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Amethyst Energy Bracelet 8mm

Let your healing light shine out with this Amethyst Energy Bracelet with 8mm beads. For those who cannot get enough

Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Boost your levels of protection and let these generous stones swallow negativity with this Black Tourmaline Energy Bracelet with

Blue Llanite Opal Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Let the good-time vibes of the Blue Llanite Opal Energy Bracelet guide you. This gorgeous gem is all air

Clear Quartz Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Amp up your clarity with this Clear Quartz Energy Bracelet with 8mm beads. Gleaming with all the light you

Flame Jasper Energy Bracelet 8mm

  This Flame Jasper Energy Bracelet is here to set fire to your heart, awaken your senses, and provide a

Genuine Real Malachite Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Spring days and sweet trees seem to be stashed in this Malachite Energy Bracelet. Now with bold and beautiful

Golden Obsidian Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Bring glow to the darkness with this Golden Obsidian Energy Bracelet. With its golden orb-like gemstones in a generous

Howlite Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Soft and creamy and with snow and moon energy, the Howlite Energy Bracelet with 8mm gemstone beads is swirled

Lapis Lazuli Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Amp up your volume when it comes to wisdom and self-reflection with the Lapis Lazuli Energy Bracelet with 8mm

Lava Stone Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Born from fire, the Lava Stone Energy Bracelet brings its raw and radiant energy to the table with the

Multi-Amazonite Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Known as the Hope Stone, this Multi-Amazonite Energy Bracelet now comes with generous 8mm beads to boost your sense

Picture Jasper Energy Bracelet 8mm

  As pretty as a picture jasper, this beautiful larger beaded bracelet is all about connection, global awareness, and returning

Pink Opal Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Amplify your heart and let your love shine a light on the world with the Pink Opal Energy Bracelet.

Pink Zebra Jasper Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Sweet stability and sheer joy are waiting in the cram-colored and pretty pink shades of this Pink Zebra Jasper

Purple Rainbow Fluorite Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Neutralize negative energy and let all those joyful and regal shades shimmer with the Purple Rainbow Fluorite Energy Bracelet.

Red Jasper Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Nurture every inch of your being with the glow of the Red Jasper Energy Bracelet. Now with bigger 8mm

Smoky Quartz Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Start cultivating your own unique version of reality with the Smoky Quartz Energy Bracelet. Blessed with larger 8mm gemstone

Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet 8mm

  Once considered to be more precious than gold, this Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet with 8mm beads brings even bigger