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Sodalite Meaning Stone Guide Healing Properties

What is Sodalite?

A tectosilicate mineral is sodalite. It has a waxy gloss and belongs to the cubic crystal structure. Together with stones like lazurite and hauyne, it belongs to the sodalite group. Sodalite is a mineral that also forms rocks and has an opaque transparency. It has white calcite with royal blue and purple tones. Poetry and communication are the meanings of sodalite.

The Sodalite Healing Crystal

Sodalite is a salt-whipped marvel where the surf surges into a frothy stew of blue and white. The blue gemstone blurs the distinction between a mineral and a magical object; it is a ripe and uncommon stone rather than your typical semi-precious stone. Although though sodalite isn’t as old as lapis lazuli or blue lace agate, it still has amazing and wonderful healing energies. Sodalite is frequently mistaken for a piece of lapis lazuli because of its intense dark blue hue, but upon closer inspection, you can see the white veins that ripple beneath the surface, identifying it as something very different. The word sodalite, which means salt stone in Greek, is where it gets its name. It feels like you are holding a piece of the choppy water in your hand. But Sodalite is every inch a stone of saline calm, not a stone of shipwrecks and battered sky.

The 19th century saw the discovery of this lovely blue mineral, which was found in the untamed areas of Greenland where lone mountains pierce the sky and cold lakes sparkle. You might assume that Sodalite favors breezes that blow chilly because it is also discovered in the snows of Ontario, Canada, but the gemstone is also mined in hot countries like Brazil, India, and Namibia.

Your survival instinct is stimulated by sodalite, but not in a fear-based sense. It is a stone that serves as a constant reminder to follow your intuition and maintain a healthy balance between your mind and heart in order to always live in accordance with your authentic self. Sodalite is a stone that stimulates the mind and promotes artistic expression, making it ideal for people who enjoy living a life in harmony with their creative side. This is everything we know about the stunning blue stone that is speckled with white calcite for those who wish to learn more and discover the meaning of sodalite.

Sodalite Meaning: The Benefits

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Sodalite, hailed as one of the most effective crystals for purging the body of harmful energies most commonly linked to shame and fear, propels you higher to claim the clarity of mind and emotional intelligence required for boosting self-trust. As already indicated, this is a stone that wants you to not only survive but also totally thrive. Here are all the wonderful advantages you may anticipate when you infuse your spirit with Sodalite’s healing energy:

Physical Healing Properties

When it comes to enhancing your physical capabilities, sodalite is kind. To begin with, it is a throat chakra stone, making it a superb tool for enhancing communication. It asks you to stop being frightened to speak up and to stop doubting your own intuition as it raises your self-esteem and inner trust.

Sodalite calms all throat-related concerns so you may speak your truth and sing like a bird if you frequently experience throat problems, vocal cord injury, hoarseness, or other larynx problems. Also, it’s a fantastic gemstone for boosting the immune system, bringing down a fever, decreasing blood pressure, aiding the body to absorb all the fluids it requires, and repairing the lymphatic system.

Emotional Healing Properties

The Sodalite stone opens the door to amazing emotional wellbeing through logic, truth, and inner calm. Because sodalite is heart-connected, everyone who wears it can experience its relaxing effects. As the mental fog is lifted, there is more time and room for rational reasoning and problem solving that doesn’t originate from a place of hopelessness. Those who are making plans for their future realize that the glass can always be filled, regardless of whether it is half full or half empty. Sodalite, also known as The Poet’s Stone, encourages you to appreciate life’s grace and to express it in the most beautiful manner possible. It is a powerful stone to bring to the table for writers since it inspires you to pick up a pen and write freely. It’s a fantastic stone for inspiring creativity, especially when combined with other glittering, mystifying blue stones like lapis lazuli and aquamarine.

Moreover, sodalite favors optimistic viewpoints and encourages wearers to see the best in others. Sodalite is the large, deep breath you take after a storm has passed and the rain has stopped, when you feel still, soft, and like you’ve just been born again. It is a magnificent blue washed-out sky. Sodalite may provide the necessary emotional stability if you discover that the world is too unpredictable for your soul.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Although sodalite is associated with the throat chakra, it also has ties to the heart and third eye chakras. It is a very spiritual stone that calls the wearer to deepen their connections so they can continue to feel the earth’s stabilizing force even as they lift their gaze to the heavens above.

According to legend, sodalite stimulates the pituitary gland, which opens the door to enlightenment and stimulates spiritual vision. Putting lofty perceptions aside, everyone is aware that the road to higher thinking begins with a thorough understanding of oneself and the ability to see deeply into one’s own soul in order to live out one’s days in real truth. When experimenting with your tarot pack, using sodalite also aids the development of your own spiritual vision. It’s a stone that can help you access your hidden psychic powers and is loaded with crystal healing.

Zodiac Birthstone

The gemstone sodalite is ideal for the Sagittarius horoscope sign. Sagittarians are by nature honest people who are also restless, progressive thinkers, and adventure-loving. These dynamic zodiac signs frequently find themselves in the middle of a whirlwind tempest, which is where Sodalite’s calming properties come in. Being honest is a wonderful quality, but it’s not always accepted when delivered harshly. The poet’s stone can assist Sagittarians in speaking the truth a little more delicately so that it is always done so with the best of intentions.

