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Ruby Meaning: Healing Properties, Uses, & Benefits

One of the four primary precious gemstones is the ruby. It is a red stone with a Mohs hardness rating of 9. The corundum (aluminum oxide) variant that makes up the Ruby crystal is what gives the stone its red hue. It is a pricey precious stone with a greater price for the quality of cut and carat, and it is a member of the hexagonal crystal system. A common present for 40th wedding anniversaries is the ruby. Ruby symbolizes riches and safety. It is a stone for the root chakra and lower chakras.

The Gemstone of Protection

Has a stone ever been so closely associated with the mythology of strength, love, and luxury? Ruby has a certain quality that appears to strike at the soul. Maybe it’s the brilliant shade of the blood-red color, the way it stirs up our chi, or the fact that we’ve seen this crimson stone adorning nobility.

Ruby has the most unique energy of all the precious stones. It has been referred to historically as the inextinguishable flame and has been associated with the sun. Kublai Khan is reported to have offered up an entire city in exchange for a ruby. According to a Burmese belief, inserting this stone beneath the skin will grant you immortality. There is no denying the strength of this stone.

The Latin word “Ruber,” which meaning “red,” is whence Ruby gets its name. Undoubtedly a homage to the rich gem’s vivid colour. One of the four “precious gemstones,” along with emerald, sapphire, and diamond, is ruby. Together with other locations across the world, it is mined in India, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Madagascar.

Below the surface, natural rubies will have flaws and inclusions. These rutile needles give the stone’s interior a silky appearance and enable us to distinguish real rubies from imitations. The Ruby blossoms with energy, vitality, and love, much like other red crystals do. It is a potent aphrodisiac stone as well as a gem that keeps you grounded and prepared.

Ruby benefits 

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The benefits of ruby are numerous, and it is a powerful and intense stone. Ruby is all about increasing the stakes and boosting energy levels for people who want to amp up their life force. Any laziness or pessimism for the user who choose the deeper colours of the Ruby might burn up like wood in the fire. The Ruby is a unique animal. It has potent aphrodisiac properties that go beyond straightforward concepts of touch and desire. It’s a vibrant mixture of power, confidence, vigor, and strength. The Ruby is your rarity if you’re searching for a strong gemstone that will illuminate your surroundings.


The good fortune associated with rubies includes fortune for the body, intellect, and soul. This gem can bolster the heart, muscles, and ventricles when it comes to physical recovery. It is a bloodstone, as shown by the vivid deep crimson tones, and as such, can promote anything from circulation to menstrual pain. It can also aid with problems relating to sexuality, conception, and all other aspects of reproductive problems. Along with aiding to cure the kidneys, lymph, and adrenal glands, ruby can also aid in the body’s detoxification.

Emotional healing

Ruby may exude grandeur, but beyond the gloss and glamour, it is inextricably linked to romantic notions. The Ruby is a treasure that inspires us to get past past heartbreaks, scratches, and grazes. Given that it supports, safeguards, and balances sensitivity, it is the ideal jewel for people with sensitive personalities. Ruby will exert every effort to incite us with a dash of confidence since it wants us to experience love in every manner conceivable. Ruby swoops in with its ferocious protective abilities and blazing light energy and frees us from these harmful thought patterns for individuals who are quick to criticize their own nature or who hold a skewed truth about their place in the world.

In especially when it comes to love and grief, the Ruby gemstone also supports your ability to regain trust. Let the Ruby gem be your guide if you feel that learning to love anew is being hindered by an old hurt or story from the past. This stone has powerful healing energies and may move any obstructions to your flow, including lumps in the heart, throat, and other spaces. As a result of the Ruby’s strong ties to riches and rank, it is also a gem that is associated with luck and good fortune. Ruby can assist you in making the proper decisions to expand your empire. Being a leadership stone, it can just inspire you to leave your comfort zone and start looking for more. Yet, the Ruby stone isn’t associated with risky ventures, so those who are making financial judgments can use this gem to direct their hands without endangering their wealth.


