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Astro Healing Copper Bangle

This Astrological Copper Bangle weaves the branches of copper, nickel, and beautiful brass to bring harmony to the human body,

Aztec Copper Bangle

  The golden glow of copper meets Aztec energy in this beautiful and bright Aztec Copper Bangle. Copper is known

Brass Diamond Magnetic Copper Bracelet

  The healing elements of pure copper, brass, and magnetic energy all come together in this brass diamond magnetic copper

Copper Healing Bangle

  Shimmering with the light of the heavens but as solid as Mother Earth, the reddish gold grace of this

Eternal Knot Magnetic Copper Bracelet

Warm and burnished and rich in magnetic moods, the Eternal Knot Copper Magnetic Bracelet is an awesome conductor of energy

Fair Trade 3 Metal Twisted Bangle

Pure gleaming copper, beautiful brass, and singing nickel entwine together in this twisted copper bracelet. For centuries, copper has been

Fair Trade Astamangala Copper Healing Bangle

  Lovingly crafted and whittled from the wonder of 100% pure copper, this Astamangala Copper Healing Bangle depicts the eight

Fair Trade Mystical Magnetic Copper Bracelet

  Get relief and rare healing with this gleaming magnetic copper bracelet. This is where the mystical realm weaves with

Handcrafted Copper Wave Cuff

  Shining bright in pure copper and catching the rise and fall of life’s cycles, this handcrafted copper wave cuff

Handcrafted Talia Copper Cuff

  Welcome flow, peace, and perfect stability into your world with the handcrafted Talia Copper Cuff. Made from true gleaming

Labradorite Golden Bracelet

  Glimmer in mystical shades of gold, blue, and green with the connected cosmic charm of the Labradorite Golden Bracelet.

Labradorite Heart Pendant Gold Bracelet

  Flashing with the mystical splendor of secret places, this Labradorite Heart Bracelet is changing colors, wild wonders, and deep

Om Namah Shivay Mantra Copper Bangle

Steeped in history, spirituality, and deep healing – this Om Namah Shivaya Bangle celebrates the sound of creation, the five

Pure Copper Magnetic Bracelet

Warm copper and magnetic energy come together in this Pure Copper Bracelet. Copper is the king of healing metals and

Tibetan Handcrafted Brass & Copper Healing Bracelet

  Beauty meets grace and high vibrational healing in this Tibetan Handcrafted Brass & Copper Healing Bracelet. Marrying the conductor

Tibetan Handcrafted Copper Braided Rope Healing Bracelet

Handcrafted with love, this copper braided rope bracelet brings together the healing elements of copper, brass, and nickel. Made by

Tibetan Handcrafted Copper Healing Bracelet

  Handcrafted with love and care, this Tibetan Handcrafted Copper Healing Bracelet brings harmony, health, and all shades of healing.

Tibetan Handcrafted Copper Infinity Bracelet

  This Tibetan Handcrafted Copper Infinity Bracelet celebrates elemental healing, the bridge between heavenly and earthy healing metals, and the

Tibetan Handcrafted Twisted Copper Healing Bracelet

From the Drepung Loseling Monastery in India comes this Tibetan Copper Handmade Bracelet. Handcrafted by Tibetan Monks and using the tri-healing

White Jade and Gold Bracelet

Calmness, elegance, and the energy of soft sunlight falling across snow lights up the lullaby of this White Jade and