the flow. This contradictory twin half of their personality is balanced out well by this golden brown stone’s anchoring and calming energies.

Capricorns and Leos may also use Tiger’s Eye healing balms. The planet that is closely aligned to the Tiger Eye is Mercury, providing its weight and wonder as frequently the air signs require the anchoring power of the earth to keep them connected rather than drifting away in the winds of change.

How to Use Tigers Eye Stones

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  • Wear Tigers Eye for protection
  • Please place it in the home for balance
  • Use it for root chakra healing

There are various ways to bring the golden light of Tiger’s Eye into everyday life. From sparkling jewelry to Feng Shui stones, whichever Tigers Eye is selected to be used, everyone having this stone in their hands is guaranteed to receive a harvest of therapeutic benefits. Have a look at how Tiger’s Eye is commonly used…


One of the most efficient methods to make the most of gemstones is to keep them near the skin. Gemstone jewelry is one of the finest methods to absorb the incredible healing powers of different stones since the vibrations on bare skin immediately feed into one’s energy system.

Tiger’s Eye bracelets, pendants, and rings are popular methods of flaunting the stone. Probably the most effective comes from a bracelet or ring since it puts the rock at a lower spot in the body, keeping it tightly connected to the naval and root chakras, where it functions in the highest harmony. Tiger’s Eye can also offer a hand for people with joint stress or shattered bones owing to its healing abilities. Stones may also be utilized for focused meditation, manifestation practice, and being set on an altar to ponder personal spiritual practices.

Home and Office Feng Shui

Being a stone recognized for its purifying and protecting powers, Tiger’s Eye makes a great amulet to cultivate a harmonious home and office feng shui ambiance in the house. Feng Shui pertains to creating a Zen-like atmosphere in your house and employing space and layout to produce a sense of harmony and a clear disposition. Tiger’s Eye is excellent to utilize in Feng Shui for any sort of workplace or workstation as it stimulates fine focus, offers another level of understanding to difficult circumstances, and helps shake off procrastination to get the job done.

In the home environment and harmonizing Feng Shui vibrations, the Tiger’s Eye gemstone is also known for keeping moods grounded, bringing good luck, and eliminating concerns, helping to make the home a secure refuge from the world outside.

One of the most significant areas that tie Feng Shui with the Tiger’s Eye is to utilize it as a protection amulet by placing it next to the front entrance or close to a window. For individuals with children who wish to emphasize their tigress nature to defend their cubs, it also makes sense to store a Tiger’s Eye in the bedroom or nursery of these small people.

How to Cleanse Stones & Jewelry

  • Cleanse with water
  • Charge by placing it on the earth

As noted, Tiger’s Eye is an incredible amplifier and extraordinary in soaking up bad energy. To maintain the Tiger’s Eye in tip-top form and humming at the most significant level of its vibration, it’s necessary to keep the gemstone cleaned and clear from a build-up of negativity. Regularly washing gemstone and birthstone jewelry keeps them fresh, gorgeous, and ever-ready to work their magic.

One of the easiest methods to wash the Tiger’s Eye is just to immerse it in water and let it sit. If you choose to add a dash of soap, this can also assist in gently stripping the stone of harmful build-ups, keeping it clean and ready to perform its magic once more.

Connecting Tiger’s Eye back with the soil is also an excellent choice for a truly thoroughly clean. Whether it’s burying it someplace secure for a night or laying it beneath a beloved tree, the aim is to let it root back into the ground and regain its vigor again. Some people like to keep their valuable stones out beneath the moon’s light to wash them organically. The moon always works its magic with gemstones by again infusing them rock with excellent spiritual characteristics and strength. Cleaning gemstone jewelry and crystals is best done after each energy-rich meditation, or if wearing casually regularly, cleansing a few times a year will maintain it powerful and excellent.

