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Clarity & Balance Pack

  The Clarity and Balance Pack ensures that your chakras are sparkling clean and ready for spiritual action. Bringing together

Communication & Consciousness Pack

Raise your consciousness and your voice with this specially curated pack that invites you to share your truth with the

Courage & Strength Pack

  Get clear-headed and strong into that dark night with the Courage & Strength bracelet set. Comprised of comforting Red

Creativity & Love Pack

Let the wild and beautiful energy of your love flow with this Creativity and Love Energy Bracelet Set. Bringing together

Crown Chakra Pack

  The pinnacle of peak spirituality, this Crown Chakra Bracelet Set is sure to soak you in serene vibes and

Fertility Pack

  Get flushed with life as you turn to the ripe and rosy healing properties of the Fertility Bracelet Set.

Forgiveness & Compassion Pack

  Lift your face to the sun and let go of the burdens in your hand with the gentle healing

Harmonizing Jade Pack

  The joy of Jade comes in many shades, bringing with it the pure pleasure of soft dreams, access to

Heart Chakra Pack

  Let love bloom with our Heart Chakra Bracelet Set. Let the healing powers of Green Aventurine, Malachite, Rose Quartz,

Honesty & Truth Pack

Never be afraid to stand up and sing out the truth. This Honesty and Truth Pack brings three unique and

Protection from Negativity & EMF Pack

Put on a cloak of pure protection and reduce the imprint of EMF smog on your body and soul with

Psychic Energy Pack

Get ready for your crown chakra to burst with light as you slip on the Psychic Energy Pack. Composed of

Purpose & Wisdom Pack

No need to overturn every stone! With the Purpose and Wisdom Pack, you will find the path suddenly becomes clear.

Root Chakra Pack

  Without a solid foundation, the house falls down. Dig your roots in deep and grow strong with the healing

Self-Love & Acceptance Pack

  Be your own advocate, extend a hand to your inner child, and invite a glut of love into your

Third Eye Chakra Pack

  The indigo wash sitting in the center of your brow, the third eye chakra is where we start to

Vision & Awareness Pack

Open your eyes a little wider with the Vision and Awareness Pack. This set of three stunning bracelets is beautifully

Willpower & Guidance Pack

Tap into your deep-set spiritual strength and innate wisdom with the gorgeous Willpower & Guidance Pack. Composed of the holy