Ruby is a beam of flaming light in the darkness on a spiritual level. This gem will ignite your chi and rev up your inner engine for individuals who feel as though the world has grown chilly and they are unable to interact. Ruby is a fantastic stone for the root chakra because it gives you stability, security, and grounding so you won’t feel tossed around by the winds of change. It benefits our solar plexus and sacral chakras as well. There is more to these lower chakras than just security and steadiness. These are also where our creativity and passion reside. You can move through this world feeling more connected to your true self by engaging an energy flow that connects the root to the creative center.

The heart is also helped by ruby. Since it is frequently used as a symbol for couples who have been married for 40 years, it implies that the meaning of the emblem extends beyond romantic love to encompass compassion, protection, and tenacity. Ruby is a stone that strongly pushes you to enlighten your inner light in every way imaginable with its velvet red fire and chi-rousing properties. Greater adoration, assurance, strength, and pleasure.

Zodiac properties 

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The Ruby gemstone has a special meaning for individuals who share the Capricorn zodiac sign, but it also speaks to others who were born beneath a thousand different stars. This jewel, which is the birthstone for July, personifies summer. Its colour conjures up images of the sun blazing in the black night sky and conjures up images of unending brightness, passion, and growing fire.

Saturn rules both Capricorns and the Ruby stone. They both possess strong energy and a steadfast conviction that finding one’s inner center will only make one’s life more joyful. They both possess strength and perseverance as well. The Ruby is a stone for protection, but it also represents peace, balance, love, and beauty in the goal of harmony. all that can make Capricorns successful in this world.

A good gemstone for people born under the sign of Cancer is ruby. Cancerians tend not to put themselves out there too much and can be modest people (which can hold them back). They can increase their sense of self-worth and reinvigorate their drive and self-belief with the Ruby’s exceptional confidence-boosting abilities.

How to use 

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Welcome the glimmer and magnificence of red hot Ruby into your environment to turn up the heat in your house and your soul. This radiant diamond is a gem of happiness, passion, sass, and leading a more brilliant, awakened existence. It’s ideal for people who wish to break free and learn to love more deeply without sacrificing their sense of security. These are just a few of the various ways you may use Ruby and make the most of its fiery heart, from classic Ruby jewelry to talismans and feng shui.


The Ruby stone, a representation of royalty, is praised for being a priceless, immaculate image of perfection. There is a reason why those in powerful leadership positions adore wearing this stone, which has adorned the fingers of queens and emperors alike. Wearing your Ruby close to your skin is one of the greatest ways to get the most out of it. When priceless stones and crystals are placed against the skin, they come into direct contact with our own energy and can accelerate the healing process. Jewelry is the best tool to use if you wish to balance energies, clear chakras, and work with crystals both unconsciously and consciously. You can wear a Ruby necklace to keep the stone near your heart, or a Ruby bracelet to allow the gem to travel throughout your body in time with your heartbeat. Ruby rings can keep the stone in your line of vision and serve as a joyful reminder.

Other red gemstones like Red Spinel, Garnet for igniting passion, Carnelian for warming the spirit, Red Jasper for earthly grandeur, Red Beryl for filling your cup, and Red Quartz for higher levels of love and loyalty are stones that work well when combined with Ruby. You can also use softer energy stones like Kyanite or gentler blue-green stones with water energy if you want greater equilibrium in your crystal pairings. Ruby zoisite is a precious stone that unites patience with fire. This rare treasure brings the best of both worlds together and also heals hearts and stimulates the circulatory system. You can also combine ruby with any variety of stunning green stones if you’re utilizing it to heal and open your heart. Green gems, which include the alluring beauty of Emerald and the earthy Moss Agate, directly work with the heart chakra to remove obstructions and create a lovely, loving place within your heart.