Geological Properties

Tiger’s Eye Rock Properties

Chemical ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical FormulaSiO2
Crystal systemTrigonal
ColorBrown to golden-yellow
OccurrenceSouth Africa, Australia, India, and others
FormationAs an alteration product of crocidolite asbestos fibers
Mohs Hardness5.5-6.5
Specific Gravity2.64-2.71
Diagnostic PropertiesChatoyancy, pseudomorphism after asbestos minerals
Chemical CompositionSilicon dioxide (SiO2)
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Optical PropertiesUniaxial
Refractive Index1.544-1.553
2V angle58-62 degrees
Other characteristicsChatoyant fibers that create a silky luster when cut en cabochon

Final Thoughts on Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a great amulet for dispersing fear, weaving in deeper layers of protection, and bringing beneficial forces of change into everyday life. It’s a vital stone for individuals who struggle with feeling grounded and who think that an additional dosage of good luck in life will assist in establishing the foundations for being connected to their sense of worth and confidence and attaining their best potential.

Connected to Mother Earth, the natural world, the earth beneath the feet, and the ancient spirits of protection, the Tiger’s Eye is a good option for individuals wanting to tap into fiercer abilities. For those who feel the urge to stand a bit straighter, raise their voice a little louder, and have the self-assurance to march forth and step into their light, the golden orb of this rich and mythical stone can be the right talisman to help lead you there.

Tiger Eye FAQ

How to cleanse Tigers Eye?

You may cleanse Tigers Eye by running it under water for a few minutes and even using a soft brush and light soap. You may also leave your Tigers Eye gemstone in the light of the moon. If you want a non-invasive manner of purifying your Tigers Eye you may smudge it or use gongs or a singing bowl.

How to charge Tigers Eye?

Being an earthy stone, Tigers Eye wants to be energized by Mother Earth herself. You may bury your Tigers Eye in dirt to let it ‘root back to its center’. You may also set your Tigers Eye in the midst of other crystals recognized for their charging qualities – stones like Selenite and Clear Quartz. Leaving your Tigers Eye in dirt or moonlight will also charge it.

What is Tigers Eye good for?

Tigers Eye is wonderful for strengthening your confidence and strength and it is recognized as the stone of courage. It is a root and sacral chakra stone which means it helps you to get grounded, develop a safe and solid foundation, and rediscover your motivation once again. It’s also helpful in warding off bad energies.

How much is Tigers Eye worth?

The value of Tigers Eye can vary based on the quality, cut, and coloration of each piece. There are rare jewels that bring hundreds of dollars and there are plain stones that cost only a few dollars. It can cost roughly $1 or $2 per carat and more for rarer cabochons.

Can you put Tigers Eye in water?

Yes, Tigers Eye is a sturdy and durable stone and may be placed in water. 

It has a hardness of roughly 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale implying that it can survive water and other elements. 

It may also be placed in saltwater but it’s not suggested to have any valuable stone or crystal in saltwater for lengthy periods of time.

How to detect whether Tigers Eye is authentic?

According to its name, a Tigers Eye should exhibit a cat’s eye effect when you hold it up to the light. 

Being part of the quartz family and being a cabochon means that tilting the stone under light should make the yellow band appear like it’s moving. 

Real Tigers Eye also has a glossy glass like shine and a silvery color when held to the light. 

It should also be tougher than glass.

What chakra is Tigers Eye?

The Tigers Eye is a root chakra stone but is also associated to the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra also. 

The root chakra is one of our most significant basic chakras since it influences how comfortable and secure we feel in the world. 

The solar plexus chakra is crucial for our feeling of self-esteem while the sacral chakra is the abode of emotion, excitement, and creativity.

How to clean Tigers Eye?

Maintain your Tigers Eye clean physically and energetically by running it under lukewarm water. 

If you want to give it a good scrub, a soft bristles brush and light soap might assist. 

You may also spiritually cleanse your Tigers Eye by burying it in dirt, setting it in moonlight, and sprinkling it with sage or palo santo.

What is Tigers Eye composed of?

Tigers Eye is a type of quartz. 

