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Amazonite Pyramid

Rich with lore and legend, the flowing turquoise hues of the Amazonite Pyramid echoes with the touch of Mother Earth,

Bloodstone Pyramid

The Bloodstone Pyramid is here to light up your life force, heal emotional wounds, and remind you to stay strong

Chakra Pyramid

What is a chakra pyramid? It’s the best kind of crystal therapy for those who want to sync up their

Chrysocolla Pyramid

Blues and greens bring calm and flow into the Chrysocolla Pyramid. This crystal pyramid is the perfect tool for helping

Hematite Pyramid

Starlight and strength come together in the heaven and earth energy of the Hematite Pyramid. With a solid base and

Lepidolite Pyramid

Purple power can be found in the Lepidolite Pyramid. Known as a gemstone of transition, Lepidolite is always ready to

Mini Gemstone Orgone Pyramid

Echoing with the life force of chi and the ancient magic of prana, and the ethereal energy of ether, the

Orgone Pyramid

Go large on healing orgone energy and welcome in a glut of gorgeous chi with these larger than life orgone

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Gentle and joyous and here to attract love and light to the heart chakra, the Rose Quartz Pyramid is a

Tiger Eye Pyramid

The Shapeshifter Stone is sculpted into the sacred pyramid shape, ever ready to bring protection, courage, and the spiritual strength