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Amazonite Sphere

Hold the hope stone in your hand and let the mystical and watery nature go to work on cleansing you

Apatite Sphere

Go with the flow and let the currents of life lead you to oceans of possibility with the Apatite Sphere.

Black Tourmaline Sphere

Gaze unflinchingly into the darkness and stand strong in the power of protection with the Black Tourmaline Sphere. An incredible

Bloodstone Sphere

Let the strength of the Bloodstone Sphere surround you all at once. Ripe with healing energy and ripped with vitality,

Carnelian Sphere

Hold fire in your hands and let that radiant warm energy send sparks into every single cell as you say

Chakra Sphere

Celebrate the seven chakras and the feeling of being whole as you align your soul with this Chakra Sphere. Calling

Chrysocolla Sphere

Still waters run deep in the polished natural beauty of the Chrysocolla Sphere. Blue, green, and golden copper notes ebb

Clear Quartz Sphere

As clear as ice, bringer of light, and ever ready to amplify – the Clear Quartz Sphere is the crystal

Copper Healing Sphere

Invite more alchemy into your life with this radiant Small Copper Sphere designed for delectable healing. Copper is one of

Hematite Sphere

When chaos reigns, the Hematite Sphere is here to get you grounded and grant you a sense of wholeness. This

Lapis Lazuli Sphere

The Lapis Lazuli Sphere is here with its shimmering blue color, throat chakra charm, and spherical shape to collect negative

Lepidolite Sphere

The love of Lepidolite is captured beautifully in this Lepidolite Sphere. Ever a favorite stone for reducing stress and anxiety,

Orange Calcite Sphere

Get glowing inside and out with the radiant energy of the Orange Calcite Sphere. As bright as the citrus fruits

Polychrome (Desert Magic) Jasper Sphere

A ball of color, energy, and a divine celebration of love, the Polychrome Jasper Sphere is pure joy. Also called

Purple Rainbow Fluorite Sphere

Bask in the healing light of Fluorite as you hold tight to this cool and cleansing sphere. The Fluorite Crystal

Rainbow Moonstone Sphere

As full and round as Grandmother Moon hanging heavy in the sky, the Rainbow Moonstone Sphere is a luminous light,

Red Jasper Sphere

Stir up your chi and tap into your life-force as you say yes to complete root chakra healing with the

Rose Quartz Sphere

Radiant with its soft pink hues, the Rose Quartz Sphere is one of the most important healing crystals for those

Selenite Sphere

Pure and pale, the Selenite Sphere is here to soothe and raise up your spirit in all the right ways.

Serpentine Sphere

Let the Serpentine Sphere cast its spell on you. This evocative looking heart chakra stone is all about tapping into

Shungite Sphere w/Tripod

Beautiful in black and the ultimate sacred shape for collecting negative energies and finetuning thought processes, the Shungite Sphere is

Tiger Eye Sphere

Dark and polished and glinting with all the power of the jungles fiercest predator, the Tiger Eye Sphere brings a