It is a member of the chalcedony mineral class and is generated by modifying crocidolite. 

It draws its golden flavor from iron oxide. 

It is also made of limonie and riebeckite.

Is Tigers Eye a protective stone?

Indeed, Tigers Eye is a protective stone. 

Historically this diamond was carried as an amulet to fend off evil. 

It is known for defending against bad energy and as it is also a grounding stone, it can assist to cleanse the root chakra so that you can feel more safe and secure in this world.

How to activate Tigers Eye?

One of the greatest methods to activate Tigers Eye is to wear it near to the body. 

This is why Tigers Eye jewelry is so popular. 

It’s also important to have direct skin contact so that the stones’ vibrations and your own vibrations can sync up. 

Another technique to activate Tigers Eye is to hold it or lay it on the lower chakras and carefully establish your intentions.

Is Tigers Eye safe?

Tigers Eye is a highly safe stone and few will find a cause not to welcome this golden brown gemstone into their lives. 

There are moments when you may feel stirred up by the energy of the Tigers Eye (such as when trying to sleep) (such as when trying to sleep). 

If you are sensitive to its energy, you can take it off during times of relaxation.

Where can you find Tigers Eye?

Tigers Eye is such a popular gemstone thus you should be able to acquire it from any respectable crystal trader. 

Always make sure that you purchase from a secure and reputable vendor who makes every effort to verify their diamonds are ethical and the real deal.

Can Tigers Eye go in the sun?

Tigers Eye is a stone that is regulated by the sun and mars. 

It is fairly a tough and black stone so it shouldn’t have any trouble when put in the sun. 

However, you should restrict all crystal exposure to the sun to a few hours to avoid extreme fluctuations in temperature.

How is Tigers Eye formed?

When a quartz rock contains crocidolite fissures and water penetrates beneath the surface, this leads to quartz developing onto these cracks. 

The same process of breaking and development starts again and generates bands of quartz with diagonal crocidolite fibers. 

When part of the iron inside the crocidolite oxidizes this leads to golden brown colors and we obtain Tigers Eye.

How to polish Tigers Eye?

You may polish your Tigers Eye with a tumbler or you can do it by hand using superfine sandpaper with a worn 600 grit lap. 

You may also use specific polishing powders after sanding to give it that sparkle. 

If your stone is already tumbled, a moist towel might also be a simple trick.

How to program Tigers Eye?

Program your Tigers Eye by holding it in your receiving hand (the left hand) (the left hand). 

Next, focus on the stone and fill it with pleasant energy. 

Be extremely clear about your objective throughout the program process and picture what it would be like and feel like if your dream was realized. 

Explain openly what it is you want the crystal to help you with. 

Continue to wear the stone or keep it near for many days or longer.

How to utilize a Tigers Eye pendulum?

Hold your Tigers Eye pendulum in your hand to create a link, decide which motions imply yes and no and express this with your pendulum. 

Then, hold it between your index finger and thumb and ask it a few easy questions and illustrate the motions that imply yes or no to program your pendulum. 

Try with easy questions first unless your energies are aligned.

Is Tigers Eye toxic?

While Tigers Eye can contain traces of blue asbestos and silicosis, it is not a hazardous or harmful crystal to wear. 

Crystals are absolutely safe for individuals who wear them, any possible concerns that might occur would do so only while grinding them and inhaling in the dust for lengthy periods of time.

Where to put Tigers Eye?

Although Tigers Eye is a lower chakra stone, it is wonderful to place the gem on your root chakra, your sacral chakra, or your solar plexus chakra for eliminating blockages. 

You may also wear Tigers Eye on the body in the form of jewelry to constantly carry its energy and intention with you.

Where to install Tigers Eye in the home?

As magnificent protection stones it is usual to install Tigers Eye around entrances or entranceways to your property. 

This helps to keep evil energy at away and ensures your place stays sacred. 

You may also place it in office areas or locations where choices are regularly made since is a stone that increases boldness, bravery, and decision making also.

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