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9 Planet Gemstone Energy Bracelet

Celebrate your place in the universe and pay homage to the intricate beauty and balance of our cosmos with this

African Jade Energy Bracelet

  Details & Sizing 4mm genuine gemstone beads Strung on durable stretchy cord Size S fits wrists 5″-6″ Size M

African Turquoise Jasper Energy Bracelet

  The Stone of Evolution, this African Turquoise Jasper Energy Bracelet invites positive change and power into your mind, body

Amazonite Energy Bracelet

The truth comes as pale as pearls in this delicate and divine Amazonite Mini Energy Gemstone Bracelet. A stone of

Amethyst Energy Bracelet

  Get stacked with serenity and light up your crown chakra with our intricate Amethyst Bead Bracelet! For those who

Angelite Energy Bracelet

  Heaven is waiting with the amazing grace of the Angelite Energy Bracelet. For all those seeking that dreamy deep

Apatite Energy Bracelet

  Awash in Greek Mythology and capturing all the shades of the Ionian Sea, the Apatite Energy Bracelet is for

Aquamarine Energy Bracelet

  A song from the sea, a delight from the deep, and a cooling muse to calm the heart: the

Azurite Energy Bracelet

  A stone that seemed to fall straight from the heavens, few can help falling head over heels with the

Bamboo Leaf Agate Energy Bracelet

  This Bamboo Leaf Agate bracelet is here to encourage and support you in every step of your spiritual journey.

Beryl Energy Bracelet

  Beautiful Beryl is the light bringer – all soft delicate hues in her shades of pale green. The Beryl

Black Agate Energy Bracelet

Dark as night but providing a cloak of protection, the Black Agate Energy Bracelet is all about balancing out. A

Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet

For swallowing those thoughts that keep you up at night, the onyx beauty of the Black Tourmaline Bracelet brings a

Bloodstone Energy Bracelet

Born from legend, alive in energy, and with the power to strengthen your big beating heart, the dark Bloodstone Energy

Blue Aventurine Energy bracelet

  This Blue Adventurine Bracelet is full of steady and smooth energy. This gem can cultivate inner strength, and logical

Blue Chalcedony Energy Bracelet

  The color blue has long been associated with spiritual realms. It’s the shade of heaven, the line drawn between

Blue Lace Agate Energy Bracelet

  Like plunging into a pure mirrored lake, this Blue Lace Agate Energy Bracelet brings a soothing coolness to frayed

Blue Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet

  With a surge of saltwater and earthy energy, the Blue Tiger Eye Bracelet brings comfort, calm, and complete harmony

Botswana Agate Energy Bracelet

  A little gem that brings big change, the Botswana Agate Energy Bracelet is a heart soul stone. Hailing from

Brown Agate Energy Bracelet

  Knotted in earthly wonder, warm to the touch, and a comfort to carry with you, the Brown Agate Energy


  With colors that capture the sunset, the Carnelian Energy Bracelet is all about positive life choices. The delicate array of striking

Celestine Energy Bracelet

A heavenly muse, the Celestine Energy Bracelet is beloved for its cosmic colors, delicate dreamlike qualities, and angelic vibes. Known

Charoite Energy Bracelet

  The soul stone, Charoite is shot through with crown chakra colors and holds a potent, powerful energy. The Charoite

Chrysocolla Energy Bracelet

The Teaching Stone, the Chrysocolla Energy Bracelet taps into your highest truths. For those who want to experience, acknowledge, and