When working with the Ruby stone, you can also combine it with grounding black protective stones to increase your degrees of protection. When it comes to negative energy and psychic attacks, gems like black tourmaline and obsidian give you the ultimate invisibility cloak.

Wearing jewelry made of rubies is in keeping with the legend that these flaming stones were once employed as talismans and amulets to protect their wearers. Ruby amulets were once worn as a defense against poison, evil spirits, and negative thoughts. The same still holds true today. Although the world is filled with bad energy, you may keep your personal area gleaming by wearing a Ruby amulet as a reminder to stay in touch with inner joy.

Home & office 

It’s always a wonderful gem to have in the home and office for individuals who want to employ the Ruby stone as a technique to properly cleanse and cheer their space. Ruby is a jewel of vigor, desire, enjoyment, warmth, and activity, just like other red stones. If you want to intensify your intimacy, you could put the Ruby next to your bed, which would energistically transform your room from a run-down palace into a lovely boudoir.

Any living or communal areas that could benefit from harmony and good joy are another location the Ruby can go. Bring this stone inside and let it enhance your confidence and bring balance if you feel uncertain of your status or place within the family or even in a shared home.

The Ruby is a fantastic stone for any office or workspace. Ruby gives us concentration, energy, and the will to take decisive action with her charisma, charm, and self-assurance. Keep the Ruby close at hand and allow it to work its magic to generate greater things for those looking to climb the corporate or creative ladder because all of these characteristics are indicators of astute leadership skills.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Ruby is a stone of vitality, light, warmth, and fire. At places and times when you need different elemental energies to rest and recover, this can be too much.

How to cleanse 

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Like other crystals, after Ruby has been cleansed and charged, it may operate at the peak of its abilities. The best way to clear any stagnant energy and keep your stone open and prepared to program with your intention is to regularly cleanse and charge your gemstones.

You might feel that cleaning Ruby ought to be done with extreme care because it is so priceless. Since Ruby is a hard stone on the Mohs scale and won’t scratch easily, it is best to handle stones with care. The best approach to maintain your Ruby clean is to rinse it with lukewarm water. If it seems really full, you can use a very delicate brush to clean it more thoroughly. You can also wash and charge your stone utilizing sound baths or smudging procedures if you don’t want to expose it to water. Ruby is all about warmth and fire, so if you put it in the sun for a few hours, it will charge brilliantly. Also, you can enlist the aid of purifying crystals like Amethyst, a tranquil dream, or Clear Quartz to assist remove any unwelcome vibrations and energies from your Ruby stone.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationMineral
Chemical FormulaAl2O3:Cr
Crystal systemTrigonal
TransparencyTransparent to opaque
OccurrenceMetamorphic and igneous rocks
FormationFrom metamorphism of aluminum-rich rocks or from igneous processes
DiaphaneityTransparent to opaque
Mohs Hardness9
Specific Gravity3.97 – 4.05
Diagnostic PropertiesDeep red color, trigonal crystal system
Chemical CompositionAl2O3:Cr
Crystal SystemTrigonal
Optical PropertiesUniaxial positive
Refractive Index1.762 – 1.778
Birefringence0.008 – 0.010
2V Angle5° to 90°
Other CharacteristicsCan display asterism or chatoyancy when cut en cabochon

Final thoughts 

The three pillars of Ruby are love, passion, and independence. There is nothing better than the lively enjoyment of this red bold hearted stone for people who yearn for warmth, joy, and the spark that might kindle their inner fire. Awakening our chi, mastering unconditional love, and putting ourselves out there may all seem dangerous and vulnerable, but with the Ruby by your side, you’ll feel cocooned in bold elegance. The Ruby gem may be priceless in terms of its monetary worth, but it bestows upon you far more priceless blessings.

What do you think about the Ruby protective stone? Do you feel joy and fire in your soul when you look at it, or would you rather hold a crystal with a softer, calmer energy? Let us know whatever you have to say in the comments.

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