The very philosophical Sagittarians prefer to support feeling ruling over reason. Although this is a noble and intelligent quality, it is also helpful to have some empathy and heart-led decisions woven in rather than only following the analytical mind when making decisions. The cool touch of Sodalite, a stone that surges and swells with water and air, can soon come swooping in and ready to rescue—not to douse the flames, but to restore some equilibrium. They are a fire sign below that calm surface.

How to Use Sodalite

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It’s a great approach to express yourself to the fullest without risking your head or your spirit to do so by using sodalite into your daily life. Those who are creative will adore pressing this stone against their skin to activate buried energy, create a relaxing effect, and achieve tremendous levels of self-acceptance. It can be utilized Feng Shui-style throughout the house and under the pillow to help those who have trouble sleeping. The amazing methods to utilize your magnificent Sodalite stone are listed below.


Jewelry Sodalite’s deep blue tones always look lovely when held up to the skin, and they are the kind of regal shade that goes with anything. The beauty of this healing and trending stone will entice those who choose Sodalite gemstone jewelry. Yet in addition to looking fantastic, wearing sodalite is one of the most effective methods to benefit from its therapeutic properties. The Sodalite stone’s energy can be best absorbed by the body when in close proximity to the skin, where it can soak up vibrations.

One of the incredible advantages of choosing your crystals to wear in jewelry form is that it is always with you, whether you choose a pendant, ring, or Sodalite Bracelet. Jewelry has the advantage of ensuring that you constantly carry those calming energies with you, whereas stones can be forgotten and left at home. Sodalite can be combined with a variety of crystals and gemstones, including Lapis Lazuli, Calcite, Pyrite, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Blue Lace Agate, Rose Quartz, and Lazurite. Seek for healing stones with strong metaphysical qualities that are blue in color.

Home & Office 

Your home and office will have a lot of Feng Shui appeal thanks to sodalite. It is all about creating emotional equilibrium and flow into your home because this stone belongs to the water element. It shines especially well in settings where communication needs to flourish thanks to its easy peaceful spirit, which transforms every space into a breath of fresh air. Putting Sodalite in your workspace will assist you in using tact when dealing with difficult job situations without sacrificing your personal sense of self-worth. As previously indicated, Sodalite’s relaxing qualities also perform wonders when placed adjacent to the bed, especially for people who find it difficult to achieve a good amount of deep sleep each night.

How to Cleanse Sodalite Stones

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If you don’t want to stifle the crystal healing, it’s crucial to keep your sodalite stone pure, clean, and ready to transform the best of its energy. The stone responds very well to running water because it contains a lot of sodium, which is also its primary element. Sodalite can turn hazy in color, which is a strong indication that it needs cleaning and an energy boost. Certain sodalite will respond favorably to warm, soapy water. If doubtful, gently rinse under running water and wipe the stone dry with a cotton cloth. It also enjoys being wrapped in silk for a luxurious recharge, and if you want a dazzling surge of energy to flow into the stone for around ten minutes, you may place it in the sun.

Your Sodalite stone can be given a thorough cleaning by submerging it for twelve hours in water—its preferred element—along with charged rock crystals. This will fully remove all the negative energy it has accumulated, leaving it clean-faced and prepared for action once more.

Geological Properties

Chemical ClassificationTectosilicate mineral
Chemical FormulaNa₈(Al₆Si₆O₂₄)Cl₂
Crystal systemCubic
ColorRoyal blue, blue, gray, green, yellow, white
TransparencyTranslucent to opaque
OccurrenceIgneous rocks, such as nepheline syenites and phonolites, and also in contact metamorphic deposits.
FormationFormed in igneous rocks through the crystallization of sodium-rich magmas or in contact metamorphic deposits.
DiaphaneityTranslucent to opaque
CleavagePoor in three directions at 90-degree angles
Mohs Hardness5.5-6
Specific Gravity2.1-2.4
Diagnostic PropertiesDistinctive royal blue color, white streak, and poor cleavage
Chemical CompositionSodium aluminum silicate with chlorine
Crystal SystemCubic
Optical PropertiesIsotropic, meaning it has the same physical properties in all directions
Refractive Index1.483-1.487
BirefringenceIsotropic, meaning it has no birefringence
2V angle0-70°
Other characteristicsFluorescent under shortwave ultraviolet light, and may contain white veins of calcite or other minerals

A Final Thought on Sodalite 

The Sodalite is a magnificent example of how healing crystals can improve your life. Crystal gemstones bring a wealth of healing and wonder. There are many different types of sodalite stones, including hues of yellow and orange, purple, and grey, or simply no color at all, whereas the majority of stones come in striking shades of white and blue. Another variety of sodalite is the Hackmanite stone, which is extremely rare and valuable and appears to have magical properties due to its capacity to absorb sunlight and change color as a result of its sensitivity to the sun, a phenomenon also known as tenebrescence.

For those looking to improve their communication, sodalite is the ideal choice because it is a stone of truth and poetry. When the throat chakra is completely opened, the voice has so much room and freedom to soar. As was already mentioned, it’s also a crystal of unadulterated optimism (not in that annoying spiritual bypassing way where everything is great), but in a genuine and kind way, assisting those who can feel impatient or depressed to see the best in others. Sodalite will be the stone that comes to your rescue when you’re in need of a hefty dose of serenity, when you want to inspire higher thinking, and when you’re craving a serious lightning bolt of creativity.

How do you feel about the sodalite stone? Does it align with how you think? Comment with your opinions, and let’s celebrate this feat of mineral-rich magic.

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