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Amethyst Angel

Serenity and spirituality soar together with this peaceful and pretty Amethyst Angel. Crystal angels are here to protect and heal

Black Obsidian Angel

Let the dark delight of the Black Obsidian Angel protect you. Forged naturally from volcanic glass, Black Obsidian is all

Clear Quartz Angel

There’s no better energy to unite energy or intention than with the shape of an angel and the Clear Quartz

Green Aventurine Angel

Prosperity, power and purpose come together in the Green Aventurine Angel. With its name hailing from the Italian word for

Lapis Lazuli Angel

As mystical as the midnight stars, the hand-carved Lapis Lazuli Angel is heaven-sent. This beautiful blue and gold crystal is

Opalite Angel

Visions and high vibrations gather together in the pearl-like energy of the hand-carved Opalite Angel. As a gemstone deeply connected

Rainbow Fluorite Angel

Focus and the finery of self-expression can be found with this hand-carved Rainbow Fluorite Angel. Crystal Angels can help us

Red Jasper Angel

Let comforting warmth nurture your soul with the Red Jasper Angel. This crystal angel carved from Red Jasper stone dances

Rhodonite Angel

Let your love shine with this Rhodonite Angel. This rosy-hued crystal angel knows how to turn the light up a

Rose Quartz Angel

Let the love energy of angel whispers fill your heart with the Rose Quartz Crystal Angel. Blushing in the softest

Tiger Eye Angel

The Tiger Eye Angel is here to offer guidance, strengthen your spirit, and make sure that your self-esteem shines a

Yellow Jade Angel

Peace and wisdom glow and flow with this Yellow Jade Angel. Handcarved from the golden shade of Jade, this crystal