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Aquarius Bracelet Set

  The water bearer – as deep as the ocean and as cool as the slick of rain on a

Aries Bracelet Set

  A trailblazer across the ages, this Aries Zodiac Pack celebrates and tempers the energized shining star that is Aries

Cancer Bracelet Set

Ruled by the moon, married to the element of water, and deeply attached to visions of comfort and home, this

Capricorn Bracelet Set

  Ambitious, persistent, and with roots that go deep – this Capricorn Zodiac Pack showcases exactly how to knock down

Chakra Bracelet Set

  Activate, align, and prepare to be amazed as this complete Chakra Pack brings balance across your body, mind, and

Gemini Bracelet Set

  Light on their feet, quick as a fox, and delightfully diverse – switching it up from a slice of

Leo Bracelet Set

  Listen to the lion roar as you walk on the wild side with this Leo Zodiac Pack. Dramatic, self-assured

Libra Bracelet Set

  Light on their feet and lovers of harmony, the seventh ruling star sign of Libra is all about positive

Pisces Bracelet Set

  Dive right into your deepest dreams with the Pisces Zodiac Pack. The shimmering fish in swirling waters are ruled

Sagittarius Bracelet Set

  The archer who pulls back his bow and gallops across the sky, Sagittarius is a sign known for the

Scorpio Bracelet Set

  Deeply determined, brimming with everlasting loyalty and highly adept at making close connections, Scorpios are ambitious and amazingly adept

Taurus Bracelet Set

  Ruled by Venus, loyal to the earth beneath their feet, and always ready to give thanks to their gregarious

Virgo Bracelet Set

  Gifted with intelligence and always ready to critically overthink, Virgos are all about occupying headspace, staying locked in with